SuperSheed Emerges on Super Sunday

by | Feb 3, 2008 | 36 comments

The Pistons got their revenge on The Mavericks Sunday afternoon at the Palace. It wasn’t just plain old revenge either, The Pistons held Dallas to their worst offensive game of the season holding them to 30% shooting for the game in the 90-67 victory.

Key Points:

  • Best defensive game by far all season, maybe even since that other Wallace was in Detroit. Maybe I’m just pumped by how well they played but it sure seemed like one heck of a defensive effort by everyone on the team. Heck, Jarvis Hayes even got in the mix double teaming and forcing turnovers.
  • The intros went on without a hitch even though the Pistons Pyrotechnics Truck was stolen.
  • Seriously, Jose Barea? I had never heard of him until he stepped on court Sunday but he’s a tough little guy to mix it up with Stuckey who looked 7 feet tall next to him. Double technical after the tussle.
  • My one and only complaint this game was on a stretch where they went 0-for-16 and The Pistons were only up by 6.
  • Before the game Sheed said….They don”t have no real big men, actually. The only real big man I’d say is Damp (Eric Dampier) because he fits that classic big man mold…but they’ve got a lot of slashers on their team. It’s a team full of slashers. I’m not saying they’re not good, but, hey, in order to hold their slashing down, put their (butt) ass on the chop blocks.” Via The Detroit Free Press
  • SHEEEEEED was Super, he did what he said The Pistons needed to do, he used his size as an advantage. Sheed in the post is a wonderful thing and it looks like it may be becoming a habit. SuperSheed led the Pistons with 21 points on 9-for-18 shooting going 3-4 from downtown.
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Original Image/Alex Ross/
  • Jason Maxiell was a beast, he must have eaten many a baby before the game. He not only posterized Eric Dampier but he blocked Dirk Nowitski so hard it sent him to the ground on The Mavericks very next trip down the court. It was nice to see Maxiell’s usual hustle turn out well, especially on national television. Maxie scored 4 (2 thunderous dunks), with 5 boards and 2 blocked shots.
  • Rebound war won 48-42.
  • Hilarious happenings when they showed Amir Johnson and Walter Herrmann on the Kiss Cam…When Amir finally realized he was up there he shook his head “no way” and poor Walter looked hurt. Chauncey Billups walked up to them and pushed their heads together. Funny stuff.
  • When Chauncey Billups and Richard Hamilton shoot a combined 8-for-25 the Pistons don’t usually win, let alone blow out an elite team.
  • Flip Saunders is doing a better job calling timeouts. He’s even getting good baskets out of the timeouts. He’s no Larry Brown in that department, but it’s noticeably better.
  • Tayshaun Prince got things started for the Pistons from his first layup to his great block on Jason Terry. On a night when Detroit really needed it, Tayshaun was Perfect. I really mean perfect too, he scored 16 points on 4-for-4 shooting and 8-for-8 from the line, he added a steal, a blocked shot, and 7 boards.
Tayshaun Prince
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Photo/Getty Images
  • As team Need4Sheed member Jess pointed out, every Piston that played was + in the box score and every one of The Mavs were in the minus.
  • First time in forever that Flip Murray actually dressed for a game but never got on the floor despite the blowout.
  • You wouldn’t know from the looking at the score but this game was close until the fourth.
  • How many times did the Pistons force Dallas into a shot clock violation? Whatever the answer is it’s never too many.
  • Chauncey put up a layup off the high glass over Nowitski that was Dumarsesque.
  • I was shocked that they called that foul on Tayshaun a flagrant. He did go down hard, but it really didn’t look like a flagrant.
  • Eli Freaking Manning… WOW
  • Herrmann drove the lane for a nice layup as soon as he got on court. That guy really does have huge hands. He reminds me of Stretch Armstrong when he puts up a layup.
  • Sheed was HUGE on the defensive end blocking 4 shots, grabbing 9 boards and adding a steal. He also really was in the post making Dirk change his shots, forcing him into a 3-18 shooting performance, something that doesn’t show in the box.
Rasheed Wallace
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Photo/Getty Images
  • Highlights of the game.
  • Sheed to the Dallas bench….”He can’t guard me!” I love it when he does that and backs it up.
  • Nowitski vs. Wallace-Sheed the clear winner. Ra frustrated Dirk on both ends of the floor all game long.
  • Jarvis Hayes is getting his shooting touch back (maybe it’s the new facial hair), he put up 10 points in in 18 minuets and even added 2 boards and a rare assist (he likes to shoot).
  • “They did a number on us down there in Dallas with the same plays,” forward Rasheed Wallace said. “We came out lackadaisical. But tonight we had a little bit of energy, and we just stepped up on the screen and rolls. Our guards got over some of their picks, and it was clockwork from there.” Via The Detroit Free Press
  • Rip didn’t have a point until the mid third quarter.
  • At one point in the game Chauncey was guarding Dirk, the little girl sitting behind me turned to her little brother and said “why is Chauncey guarding Dirk?” I just chuckled, even an 8 year old knows a mismatch when she sees one.
  • I had a chance to say hello to Mavericks owner Mark Cuban before the game. Not only was Mark extremely nice to me, he even gave me a big hug. Had our meeting been after the game I doubt the exchange would have went as well as it did. Great guy and fantastic owner, he may even have a Kidd on the way.

