Pistons Drop Third Straight

by | Jan 22, 2008 | 46 comments

The Orlando Magic finally beat the Pistons after losing nine straight to the boys in red, white and blue. Not only did The Magic get a win against The Pistons, but they treated them to their third straight loss. Though Chauncey’s heroics to tie the score with a deep three pointer tied the game at 100, Rashard Lewis’s off balance, contested buzzer beater broke the Pistons hearts. Final score 102-100.

Key Points:

  • Pistons fans really aren’t used to losing, I haven’t heard this much trade talk in years.
  • You can’t let a team shoot 50% from the floor and expect to win. You can do it…but it’s not easy.
  • Six Pistons in double figures.
  • Once again, the Zoo Crew didn’t do much, expect for Jason Maxiell who had 11 points, 7 boards a steal and a blocked shot. I don’t care what you say, even when Maxie is having an off night, he still gives it 110%.
  • Rodney Stuckey ran into a Dwight Howard screen and dropped like a ton of bricks. I honestly thought he wasn’t going to get up. It was almost as if he bounced off Dwight’s frame like he was on a trampoline and then went right down.
  • Sheed was fantastic all night, he put up a double-double with 15 points and 15 boards. It was his defense that impressed all night, Mr. Wallace had 5 takeaways on the night and played with playoff focus.
Rasheed Wallace
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  • Sheed not only played most of the game in the paint, it was working. Doesn’t he know that there really isn’t anyone that can guard him down there? He literally called for an And One on every one of his makes in the paint.
  • NBA.com Highlights of the Game.
  • 53% from downtown for Detroit.
  • The Pistons had 10 turnovers by the half, and just one more the rest of the night.
  • I am still perplexed with Flip’s rotation.
  • 15 Bench points for The Pistons…11 of them came from Maxiell.
  • Maxiell looked minuscule next to Howard but his dunks are put down with just as much authority as Mr. Howard’s.
  • Chauncey’s three pointer to tie the game with 3 seconds left almost made my heart stop. I really did think he got fouled before the shot and when he took it from no mans land I thought it was over. Blaha however was pumped I didn’t even need to look at the screen to know what happened. Chauncey finished with 18 points, 5 assists, 2 boards and 3 steals.
Chauncey Billups
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  • “I can sleep after a game like this,” said Chauncey Billups, whose 32-foot 3-pointer tied the score with 3.6 seconds left. “After that loss in Chicago, I was up at five in the morning, mad, wondering what’s going on. A game like this, we fought, we competed and the dude (Lewis) hit a tough, tough shot. That’s why he gets paid the big bucks.” Via The Detroit News
  • Sheed seriously got robbed on his late game three pointer. That ball was clearly in and it Magically popped out. Did you see RA’s reaction after the shot?
  • Rebound war lost 34-36.
  • Rip led the team with 21 points and 4 assists.
  • Why does Hedo Turkoglu always put up big numbers against The Pistons?
  • I had no idea that Mo Evans was in Orlando and starting.
  • Note to Carlos Arroyo: The long black support hose are not a good look for you.

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  • “The tips I do give him,” Wallace said with a grin, “I know the counters for. I am like a karate master. I teach the student one technique, but I know how to defend it.” Rasheed on the tips he gives to Dwight Howard.
  • Chauncey moved past Vinnie Johnson into fifth place among all-time Pistons assists leaders.
  • We knew January would be difficult.
  • Sheed may be headed to the All Star game, but he’d rather have the time off.
  • Think Tayshaun has been listening to the fans and the media lately? He sure picks up his game every time there is criticism thrown his way. Prince put up 20 points with 3 boards and an assist.
Tayshaun Prince
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  • Jarvis Hayes 0-for-4, do I have to say anything more?
  • Big minutes for the starters excluding Dyess.
  • I know you want to go to The Pistons game so send in a quick entry. You never know, the littlest thing may make me give you the tickets.
  • Besides Rasheed, what’s up with the D?
  • Besides the outcome, I was not disappointed with The Pistons effort.
  • I still can’t believe Rashard’s shot went in.
  • Stuckey is having problems adjusting.
  • The Pistons are listening, but not seeking a TRADE . I myself think Dumars may just pull off something big.
  • Pistons have a chance for quick revenge, The Magic will be at The Palace on Friday.


