Dumars Wants Frontcourt Help

by | Jan 30, 2008 | 16 comments

Weren’t we just talking about this….

Detroit Pistons president Joe Dumars has said repeatedly that while he’s happy with his roster, he won’t stop looking for ways to make it better.

He said last week he wouldn’t mind improving the frontcourt depth and has some tradeable assets -Flip Murray, Primoz Brezec and Walter Herrmann, all in the final year of their contracts.

But a trade involving one of the core players is very unlikely. Via Yahoo.com

We knew Joe was up to something, whether he can get a quality deal is the question.


  1. claire

    small forward position maybe? We only have J Hayes as a back up, and he is so streaky that it’s scary.

  2. Anonymous

    I knew ever since Flip Murray didn’t dress, that we are going to have a trade..or otherwise he would be playing.

    I trust Joe D, so whatever happens is fine =]


    I’m excited for tomorrows game

  3. Kyle

    if we’re looking for another backup for tay we should use herrmann. i’ve been nothing but impressed with the few minutes he’s had so far.

  4. Davi Alexander

    It´s not dumar to trade herman, a dumar trade would be Murray + Brezec = Jeff Green

  5. dave

    why would seattle trade a top 5 pick rookie for flip murray and brezec??? are you crazy??
    honestly i don’t know how flip murray can be considered a “tradeable asset”, unless some team is hoping to set an NBA turnover record. I would rather see Joe D trade some young guys for a proven vet … hold on to Maxie, but we could trade Stuckey and Amir and land a really solid piece for another championship. Maybe we could throw in Flip Murray too.
    I think we have to pull off a trade, and not just wait until the offseason for the deals to expire. Our current roster probably isn’t good enough to get through the playoffs, through the celtics, and still have enough to win the finals. I think rather than improve the depth at guard Joe should look to get McDyess back as the 6th man and trade for a stud big man, like Marion, Elton Brand, or someone of that caliber. We all just need to be honest with each other, Jarvis and Stuckey are not the kind of players who will help us win an NBA championship. We need more guys who have proven something so far in their careers. Is it possible that we have moved from too old to too young in one season, and our downfall in the playoffs will be rookie mistakes and Jarvis Hayes inability to shoot. Just imagaine Dyess and Maxie coming off the bench together. Sick. That’s a championship team. Throw in Afflalo and Lindesy, and Hermann instead of Hayes, and you’ve got the 10 players to win this year’s title.

  6. Anonymous

    ok great, you wrote a lot. but you’re wrong. trading away our future for a solid asset makes us big time contenders and then we fall off the face of the earth in 2-3 years. stuckey and amir are big time. stuckey is going to find his groove real soon.

    all we need is for amir to keep getting minutes. he’s the future of our team, he and maxie better be our future frontcourt. can’t wait to see amir against the lake tonight

  7. Boian

    Joe Dummars wants front court help and Ron Artest Wants out of Sactown. Hmm, the expiring contracts of Brezec and Murray and maybe Hermman, or Lindsay, I would hate to see Hermman go, but I’m sure with some magic, Lindsay would find his way back.
    There is your veteran big man presence you want without, hopefully giving up too much, I’m sure Sacramento would want picks, I dont know how many we got but I’d give them up as long as we can keep Stuckey, Afflalo, and Amir, and Max.
    Just wishful thinking, I know Artest is a d-bag but he can play and our vets would keep him in check!!

  8. Anonymous

    i heard that dumars was close to trading herrmann and Brezec and some picks for Chris Wilcox. They are currently in talks now but it might not go through because Dumars wants to throw in Flip,and the Sonics don’t want him back.

  9. Anonymous

    Just to let everyone know Chauncy n Rip made the all star team(Other reserves r J. Johnson,Butler,Jamison,Pierce, and Bosh)

  10. davi alexander

    No man, I´m not crazy, nba is crazy, we got darko…
    Then what? PRINCE, 27 ROUND…
    Anything can happen, that´s what I meant.
    And also, yeah, you wrote a lot and you´re wrong.

  11. Anonymous

    you people put names out there that dont make sense! how bout amir, flip, and brezec, plus some picks for kolby!!!!!! i heard koby’s favorite play was the back door play!

  12. Anonymous

    is that chris wilcox trade for real?

  13. Anonymous

    anon at 5:40, you’re the dumbest person to ever post on this site

  14. TDP

    Intelligent discourse in this one…

  15. Anonymous

    kobe isnt going anywhere now that they have gasol. la will add a couple more piecers in the offseason and be next years celtics.

    im not a huge bball fan but id say send hayes, brezek, murray & ..? for marion, have mcd reprise his 6th man role. obviously hold onto stucket and amir.. 5:40 post was just dumb, were not the celtics and thats a good thing.

    i think herrniman or whatever has a place on the team if they give him more time to showcase what he can do. hunter wil, or should, take an office job after this season.


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