The MVP is at The Palace

by | Feb 3, 2008 | 17 comments

The Detroit Pistons vs. The Magic
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Detroit is going for their fifth straight win today at The Palace against the 31-14 Dallas Mavericks. Detroit would love to exact a little revenge after the shellacking they took in Dallas earlier this season and Dallas would love to get a win after Thursday’s loss to The Celtics.

The MVP is putting up big numbers and as we know, Sheed is always up for a defensive challenge. Let’s just hope nothing like this happens today. This should be a good one, Dallas knows how to win at The Palace, they have won two of their last three games in Motown.

Tip off is at 2:30 PM and is being televised nationally on ABC. If you can’t catch it on TV you can always tune in to 1130 AM WDFN The Ticket or stream it live through your computer from their website.

I’m leaving it up to you in the comments or live in the Forum Chat Room.

Here’s to Piston red, white and blue.


  1. t

    Dallas ain’t ish compared to y’all. Have a good Super Bowl Sunday Pistons fans…Dallas ain’t got the length or the personnel to handle all your weapons.

    Todd, Laker fan and Piston organization admirer in LA

  2. Brandon

    Sometimes you have to love the ESPN guys.

    Mark Jackson- “Ugh, Eric Dampier, get in my poster” on Maxiells dunk.

  3. The fluidics

    Lovin it

  4. el patron himself, Raul A. Mora

    Yo to all the ‘Stons fans!!!! GREAT VICTORY FOR THE D TO THE P!!!!

    The ZOO CREW kicked some ass!!! Did you see Marc Cuban’s face at the end of the game? He had this expression like, “Maybe I picked the wrong team to manage… damn I should’ve put my money on the ‘Stons!!!!” PRICELESS!!!!!

    Having said that, it’s awesome to see Amir, Fabio, Afflalo, Hayes, and Lucky Stuckey hitting the board… oh and Maxxi’s dunk in the first half, that was a thing of beauty!!!! Dr. Dunkenstein and Chocolate Thunder are PROUD PROUD PROUD of Maxxi… The monster DUNK lives on and its name is MAXXI!!!!

  5. mobius909

    can i get a hell yeah?

    someone said something about a football game today… i’m not sure what they mean.

  6. claire

    haha I know…super bowl? what superbowl?

    The commentators are okay today. They gave a lot of love to Stuckey, calling him our “power pointguard.”

    Zoo Crew stepped up big time today.

  7. the fluidics

    Did I catch that news headline right, somebody stole the flamethrowers from the Palace?

  8. Sable

    Yep, someone ripped off the pyrotechnics trailer, but they brought a backup in. The telecast was alright, but I still get annoyed when they decide to show a Lakers roster while we’re bringing the ball up-court. The fricken game is going on guys. Do that junk during a break in the action. Chauncey needs to take better shots. Alot of his shots the past few games have been with guys out of position, whereas the bench is just staying disciplined and running the offense. It’s putting guys like Maxiell and Johnson in position to get offensive rebounds and it’s letting us get back on defense. Rip and McDyess were just off today. For the most part, they got good shots within the offense, just couldn’t hit. I was happy with the bench. Amir and Afflalo didn’t really have an impact, but Stuckey and Hayes were on their game. Mad Max was back too. I wonder if being at home, he can get back to his regular diet, rather than eating out on the road. I wonder if that’s the difference for him.

  9. Anonymous

    its me Jacqueline, this was a fun fun game to watch, Jason was a monster out there and when Ra and Tay can get great post-up shots like that they are hard to beat, even with Chauncey and Rip struggling with their shot, the Zoo Crew stepped and brought the energy, I loved it, the Defense was outstanding, I mean what more can you say, being on national TV, you have to give it up, the Pistons stepped it up, the commentators even had to give it up to them, the Pistons rocked the Palace and it was so good to see them shut Dirk and the Mavs down!!! here’s me screaming…….. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GO PISTONS!!!!!

  10. jess

    I had to work 🙁 I was so mad I was gonna miss this one.. but I was so happy to hear pistons blew them out.

  11. jess

    Im looking at the box score and the +/- stats are amazing. Pistons are all + while Mavs are all -.

  12. Anonymous


    omg, seriously?

  13. claire

    this is off topic, but the Giants just pulled off an incredible upset, beating the heavily favored Patriots. Another manifestation of how records don’t mean a thing in the run for a championship.

  14. Anonymous

    ^Absolutely true!!!

    The Giants reminded me of the Pistons!

    also, I didn’t want another Boston Sport to win something…they won MLB, and they have a good NBA team, but their football team didn’t win =]


    5 in a row, baby!

  15. kc

    It ain’t how you start… it’s how you finish!!

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  16. Anonymous

    Well, this was a good day for the sports fan in me: First, my beloved Pistons showed us again what I call their opponents today the “Allas Mavericks”… THEY GOT NO “D” my brothaz!!!!!!

    Also, it’s good to see ‘Sheed all over Dirk Nowitzki (no wits, no guts, no balls!!). But, that’s not surprising from the league’s Most Valuable Putz… Dirk always shrinks when the going gets tough, he’s afraid to carry his team, he’s afraid of the Clutch, and this game showed it again.

    Also, although I mentioned it earlier, it’s good that Flip is beginning to trust the Zoo Crew against the top dogs in the league. Allas still seems to belong in that conversation. Amir was tough man, he’s getting good minutes, Fabio looked good at the end and Maxxi seems to have the chip reimplanted on his shoulder. So, let’s recap: We have Maxxi Dunkenstein Jr., Lucky Stuckey, Jarvis, Afflalo, Amir, and Fabio as viable options from the bench… That makes us 11 deep! I don’t see any team in the league with so much depth: Definitely not the Tony Longorias (also known as the Spurs), Boston is not that deep either and Garnett and co. might run out of fuel by round 1 of the playoffs (remember that none of the Boston Three Party have made it too far on the playoffs!). And, LeBron and 10 guys named Pepe club aren’t that deep either… so if the ‘Stons keep going 10-11 deep every game after the All-Star break, we’ll be in good shape for the playoffs!!!!!


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