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by | Feb 8, 2008 | 31 comments

The Detroit Pistons vs. The Trail Blazers
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The Pistons will be going for their 7th consecutive win tonight at home against the surprisingly good Portland Trail Blazers(28-20). The Pistons need a win to avoid being swept by the Blazers for the first time since the 2002-2003 season. If you ask Rasheed about his former team, he’s not that impressed.

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“They haven’t done anything. They went on a little win streak, but when they have a better record than when I was there, that’s when they’ll have done something.” Via The Detroit Free Press

He also isn’t putting his money on Rip Hamilton’s chances of walking away with the All Star Three Point Challenge trophy. “He don’t have rapid fire in his magazine,” Via M Live

Reining rookie of the year Brandon Roy, is not only leading his Blazers this season averaging 19.7 ppg, but he’s also representing the team in this years All Star game. Unfortunately Brandon won’t be playing tonight, he’s back in his hometown of Seattle to deal with a death in the family. Best wishes go out to Roy and his family.

Tip off is at 8:00 PM at The Palace of Auburn Hill and is being televised locally on FSN Detroit. If you can’t catch it on TV, you can always tune in to 1130 AM WDFN The Ticket or stream it live through your computer from their website.

I’m leaving it up to you in the comments or live in the Forum Chat Room.

Here’s to Piston red, white and blue.


  1. Anonymous

    At 6:30 on NBA TV there is a show about Chauncey. It is called NBA Stories. I don’t know what it is like but I like to watch anything about Chaunce. Thought everyone might like to know too. Go Pistons!

  2. JW Stringer

    Always love Sheed’s commentary.

    Too bad for Sheed, though, he is only averaging 12 points per game against the Blazers since being traded.

    Given his success in the last two games, I’m sure he’ll be more productive.

  3. Anonymous

    tonight at 6:30 pm on NBAtv
    NBA stories is about Billups

  4. claire

    Great, just when I’m away at school and have no access to NBATV, there’s a show about Chauncey. I was supposed to go home today too! Dammit dammit! I should have gone home!! Ugh..

    Anyways…my prayers go to Roy and his family. He’s one of my favorite non-Pistons players. I’d expect the other Blazers will step up big time tonight to fill in for Roy. But more importantly, I hope Sheed steps up even more tonight to make sure the Blazers don’t win this one.

    lol Chauncey’s quote regarding Rip’s 3pt contest is too funny.

    “I can’t give him too many tips. I came in last,” said Billups referring to his sixth-place finish last year. “So I don’t know how to really do it.”

    That quote sounds really sarcastic to me, especially after Rip came out to say that he’s not gonna listen to someone who didn’t win.

    I want Rip to win, because he’s a Pistons, and so he can rub it in everyone’s face. Can you imagine what he will say to Chauncey and Sheed after he wins? Heck, even Kobe will never hear the end of it and he’s all the way in California. But then again, if he wins, he might start shooting 3’s like there’s no tomorrow during games…which can be a good thing or a bad thing…

  5. Tessa

    Claire, don’t worry about missing the Chauncey special, it seems like they’ve been showing that every single day for about a week now. Just keep checking and I’m sure it will be on again.

  6. young david

    Hey everyone. February 10th is Pistons love day. Show your love for the Pistons. February 10th.

  7. jess



  8. jessi

    wow I inally got my computer back, I have had no interent or computer for a month. the first thing I did was come to this site to see waht you have been up to nat. and I must say I had a lot of reading to do, I them when to my email and have over 400 emails to read and nto junk mail either.

    anywway I am not at this game but I ahve been at a few and the laker game was great, I loved h ow tay got the last shot. I would usually not want him taking the shot but on that night he was excellant. On tay he has been playing well and that is what we need, joe d is right we need tay to be done to play well so I hope we see more of the tayshaun we all know, one thing I have been noticing about him is he is running around more and he is also running to the basket after a team mate shots, that is what he needs to be doing not hanging out at the three point line…

    ok I have so much I could say… shhed wow he has been killing it out there, if the pistons keep playing like they have the last few games I see good things happening. If the pistos could take back that three game losing streak they had (which there was no reason for) in Jan the pistons would only be one loss away from boston, I know that doesn;t matter but these games were really bad.

    well anyway love this site and glad to be back on here.