  1. kc

    I think this is the best the team has looked since the loss to Boston. A lot of people complaining about the loss, but I thought the starters and Maxiell played pretty well.

    About Rasheed’s feelings on the allstar game — I bet most of the team feels the same way. Hate me if you must, but I agree with him also. I would much rather see the team get some rest and maybe be able to relax than have to play in the allstar game. It seems pretty clear to me that some time off the court might do some good. A little vacation could very well revitalize this team and get us back in the groove after a pretty rocky January.

    I am headed to the Palace for Friday’s game and I am hoping for just a little redemption. Of course we have the 76ers first and I’ll be watching that one too!

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  2. Anonymous


    and jarvis hayes? fuck him too. Tigers anyone?

  3. Anonymous

    I agree..its time for tayshaun to go..its all over sports radio detroit that tayshaun is the problem..hes inconsistant and people talk about him like hes the lord when he wasnt even a lottery pick.Im sick of waiting for him to break out. I did hear the nets are looking to move carter. I think to keep up with boston we gotta move tayshaun. and bring back webber.

  4. James

    Chauncey took exactly 4 steps after he picked up his dribble on that last shot. Not that it wasn’t impressive but it’s amazing how no travelling was called there

  5. Anonymous

    Natalie, can you please put up an “interview” lindsey had with rip or something like that? I heard it was funny, and I’m mad I missed it

  6. mobius909

    webber is NOT the answer, we need more defense, not less. Webber is a defensive liability, especially since he hasn’t played a game since may of 07.

    Tay looks awful on the boxscore, but so does bruce bowen. You don’t see SA trading him any time soon. He’s an important part we need to keep, especially in defense of LBJ. he’s one of the only guys in the league that can guard him straight up. If anything, we need to deflate his minutes and put in Amir amongst the starters more.

  7. Anonymous

    Man I knew we were gonna lose when George Blaha said in the 4th “the pistons are gonna need stops to win this game”

    anon 11:47 I definately believe Tayshaun is not playing up to par. Flip has definately turned him into an offensive minded player, and unfortunatatly he can’t do a lot more than shoot jumpers (notice I said a lot more don’t get crazy on me. Him along with the perimiter guys have completely forgot about defense. I think the Pistons are too isolation offense to really take them all the way. But Vince Carter, that dude is a highlight reel and that’s it, I’d have Tayshaun over Vince on my team, just wish TAsyshaun would stop being so selfish and make better decisions. I wouldn’t say trade him, but he needs to get back to his defensive roots, start helping protect the paint and learn how to balance taking shots and passing.

    mobius909 I also agree with you that Chris Webber is NOT the answer, we need a defensive presence, not someone who we’re going to have to sacrifice EVEN MORE shots to get in a rhythm

    FYI to the team and Flip Saunders, there are other ways to get in a rhythm than just putting up a bunch of shots, think about it.

    Knew our bench would disappear at the worst time. They’ll get their groove back, then lose it again in the playoffs, partially because the starters will play 4 on 5 when a bench guy is out their with them, last night was a good example of this.


  8. Anonymous

    come on, I love need4sheed, but trade talk? that’s just a clear cut sign of an uninformed person running a blog and running their mouth because they’re frustrated. we drop a few games mid season, so we hit the panic button and start talking trade?

    where the hell have you been the last 7 years? have you even been paying attention to Dumars and how he operates?

    and are you people kidding me? Tay’s numbers are down slightly from the set in stone numbers he’s had the last 3-4 years, so we start crucifying him?? HE’S STILL THE MOST CONSISTENT PLAYER WE HAVE, how the hell can you idiots bash him for being inconsistent? my God, if you people seriously think Dumars would get rid of Tay, I pity you. He’s the only young piece of this starting 5 that can be around for a bunch more years to bring up the young guns that Joe has oh so much faith in (and deservingly so).

