The Zoo Crew

by | Jan 16, 2008 | 30 comments

Need some Zoo Crew action? Here is a Pistons music video of TZC doing their thing.

This one happens to be a new favorite of mine. It’s always nice to see The Crew getting some attention. I especially like the “let’s see how far we’ve come” parts.

The Video Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and WDIV Detroit


  1. 1340rw

    have the clip of rip punching walter? that looked pretty funny.

  2. claire

    Did you make this video, Natalie? Serious skills! This is like top quality compared to those blurry youtube videos that people post.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I am pretty certain that no fans in the NBA love their bench as much as we do.

    I think it’s special when you have an elite team that truly appreciates its bench players. You can just see the love in this team.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go watch this video again.

  3. Anonymous

    Best part – Maxiell talking ish to KG.

  4. Richie

    Be stillith my heart!

  5. Wallacit#33

    I like that, nice stuff.

  6. ric

    claire…no doubt no fans love their bench players more than we do….lets just put it this way, remember the most horrible game pistons had this year???? with the knicks, i watched the game all the way to the end just to see our zoo crew play. not so many teams gets excited when their reserves comes in….. daniel, proposal trade with the lakers? ill tell u this, i we don’t want kobe here, unless youll take flip, herman and brez…other than that forget it, or also i wouldn’t mind having bynum here, but bcuz of the recent injury, that’ll be a liability…….nat, thanks for the zoo crew video, i love it!

  7. Steve

    Is it just me or does the video cut out and stop playing about 1/3 of the way thru?

    Mine keeps stopping and going back to the beginning right after Herrmann shoots a 3.

  8. tessa

    claire, just so you know, natalie didn’t make it, it was shown during half time of a game awhile ago (i can’t remember which one) it is a really good video though =]

  9. Anonymous

    I think it was played During the Spurs game? Great work on that one. The action follows the song.

    No, despite her logos she did not make it, when Natalie makes mixes she uses songs like Natasha Beddingfields “Unwritten” LOL

  10. Amanda

    Holy shit. I don’t think I’ve been to this site since like the game before the loss to Boston! Crazy…

    “Let’s See How Far We’ve Come” is probably the worst song Matchbox Twenty has ever released. HATE IT! But the video of the bench was good. The reserves need to step it up though. They aren’t playing as hungry or energized like the name “Zoo Crew” is supposed to suggest.

    Anyway, I’m really glad Detroit was able to win 1 the other night. That loss to the Knicks was just gut wrenching. I, who have never turned the TV off for more than 2 seconds during a Pistons game, couldn’t even finish the 3rd quarter. Disgusting… But, they got the “W” against Toronto and they’re back on the winning road.

    I’m gonna be at the game on Friday and it’s only my 2nd trip to see the boys play so I’m overwhelmingly excited. I can’t wait to boo Artest out of the building!


  11. Anonymous

    The white guys are so funny and energetic! I hope Dumars keeps them past the trade deadline so we’ll have our own pair of human victory cigars.

  12. Anonymous

    I think “The white guys” have names? and herrman has alot more talent than a human cigar, id put walter in front of some of “the black guys” any day, ignorant ass. Oh and last time i checked the NBA MVP has been a “WHITE GUY” for the last 3 yrs..who woulda thought? dumb ass..

  13. Kyle

    besides, if anyone has become our human victory cigar it’s amir. brezec and herrmann get occasional real game time burn, amir does not.

  14. Anonymous

    cuz amir is a bean pole that happens to be a bust, im all for a trade involving amir,primoz,and flip and gayshaun, & pick up someone that can help right away and then bring back webber.

  15. Anonymous

    ok his name’s tayshaun…you a T
    can you not spell or are u just an ass?
    wtf is up with people being disrespectful.

  16. Anonymous

    im jus an ass who hates gayshaun hah i mean tayshaun, have u ever met him? u should! then u would see whos disrespectful, “wtf is up with people being disrespectful” HELLOOOO WERE IN DETROIT MURDA CAPITOL!! GET UST TO IT OR MOVE TO CANADA!

  17. Anonymous

    ok just stop.
    you sound like an idiot.

  18. TDP

    Has anyone heard that the Suns are shopping Amare for Rasheed?

  19. TDP

    Why do we have the option for anonymous posts anyway?

  20. jess

    Amanda, why has it been so long?

  21. jess

    McDyess is such a great person. You can tell just by the way he was the first one over trying to stop the “fight” with Maxiell and KG before it got started and he himself has had an altercation with KG. If I was Dyess, I would of let Maxiell give it to him (then agin he was trying to make sure his team-mate wouldnt get the boot). And everyone knows KG started that but tried to make himself look inicent by walking away.

  22. Infinity

    Ok, to that guy that said “Gayshaun” you obviously don’t know the impact that Tayshaun brings to this team. If it wasn’t for him, I don’t think we would’ve even made it to the 2003-2004 finals. I don’t think we need to trade anyone on the Pistons except Brezec. Primoz is a G, he shut down the MVP to 0 points the while quarter, and is a solid 3-point shooter. I also don’t know why we’re trading Flip, anyone know why?..He just seems really good to me, idk if it’s just me though..

  23. Tessa

    “im jus an ass who hates gayshaun hah i mean tayshaun, have u ever met him? u should! then u would see whos disrespectful,”

    wtf? have YOU ever met him?

  24. Anonymous

    yes i have met mr gayshaun himself him at a meet n greet and he was hurrying little kids up, wouldnt sign any of their stuff and was very rude to everyone, alot of people were very disapointed, i have no respect for him n i hope he gets traded, marion would be the best fit. and god willing saunders will be fired.

  25. Anonymous

    i have also met McDyess he ust to come into my store i ust to work at all the time when he first moved to michigan, nicest guy u would ever meet but gayshaun pfft never wanna even meet him again..i have also sat next to amir johnson in the movies for jackass 2 lol and i met terry mills back in the day too, most of u dont know t mills cuz most r bandwagon but o well.

  26. Amanda

    What? I can’t believe that Tayshaun was ever rude or hurrying little kids along and refusing to sign autographs. He seems like a sweetheart. Uh-uh. I can’t believe that anonymous.

    I don’t know why it’s been so long Jess. I guess I’ve just been busy with school starting up and homework and my boyfriend and stuff that I haven’t had to time to get in on the hot topics. But I’ll definitely try harder to visit NEED4SHEED ’cause face it, this site is the shit. lol

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s game! SO EXCITED!

  27. Anonymous

    That video is cool. Arron looks too good in the that intro, and Flip walking all hot wooo!!! he looked good too. I’m gonna miss Flip. I mean, when he got his minutes he played really well. I never will forget that incredible game he had against the PHX Suns when Chauncey was hurt. Also when he dunked on I think it was Hinrich and Hinrich tried to hit him in the nuts. I’ll MISS U FLIP!!! ~*TEARS*~

  28. Anonymous

    Amir is just another Ronald Dupree in the making. Walter and Primoz are much cooler human victory cigars and you never see them outside the 4th quarter anyway (except for once or twice)

  29. Anonymous

    People who keep saying Amir Johnson is a bust obviously doesnt know basketball. Put Amir Johnson on a struggling team, give him the minutes, and he will produce. The dude busts his A** everyday to try and make the rotation, but Flip has no trust in him. I dont see what happens in practice, so i dont exactly know how he plays during practice. However, what I do know, is he brings his all every night and I respect him for that. If he was traded to the Suns, i bet you he would flourish in that type of system. Give him time, remember the dude is only 20 years of age. Give the kid a break, jeez.


    AKA- #1 Dyess Fan!!


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