Pistons – Sixers

by | Jan 23, 2008 | 40 comments

The Pistons vs. The Sixers
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The Pistons are in Philly to take on The Sixers. Tip off is at 7:00 PM and the game is being locally broadcast on FSN Detroit as well as on the radio at WDFN 1130 AM. Remember you can chat live in the Need4Sheed Forum Chat Room during the game or leave them here in the comments.

Just a reminder, Team Need4Sheed member Ronnie D. reminds us that Chauncey Billups will be on ESPN’s Rome is Burning Thursday at 4:30 PM EST.

Let’s win the one….Please.


  1. jess

    Im gonna GAURANSHEED this one before it even gets started because I KNOW THEY ARE GOING TO WIN!!!!!!!!

  2. Natalie

    Glad you did it Jess, I wasn’t about to.

  3. princess

    I was really hoping you were going to be a little bit more thorough on the preview. I’m interested to know how the Sixers have been doing after the trade with Utah.

  4. Natalie

    ^^^^ Not good they have lost 9 of their last 11.

  5. the fluidics

    I think I’m going to root for the Pistons.

  6. ayjay009

    ^^^you think?? you better believe it!!
    they WILL win this one!!

    go pistons!

  7. Anonymous


    Pistons Are Big Babies
    Posted on Monday, January 7, 2008 at 06:05PM by Registered CommenterAaron Gettings in Celtics | Comments1 Comment | EmailEmail | PrintPrint

    A few weeks ago when Boston lost at home to Detroit (and let me remind you that they lost only by two less-than-last-second free throws), it was one of the defining moments of this young season. Immediately, the world pounced. Immediately following the game, promos running on ESPN for Sportscenter declared, “Celtics Fail Test”. Similar headlines and bylines and all sorts of lines could be found over the following days. All stated the same case: Boston was overrated.

    They finally played a “real” team and couldn’t measure up. Let me remind you they lost by 2 points with a fraction of the second on the clock. Whether the media was caught up in the anti-Boston hype, I don’t know, but they couldn’t be more pleased that the Celtics lost that game.

    Flash forward to last Saturday. Another game that went pretty close to the wire. Hard fought by both clubs, but this time the Celtics were victorious. Was Boston proud of themselves? Of course! After their previous loss they had a gigantic gorilla dropped on their back. They weren’t for real — yeah, they could beat up the bad teams but they couldn’t take down the good ones. Well, they came to Detroit. They saw what the Pistons had and they conquered. These are shaping up to be the two teams who will meet in the Eastern Conference Finals — the C’s now know that they can beat them.

    They were happy — and the Pistons were peeved.

    “They’re acting like they won the title,” forward Amir Johnson said.

    “They’re a little more happy than I know we were when we won our game out there,” Billups said. “It was just like a regular game for us with two good teams playing. They were kind of playing like it’s the Super Bowl, man.
    “It’s just a regular game with two good teams playing. There was probably a little more at stake for them and their psyche than there was for us. But they won. It’s cool.”

    That’s why Chauncey choked at the close of the game — he didn’t realize that this game mattered!

    Their biggest complaints were that several C’s players were “popping” their jerseys and that James Posey was antagonizing their fans behind the Celtics bench. He was mocking their arena announcer (which I can’t blame him for — the guy was brutal! He probably drives every single away team crazy during their games — how do we implement that in Boston?) and told the fans, “Thanks for coming.”

    Detroit has had their way with the Eastern Conference for a few years now. They never had the heart or willpower to be truly dominant like they should’ve been. Now, they no longer sit atop the perch alone and they’re handling it like a group of 12 year olds who have to share a bathroom with their little brother.

    Mark Wednesday, March 5th on your calendar. That’s when we’ll meet again, and I guarantee you, the Pistons won’t be able to hide behind their excuses after that one.

    i found this blog when i was looking on the site at a patriots article…i saw “pistons” in the title and knew it was going to piss me off. Just another reason why i hate boston…i dont know if the players or the millions of trashtalking bandwagon fans aggrivate me more.

  8. jess

    No problem Nat. And Im going to send my poem in real soon.. I really hope you like it! 🙂

  9. JESS


  10. yk

    Amir! Amir is on the court now!

  11. JESS


  12. jeff


  13. jess

    He is so determined to show what he’s got and I love it!

  14. yk

    Amir dunked after nice offensive rebound!

  15. yk

    Afflalo! Did u see that!?

  16. yk

    I really love Afflalo getting easy basket. He hustles alot. He is so quick to grab a loose ball then run to the basket right away!

  17. TDP

    God, I hope the Yankees win the World Series next year to shut up the Boston fans. Also, Cheers sucked.