    Not that this surprises me. People freak out like this every year/ post season. And everytimme I tell them Joe is sticking with what he’s got, because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Maybe we have a little crack at the moment, but it sure as hell ain’t big enough to merit a trade. It isn’t even big enough to merit trade talk.

    So chill out, and watch as the Ws start accumulating again.

  9. Natalie

    I’m not talking about trades….in fact I would be happy to let this team as is go all the way. There is no panic on my part. I just have the feeling Dumars is going to do something before the deadline.

    So how is that running my mouth?

  10. Anonymous

    u know what im sick of? this whole big happy family pistons bullshit we need a goddamn fucking change they have become the choke artist of the nba. annon above me, u obviously dont listen to sports radio or anyone in detroit, gayshaun is def the problem, and tay is the most consistant? please have u ever heard or rip or chauncey? gimmie a break time to add some fresh new peices and trade some away. the pistons r dying. might as well get the teel jerseys out soon.

  11. Natalie

    I will admit the one big happy family can work against the Pistons at times . They seem to get complacent, but it’s better than being The Bulls or The Knicks right ?

  12. Anonymous

    I think Tayshaun needs to be more aggressive on offence. Notice how he’s always open for a shot he up fakes then the defender catches up to him then he needs to penetrate and he can’t because he’s not a ball handler in the half court game don’t get me wrong he can take it to the hole coast to coast and bring it up the court with the best of them but he needs to stick to his game and not disappear and be confident and shoot a open shoot even if a defender is close he has long arms. I shoot with people in my face all the time let alone he’s wide open.

    Sheed needs to be the monster he is in the paint every game and switch it up and continue the pick and fade to the three point line with Chauncey I barley see that this year. Like Charles Barkley said he could be the best player in the NBA if he wanted to and I actually agree with him.

    Rip & Chauncey are doing their thing & Rip is hitting threes but I prefer the mid-range game.

    Mcdyess is looking like it’s the start of the season from last year.

    Stuckey needs time I think the hand is still bothering him but he is the next D WADE to me.

    Max is Max he’s does his thing.

    Jarvis needs to get traded we need a pure shooter not a streaky shooter with no concise.

    Afflalo plays good defense but needs to be more aggressive on offence like I’ve seen him play in only one game I forget who it was against but he is still a rookie.

    Amir to me looks sloppy and uncoordinated has a funny looking shot, he gets the ball stolen or poked away a lot and I guess it’s part of not playing but he seems like he’s the next Darko.

    Herrmann could be the next Laimbeer hard nose player who gets in your head, that would be great and bring back old times.

    Primo is trying way too hard and needs to relax. I heard he was playing great a few seasons ago for the Bobcats but we should try to get something for Flip, Primo, Jarvis, and Amir 3 expiring contracts and a future supposed stud and if any starters go Tayshaun for a scorer.

    I really miss Jerry Stackhouse we should of picked him up during free agency he’s a type of player who can score at will even at his age. He lit us up last game and could do it during are regular scoring droughts. I remember when they took hand checking away and he said that now he’s going to be the best one on player in the league and he was scoring leader most at the free throw line ETC. just dominating.

  13. rban

    ” I really miss stackhouse” what are you saying!!!!!!!!?

  14. Anonymous

    anon 2:01 –

    anyone who uses ‘you obviously don’t listen to talk radio’ as an argument is already an idiot. Are you kidding me? do you know how many trade talks I’ve heard on the radio that never go through?

    um no, I don’t like to be spoon fed my sports knowledge from a few ranting radio personell and angry fans. I’d rather just use good old fashioned knowledge of the sport to evaluate situations like this.

    you obviously are an idiot, one who will believe any opinion that anyone on espn blurts out. Tayshaun is ridiculously versitile. You don’t abandon a dude because he’s had some bad games in one season. His numbers are almost identical since his rookie year, and he has not missed a single game since then. you know nothing about running a sports franchise, and don’t pretend for a second that you do. Dumars will not trade Tayshaun, because he is no idiot. I can promise you that.