Mark Cuban
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  • Sheed wasn’t the only one playing great D, Maxiell did a nice job on Dirk when he was on the floor too.
  • Zoo Crew 32 points.
  • The Mavericks scored just 13 points in the third quarter.
  • The Mavs didn’t have Devon Harris or Jerry Stackhouse. Harris and Stackhouse usually do well against the Pistons so it was nice the Pistons didn’t have to see them. I was shocked Stack didn’t play, I saw him warming up before the game started and he looked great.
  • Sheed loves watching The Pistons Flight Crew.
  • Jason Maxiell’s ear must have been on fire from all the talking up he got on the ESPN/ABC broadcast.
  • Brandon Bass is solid.
  • Rodney Stuckey is playing aggressive and finally making his shots. Rodney finished with 11 points, 4 boards, and 2 assists in 19 minutes. He’s not afraid to drive the lane at all, no matter how many big bodies are in the paint.
Rodney Stuckey
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Photo/Getty Images

  • The Pistons are now on a five game winning streak with the next 3 games at home.
  • “We had looked forward to this game because they had given us a pretty good whupping down there. We looked forward to getting them back.” Chauncey Billups Via The Detroit Free Press
  • Stuckey layup over Dirk at the end of the game, a personal highlight.
  • When Jarvis Hayes knocked down a three in the middle of the fourth quarter to bump the lead up to 17 points, It took the life out of any hope Dallas had to come back.
  • Dyess, 2 points, 11 boards.
  • How many of you wouldn’t mind keeping Herrmann?
  • Amir, no points but a nice block and 2 boards in 9 minutes.
  • I absolutely love that Detroit went HARD all 48 minutes.
  • The Team Need4Sheed Podcast is now up on iTunes.
  • Wednesday at the Palace with the winners of The Ultimate Fan Contest should be fun.
  • UPDATE Flip Murray dressed for yesterday’s game because Brezec was home sick with the flu.


  1. Ben Q. Rock

    In case you’re curious, the Superman image on which you based the SuperSheed illustration was originally painted by Alex Ross. I know because I have it hanging on my wall. Because I’m cool.

    Also, thanks for stomping on the hornets nest. I’m sure the game today means Dallas comes out and crushes us by 39 points tomorrow.

  2. Natalie

    Thanks Ben Q, a super man fan. Not to worry with the way Dallas played today you may just do fine. Heck, even Arroyo may have a big game.

  3. claire

    So far, this was the best game to watch. Everybody showed up to play. They all contributed something to the win. Some were hotter than others, but all were pretty hot the whole time.

    I was most excited when:
    -Maxiell dunked the ball with one hand, and ABC commentator said something like “get in my poster!”
    -Herrmann’s layup. Seriously, let’s keep this guy around at least a little bit more.
    -50 cent got so much love from the ABC crew. They even went on to say: “point guard or shooter guard? he’s a player, put him in there and let him play for you.” No disappointment there. Barea? Who is that?
    -Tayshaun and Sheed were simply out of this world.
    -and last but not least, superb defense. That was a good dose of defense this afternoon. I was doing a lab report with 2 friends who are Mavs, and Spurs fans, after the game. And it was pretty nice rubbing it in their faces.

    Is Rip’s hip affecting his shooting? But he was helping out in rebounding and defending, so it’s all good.

    And the freaking GIANTS! Plaxico teared up when they were interviewing him. I liked how before the game, he “guaransheed” that the Giants would win, and they did. They Giants remind me of the Pistons, with Plaxico being Sheed.

    New York fans can sleep well tonight.

  4. Natalie

    Claire, I highly doubt any Giants fan will get any sleep tonight. I was talking to my friend in NY after the game and I could hear the screaming in the background and he was walking home…

    ME: What’s all that noise Jeff?
    Jeff:It’s bedlam right now in NYC.

