Lakers at The Palace – Phil has Love for The Pistons?

by | Jan 31, 2008 | 28 comments

The Detroit Pistons vs. The Magic
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Los Angeles starts off a season long nine game road trip tonight at The Palace. The 28-15 Lakers are currently on a eight game losing streak on the road and the Pistons would like to extend it to nine with a win tonight at home.

The Lakers Superstar Kobe Bryant has struggled against Detroit averaging 21.4 points in 20 regular-season games. That’s his lowest average versus any opponent. The Pistons have held him below 20 points in three straight games, and have limited him to an average of 20.3 points in 12 career games, including playoffs, at The Palace. Now for a Piston those are pretty impressive numbers, but for a guy who can put up as many as Kobe can (especially since he takes the majority of his teams shots) it’s just average.

If you didn’t already know about Phil Jackson (notorious Piston hater since his days with the Bulls) announced that he thought Detroit was the best team in the NBA right now on ESPN’s PTI when asked (last part of the interview).

I don’t know if I can believe the man, he’s never had a nice thing to say about Detroit in all of his years. Nobody can blame him for the past, I’m sure Detroit was a thorn in his side until Michael and the rest of the Bulls finally got past Detroit to start winning Championships, and “the walk off” in 1991 didn’t help the situation. He couldn’t even give the Pistons a speck of credit after The Pistons dominated the Lakers to win the Championship in 2004. Do you think he’s sincere?

Maybe he’s just playing some mind games with The Pistons, either way Detroit can’t sleep on any team with Kobe on it.

The Pistons would like to even the season series out with a win after the Lakers took the first game this season. Tip off is at 7:30 tonight and is being locally broadcast on myTV20 Detroit as well. If you can’t catch it on TV you can always tune in to 1130 AM WDFN The Ticket or stream it live through your computer from their website.

As always, I’m leaving it up to you.


  1. Anonymous

    (especially since he takes the majority of his teams shots)
    Maybe you should watch the lakers this year bc its clear that u havent. Kobe has been getting his teammates involved in the offensive and has taken less shots per game. hes going to take more tonight bc they have had injuries in the past month espically with buyum out so the team needs his to take more. I always love it when people talk shit about him, espically bc hes the best player in the nba.

  2. Kev

    How is that talking shit about him? When I read the whole thing it’s glowing praise for the guy.

    Can you actually say that any other player on the lakers takes more shots per game?

    Didn’t think so, he’s putting up at least 20 per game.

  3. Jean-Noël

    Rip & Smooth selected for the all-star game!

  4. the fluidics

    Lets win this thing and close out the month on a high notet.

  5. the taints of new orleans

    i wont talk shit about kobe because he is the best in the nba but i will talk shit about you “anonymous” because you are wrapped around his dick tighter than a lifestyles condom.

  6. claire

    I think Phil Jackson is just playing mind games, or whatever. It’s hard for me to believe that he truly believes the Pistons to be the best team, especially with our disappointing playoffs exits the last 2 seasons. There’s just too much bad history between him and the Pistons, and we haven’t done anything “nice” to him recently, so his change of heart is suspicious.

    But whatever, people can say anything they want. Saying that we’re the best team or putting us at number 9 on some list won’t change us.

  7. Amber

    DAMN!!!! Did we come to play tonight, or what? I’m loving this game!

  8. jess

    LMAO @ Blaha’s comment after RIP’s tech.

  9. claire

    what did Rip say after the tech? Did he say “still blind”? I couldn’t really hear it. Jess, what did Blaha say after Rip’s tech? I was on the phone and missed the entire thing. And would someone please let Rip and his tramp ball in the 3pt. shooting contest please? “numbers don’t lie”

  10. the fluidics

    Yeah, I’m not normally one to blame refs, because you make your own luck, but the stones are getting jobbed right now. Niese has to call it both ways, fouls aren’t all one sided. Lets be fair Jack.

  11. TDP

    F*ck Jack Nies.

  12. uyen

    This is so BS. How is it that they have been to the stripe 24 times and we’ve gone 6 times. Kobe alone has gone more than out WHOLE team.

  13. claire

    3 blind mice

  14. TDP

    ZOO CREW!!!

  15. Anonymous

    tight ball games guys 83-83

  16. jC--23

    TAYSHAUN!!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!

  17. claire

    TAY! I had to mute the TV when he made that shot.

    Hold on for 4 more seconds, guys

  18. Shanna

    wow close game.

  19. Anonymous

    we win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Anonymous

    I hope Neese was within the point spread! Otherwise he lost some cash…

  21. claire

    HOT DAMN! 22 for YOU! and Tay played the most tonight with 36 minutes. And the rest of the starters were around 30.

    Tay deserves a lava ball tonight.

  22. the fluidics

    Yeah, that was closing out the month in style.
    Way to go Pistons, well fought,gutsy win.

  23. TDP

    Loved it. Tay right in Odom’s stupid face!

    Now Stern can rescind a few of those Joey Crawford-like tech’s by Nies.

  24. Anonymous

    where is the tayshaun hater now???
    i can recall,about 3 weeks ago some gigantic jackass was calling for tayshaun to be traded and leaving dumb messages.

    Tayshaun rules!!! anyone who thinks different is an idiot

  25. TDP

    It kind of has been overlooked in all the excitement, but Amir was a beast on the boards.

  26. Anonymous

    Anyone else’s my5 suck? Definitely froze RIGHT before those last 16 seconds… or somewhere around there. I missed the whole brilliant ending. I’m glad they won though.

  27. t

    Hell of a game guys…occasional visitor here and laker commenter…so it’s only fair I come here and admit that was a hell of a game when y’all beat us. Damn. Stuckey and Afflalo are impressive for young-uns. Y’all know I respect Sheed…hell, I respect your club, from Joe D on down….but damn, that was a tough loss. The Lakers of the last couple years would have folded after going down 15 in the second quarter. Lamar rushed his shot. He should have attacked the hoop a bit, there was some space. Oh well….hell of a game….and I can’t believe us giving so many offensive rebounds, including the one that allowed Tay to hit that shot. And re: Phil thinking y’all are the best in the East, I do too, until the Celts beat you in the Eastern championships, they ain’t nuttin’ yet. As a Laker fan, Phil doesn’t mind what teams do on the offensive end nearly as much as whether the Lakers play undisciplined D. Believe me, he has all kind of respect for disciplined, efficient D, that you guys always play. That the Bulls were held out by y’all from success for a while matters not. Phil is not one to think less of a team just because they’re good, he doesn’t not respect them. He might play psychological games, but that’s just for competitive advantage. He has mad respect for teams like your which play excellent D. Another reason why he respects the hell out of San Antone.

  28. mannie32

    yea highly doubt he’s not sincere… he simply believes detroit is the best team right now


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