  15. Anonymous

    Can you please post the video of Lindsey and Rip?


    And I don’t think there should be a trade, but what ever Joe Dumars decides to do, it’s the right decision!

  16. Amber

    Wow, is all of this hostility really necessary? I understand some of us are frustrated because we know damn well that Detroit is better than this. But we could at least stick together, don’t you think? We’re reacting as if we’re fans of different teams. Natalie, I respect and appreciate all of the effort and hard work that you put into this blog. I hope that people can learn to start being nice to one another. Everyone will be happy and content once we win the next game, but there is no need to go at one another now just because we’ve lost 3 games in a row.

  17. claire

    oh gosh, it’s amazing what a few losses in January can do to some people.

    When we were winning 11 straight, nobody says anything. But when things start to get rough, all kind of bullshit pours in.

    Just sit tight and watch the Pistons do their thing.

  18. ric

    good afternoon claire, amber, nat and everyone….i learned to let this game go last night after an hour or so. the game wasn’t as bad as the bulls and the kings. if anything, shouldn’t that be considered a progress? umm, yeah, thank you! offcourse there’s mistake here and there, but hey, they will adjust and it’ll be okay. another thing is, san antonio is experiencing something similar or maybe worst. the only difference with san antonio is, everybody is getting old, no fresh blood like our bench. and i know what u gonna say, the bench has been struggling…adjustment guys, it’ll be implemented and im confident enough to see it in philly to start off.

  19. Anonymous

    I’m with Amber above. The hostility towards fellow fans, and I’m not sure if some of the comments about the trade are directed toward nat but that’s REALLY unnecessary. This is a great site I visit the site a lot and this is where I find out most of the Pistons insight, so great job. Love the bullets and the dedication to Sheed and the Pistons.

    I think the problem with the team is they try not to get in each other’s way. It’s nice, but let’s say it’s Tayshaun’s turn to score the other players just stay out of the way rather than get in a position to help, and they’re all guilty of it. And I’m sorry Tayshaun is not as consistent as the guy above said, but he’s not chumpin’, he’s still got some game.

    The bench is a little too inconsistent for my taste if we’re gonna make a championship run, and I really do believe that a big man needs to be gotten, however some of the trades I’m hearing are weird, sorry guys they just are. Maxy seems to have reverted back to the selfish Max of last year, when was the last time he had an assist? But I think the Magic game is going to help him.

    I can’t wait till Lindsey is activated again, I’ll make a weird prediction, everytime in the regular season Lindsey plays, we’re gonna win that game. Not only does he disrupt the other team, he energizes his team with his energy and ESPECIALLY his unselfishness

    Yeah and also the Lindsey and Rip video was funny, Eli Zaret was just laughing with those two about football.

    Also there was a interview with Sheed about something, but I just missed it, can someone tell me what it was about or post a vid thanks.

  20. Anonymous

    haha im an idiot sayin i dont know shit bout sports, i was sayin its all over the radio so that u dumb fucks dont think im jus sayin this cuz i hate gayshaun, which i do, bet ur real tuff over a blog, u gotta check nuts in real life tho right?

  21. Anonymous


    Just saying Stackhouse would be way better then Jarvis, Dominant on offence, starter on any team but willing to come off the bench, Former Piston with many past records including most points scored in a game. We could have had him and I think he would have been willing to come back where he had his best years in the league I just miss a single dominant player don’t get me wrong I love are team game but give us one go to player that can constantly score and be willing to come off the bench like a Vinny Johnson.