    Good for the Giants

  5. Richie

    I like Herrmann. I like his hustle, his pestering defence and even the spurts of slashing ability that he shows from time to time. I personally like him more than Brezec.

  6. claire

    Richie, I definitely agree, and I also prefer him over Brezec. Brezec is…something else, alright. I think that Herrmann just needs a chance to shine, because he is capable of “shining” if that makes sense. It would be wonderful if he could become our Manu Ginobli (without the ugliness).

    By the way, the Haier play of the day belongs to none other than our very own Jason Maxiell. I don’t get how people complain that the Pistons have a boring style since they’re all about defense. Hello!! No one else in the league eats babies like that!

  7. Amber

    Claire, The Giants remind me of the Pistons as well! It’s why I became a fan a couple of years ago. I love that they’re underdogs too. Amazing game, I was ecstatic. What more could I have asked for today? First my Pistons win by 23, and then the Giants win the Superbowl!!
    I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep tonight. I’m still busy bragging and being proud.
    I loooove Walter and Primoz! Keep ’em both.
    Also, who in the hell would call the PISTONS boring? Jealous fools. They aren’t boring, they’re smooth.

  8. the fluidics

    Yeah, I wouldn’t at all be upset to see Herrmann stay. Not if we have to pay him big bucks off the bench though, but I like his game.

  9. nmiko

    i would love for herrmann to stay. this video right here is evidence for me the layup that he does is just flat out amazing. those long arms work well. i really wish he played more. hes very entertaining to watch. he can also shoot the 3. i mean come on why wouldnt we keep him?

  10. Anonymous

    I watched this one on TV, and I must say that Bill Walton is an absolute jerk. I would rather clean the toilet with my (husbands) toothbrush than to listen to him. He had the nerve to indicate that Sheed and Tay were “lackadaisical and inciosistent” during the first half. Was he watching the same game? I have never, nor will I ever, like this man. Wish he could stay in LA to watch his lackadaisical and mediocre kid play.

  11. Natalie

    ^^^Now that Bill Walton bash made my day.

  12. Anonymous

    I dont like bill walton at all and i think hes a tool but i have to agree with him on sheed and tay. Sheed needs to demand the ball bc no one can stop him in the post. hes my favorite player and that isnt his personality but for the pistons to be sucessful in the playoffs the pistons need this rasheed who was shooting early and posting up.
    And for tay he has been so INCONSISTENT this whole year and his career its redicouls. So as much as i hate to sya this bill walton was right on this topic.

  13. Infinity

    Guys, i really wouldn’t mind keeping Walter Herrmann. Every time he steps on to the floor I’ve only seen somhting positive come from him. He even held Dirk to 0 points in the second quarter the last meeting, and I don’t know why he wasn’t kept in.

  14. Anonymous

    I can’t believe the Pistons are #8 in’s power rankings..what the Pistons need to do to be in the top 3? Burns must hate the Pistons or’s the second straight time he ranks the Pistons so low (#9 last week)..heck, he has the Lakers #1 (#1!!) this week, even though they lost to the Pistons..I mean, the Pistons beat Magic, Lakers and destroyed the can they be #8?

  15. andy

    regarding Herrmann, didn’t Jeff Van Gundy (commentating for ABC) say something like “He looks like Fabio and finishes like Connie Hawkins” LOL

  16. Kyle

    i think herrmann has a tremendous upside and may end up replacing jarvis as tay’s backup. however, i wonder if dyess, herrmann, murray, and brezec could be traded for a superstar level power forward. admittedly i haven’t put that much thought into the logistics (and i think joe wants to see dyess get a ring here), but it would be interesting.

  17. Detroit 2hot 2 handle

    I would love to keep Herrmann, it’s hard for him to get playing time, but maybe with a trade (not involving him), he could get more minutes.

  18. dirge

    I prefer Herrmann as Prince’s backup. While it’s hard to dislike Jarvis Hayes when he’s hitting the three’s, he’s fairly weak on defense (no really!) while Herrmann really seems to be able to lock down most small forwards, not to mention the versatility to play power forward.

    I agree that it is more likely Herrmann ends up part of a big trade, but we’ll see. While I doubt Lindsey will be traded, he’s in the last year of his contract. Hayes is also only on the books for this year, and doesn’t make that much less than Herrmann ($1.2m instead of $1.9m). I’m not entirely sure they want to mess with the chemistry by replacing Hayes with Herrmann, but I woulnd’t be disapponted if it happened. He’s a better long-term fit for the Pistons as long as he signs a reasonable contract.

