And The Winners are…….

by | Jan 28, 2008 | 44 comments

Let me tell you that picking six winners for The Ultimate Pistons Fan Ticket Contest was a harder task than I anticipated. I myself am a huge Pistons fan, but I have never claimed to be the “Ultimate Fan,” so when I put the call out for them I didn’t really realize that Team Need4Sheed was really going to go all out. And they did….

Before I tell you who the winners are I would just like to let everyone know that I considered everyone’s entries and at one point or another in my decision making process each and every person had a shot at these tickets. Yes there were a few clear cut yes’s in the bunch, but for the most part every single one on the entries were ticket worthy, well except the one that said….”I want the tickets bad, give em to me!”
Here they are:

  • Ryan Fleming of Windsor, Ontario
  • Francesca Falchieri of Bloomfield Hills, MI
  • Chris Romero of Grand Rapids, MI
  • Jason Rogers of Muskegon, MI
  • Adrienne Roberts and Kylie Steenbergh of Shelby Twp., MI
  • Chelise Junior

I really enjoyed everyone’s entries and I am sorry I didn’t have more tickets to give away. Honestly they were all great, but I just wanted to show you a couple that really stood out.

Now I have heard rumblings of this story, but honestly I thought it was just an urban legend. It’s been floating around Pistons circles for a while now that someone actually re-created a bit of the Pistons famous introductions during their wedding reception. Don’t believe it… I didn’t until I watched Ryan Fleming’s video.

Hats off to Ryan and his wife, that’s dedication.

If you remember the video I made to promote the contest we made a reference to baking a Sheed cake. Now that was just a funny off the cuff remark that Mike D. blurted out during taping that we loved and decided to keep in. Little did I know that Francesca Falchieri would actually get the mixer out and make this wonderful bit of goodness.

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From what Francesca told me the hair and headband are made of licorice and the mouth is filled with coconut. Time consuming and creative, two tickets for you Francesca.

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So that’s it, those are the big winners who will join me at the Palace February 6th to watch The Pistons take on The Miami Heat. I will contact the winners with the exact details as soon as they are made available to me by The Pistons. A Palace tour, a suite to watch the game, a little extra surprise from me and the company of some die hard Pistons fans. Now that’s SHEEDtastic!

Special Thanks go out to The Pistons Organization for making this possible.


  1. jess

    Im sad.. but congrats to everyone who won!

  2. Natalie

    Jess, your poem was just fantastic. You have no Idea just how close you were. I’m Sorry 🙁

  3. jess

    Nat, are you going to show what the other winners enteries were?

  4. jess


  5. nashi

    yeah congrats everyone!

    but wouldn’t it be great if, perhaps, someone were to mention to the Pistons Organization about how there were so many other swell entries and, oh i dunno, persuaded them to give you some more tickets to give to some other people who entered the contest. but of course, this is just a thought that crossed my mind…coughhintcough


  6. Anonymous

    congrats to all of those who entered because just 4 yall making an effort to do this competition makes u huge pistons fan. love u all

    LET’S GO PISTONS AND LET’S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2007-2008 IT’S OUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALL BOUT DETROIT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Chris R

    Thank you so much Natalie. I am so excited. I have yet to break it to my friend who I am taking. He’s gonna go crazy. Can’t wait to see you in 8 days or so!

  8. Steve

    Congrats to all… and I absolutely love the cake!

  9. Amber

    Omg, the wedding, lol. That was hilarious. I love the cake! It’s adorable. Congratulations everyone!

  10. Ryan

    Yessssss!!! Wow Natalie! Thank you so much you are awesome! Me and the wife will be there. Cant wait!

  11. claire

    wow. Ryan’s wedding is true dedication right there. I’m surprised the bride didn’t have on a Pistons-themed gown. That would have been way cool too.

    Congratulations everybody!

  12. Sue

    Show us the rest of them..PLZ…the ones posted were awesome!
    Go Pistons!

  13. the fluidics

    congrats to all the winners! I’ll keep an eye out for you.

  14. Sue

    ^^( the one above) very cute!
    thanks for sharing it.

  15. Anonymous

    and they won because…….??

    they dont even know what number jason maxiell and antonio mcdyess are…get it right girls

    and theyve only been pistons fans for three years???

  16. detpisfan32

    Ryan Fleming he was AMAZING that was so cool. I would have never even thought of that. That deserves those tickets. Me and him have something in common my dog as a Piston jersey on right now. Her name is also Piston. Congrats to everyone the cake looked great

  17. Anonymous

    so what if theyve only been pistons fans for three years. They’re only 16.

  18. Anonymous

    they dont know much about pistons obviously.. and they won the tickets?


  19. Anonymous

    Wow, Pistons fans since, O wow what a coincidince, since they won the championship! Bandwagoners.

  20. Anonymous

    jealous, much?

  21. Anonymous

    your damn right i am.. i deserved those tickets. not 2 16 year old girls who dont know shit about the pistons.

  22. Anonymous

    wow, such sore losers.
    Are you sure you weren’t trying to win Cavs tickets?

  23. Anonymous

    The Pistons didn’t win 3 years ago. They lost to the Spurs, so these girls weren’t just jumping on the bandwagon…

    They obviously enjoy watching the pistons or they wouldn’t have bother to make the video to win the tickets

  24. Anonymous

    sore loser i am. cav fan… hell nooooo! i wanted those tickets sooo damn bad

  25. Keith L. Lansing

    It’s clearly obvious that the girls just switched the pictures accidentally. I think they did a great job. I was in the running for the tickets and they smoked me. Great job and have a good time.