  22. Anonymous

    wowww everyone needs to take a deep breath.. step back.. and chiiiillll !!!

    everyone is freaking out .. its okay! the pistons are in a little slump right now.. i mean you didnt expect them to have just winning streaks this year did you??

    they know what theyre doing.. i expect, especially after this recent loss, that they will step their game up! i mean it happens every year.. they lose a few games eveyrone starts the “get rid of saunders.. sheed.. tay.. dice.. etc. talk”.. but they always get back on their game and everyone is in love with the team again

    have faith in your tema guys.. theyre experienced adn know what theyre doing.. they just got a little relaxed and the losing 5 of last 6 games is a wake up call.. theyll be back!


  23. Amber

    Ric, good to see ya! Yeah, I agree with you. It’s just frustrating when someone doesn’t do as well as they can. I mean if this is what it takes to be amazing in the playoffs, then ok, let the bench make their mistakes now. I’m just scared to assume anything. San Antonio isn’t half of what they used to be. I said that the last time we played them. Detroit better step it up in Philly, I’ll be at the game. I’ll be yelling loud enough, especially in time outs, so that they can hear me. :)

    Anon 3:59, well I did kind of expect all winning streaks, lol. It’s only because I have so much faith in them. I know some games are more important to them than others though, and it shows.

  24. Natalie

    Thanks Team Need4Sheed…and I will have the rip-lindsey video up tomorrow.

  25. Anonymous

    Referring to the previous comments, Tayshaun is DEFINATELY NOT THE MOST CONSISTENT PLAYER WE HAVE!! Far from. Rip is one of the most consistent players in the game. We need defense, not Carter or Webber.

  26. Anonymous

    ^^ but Tay means soo much to this team. I mean you might not see it but really if tay wasn’t doing this then this could have happened. I mean Tay and all the other Pistons have something special that this team needs. Yeah Jarvis might be in a slum but bashing him isn’t going to do him any better. We need 2 support this man and let him know that we are behind him and let him feel comfortable about the mistakes and letting him know we believe in the man. Same thing with the rest of the team we just have to believe in them and give them more confidence. Bashing the younger / zoo crew is doing nothing but lowering their self-confidence and how they perform. Just believe in your Detroit Pistons because i do. I would kill to go c one game and just watching them on t.v is a blessing. So when i c the Pistons i c happiness and they are like a stress reliever to me, you know they make me happy when I’m down. So you guys take a deep breathe drink some red kool-aid, as Amir would say, and sit back and enjoy what the Pistons are doing, because no other team is like this Pistons team we have and we are all blessed to be supporting them. Relax yall Relax because I still believe and you should to.

    LET’S GO PISTONS AND LET’S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2007-2008 IT’S OUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALL BOUT DETROIT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. kc

    Everyone seems to have some pretty radical opinions lately and although I strongly believe everyone is entitled to have one, I also believe one should be able to express said opinion with some class and lay off the insults and profanity. If we as fans can’t keep it together when things get rough, how can we expect the team to do it? Just some food for thought.

    You have a great website Natalie!! Keep up the great work please!

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  28. K. Jay Reyna

    A couple of points:

    – Flip, the only way our bench is gonna get through its funk is to PLAY THROUGH IT, and that means playing Brezec, Hermann & Amir.

    – We are second in the East, so what if we’ve lost 3 games in a row. Every good team goes through a funk every now and again. Look at SA, they are like 5th or 6th in the West, and no one talks about trading players or anything like that. Suck it up, we all know that Detroit plays damn good bball come playoff time, its not how you start but how you finish.

    – Sheed needs to dominate in the post every night. The occasional three gets me pumped up, but nothing get me psyched then a Sheed dunk or beautiful fade away.

  29. Anonymous

    Seems like some people are forgetting that the Pistons are one of the top five teams in the whole league right now. How can you complain about that. San Antonio’s been loosing lately too but I wouldn’t hesitate to say that they could easily make it to the finals.

    The main problem we have right now is that our defense hasen’t been what it can be, and our bench isn’t performing as good as it was earlier this season.

    All this could be fixed if Flip stress defense more and make them pass the ball more unless there’s a favorable one on one matchup. I’m sick of seeing all this one on one standing around crap. Let’s move the ball people. This team wasn’t built for people to go one on one. We don’t really have those kinds of players. Not saying that they can’t, there’s just people in the NBA that are way better at it.

