Pistons – Magic

by | Jan 21, 2008 | 69 comments

The Pistons vs. The Magic
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The Pistons are in The Magic Kingdom to take on The Orlando Magic. Tip off is at 7:00 PM and the game is being locally broadcast on myTV20 Detroit as well as on the radio at WDFN 1130 AM. Remember you can chat live in the Need4Sheed Forum Chat Room where Pistons fans will probably be talking about the need to resign Chris Webber. And you can always leaver your thoughts here in the comments.

For me, this is a must win tonight. Go get um boys!


  1. Amber

    This is definitely a must win game. Also, a fairly easy game to win. As long as we don’t mess around, we’ll win effortlessly. Go Pistons!

  2. Lindsay

    Hahaa hopefully you can get that Rip/Lindsey interview on the site.

  3. Anonymous

    magic cant touch us

  4. Eric

    Holy s*t! Rasheed just said “Ball don’t lie Eric.” He was talking to the ref. If anyone had it on DVR/TiVo and wants to capture that audio or video for me that would be amazing! There was about 6:30 left in the third. Hahah. Yes I am a nerd.

    Go Pistons!

  5. jC--23

    Hey people.. I’ve missed the whole game and am just tuning in now.. Can someone fill me in on what has happened so far? Thanks..

  6. uyen

    again, they are making this game unbearable to watch.

  7. yk

    WOW! Mr. Big Shot is right there!!!

  8. jC--23

    OMFG Chauncey! That was from so far out!

  9. Amber

    MR. BIG SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!

  10. Steve

    Darn it, just missed the shot… I need a replay!

  11. Steve

    Well that was ridiculous… nice shot tho, can’t argue with it. Guess that’s why they paid him $118 million or whatever it is. Too bad we just lost again – sheesh.

  12. jC--23

    If Chauncey missed that final 3 I’m sure we would all bash him like hell for not taking it closer to the line..

    Oh FFS, that’s a real tough loss to swallow..

  13. Anonymous

    i love chauncey.
    but this game sucked.

  14. Amber

    πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ You have to be kidding me. 3 losses in a fucking row. πŸ™

  15. Shanna

    AGHHHHH Lost 6/10 games?

  16. yk

    It’s a tough game to lose, but it was a great game in some ways. I was glad to see some energy from our front court, especially Sheed. We just couldn’t hold Turkoglu’s penetration again and again in 4th qtr, which hurt us alot down the stretch.

    Sheed had 15pts, 15rbs and 5 steals. We couldn’t ask him more, could we?

  17. Amber

    We’re not going to win anything with these stats:

    Stuckey – 13:20 minutes — 2 points
    Hayes – 12:03 minutes — 0 points
    Afflalo – 6:43 minutes — 0 points
    Brezec – 6:23 minutes — 2 points

  18. yk

    I’m losing faith in Jarvis…. please make shots, Jarvis!

  19. Anonymous

    This was a great game and could have gone either way. The ball could have bounced out as easy as it bounced in. Everyone played great (except for hayes) so what more could you ask for? We have a rematch Friday as well. So don’t be bashing our Pistons. This isn’t the playoffs,losing doesn’t matter as much. We played a great game and it was fun to watch.

  20. ric

    i haven’t been commenting after the lose to the kings coz i know our guys will be okay. but after the lose to magic now im convince that our current bench rotation is not doing well, hayes, max and stucks numbers has been CONSISTENTLY UNPRODUCTIVE. although stucks minutes shouldn’t go down due to making his development, saunders and dumars needs to realize that were gonna keep losing if we don’t make an adjustment on the team’s rotation. hermann and amir should have an opportunity to at least split minutes with hayes and maxie. other than that, i think our starters aren’t doing bad.

  21. ric

    what u guys think, what u think nat (my previous comment)?

  22. Amber

    How in the hell was that a great game? That was a terrible game. We were playing ORLANDO. We should have BLOWN them out! No, everyone did not play great. Stuckey, Afflalo, and Brezec all played shitty. Stuckey–what’s with his air balls lately? I think the entire bench should practice SHOOTING. What more could I ask for? Some defense would be lovely! And some offense might be nice too. Some energy and motivation would also be great. Losing does matter when it is THREE losses in a row.

  23. jess

    Crazy game, crazy outcome.

    Im really not a fan of Brezec or Herrman (and I know what he did against Dirk was great, but thats all he did that was ever good). Herrman hesitates with the shot and Brezec just doesnt do it for me either. I like both of their potential but why do they get so much playing time and Amir gets none?? At least he makes a difference every time hes on the floor.

