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by | Feb 6, 2008 | 18 comments

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  • Looks like Miami just got a better deal, and while Phoenix thinks Shaq is still a force to be reckoned with. The Pistons missed having to play the Lakers with Gasol and now the Heat with Marion. The trade is not official yet, but it looks like it’s close to being done. If you are like me you are asking yourself, “What are The Suns thinking?”
  • Cheikh Samb is getting stronger. Did you know he put up a triple double in his return to the Mad Ants?
  • Larry Brown wants to coach again. Now that’s no surprise.
  • Amir Johnson likes computers.
  • Ball Don’t Lie, a new blog on Yahoo from JE Skeets of The Basketball Jones. BOOKmark it.
  • The Pistons are a bit surprised by Miami’s 9-37 record.
  • Saunders on WDFN: Happy to be playing at The Palace.
  • The Pistons are helping out their fans by pricing first round playoff tickets the same price as regular season games.
  • Dyess is putting the D in defense.


  1. Iron Fist

    Does Anyone Know What Mason Says On Dyess Intro???

  2. claire

    I hope the Suns don’t do this trade. Granted that Marion’s likely gonna become a free agent this summer, the Shaq of today can never match up with Marion. Not to mention Shaq’s hip injury. Do the Suns not know what Marion can do?

    I mean Marion can help them so much in this year’s playoffs. The Suns already have an injury-prone Grant Hill (who is not exactly very young), why would they wanna go and add another OLD player who costs 20 millions a year? Is this Suns’ response to the Lakers trade? I hope it’s not.

    But let’s move on to the more important stuff, I can’t believe Amir wants to be a computer science major. I thought that was the hardest class I’ve ever taken. And it was only an intro. class. Good for Amir, I hope he’ll make a game about the Pistons and give himself all these good stats in the game.

  3. ED

    I’ve always been a big fan of Shawn Marion, but i just don’t know if i can stomach seeing him play in a Miami Heat uniform.

  4. iacpuzbf

    its a good trade both ways for shaq and marion, marion clearly isnt feeling his new role in pheonix, shaq cant win in miami and thats what he wants, and now that the gasol is in LA the suns need to get bigger so if they dish out shaq for marion, that makes them tougher down low and its easier for everyone in pheonix with nash, and for marion, he gets to be the 2nd fiddle to d-wade untill he thinks of what he really wnats when hes a free agent after next season

  5. Amanda

    When news like the Shaq trade start circulating, one is reminded that the NBA is truly just a business. Players always jumping ship and joining a “contender.” It’s all about the rings…

    On the other hand, you have Marion who is leaving a contending team and joining…heh…I shit team. lol

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to the game tonight. I liked the commentators’ comments during the Dallas game about how the Pistons’ bench boys are going to challenge Miami’s starters. That made me laugh. It’s crazy how not that long ago a Pistons-Heat game had meaning. That team went down in a hurry.


  6. the fluidics

    Shaq already got old and retired to Miami, but the humidity must have gotten to him, so he’ll be retiring to Phoenix now. I really hope he plays at the Palace tonight, but I doubt it.

  7. Natalie

    I see your point but with Shaq down low how is Phoenix going to play their style of Basketball? I know Marion was on the block even before the season started but do you think this deal in particular wen down only because of the Gasol trade,which I think was a robbery and has some kind of inside story that we don’t understand.

    I do feel that All the sudden Shaq will be playing much better….

  8. rbann

    well in the gasol trade they are trying to clear up as much space as they can, by trading big salaries away, obviously they could have gotten more from them, but they are going to rebuild around rudy gay, pick up draft pics and try to start over, with shaq, he will affect there fast pased onffesne abit but they really need a big man downlow and shaw is still shooting over 50%, it also moves amre to his natural power forward spot so now he can run the floor and get fast break plays cause he doesnt have to grabb all the rebounds, i think in short term its a better trade for the suns, i really think they have only this and next seasn left in the steve nash era

  9. rbannn

    oh and eveyrone, rip and kobe are both in the 3 point shootout

  10. rbannn

    it was announced

  11. ric

    natalie or anybody what the hell is the big deal!!!!? im a big pistons fan but i live in LA, and this pau gasol trade, apparently, successful base on a “1” game is making me sick and tired. i don’t know what the big deal is, pau gasol???? c’mon!!! they’re making it like hes one of the most elite power forward/center….? is he??? i don’t think hes even close to matching dyes/sheed…maxie would just be enough to frustrate his game, right???

  12. rbannn

    well gasol is a premier power forward his career numbers are 19 and 8, hes bin on teams with 50 win seasons, and hes only 28, i think hes a huge peice and they deserve the preys, hes a big man who can score defend get rebouncds and bestly hes a great lowe post passer, its a huge addtion,

    and now that hes on LA people will see him more for what he is, a great skilled powerforward

  13. ric

    rbann…thanks for that. ur right, bcuz of that, it reminded me of our core players who were no one before, chauce, rip and sheed and now they’re all star caliber. i love the fact that anyone who goes to our team becomes someone, not because our team is a non-elite team, its because team work and player development is highly regarded here. i can’t respect joe dumars enough for all that. any chance we could acquire someone valuable as a starter, maybe replacing mcdyess without loosing anyone with the exception of hayes, flip, brezec or hermann? i tried using trade machine espn, but it seems impossible.

  14. rbannn

    i would say that the untouchables on our team are, sheed rip chaucney tay stuckey afflalo amir maxy mcdyess i think could be an option although im not asking for it

  15. jess

    I would welcome back Larry Brown to Detroit with open arms any day!

  16. ric

    i guess i got a little carried away with the trades all over, but then again, nothing wrong shopping around, right? its just a question that wonders around, is the pistons’ frontcourt strong enough when playoff comes around?? i say yes and no. yes, if our starting frontcourt plays the way they’ve been playing the regular season AND maxie and amir becomes a threatt consistently. no, if sheed and dyess becomes fatigue with the combination of maxie and amir not confident enough in the playoffs.

  17. ric

    hey how about this, one valuable player we can afford, as far as salary cap and without loosing any of our core players. brezec, herman, flip or hayes, or any combination for luol deng. now that would be a big upgrade for prince back-up small forward! what u guys think?


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