    I’m not trying to be negative or anything but realisticly, I don’t think currently this team is good enough to make it to the finals. Not when Boston is the way. My prediction is that they will loose in the conference finals again and Flip will be fired. And maybe we can get Lambeer.

  30. Anonymous

    ^^hate your prediction, but respect your opinion.

  31. Anonymous

    Tayshaun is not the problem…

    Often times I don’t understand Flip Saunder’s decisions – I wish we would have gotten another coach.
    Things have been off since he decided to help Stuckey by giving him time with the starters. When things are going well, he makes changes. Maybe it’s not all his decision but obviously it was a bad one.

    We don’t need Chris Webber – we need to make use of the guys we have.

  32. Paul

    I think that the Pistons are fine for a title run as they are now but I’m excited to see what Joe D can cook up on the trade market, because it doesn’t look like the Pistons have any glaring needs.

    I really don’t know much about NBA trade politics, but how neat would it be if we got Shaq? Especially considering how cheap we could get him. He wouldn’t have to start and we could afford to have him sit out a few weeks with injuries, and when he came back we could limit his minutes and keep him effective (consider how well C-Webb and Sheed did once they came to Detroit, where they weren’t expected to carry the team)

    This is probably mostly a pipe dream though.

  33. mobius909

    I also believe we need to give more minutes to stuckey… not with the entire bench on the floor, but with chauncey at his side playin the #2 spot for brief spurts.

    with that said, i also think amir could use some minutes with sheed and tay. that’s the only way to develop these kids, not with an entire line change for the second period.

  34. mobius909

    uh, we’re not getting shaq… let alone getting shaq cheap

  35. Anonymous

    ^^hahah yea there is noooo way we are getting shaq. He like can’t move and he absolutely sucks! I would rather have C-webb than Shaq.

    speaking of shaq, i really hope he doesn’t make the all-star team this year. That would mean he will stop his streak of 13 consecutive years being in it! =]

    &&what was the lindsey-rip video about?

  36. B-B-B-billups

    Even if we could get shaq, i wouldnt want him. Hes washed up and cant even help the Heat right now. However, there is a certain player on the knicks that I wouldnt mind seeing in Pistons colors. I agree with Natalie that we will have to see what Joe D has up his sleeve.

    Natalie- I love your page, your blogs and everything you do for the people who visit this page. Keep it up.

  37. Dominic

    I’m really getting tired of all the “play Amir” comments. If Flip and Joe really thought Johnson had the ability to be a regular rotation player, dont you think he would be by now?
    Amir Johnson is an extremely raw talent at the moment. He lacks some fundementals that are essential in the NBA and the Elite players will take advantage of that faster than you can say “bench Amir”

    Furthermore Amir lacks the ballhandling skills to backup Tayshaun. he will turn the ball over too much, plain and simple.

    Amir cannot backup the power positions as well because he lacks the strength to contend with even the bench players in the NBA he won’t be able to score and even MORE importantly he won’t be able to defend which is probably the most important thing we want from our 4s.

    I am really excited to have Amir on the team but I’m just being realistic. I am all for giving him garbage minutes but he belongs in the second generation with Stuckey Samb and Maxi.

    The Pistons will never and cannot trade for Shaq. He’s earning 20 million this year the year after that and the year after that. So we’ll have to give up 3+ starters for him. You really want to do that?

    3 losses and everybody gets worked up lol it’s amazing. Pistons fans demand perfection.

    First of all for the Tayshaun basher. Let’s try and argue in a respectful manner with courtesy towards all your fellow fans on the site
    Second, WTF ARE YOU ON??? Tayshaun is a premier defender and most teams would KILL to have him even if he doesnt score a single point! He is not a scorer. Easy to understand right? we have two allstar guards, and a veteran Center in Rasheed. He is the 4th scoring option in an excellent team. We dont need him to be dropping 20 pts or even 15 pts im content with 11 pts and 30% FG% from the opposing teams SF and so is Joe D.

