Magical Revenge?

by | Jan 25, 2008 | 41 comments

The Detroit Pistons vs. The Magic
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The Pistons host The Orlando Magic tonight. Detroit will be looking to extend their one game winning streak while getting a bit of revenge after the buzzer beating loss to The Magic Monday night.

While Rasheed likes playing against Dwight, I am sure he wants to get the W tonight.

“I like going against the young fella,” Wallace said. “He’s one of the best centers in the league. He’s going to be around for a while. It’s always fun to matchup against him.” Via MLive

Dwight had some glowing things to say about Rasheed too.

“He’s just a great person. I love playing against him. He makes you play hard. He’s going to talk trash, get into your head, but he’s a great person.” Via MLive

As for the key to a win, if Jameer Nelson starts tonight, you can bet that Chauncey will abuse him. Which usually translates into a huge night for Mr. Big Shot.

Will we see Amir? Let’s hope so.

Tip off is at 7:00 tonight and is being locally broadcast on myTV20 Detroit as well as Nationally on ESPN. If you can’t catch it on TV you can always tune in to 1130 AM WDFN The Ticket or stream it live through your computer from their website.

I’m off, so I’m leaving it up to you here in the comments or Live in the Need4Sheed Forum Chat Room.


  1. Anonymous

    Thats even better Ben Q. Rock!

  2. Anonymous

    Whoever is posting that ” Rasheed Wallace is a cheater ” …. NEEDS to STOP !!

    As for tonight,

  3. Ben Q. Rock

    Anon 5:07 – Carlos has outplayed Jameer this season, so I like our chances better with him in the lineup.

  4. Anonymous

    I hope the curse of the network TV won’t affect us tonight.

  5. claire

    In Sheed We Trust. period.

  6. Boian

    I love that picture, it made my day!!!
    right click – save as!!!

  7. Amber

    We’re playing well. I told you all it would be easy to blow these fools out. As long as we keep playing like now, easy as hell.

  8. Anonymous

    I can already tell the pistons came to play tonight! On another note, Hubie Brown (the announcer) knows a whole lot about basketball if you listen to him. He may be old, but he knows some hoops!

    Sheed shooting lights out right now. Go Stones!

  9. yk

    Pistons are rolling!! Let’s hope our zoo crew can hold the lead.

  10. Anonymous

    AMIR!!! Get that cheddar baby

  11. Amber

    I’m so proud. THIS is Detroit basketball, not that garbage where they played “good” by losing by 2 points to the team we’re blowing out now.

  12. yk

    OMG! Rip is on fire!!!

    … and I’m a little worried about Stucky.

  13. TDP

    Stuckey needs to hit an open shot.

  14. TDP

    Can Hubie Brown quit jinxing us with all this comeback talk? Shut it, old man!

  15. the fluidics

    Just for perspective, the Pistons scored 65 in New York.

  16. yk

    Stucky doesn’t seem to be good at jumpers, never mind three. He’s gotta go at the rim.

    Is this game on national tv??? I’m watching MyTv20. Blaha is the best!

  17. TDP


  18. TDP

    Does Arroyo translate to “plucked eyebrows” in English?

  19. yk

    We’re winning rebound war 27-10! and OR is 11… great job, Amir!!

    Too bad you have to watch ESPN, tdp.

    Arroyo… plucked eyebrows, LOL.

  20. yk

    Sheed is sooo upset with ref’s calls. I can’t believe they called a foul on RA for the block.

  21. yk

    Sheed is sooo upset with ref’s calls. I can’t believe they called a foul on RA for the block.

  22. Mike

    Yikes, bringing it back to 13? Finish them off please. Amir is looking strong again though.

  23. uyen

    Does anyone know if there is any validity to the story about Sheed?

  24. TDP

    Put Stuckey on the bench! Or better yet, the locker room.

  25. ashley is NOT a reliable source. It has been wrong on many occasions in the post. Don’t believe it until an actual media source prints the story. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if that so-called ‘article’ is completely made-up because it’s a slow news day.

  26. ashley

    Past, not post! Typo trouble while trying to watch the game at the same time.

    Stupid tech on Chauncey!

  27. claire

    I think I jinxed the Pistons about the techs. I was thinking to myself earlier today: “wow, the Pistons haven’t gotten a tech in a quite a while. Good job.”

  28. uyen

    what happened to stuckey? There was so much potential.

  29. shanna

    I was home tonight and I didn’t even think the game was being broadcast on ESPN. Should have checked on Such luck I have. I rarely ever get to catch a game.

    At least they showed Orlando how they normally play 🙂

  30. Dominic

    I got an email for the starters of the All Star game

    Not one Piston 🙁
    Here it is…

    Dominic, You and millions of NBA fans from around the world have spoken. Here are the 2008 NBA All-Star Starters:

    Center: Dwight Howard (Orlando)
    Forward: Kevin Garnett (Boston), LeBron James (Cleveland)
    Guard: Jason Kidd (New Jersey), Dwyane Wade (Miami)

    Center: Yao Ming (Houston)
    Forward: Carmelo Anthony (Denver), Tim Duncan (San Antonio)
    Guard: Kobe Bryant, (L.A. Lakers), Allen Iverson (Denver)

  31. ayjay009

    the ZOO crew attacked tonigths game!! they played early too!!..AMIR is back back back!!how many blocks??haha.
    wats wrong wit Tay??nice win tho=]

    go pistons!!

  32. francesca

    THEY’RE BACK!!!!!!

  33. vivee

    It is really terrible that anything can be posted on he internet and we all know that some people believe anything they read.
    Go Pistons!! Love Sheed!!

  34. Dominic

    HEy guys be easy on Stuckey. He still has alot of development ahead of him. So what if his shot is off? So is Jarvis’s and he’s been in this league longer. No need to bench Stuck cuz his shots not falling

  35. mobius909

    i had a revelation as i woke up this morning. what if the pistons traded all them dudes they’ve been talking about (brezec, jarvis, flip, etc) for Sam Cassell and maybe a draft pick? He’s getting old and i’m sure he wants a ring, would he not be a key to our bench guard woes, not to mention some training ability of the kids?


  36. d-reckka


    One month in the league and Stuckey’s a Bust???

    What are you people talking about??

    He’s going to be find.

    I coached basketball and all I see is that on his layups he need to put his hand under the ball more…

    Scoop it like Brandon Roy does..

    More control of the ball is what he needs at this point not speed.

    He can find the speed he needs while Scooping the layup under control that’s it…

    He laying up the ball while his hands on the side of the ball it’s not working at this point, its going wild off the back board with no touch..

    I don’t know why the coaches on the staff don’t see this….???


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