  24. Amber

    Ric, I HATE OUR BENCH ROTATION. Going in when we’re barely tied, and still in the 2nd quarter is what is making us LOSE. We have to try to catch back up after the bench plays like shit, and then we end up playing catch up and never getting a real lead. Usually we’re blown out. Put the bench in once we have a damn lead!

  25. jamie


    …but… in the 2003-2004 season after the Pistons went on a 13-0 win streak they went 5-11 in the next 16 games. and we all know what happened in the postseason.

    just sayin.

  26. Anonymous

    I didn’t think that was a bad game to watch at all. Started off pretty aggressive and there was much more intensity in my opinion than there has been the last few games. Jarvis is so damn streaky… I don’t understand that at all — they don’t move the damn basket so why is the guy so damn inconsistant? He’s either a hero or a zero almost every game.

    I’ll be at the Palace for the re-match on Friday and I am going to predict a W for the Stones right now. It’s been a rough few weeks for us, but we all know how good this team is so it won’t last. We don’t need to be the #1 seed at the end of the regular season we just need to make it to the party and play with a purpose when we get there.

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  27. ric

    amber, exactly! the difference with the zoo crew from december and this month is the starters consistent production. im talking about every single 5 starters which allowed the zoo crew to burn more minutes. but since our starters are not playing at all cylinders, maybe only 2-3 players, that doesn’t give us enough cushion to allow the zoo crew to mess up, IF they, with they have been. the combination of not having a big lead by the starters and inconsistent production by the zoo crew is a major concern.

  28. Tessa

    Wow Amber, calm down. First off, you can’t ONLY play the bench when we have a lead, because in some cases the starters will never rest. As for the three losses in a row, yeah, I’m disappointed. Yeah, we should have beaten them, but I would WAY rather have this happen now and be able to fix the problem then deal with it in May or June. We lost three in a row, that doesn’t mean the world is ending. I know in 2004 around this time we lost four in a row. If we lose to the Magic on Friday, then I will get worried.

  29. mobius909

    I can’t tell you how SICK I am of EFFING SCRUBS going off on us. (see references of Rondo, Turkoglou, etc, etc, etc).

    Am I alone in this thought?

  30. yk

    Yea, I agree with you amber and jess on a part of what u are saying about benches. I have no idea why Brezec is getting minutes while Amir doesn’t at all.

  31. Anonymous

    OMG I SWEAR THIS WAS THE WORST LOSS EVERRR.. chauncey’s 3 was amazing, and the magic had to spoil it by losinggg =/

    oh well, better than it happening in the playoffs!!!

    (at least they played with some pride!)

  32. Amber

    Tessa, I didn’t mean to literally play the entire bench. I meant similar to now…when we put a few bench players in, but we should WAIT. There is no need to put them in during the first quarter with 2 minutes left, and then have them play many minutes in the 2nd. If you have noticed, that is when we always get behind. They can play in the second half, once we have a lead, and then we’d be winning without having to work our asses off to catch up.

  33. Anonymous

    Orlando is in 3rd place behind the Celtics and the Pistons in the east… they are not a bad team or a team we should have “blown out” by any means. If Sheed would have made his free throws we would have won this game — and NO I am not blaming the loss on Rasheed! I’m just saying he was 2-6 from the stripe. Bunch of little things that could have won this game for us, but I don’t think the game (other than the bench not being productive) was bad at all.

  34. Amber

    Ric, I agree completely. I love the zoo crew, but their inability to score is really hurting us.

  35. ric

    yeah, somehow we shouldn’t be worry, its better to lose now, deal with this and not have to deal with it on the playoffs….but is there a guarantee that we wont tessa??? don’t get me wrong, i agree with you, but at some point, we have to stop making excuses and take responsibility and ACTION. im not seeing flip or joes logic for amir, if he has a 3 year contract….why aren’t we giving minutes to the kid? is joe’s plan to develop him at the end of his contract?

  36. jess

    I said it before and I’ll say it again. They just havent been playing the same since the loss to Boston. Whether we have won or lost they still havent been playing the same.

  37. Anonymous

    You’re right Amber we need DEFENSE. Sheed did a terrible job against their star player. Couldn’t you tell? They went to Dwight pratically the entire 4th quarter. Oh and talk about lack of energy. The entire team dragged their feet the ENTIRE game. Oh and Amber if you couldn’t tell this is SARCASM.

    What killed us was the turnovers. and yes the bench didn’t produce EXCEPT for Jason. Stuckey is still in development and as for Brezec I agree he needs to sit. Jarvis is either right on or dead off. But I like the energy Afflalo and Stuckey bring and if you keep feeding them quality minutes they will only get better. I don’t understand how you can say this game wasn’t a good game. Our starters did GREAT, our sixth man did his job, our bench needs some tweeking. Other than that quit complaining, it was fun to watch and there was energy all over the place.

