Don’t make a wager with Lindsey Hunter

by | Jan 23, 2008 | 20 comments

Here’s a video played during the Pistons/Magic game. It seems as though Rip and Lindsey had a little bet on the Packers-Giants game. Who won? Who knows, but someone is lying……my money is on Lindsey Hunter.

Video courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and myTV20 Detroit


  1. Anonymous

    that was pretty dumb.. trade them all.

  2. claire

    haha they’re too funny. I want Eli Zaret’s job. I think Lindsey won this bet, or else, why would he make a comment about a liar if he was lying?

    Hey Natalie, when is the In My own Words video coming?

  3. Anonymous

    hey whats all this talk about trading tayshaun, that would be a big mistake. just because the guy has been playing a little off we want to crucify him and want vince carter. vince would want the ball most of the time, the other guys wouldn’t like it and they will just go soomewhere else. the last time i checked vince carter can’t play defense to save his damn life.we would have never won the championship in 04 without tayshaun. maybe this could freshen up the tayshaun haters memories. “the block on reggie miller”, if vince carter was there then reggie would have scored, simply because vince does not put as much energy as tayshaun on the defensive end.

  4. Anonymous

    i agree with the last comment. just because we lost a couple in a row we are ready to trhow tayshuan under a bus. tayshaun has done so much for this team.

  5. Anonymous

    wow!! all gayshaun lovers.. get the 2004 seasons dick out your mouths..yea that was a straight play but wat has he done since? He the most incosistant playa on the team. Quit livin in the past and live for the now, and now hes not doing jack shit! This team would be so much betta with vince carter, because vince carter has neva been on a team where he didnt have to be the #1 option..i think he will tear shit up..the pistons right now cant hang with the celtics.. so what they need to do is keep up wit them boyz! since they are going to be getting damon stoudemire for a dollar menu price, so now they have a solid point guard. Trade ur hoe ass “tay tay”..its the only way..and what im sick of is all the people thinking dis is one big happy pistons family..grow the fuck up! this is the MOTHER FUCKIN NBA they dont give a shit about YOU! all they want is their loot..HOLLA AT YA BOY! 7MILE BET A PILE

  6. B-B-B-billups

    Alright Mr Anonymous. What are you, Vince Carters agent?? Why u on his jock so much?? Why don’t you pull yer head out of his ass. Oh and about the celtics?? As far as I know the Pistons have already beat them this year. They are gonna be so tired at the end of the season because they have a 3 man team who play almost 40 minutes apiece per night. Also, if the players didnt car about their fans why did they thank them for everything after the 200th straight sellout at the palace. Cmon man. Know a little bit about this team before you run ur mouth.

  7. Amber

    Natalie, can you block fools from this site? I think we have some Spurs/Cav fans hanging around that want us to get rid of Tay Tay so that they can have him.

    I loved the video. It definitely made me laugh.

  8. Anonymous

    HAHAHA u people r so blind its funny. Have fun commin in 2nd place every yr in the east. I blame gayshaun, and flip saunders hoe ass hes doin the same shit to the pistons he did to the T wolves..hes a peice of shit coach..
    Larry brown 2 yrs 2 finals..saunders 3 yrs 3 flops..he ruined a dynasty and hes fully to blame.

  9. Anonymous

    Why don’t you go spread your hate on some other website. It’s getting pretty old and I don’t really see anyone agreeing with you. Plus, you’re vulger, immature, and offensive. If you’ve got an opinion, could you at least express it without being a complete jerk please? First you insult Tayshaun — now you are insulting everyone who doesn’t agree with you. You need to grow up.

  10. Anonymous

    i insult tayshaun cuz hes a peice of shit sorry if that is too vulger for ur virgin ears if u cant handle swearing dont watch the most vulger sport on earth with the most shittalking and watch ur little red wings..maybe if he wasnt such a bust i wouldnt care but im tryin to get to the finals..idk bout u, u all seem to have ur little “moments” with ur fav players some weird infatuation its sickening.

  11. Anonymous

    What’s sickening is having to deal with your obnoxious comments about the Pistons. It’s a PISTONS fan site. Plus, if Tayshaun was so bad, why would he be on some of the top defensive players lists? Just because he doesn’t have amazing numbers doesn’t mean that he has no value to the team.

  12. ric

    good afternoon pistons! hey amber. that video was hilarious, this is actually one of the main reason how i fell inlove with the pistons, their friendship from one another…a little dramatic there but its true. i already know rip is such a goofball and lindsey is just plain funny guy. they all love to clown around. i love seeing our guys having fun even off the court. just something u rarely see from a lot of teams.

  13. Anonymous

    ok trading tayshaun? u must be an idiot why is it that people are so quick to jump on the bandwagon win the pistons are on a win streak and the second the pistons God forbid lose a couple games they jump off so fast u no why bc obviously they no nothing about basketball or the pistons

  14. Amber

    Hey Ric. 🙂 Yeah, our Pistons are amazing together. It’s why they’re such a great team. I don’t think any of the other teams can even compare. New and traded players always seem to have great things to say about them.

  15. ric

    yep. i wouldn’t be suprise, everytime joe puts in a new guy in the team, he alwasy use the word “fit” at some level, he also looks at the guy’s personality other than the basketball skill sets how he would fit in the organization.

  16. Amber

    Another reason Joe is a genius, and has been able to provide us with a perfect team.

  17. biancadani

    rip’s voice is soooo hot. wow.

    but anyway…the pistons won 11 straight, and now they go 5-6 and the world has suddenly stopped revolving around the sun??

    Maybe they need a mid-season break. They’ve been playing 3 rounds of playoffs for 5 straight years.

    Paul Pierce barely played any last year. Of course he energized around this time of year. He’s probably excited about finally being over .500 in a season.

    The Pistons have been winning for years. They probably are getting a little ahead of themselves.
    But anyway, Pistons are soooo funny.

  18. Anonymous

    Hey anon 2:57 — YOU are trying to get to the finals?? What position do you play? What is your name & jersey number? Are you a coach? Do you work in the front office? Or is your contribution to getting to the finals limited to writing negative things about the players and fans of this team? How about you try a new stategy and just GO AWAY?! Oh, and by the way my “virgin ears” are not offended since I am READING this and thankfully don’t have to actually LISTEN to you talk.

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  19. jess

    LMAO to the post above (anon 4:17)!

    I like the way you put that!!

  20. Anonymous

    ^^^ i’m loovin the support 4 tay man. Tay should not get traded because he is special and ‘fit’ with this teams chemistry. Yes we hit a few bumps, but thank god we have lindsey, sheed, rip, and chaucney just continuously making us smile when they make these videos. WE are soo blessed 2 be Pistons fans because no one can compare to us. I don’t care how good Boston, CLeveland whoever might be, but their chemistry is no where near where the Pistons are. We are family you know they are brothers , even Rodney admitted it and he hasn’t been here that long. So everyone keep in mind before people start talking trading……This team is special as one we struggle as one and we excel at one…just remember that:D LOVE YALL AND DETROIT, EVEN THROUGH THE CITIES STRUGGLES:D <3

    LET’S GO PISTONS AND LET’S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2007-2008 IT’S OUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALL BOUT DETROIT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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