  9. jess

    CHAUNCEY BILLUPS=FIRE!!! (17 pts 3 assists first quarter)

  10. jess


  11. jess

    The bench has scored 25 at this point (one point shy of the blazers score right now).

  12. claire

    WOW zoo crew = magnificent

    So far, they outscored the Blazers bench 25-0.

    Let’s call this one a sneak peak into the Pistons future.

  13. jessi

    I love how well our bench is playing, this is waht we need to see, its what we were missing the past few years… Joe D knows what he is doing, our bench is young and can be the leaders of this team in the future, I know this problem won;t happen but could you see our starters now playing a few more years and them out bench taking over and leading the team for a years to come… Now I know it won;t happen but I would love to see our stating 5 now retire pistons get another ring or two as well. now that is only in my dreams but I would love to see it happen,

    anyway this is a great game.

  14. jessi

    wow look at amir go, wow I am happy to have him in there playing, its about time he get some good minutes

  15. claire

    Wow! did you see all that hustling by Amir?? I think I’m in love.

  16. claire

    lol it looks like Jessi and I post basically the same comments within 1 second of each other.

  17. jess

    THis seems like such a great game to be at the starters (on the bench) are soo excited.. especially CB. He did say he loves watching the zoo crew.

    Oh and what a AMIRzing hussle by Amir for that rebound.

  18. jessi

    that kinda funny claire,

    this is a noce game to give the starters to get some rest and let the bench play out the game.. I say bring the starters back for some of the 3rd and them let the bench end the game,

  19. SouljaBoi

    hey guys check Espn also
    Paula pierce and the other girls are having a hard time against the

  20. BiG AL

    lol “paula pierce”

  21. claire

    Is that Primoz Brezec I’m seeing?

  22. jessi

    great game however I don’t like how the score got close, well we got the W and made it 6 heres to 7 sunday, i will be at the game and cheering on the pistons how ever I will be giving Nazr a big cheer as well, I know gettin ride of his contract was needed how ever I like what nazr brings and I feel he would have help out with boston but that is all in the psat and if detroit keeps letting the bench get the playing time tonight our starters will be well rested for the playoffs and that is all that counts

  23. claire

    I’m not too upset about the score. The Blazers never posed a threat throughout the game. All starters played in the low 20 minutes, bench showed up BIG TIME. And man, I am glad that my prediction about the Blazers stepping up was utterly wrong.

    Overall, awesome game. A+

  24. Steve

    I definitely didn’t like to see us being outscored 10-25 (!!) in the fourth, but altogether that might be the best coming-out party the Zoo Crew’s had all season. That LA game is still one of my favorite moments of the season, tho.

    Now let’s hope the T-Wolves can pull this out against the Celts!

  25. downtown

    Ha.. the bench played more minutes than the starters!!

  26. Steve

    Ouch, that’s gotta hurt if you’re a Minnesota fan.

    Turn it over, fast break, Celt’s lay it in with 0.3 seconds left… ouch.

  27. jessi

    I made a mistake the pistons are going for their 8th win not 7th, they got the 7th tonight, well I will be at the palace for the 8th win and their 10th.

  28. Natalie

    Hey David….What is the Pistons Love Day you speak of?

  29. Anonymous

    The fans in Rip City are happy Sheed is living in a toilet hole like Detroit. Maybe Sheed will guard Big Shot Bob next time?

    Sheed ………….is a TARD!

  30. the fluidics

    I love this team.

    Palace was a bit quiet at first, abut things got going once the pistons did.
    Bench was fantastic. The Hamilton Prince alleyoops were fantastic. Sheeds longball was fantastic. Jazzercize was less than fantastic, but I still can’t complain.

    Can’t hardly wait for sunday now.

  31. Anonymous

    Jacqueline says….this was a fun game to watch, even though Portland tried to push it in the end, the ZOO CREW was too much for them, those guys are working their butts every game, I’m loving them more and more, and Chauncey( my boo) was working it in the beginning they didn’t know how to stop him, did anyone see him clipping his nails when he was sitting on the bench, that was classic!!!


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