  38. Amber

    We have blown Orlando out before. They certainly do not impress me. Why didn’t we blow them out tonight? Because all of this new rotation bullshit Flip has been trying. I WANT our starters to have rest, but something needs to change. Either they learn quicker, or they play at different times.

  39. Tessa

    Amber, I do agree with that, I mean, I like Brezec and Herrmann, but putting them both out when we are tied is not good. I can see putting Maxiell in the 1st, maybe stuckey or afflalo, but yeah the 2nd quarter is where we lose games most of the time. I also agree with what you said earlier about them needing practice shooting. The way it’s going now, it’s rediculous. If none of them (except Max) can make a shot consistently, why not try Amir? I’m not saying he is the answer to it all, but it’s worth a shot I think.

  40. ric

    ok, somehow we need to let this one go……but if they lose to philly, i don’t know what else to say. so what is the deal with amir not getting quality minutes??? plz can someone tell me something.

  41. Amber

    Ric, that is what I’m scared of. There are no guarantees. I have complete faith in the Pistons, but when they’re playing like this I am going to worry. I’ve been patient for 2 losses, now it’s just getting ridiculous.

    Anon, sweetie, obviously you haven’t seen Detroit when they play with motivation. When they truly want to win. It’s been awhile, but I remember. When did I blame Sheed? There were a few good plays, but in general, not that great. Defense at the end was awful. This wasn’t a good game… remember back in November, when we blew Orlando out? We can’t blow them out, then lose this game, and say we did great.

  42. Tessa

    Ric, I’m not saying this won’t be an issue in the playoffs, because it very well could be, but if Flip figures out whats going wrong and actually does take the action to fix it, we should be alright. I’m not trying to make excuses because there is a lot going wrong, but I hope once the bench gets out of this slump things will start going better.

    As for Amir, how much can Joe actually control when he plays? He should be getting time, but I don’t really think it’s Joe’s fault, I blame Flip for this one. If we have another playoff series like we did against Cleavland, I hope that Joe will have the sense to fire him.

  43. Amber

    Ric, the reason this is hard to let go is because:
    Fri November 2 @ Orlando W 116-92

    I couldn’t remember the score exactly, so I just looked it up. Why such a difference?

    I’m going to the Philly game. I really hope it’s a W.

    Tessa, putting Amir in would be great. He tries very hard, and I respect his effort. Of course a lot of the other players try hard as well, but he plays with urgency…something we’ve lacked lately.

  44. ric

    there was energy in this game, but offcourse not the energy we saw in december…all not in favor of me, you probably didn’t see the games in late last december. to anyone who thinks they started playing without energy after the loss to boston is someone who didn’t see the last game with toronto raptors…that was some quality energy we need, but offcourse it was mostly from the starters.

  45. Anonymous

    amber…your comments are amazing.
    and i agree…completley.

  46. Amber

    I must compare the games too much. For the last few years, I’ve been watching every single game. I know what Detroit is capable of, and to say this game was “good” is insane. This was not good for Detroit. This was an unbelievable loss, that should have been an easy win.

  47. ric

    i agree with u tessa that it is flip’s control to play who he wants to play. i drag joe’s name with flip only becuz its almost crazy to fire a coach in a middle of the season which lead to believe that joe can tweak a little to the team by giving his insights to flip. wouldn’t be possible that a coach takes suggestion from his personnel? i think so.

  48. Amber

    Ric, how about they fire Flip and hire team Need4Sheed???? Easy championship, I say.

  49. ric

    amber, hahaha! as long as i get a season/playoff ticket in lower level

  50. Anonymous

    hey natalie, what will it take for joe D to realise we need C-Webb???

  51. Amber

    Of course! You can have what you want. We’re the bosses now. πŸ˜‰ No more slacking off, and you know Amir will be playing.

  52. ric

    heres an idea…is it necessary to give all the minutes to hayes behind prince? i know amir is a PF, but since it seems that hes behind maxie, whos behind wallace//mcdyes, why not get him behind prince.

  53. ric

    c webb? the only reason i disagree is without knowing what our other front court back ups are capable, i.e. hermann and most especially amir.

  54. Outlawali

    i dont think u can say we should blow them out cause we did it in November because every game has his own dynamic!
    I think Sheed is playing good D but as long as he is shooting like that its gonna be hard for the pistons to win a championship cause BBBBillups and Rip cant do it alone!
    If he plays in the low post like today he is dominant but when he settles for threes and dont hit them its bad for the team!