    Sure the bench is in a bit of a slump but all teams go through this. its part of the game

    For those concerned about the amount of mins for Stuckey… His injury to his hand slowed his development by months therefor the Pistons must play him excessivly so he’ll get used to the speed and strength of the League. It was Joes Idea and Flip is using it dont’ put the blame on Flip.

    SOrry for the ranting but I’ve been reading mutinous comments from probable bandwagon fans and it was only a matter of time before lost patience

  38. Haley <3's  Pistons

    Come on people dont hate on tayshaun every player has their off nights but he didn’t on Sunday. I don’t think Joe Dumars shouldn’t make any trades or big moves just yet. I’m not used to watching the pistons loose at all, but I guess it happens.
    Chauncey Billups: When Chauncey hit that big three I thought for sure the game was going to go to overtime…oh well stuff happens.

    Has anyone noticed lately how NBA players (not including the pistons) can act VERY cocky?

  39. Amber

    On the possession before that, Rasheed Wallace, who played a brilliant game, had a 3-pointer go in and out.

    “That was in,” Billups said. “They should have at least given him a point and a half for that.”

    Lol, Chauncey in hilarious.

    “Nothing is really where it needs to be right now,” Billups said. “When you are going through a rough patch, nothing is all the way right. But we’ve had a lot of stretches this year where we’ve been all the way right, so we know what we have to get back to. We’re coming, man. We’re coming back.”


  40. Amber

    “Dumars told Webber again on Monday that he wasn’t going to buy out anybody’s contract to make room for him. He also told Webber that if he could pull off a trade to clear a spot, he still wouldn’t sign him back until he and Webber could sit down and have a face-to-face meeting. Dumars wants Webber to be completely clear about what his role would be. He would not be starting. He would not take Jason Maxiell’s role in the rotation. He would be, essentially, the fourth big man. He would be Dale Davis. He will play 10 minutes a night, maybe. Some nights, against teams like Phoenix and Golden State, he would probably not play at all. Dumars wants to be sure Webber understands that and would be willing to accept that.

    Now, given all that, does it sound to you like Webber’s return is imminent? Not at all. Could it happen? Yes. But does it really matter in the grand scheme of things? It’s not like bringing Webber back is going to take the Pistons to another level.”


  41. jess

    Nat thanks for putting that link up at the top and continuously reminding us about the contest. I havent forgot about it. I have my poem written I just have to send it and I’ll do that tomorrow! :)

  42. ric

    yes amber. webber would almost mean nothing. there wouldn’t make any difference bringing him in…it would be like another brez/hermann thing, or at least thats what i think. i want dumars to make a move that will get us a quality player to take pistons to another level….how about…..when sheed was traded, then they won it all!!! i wish that would happen but at the same time, i almost dont wanna lose anyone. except flip, brez or hermann if a trade is must to get a quality player.

  43. Anonymous

    Jus offern a trade partially for the sake of it, artest for prince and d 3 reserves? (including flip). Artest defensive game wouldnt be a downgrade on prince and he can add 20 pppg if needed, i know hes nuts though….

  44. Amanda

    People are talking trades? That’s just ludacrous. I’m taking note of every person who thinks we need to get rid of players and bring others in and when Detroit is standing at center court in June hoisting that trophy, and all the familiar faces are still with the team, I’m coming to every one of your houses and smacking you upside the head. Just thought I’d forwarn you. It’s the Pistons people! They’re gonna snap out of this!


    P.S. Anony 6:12, there is NO way Artest is EVER going to play in Detroit.

  45. Anonymous

    Artest?? What the heck kind of drugs are you on 6:12? Let me just say, um… NO!!

  46. Mike

    Im off to see the Pistons finally get a win in Philly tongiht. Front row courtside baby, I just hope that the Pistons players are nice dudes and will sign my championship Wheaties box and take pictures and such.


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