Pistons in NYC

by | Jan 13, 2008 | 74 comments

The Pistons vs. The Knicks
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The Pistons are in The Big Apple to take on the 9-26 Knicks, who have lost 9 of their last 10 games. I’m not saying the New York is a pushover, but after the last few games and last nights overtime win, I am happy out boys are playing New York.

Tip off is at 7:00 PM and is being locally broadcast on FSN Detroit as well as on the radio on WDFN 1130 AM. Remember you can chat live in the Need4Sheed Forum Chat Room as well as leave them here in the comments.

If all goes well, the starters can get some rest and the bench can get some much needed burn. As for the whole Amir Johnson situation…we need a special post dedicated to it.


  1. Dominic

    I got a question. How do you pronounce Herrmann?
    Is it Herr-Mahn
    or… Herr-Min

    I’ve been calling him Herr-Mahn
    but i’m not really sure

  2. the fluidics

    If he is of german decent, which I believe he is, it’s hair-mon.

  3. Anonymous

    is anyone else getting bad/choppy picture on fsn? I can’t even watch half of whats going on.

  4. Natalie

    When he first came to the NBA it was pronounced Herrr Mannn, he just said when he came to the Pistons that its Herman.

    My FSN is just fine…

    Eddy Curry is HUGE

  5. Anonymous

    hey nat, i’m really confused over the Amir situation too. what’s going on? could it really be only flip, wouldn’t dumars say something to him if it was?

  6. yk

    Are we going to have to watch another ugly game tonight? Pistons FG% is 38.1% at the end of 1st qtr.

  7. claire

    someone wakes up the Pistons, QUICK!

  8. Anonymous

    Max has been having a lot of trouble finishing dunks lately.

  9. Natalie

    Ugly is the first word that comes to mind. Get inside boys..

  10. TBranch

    I think Rip is 0 fer in his last 7 three point attemps.

  11. Anonymous

    Can someone please tell Joe Dumars to tell Flip Saunders to tell the Pistons players to stop taking 15 to 20 foot jump shots all night every night? That game plan is old, and it REALLY doesn’t work.

  12. TBranch

    I’ll tell Blaha to tell Davidson to tell Dumars to tell Flip to tell the Boys.

  13. claire

    go to the chat room guys!

  14. uyen

    What is up with Tay’s shooting? It is quite fustrating to watch.

  15. jessi

    tay lost it again, not sure if it has anything to do with his nose but probably not… what is up with rip and taking that shot in the cornor if it doesn’t go down the first time times stop taking it… again way too many threes… the gaints win has given this team the energy and has the crown right in the game… what was up with that foul by rip at the end, that just shows that the pistons are tried and not ready for this game… I was hopeing to see some minutes from everyone but it looks like another long night.

  16. Natalie

    Well he’s o-6 and rip is not doing much better… Pistons Bench we are getting nothing from them.

  17. TBranch

    Rip and Tay 1 for 11.

  18. yk

    Stop shooting jumpers please.

  19. the fluidics

    I hope the stones wow me in the second half.
    Live by the jumper, die by the jumper.
    The last week has reminded me of the last few playoff series. They get stuck in the jump rut, whether they are making them or not. Attack the paint already.

  20. Steve

    Sounds like another ugly game… I’m glad to not have it tuned in right now!

  21. jessi

    tayshaun needs to come out and do somthing and rip needs to start hitting if we are going to come out with a win tonight, I am a big tay fan but I am starting to get a little tried of his shooting its getting old. the bench not so hot tonight either… its almost like the pistons are getting back to their old ways and not being ready for teams who are not doing very well… heres to a better half

  22. yk

    Defense, guys, defense!

  23. yk

    Dyess!! We need you to do that again and again!

    Sheed, please dont shoot 3 now.

  24. uyen

    Think I’m going to have to turn off the game. It is quite ugly.

  25. yk

    I don’t think Sheed is focused or motivated on this game.

  26. Steve

    This must be karma for us laughing at Boston’s loss to Charlotte the other day… that, or the guys decided to one-up the Celts… sheesh!

  27. Natalie

    Who is this team? If your right Steve, Karma truly is a bitch.

  28. Eric

    As I sit here watching the Knicks game I am screaming at my TV much as I was last night. We aren’t even attempting to get the ball in the paint and we’re being punished on the opposite end down low by THE KNICKS!

    We completely avoid the paint and post up. Live and die by the jump shot. That’s no way to win a title. Doesn’t seem like Flip is getting through.

    Something’s going on around here.

  29. uyen

    This fucking game is getting out of hand. On one hand I can’t bare to watch but I can’t bare not to watch.

  30. yk

    Only Dyess is playing with heart, I think.

  31. jessi

    some please get on crawford…

    what the hell is up with prince… i don;t think i have seem him this bad well ya I think I have

    pistons and the knicks changed rolls tonight, I know you can’t win them all but its usually the pistons who blow teams out not the other way around..

    dyess playing well tonight… NY just can’t miss more matter what kinds of shots they are taking

  32. Anonymous

    This is unbearable. This is the kind of thing that makes people believe that the NBA is fixed.

  33. jamie

    all we can do at this point is laugh at this game. we know the knicks aren’t a real threat – so let’s just move on with life. not saying that i’m ok with the way this game is going, but it will happen from time to time.

  34. uyen

    Everyone is missing their shots tonight. Of all teams the Knicks are 9-26 and we are getting our ass kicked by them plus they are without Stephon Marbury. T

  35. Anonymous

    Im out of state so i cant watch the game…but i thought NBA.com was a joke when i saw that the knicks were up by 26!?!?!?! wtf.