  18. jeff

    tdp…are you forgetting about another Detroit team? The Tigers will win the World Series not the Yankees or Red Sox’s.

  19. Anonymous

    Anon 7:26,

    If the fool who posted that had half a brain they would know chaunce encouraged his friend KG to go to boston!

    If you remember he,KG wasn’t thrilled about that trade at first!

    Also posey is a coat-tail rider and a horses ass. I’d rather have a turnip on my team.

    I do think our boys need to stop letting the refs get into their heads as much,just relax and play.

    Anyway god bless our stones,god bless detroit,lets hope it’s two wins for the D tonight!

    Wings are on after pistons on fox sports!

  20. the fluidics

    It’s nice to see the bench, aside from max of course, show up.

  21. yk

    Sheed made no shot especially from downtown, 0-3…. please play in the low post, sheed.

  22. lyndakay

    Any idea why we’re not playing defense or getting any rebounds? MAN this is annoying.

  23. mannie32

    im disappointed about how sixers seem to get a rebound any time they want… if it werent for all these rebounds they’re getting, we could be blowing them out right now

  24. jess

    More AMIR!!!? Our voces must have been heard!


  25. jess


  26. jess

    I am soooo glad I wasnt wrong about that GAURANSHEED!

  27. Sean W

    wheewwww. finally …. and with amir playing well too!

  28. biancadani

    Praise GOD!!!

    great times, man.great times.

  29. Sean W

    but…. can’t help but think there is a reason amir was playing so early.. showing him off for trade bait?? hope not..

  30. claire

    not the prettiest win, but I’ll gladly take it. Pretty heavy minutes for the starters, especially Tay. But what can we expect? This is a rough month.

    And how ’bout that Amir Johnson? It’s good to see so many fans supporting him and he’s not even a starter yet. Team Triple A’s (Amir & Arron Afflalo) all the way!

  31. Amber

    Ric, remember when I said that we could be the coaches and you know Amir would be playing? Well I was there tonight (coaching, yelling, annoying Philly fans)…and Amir went in during the 2nd quarter! First of all, I had to do a double take when I saw him waiting to go into the game, and my mouth was wide open when I saw him out there…playing!!, 2nd quarter! He did amazing. I guess I need to go to more games, and “coach”. 😉

    Chauncey certainly kept his word. “We’re coming man.” He scored what, 3 3’s in the first quarter. All I remember was that he had 13 points with minutes still left in the first. Overall, it was a good game. I wasn’t overly impressed, but they played better than they have been…and of course, a win is a win. It’s great to end the losing streak!

  32. Anonymous

    amber, do u live close to the arena? u were bak pretty quick?

  33. Anonymous

    Raptors just beat the Celtics by 2

  34. Amber

    I’m using my friend’s phone! I wanted to wait and spy on the Pistons, but of course she doesn’t want to.

  35. Anonymous

    how many points rip have??? great game detroit

  36. francesca

    yay pistons and yay amir and arron!!
    (and sheed cut his hair) — but did anyone find out whats up with sheed’s ankle/leg sleeve that hes been wearing since the chicago game????

  37. mannie32

    The biggest news? Probably that Flip Saunders said he talked to Joe Dumars and decided it was time to make Amir Johnson part of the rotation.

    SAUNDERS: “I called Joe and said we had to establish another big in the rotation. The way Amir had practiced and the things he had done – his length, keeping the ball alive, blocking shots – I said I think he’s a guy we’re going to start giving minutes and see what he can do in the right situations. I thought he was dynamite tonight. He really did a lot of things.”

  38. Mike

    Well, I was there, right behind the Sixers bench, if you saw someone flashing a Chauncey Jersey behind them that was me! Im not 8-0 when seeing Detroit live. I gave big love to Amir comming in, nobody knew who he was, I let everyone know he is the future. I finally met some Pistons. Walter Herman is such a nice dude, along with George Blaha, probably the nicest guy i ever met. I got Chauncey and Tayshauns autograph, but they were real grumpy. Hamilton blew off a bunch of fans. Sheed and Mo Cheeks are good friends, i was right next to Mo and Sheed,seems they had a 5,000$ bet on something, i lold, whata great night.

  39. claire

    I just found this video on youtube, it has quite a few blunders from the Pistons (ex-Pistons Ben Wallace to be exact). The only thing funny was at the end when they showed Rip ally-ooping to Ben IN THE WRONG DIRECTION! Does anybody know what game was this?


  40. Kyle C.

    That clip with Rip alley-ooping to Ben was in the CORRECT direction.

    Great win for the Pistons to stop the 3 game slide. We got the Magic on Friday on ESPN. Lets go to work.


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