  26. Sue

    It was the creativity of the vid that put them over the top IMO

    It was quirky and creative and… Who cares what they actually know about the Pistons. They’re young and they will hopefully be life long fans. It’s odvious they’re big time hooked on the Pistons!
    Great job Girls!

  27. Anonymous

    Sheed Cake a Classic! I hope to god Sheed sees this.

  28. BabyBen

    Wow. I was going to put in a entry, but I never got around to do it. *Shrugs softly* Oh well, ^,^ That’s what I get for procrastinating! XD

    Ryan Fleming… Wobule O Wobule! XD I wonder how much persuading did it take for your wife and friends to have the ‘Mason-Effect’ for your wedding reception. I kiss the ground you walk on for that showing of Piston Pride. *Kiss Kiss Kiss*

    Francesca… *Chuckles* When Mike said make a Sheed cake, I chuckled… I had a felling somebody was going to do it, but I was just saying…but I love how you hoped right on it! *High five and runs with Sheed’s nose* MINE!

  29. Jacob

    I didn’t enter the contest. I don’t live in the state.

    I will say this…

    the people won because Natalie enjoyed their stuff and effort, but…

    those girls were awful, yes, they’re bandwagoners–10 years from now, they won’t be following the Pistons. Also, I’m honestly not trying to be mean, but it was an awful video, the editing was hideous and the sound was jerky and I couldn’t get through 3 minutes of the video. It wasn’t funny, it didn’t even seem like Saturday Night Live, I didn’t understand what was going on and was bored about 20 seconds into the first “skit?”

    As for Ryan, that blanket was sweet, but having a couple autographed pics of automotion and a pistons garbage can doesn’t make someone the ultimate fan (i didnt see the entries tho). My memoribilila could fill a whole house probably. Regardless, what I’m saying is, I had season tickets for years, over 40 bobbleheads, tons of odds and ends and about 30 pistons jerseys warmups and so much more–most of it I had to leave in michigan. Though my point is, with all of that, doing that at the wedding, that’s not being a superfan, that’s being tacky—very tacky, keep that stuff out of the wedding day, but who am I to judge?

    No, I’m not trying to hate, it’s cool that you all won, but I just felt the need to say some things that a lot of the posters either wanted to say, or may have been thinking–and if not, then I said what I was thinking.

    Congrats to you all, enjoy the game. Go Pistons!

  30. uyen

    C-Webb is offically with the Warriors. They said he might play Friday night as Charlotte. I have courtside seats to that game. I really don’t know I feel about about C-Webb signing with the Warriors. Part of me is kind of sad because it would have been nice to see him get the “ship” with the Pistons and mend his past with the people of Michigan for the crazy shit he did in college. There is another part of me that is glad he isn’t with us. All I have to do is watch the Cleveland series. Anyone want to chime in on this?

  31. claire

    Uyen, don’t be upset that CWebb is not with the Pistons anymore. Personally, I feel that he lacks the energy that this team needs. Plus, we’re trying to go younger, not older. I wish the best of luck to CWebb and all, but I like the team we have now.

  32. Anonymous

    hey everybody!
    Can somebody please tell me the name of song which is played on intro clip?


  33. Anonymous

    i agree, uyen.
    regardless of what happened last year.
    i still have love for c-webb.

  34. mobius909

    europe – final countdown.

  35. Outside.The.NBA

    “Rock and Roll, Pt. 2” – Gary Glitter

  36. mobius909

    oh NBA.COM intro, not pistons game intro… duh.

    I was just thinking about playoffs, as in, if they started today and all the higher ranks went through to the end…


    (1)Bos vs (8)Ind – (4)Cle vs (5)Tor
    Figure Bos vs. Cle, prolly Bos pulls through.

    (2)Det vs (7)Atl – (3)Orl vs (6)Was
    Figure Det vs. Orl, and we got that on lock.

    Det vs. Bos, and of course, Det wins cause we’re sweet like that.

    The west is a little more complicated, but by my best guess, it’ll be Utah and Phoenix, SA being upset in the first round by Utah with a late season surge carrying over to the playoffs. Phoenix finally beats someone in the late rounds and maybe Detroit plays Phoenix in the finals?

  37. Anonymous

    The two 16 year old girls won fair and square. Their video was creative and just funny to watch. The intro was great too. I bet they put many hours into making that video. So, you can cry some more on how you didn’t win tickets because obviously they didn’t like your video. So they messed up a few numbers, and you must of have messed up a lot more because I don’t see your name on the winners list. You go girls!! Have fun at the game!

  38. Mike

    Jacob, buying more merchandice of your favorite team does not make you a bigger fan period, there is no actually way to prove who a bigger fan is, the more merchandice you have proves that you have more money than other fans, nothing else.

  39. Anonymous

    anon 2:55

    i didnt do a video thank you very much.

  40. Anonymous

    so if you didnt make a video or enter the contest…then why do you even care? so you make fun of 16 year old girls who were trying to have some fun! do us all a favor and do soemthing more productive then making fun of people!

  41. Justin

    I can’t stand how much rasheed complains about EVERYTHING…I really like Hamilton and Prince though. I think the Pistons are a really solid team.

  42. Anonymous

    Thanks! I really appreciate it! 😉

  43. Anonymous

    anon 9:41

    i did enter but it wasnt a video


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