  36. Anonymous

    so we need to go on a 24-0 run…sweeeetttt

  37. yk

    OMG this is really embrassing…

  38. Anonymous

    ohhh i lied.
    29-0 run

  39. Steve

    May I suggest you all turn on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in 10 minutes if you would like to watch something that actually makes you feel GOOD.

    In regards to the game at hand, I think WTF sums it up quite nicely.

  40. uyen

    I don’t think I’ll ok with this loss but at least make the final score look like we put up a fucking fight please.

  41. mannie32

    i said i was embartassed after the mavs blowout… this is an all new low… i dont know what to say, seriously. This should never happen. The knicks now have the biggest lead they’ve EVER had this season. With the exception of the Spurs game, we’ve played like total shit ever since that Boston loss. Let’s face it, yesterday we shouldn’t have won. We got blown out in Dallas, and we’re getting blown out in NY. I’m speechless.

  42. Anonymous

    This is frusterating. There’s Amir though, at least. Is this just them being tired? Or did they just think they could slack off? I don’t get it.

  43. Anonymous

    Amir is getting some of that playing time you’ve been asking for but if this is what it takes to see him play I hope we don’t see him again for awhile…

  44. yk

    second unit is playing a lot better than starters.

  45. uyen

    If the pistons are playing like shit b/c of the loss to Boston i suggest they all need to go see a
    psychologist. It is all in their heads and it is transcending onto the court. This is the Knicks for christ sake!!!

  46. claire

    I think “No Comment” sums up this game best.

    The Pistons just need to go home and recharge. They probably left their chargers at home, so they’re running low on battery tonight.

  47. jC--23

    Amir sighting, so happy to see.. Also, how pretty are Hermann’s reverse layups.. Talk about Dr. J-esque..

  48. yk

    Knicks are now bit struggling with our benches.

  49. jC--23

    I’d like to see the stats for when the bench are in this game.. They seem to be doing really well.. Just held the knicks to a shot-clock violation as well because of their good defense..

  50. Anonymous

    sometimes i wish i could just go in the locker room and bitch at all of them. Seriously. Its like they dont even care. I just want to smack some enthusiasm into them.

  51. yk

    Special K just said we have only 7 assist tonight…. this is the worst game ever.

  52. jessi

    if tay and rips shot had of went in this would have been a different game… what makes me upset is their missed shots for the most part were wide open…

    ugly game which will be talked about due to the large blow out

  53. yk

    Rip – 3 points.
    Tay – nothing.

    All we could do is just laugh at it.

  54. jC--23

    People it’s only ONE GAME.. Don’t fret too much haha.. 🙂

  55. Steve

    It is one game, but cripes it’s a bad one!

  56. the fluidics

    Pistons might not win this one…

  57. yk

    McDonald’s Player of the Game is Isiah….

  58. Anonymous

    the starters didn’t even look like they broke a sweet, at one point when chauncey was on the line when he is usually dripping in sweet he looked like the game had just started… this was just an ugly game the worst I have seen since being a pistons fan

  59. yk

    Amir just saved not to make franchaise record for lowest score.

  60. jC--23

    AMIR!! Lucky we didn’t get the record for the lowest total points at MSG..

    That Amir dunk was just nasty but because it came in garbage time when we were down 20+ it wasn’t hyped at all by Special K & Blaha..

  61. Anonymous

    Well, that was pathetic!!

  62. Steve

    Here’s the only bullet point you need, Nat…

    – Ouch.

  63. Anonymous

    that was a game to forget.

  64. yk

    I really hope Pistons take this loss seriously and get motivated for next game against Toronto because they had no energy, which should not happen in our house, Palace. BTW, the Raptors just had a great game and got a win tonight….

  65. Dominic

    Wow just wow is all I have to say.
    Wubayoo-O-Wubayoo says Sheed.

    This is the wackest game I’ve ever seen

  66. claire

    What? The Pistons played tonight? Really??

    See, I’m already forgetting this game.

  67. yk

    I love it, claire:-) I’m working on it too!

  68. Anonymous

    I didnt see the Amir dunk, i turned off the game.. What happened?

  69. Anonymous

    Is this something Flip could be fired for?

  70. Gabe

    I’m done. Fuck fireing flip. The players should be embarresed with themselves. The knicks BLOW… and the last game was a joke also. I can’t invest any more emotion in this team. This team is not going to win the championship. I’ll root for them, but they are doomed to get beaten by a team with more consistant heart. If i’m wrong, great, but there is no excuss for this game and it’s indicative of a conceit and laziness that will inevidably come back to bite them right in the ass when it does matter….

    I’m ashamed to be a pistons fan today.

  71. stones!

    ^^Seek some therepy pal. Yeah, it was a terrible game… an embarrassing game – but I am happy as hell to be a Pistons fan every day of my life. Am I questioning your fanhood?? BET YOUR ASS I AM!! Sometimes it’s hard to be a fan of any team, but you don’t just jump ship like that if your heart is true. You suck it up and look ahead. If you give up that easily PLEASE feel free to remain a non-believer (bandwagoner) when the boys are hoisting that trophy in June.

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  72. Anonymous

    awww cmon folks, they’re beat tired,the game doesn’t matter and on some deep psychic level they go easy on the Knicks cuz the pistons franchise are the only people left that have any respect for Isaiah…..so the game was a goner from the start!

  73. Gabe

    I’ve spent years being a fan of this team, and still am. I’m also entitled to do a little venting…thats what comment forums are for. But lets be serious, it was 1 game, but it showed something distressing. I’m not a bandwagon fan when I say that our guys, as much as I love them, are showing some worrisome traits i.e. age…fatigue…lack of inside presence…mental lapses…inability to drive the ball…stubborness…etc. They may very well win…and let me clarify, I want them to win, but you have to be blind to not be a little worried by the way they’ve played of late.


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