  55. Anonymous

    The Pistons need to shake off this negative energy that they have been playing with since the loss against Boston. Something needs to light a fire under their butts, and I’m not sure what it is. Maybe the addition of C-Webb? I don’t know man, but something needs to happen soon. The Pistons will always be my favorite team, but this last stretch of games have been verrryyy frustrating to watch. GO PISTONS

  56. jeff/grand rapids

    I agree things need to be shaken up. We need Amir in there and Joe maybe needs to make a little deal here within the next month so we have that fire that will send us into the playoffs.

    FYI…because of that loss the other night to Chicago I have to take my roommate to a $20/plate dinner and pay for it because we bet on the season series. I am never betting on my team anymore. Who would have thunk that we are
    0-3 vs the Bulls this year, I am pissed. We need to shake the streak. Seems like we have one of these months every year.

    Oh well go Pistons beat those Sixers on Wednesday!

  57. Anonymous


  58. Amber

    Huh? Why not? So there aren’t games where you’re convinced we’re going to win? I used to be until our bench started playing for us. Regardless, it’s obvious that some teams are easier to beat than others. Common sense. Orlando, for us, is one of those teams. We should have won, no doubt about it. If we would have played to our full potential, of course we would have. But we did not. Every game is different, of course, but it’s our own faults. We play the Sixers next. Is this a game we should be concerned about, because of the different ‘dynamic’? Come on. It’s the Sixers…..We should blow them out too!

    Don’t put the blame on Sheed. A lot of people had horrible offense, and unfortunately we didn’t have the d to make up for the poor offense.

  59. Anonymous


  60. Anonymous

    ^okay .. get real.. step back into reality

    dont people realize these rumors they hear are a little farfetched.. i mean come on

    kobe bryant..vince carter.. etc..

  61. Anonymous

    11 30 comment was for 11 28 haha

    sorry i didnt realize the comments were pouring in so fast

  62. Anonymous

    hahaa okk so my english teacher is weird and is always going on about how everything is upside down and wacko when theres a full moon.. yea shes weird

    butttt the pistons are playing soo weird/bad right now, that theory was starting to look pretty good.. i looked it up haha there is currently a full moon

  63. claire

    well, I don’t think we can blow out the Magic on any given night. We can certainly win, but some effort is needed. So a very close loss to the Magic on their home court after they allegedly vowed to beat us the last time (since we beat them every single time, except for tonight) is not that devastating.

    However, it’ll be devastating if we continue on like this. Rather than blaming the bench, I think the starters just have to step it up again. I think they might be relying on the bench to help them out a little too much. The starters gotta play like there’s no tomorrow, and hopefully, the bench will follow. Because during December, the starters did very well and so did the bench. Now, both starters and bench are slightly below average.

    losing 3 straight games is pretty shitty, but I’m sure the team is not okay with it either. I wanna see their adjustments.

  64. ric

    lets look at it in a positive way, i think they play better than the games in chicago and in the palace with the kings. yeah its not a win, but lets see how they respond when they play philly, which should be a win. i prefer to see sheed and dyess in the paint, with the exception of open wide three for sheed. otherwise, we should let the front work on the front and the back, work in the back. sheed is drew a lot of double team attention tonight and thats something the coaching staff should keep in mind. double team means easy shot after rotating the ball.

  65. Anonymous

    I agree with you Claire. About everything you said.

    There’s no way in hell this team isn’t going to the playoffs so just everybody relax… DAMN!

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  66. Dominic

    Billups: 34 mins
    Rip Hamilton: 41 mins
    Tayshaun: 36 mins
    Mcdyess: 28 mins
    Sheed: 37 mins

    Still think the bench is playing too much?

  67. Anonymous

    Just a thought,but getting stuckey into the mix seems to have cost them,wasn’t he out untill fairly recently.

    Seems to me this skid is about mental toughness and chemistry as well as the mid season doldrums?

    Joe’s track record in the draft leaves alot to be desired.

  68. Anonymous


  69. Outlawali

    There is no game im not convinced that we are going to win but a “W” does not mean a blowout!
    I really believe that we got the best starting 5 in the Leguea but Orlando is playin a great Season with Howard puttin up MVP numbers and Rashard Lewis another All-star playin good as he showed yesterday!
    And I gotta tell u im from Germany and Ra is my ultimate favourite NBA playa so since Portland days im trying to see every game he plays though its difficult!
    So when i critisize hes play its because he plays (except the San Antonio game) under his potential and thats what bothers me!
    I never would blame him cause like i said he is playin great Defense like Tim Duncan says nobody can defend me better than Sheed and that means a lot!
    But yeah the playoffs gone be different thats what im convinced in even when they play Chicago cause whe arent Dallas!!!


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