007 A Championship to Remember

by | Feb 5, 2008 | 12 comments

Take a look back at one of the most memorable, and exciting moments in Detroit Pistons History. I myself remember this like it was yesterday.


  1. dreckka

    My Vote for the greatest shot in pistons history is that double clutch shot Isaiah Thomas made aganist Atlanta in the playoffs to win the game…

    That shot was a franchise changer for the Pistons and a franchise killer for Atlanta…

    That make forged the path to back to back Bad Boys Championships…

    Bad Boys 4 Life Baby!!!

    007 Is 1-A in my opinion. Because it helped win one of those championships…

    The Second is Joe-D’s Rainbow Shot in the final game in that Portland series helping spark the comback that lead to the 007 shot all the while dealing with his father’s death at that time… Joe is a true pro…

    The Third is Chauncey Billups’s Game Five Shot that sent that game into overtime aganist New Jersey…

    New Jersey kill them the previous year in the playoffs and look like they’ll do the same in 2004…

    Although they lost that game in overtime, they fought back against New Jersey. A team that they seemed to lack confidence against..

    When Chauncey hit that shot they started to fight back and believe, it showed there true character as a team.

    That shot helped propelled them to the championship that year. And started the rebirth of Great Pistons Basketball.

    Personally that’s my top three/four of all time.

  2. Natalie

    Thanks for taking me back. The only one that is escaping me is the tops on the list. I think if I saw it I would be refreshed but for some reason I have a block.

    Joe D’s rainbow….good call.

  3. dreckka

    If Isaiah Thomas didn’t hit that shot we Probably Wouldn’t be talking about the Bad Boys at all..

    The Hawks at that time was just as good as the Pistons. And there front line was Big Bad and Nasty.

    Dominique Wilkins, Kevin Willis, Cliff Levingston, Antoine Carr,(who they got from the piston ironically),Tree Rollins ect.

    There guards weren’t bad as well Doc Rivers, Spud Webb, ect.

    Other than Dominique Wilkins, these players would not scare you but they played well together.

    They were tuff, rebounded, and played pretty good defence. It was a battle…

    It was between Atlanta, and Detroit at that time challenging Boston for supremacy in the eastern conference from 84 all the way to 88 when Doctor J’s 76ers fell back…

    They were at the crossroads in 86-87,(Same scenario we saw in 2004 with Chauncey Billups hiting that game tying three in Detroit against New Jersey).

    Do or Die, Atlanta or Detroit which one will Challenge Boston for Supremacy and Possibly Forged the Path to Greatness…

    That Shot Change the Course of these Two Franchises Fundamentally.

    The Hawks…a Perennial Loser wondering what could have been…

    And the Pistons…3 time NBA Champion with a formula of success that can be duplicated by going back to there roots…Championship Roots that were planted in 1986 thru 1990 by Isaiah Thomas and the Bad Boys of Detroit..

    Very Good Memories….

  4. Dominic

    I was watching Pistons weekly and they had a feature about Dwayne Wade and when they put his name up THEY SPELLED IT WRONG! LMFAO
    Dwyane Wade lol

  5. RJ

    my sister was born on the day pistons won the title.. june 14 and vinnie johnson played amazing that game.. they ended up naming my sister veronica joseph and all her friends call her “vinnie”

  6. Anonymous


    actually, the proper spelling for his name is dwyane

  7. Natalie

    Israelipiston, yes I did see it, that’s actually a good buddy JE Skeets who does the Basketball Jones Podcast and sometimes works on Deadspin. Add that to your daily reads, Skeets is great. Plus with a blog name like that how can you go wrong.

    RJ, That is one of the best things I have heard since Ryan Flemming showed us his wedding video. I love your parents!

  8. jess

    Thanks again Nat.

  9. Juan

    congratulations for your great job.

    A piston fan from argentina.

    Piston fans stay on your feet…time to meet and greet, the baaaallers, representing the Dee-Troit PISTONS!

  10. Anonymous

    On another note, Yahoo Sports reports that Shaq has been traded to Phoenix.

  11. james

    “The only one that is escaping me is the tops on the list. I think if I saw it I would be refreshed but for some reason I have a block.”

    BIIIIGGG surprise there.

    dreckka, I think you’re barking up the wrong tree with this crowd.


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