    Again, no comments about what a bust Stuckey is? That’s the third game in a row where Stuckey has played pretty well. He’s a combined 12 of 21 shooting and 7 assists to one turnover.

    He’ll have his ups and downs as a rookie. Every indication points to him being a very good draft pick at #15, not to mention a good fit on the Pistons. We all complained that Flip needed to use the bench more, now half the people seem to be whining when our very young bench struggles. You can’t have it both ways. They need experience, and sometimes that’ll mean mistakes. In my opinion, it is worth it since our starters will be well rested, the bench improves, and they’ll be more accoustomed to pressure when the stakes are higher–come playoff time.

  19. UxKa

    About the flagrant… I agree it was rather soft to be a flagrant, but I think it was called that way because his forearm hit Tay in the face. Completely unintentional, but refs don’t like head contact.

    Keep Hermann!!! Obviously the coaches see all the practices, but I don’t see how we can’t get this guy 5 minutes a night.

  20. jess

    Claire am I missing something with the whole 50 cent thing?? Im confused.

    This sounded like a good game to witness.

  21. jess

    I would like to see that flagrant you guys are talking about.

    And I hate to be the one to say it but, I wont be too mad if Hermann goes (or Brezec… or Murray).

  22. Anonymous

    Hi Folks,
    All is good in the world. Pistons got their revenge against the Mavericks for that beat down even though Chauncey and Rip played stinky.
    And our NY Giants won the Superbowl. (Thank you for the props to our embattled QB, Eli Manning) But this team gave me the feeling like they were the Pistons that won the championship.
    The teamwork and the “We ain’t afraid of them Cats” attitude.

    Now I am waiting for this crew in Detroit to prevent the Boston Celtics from becoming NBA champs.

  23. Sammi

    awesome game detroit.

    i was at the superbowl game last night it was amazing. and yes nat, ELI MANNING. thats all we need to say.

    what i always say is, i relate tom brady to lebron james. they both get in my way. but not last night!

  24. claire

    Jess, I nickname Stuckey 50 Cent because he looks like 50 cent. I know some other members think so too. So yea, sorry for the confusion. Stuckey is like a taller, less buff, more talented version of 50 (and better looking too)

  25. jess

    Really… I dont see the resemblance.

  26. Anonymous

    Hey Natalie when are we gonna get the video of Rip In My Own Words.

  27. the fluidics

    really, is this what Flip Murry’s career has become? Dressing because Brezec has a tummy ache?
    We gotta move Flip, for his own good. He desrves better.

  28. Anonymous

    I loved when Flip thought there was a travel and was doing the arm motions and the abc commentator goes “he looks like he’s one of the temptations.” I laughed for such a long time.

    Great Game!
    I wouldn’t mind Herrmann staying either, but I could deal with a Brezec and/or Murray trade.

    I wish I could’ve seen the kiss cam! Sounds hilarious!

  29. heythere

    @anon 7:57

    your comment has me lmao even though i didn’t actually see that clip. does anyone have it? flip in the temptations…hahahahahaaahahaaa

  30. Natalie

    The Rip thing is coming but I am having technical difficulties. My bulb popped on the TV that it’s recorded on so until the UPS man brings me my new one and I install it…we are videoless.

  31. claire

    Hurry up, UPS man, hurry up!!! lol just kidding.

    So Natalie, you’re pretty good at this technology thing, huh? Coding website, embedding videos, and now fixing TV? My hat’s off to you because I am completely incapable of doing anything that involves more than just typing in the URL.

    I remember I took a computer science class once in high school, and man, the teacher thought I should go play with one of those Leapfrog computers instead of trying to write programs.

  32. Natalie

    LOL Clare….Leapfrong that’s classic.

    Don’t go patting me on the back so quick, it’s a matter of unscrewing the back part of the TV and clipping in a new housing bulb for the TV. Never did it before but I am sure it will be fine.

    I promise when things are up and running it will be my first priority.

  33. chris

    I Wouldnt mind keeping herrmann I think he Can be a great bench player if we play him more

  34. Amber

    I’m watching a rerun of the game right now! I am way too excited. I feel like a little kid on Christmas. Usually I stay up rather late, but I don’t get to see my boys play at this time. Now I get to see them whoop up on Dallas. 🙂

  35. dreckka

    Hey no Stuckey a bust Clown Talk??

    Or Trade Tayshaun because he’s hurting the pistons??

    What’s a matter???

    Lost your nerve?? Or are people now realizing that’s ridiculous…


  36. sammi

    yeah stuckey definitely looks like 50 cent. no doubt


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