Team Need4Sheed Podcast #2

by | Jan 27, 2008 | 17 comments

Need4Sheed has a special new feature that I am really excited about, and from your feedback after last weeks podcast, you are too. Game Day Live’s Bennie Covington and Jeff Daum are doing a weekly Team Need4Sheed Podcast for the site. Number one seemed to be a hit, so here is the second installment of the Team Need4Sheed Podcast for your Pistons listening enjoyment.

Team Need4Sheed Podcast #2

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  1. RJ

    sad.. but true.. =(

  2. Brad Bice

    Need to get a feed going for easy itunes integration!

  3. Natalie

    Brad…I was thinking the same thing. I will set one up this week.

  4. uyen

    I know that this has nothing to do with what we are talking about I just have to vent. Watching the Celtics and Magic game and the more I see Paul Pierce the more irritated I get. I’ve somewhat started feeling that way with KG especially after the game with Twolves. Celtics barely won that game and KG running around popping his jersey is getting kind of old. It is one thing to do to say fuck you Kevin Mchale but he came off a little snobby and ungrateful toward the fans.

  5. Anonymous

    hey natalie.. do you have any idea when they are going to anounce the allstars?

  6. Scott

    I believe that they are votes for all stars from the coaches have to be in Tuesday and they announce on Thursday. Correct me if I’m wrong though.

  7. claire

    Uyen, so I’m not the only feeling that way about Paul Pierce. His body language is just so arrogant. Has he always been like this? Even before KG and Ray Allen got there? Stay classy!

    I’m watching the Magic vs. Celtics game too. It’s been Dwightastic so far. I hope the Magic win. Ugh, Carlos Arroyo…93-93

  8. claire

    HEDO TURKOGLU! This is the one and only time I’m cheering for him and the Magic. Jeez, I wonder why Hedo is not popping his jersey? Perhaps he’s waiting for Pierce and Garnett to teach him the proper technique of “Jersey Poppin'”

  9. Dominic

    Watching Cleveland vs. Lakers
    and Anderson Varajao just landed awkwardly on his leg!
    I personally and hoping for a torn ACL. 1 year of no Varajao would be SWEEEEEET! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!

  10. Dominic

    Oh srry i meant Am Hoping not And Hoping

    And it looks like the Magic beat the two best teams in the east by a buzzer beater. Well A W is a W

  11. Anonymous

    Hey, Nate

    Is there anyway that we could hear the first Podcast again?

  12. mannie32

    suggestion for next week – top 5 moves joe dumars has made since becoming GM of the Pistons

  13. eRiCG

    the white guy needs to shutup…”It’s different this year”…this team is hungry this year he says…if you would open your ears Rasheed said that after every single game “that’s our trophy” and stuff like that and we still lost to Cavs who suck…why didn’t they get “more hungry” last year and swept every team???…agreed anyone???

  14. Richie

    I think you’re being harsh and impolite, EricG. I enjoyed Bennie and Jeff’s comments, and I think you should pay them a little more respect. Furthermore, I don’t care how hungry a team is- expecting them to sweep their way through the playoffs is simply unreasonable. That’s why they play 7 games per series.
    I think that the main thing standing in the Pistons’ way is Flip’s unwillingness to use his bench. In the last game vs. The magic the team was up 19 points in the 1st half and Flip was putting his starters back on the floor. In a game like that, why did 4/5 startes play 36+ minutes (‘Sheed didn’t, partially because he fouled out).

  15. mobius909

    y’all hear GSW is interested in Webber again? Don’t they know he can’t get up and down the court like he used to? he’s going to drastically slow them down, which is good for us.

  16. danny taylor

    i agree with richie, flip needs to start using his bench its got upcoming talent but and flip just doesnt seem to want to use it , which personally makes no sense to me…..

    i also think webber hasnt got it anymore anyway so he can go to the GSW its all his choice

  17. Anonymous

    bennie is soo hot!

    does he have a myspace?


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