New Pistons are back in Town

by | Jan 12, 2008 | 57 comments

The Pistons vs. The Bobcats
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The Pistons take on the 13 and 22 Bobcats tonight in Charlotte. New Cat Narz Mohammed has been putting up big numbers and would love to show Detroit that he was worth playing. He’s been a big factor for the team since he got to Charlotte and even put up a double-double in the Bobcats win over the Celtics a few nights ago.

Tip off is at 7:00 and is being locally broadcast on WDIV Detroit as well as on the radio on WDFN 1130 the Fan. Look for Walter Herrmann and his big hands, as well as Primoz Brezec to try to get some court time against their old team.

Courtesy of The NBA and ESPN

As always I’m leaving it up to you in the comments and live in the Chat Room.


  1. Anonymous

    omg play this man….his hands can be useful

    LET’S GO PISTONS AND LET’S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2007-2008 IT’S OUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALL BOUT DETROIT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. infinity

    Why the heck did Saunders not play Herrmann during the Mavs game????
    Dirk had 0 points when Sheed sat out and Herrmann started to gaurdh him.

  3. ric

    im wishing for amir to burn some minutes….do we have any updates on him yet, why he wasn’t suit up during the spurs game?

  4. uyen

    I’m so glad to see Tay is 7-9, 5 rebs with 15 pts. Was getting kind of worried.

  5. jessi

    I for one want nzr o play very well tonihgt, I have always was a fan of nazr being a pistons and wanted him to play but well that didn’t happen. I am glad he is doing well for the cats… now as much as I want nazr to play well I don’t wnt the bobcatws to win this game cause the pistons still come first. With Nazr playing well against boston just goes to show you he is a good big he was not given the chance in detroit to show that.

    anyway glad tayshaun get his shot back hope it stays and from how he is playing already it seems he has.

  6. K. Jay R.

    Dammit Detroit, dont sleep on Charlotte. Down four at halftime is ridiculous. I honestly dont see what’s so hard with going out there and just ripping a crappy team a new one. Get it done. Sheed, step it up. Bench, play like you deserve to be out there.

  7. uyen

    Take McDyess out. He is not on tonight.

  8. jessi

    oh my goodness tay is down and not getting up, it seems like it is to his month so at least is not any body injury but I still hope he can still play… tay is not the type of player who stays down unless he is hurt… my heart dropped….

  9. jC--23

    @#@! That elbow looked awful on Tay.. Although it was purely accidental by Gerald Wallace.. I hope Tay is fine 🙁

  10. jessi

    hope its not his noise, a broken one could keep him out and I hope that is not so…

  11. jC--23

    Jessi it was his nose but the Charlotte commentators said that he will probably return later..

    DETROIT! What’s going on here.. They’re getting out hustled by Charlotte.. Maxiell looks like he’s the only piston who’s giving an effort..

  12. Amber

    This game is awful. To lead by 13, and then be down by 2 is rather upsetting to me. I hate when Detroit does this.

  13. yk

    Bullshit… We all know he just hit the ball and was called 5th foul.

  14. uyen

    This game is so painful to watch

  15. jC--23

    Detroit stop jacking up ‘s and actually play some offense.. Get that ball down low.. And REBOUND!

  16. jessi

    thanks JC-23 I hope he does get to come back a night he is playing well hurt… a nose injury can hurt but tay is strong thats why I love him s a player…

    nazr is playing great this game he has been a big help to the bobcats…

  17. jC--23

    Detroit is pretty hot from downtown.. If Detroit wasn’t shooting so well I don’t think we’d still be in this.. It’s true – We live and die by the jumpshot..

    No matter what the result you gotta take your hat off to Charlotte.. They have dominated in the paint this game and just played with a lot more heart than Detroit.. They deserve this game more than us but I can’t see Detroit not managing to pull this one out..

  18. jC--23

    MAXIELL!! What a block! And then Wallace does basically the same play on Hamilton..

  19. jessi

    ok nazr had a good enough game (no I amhappy for him) … the pistons need to find a away to get a run together

  20. jC--23

    Nazr is killing us down-low.. Stop jacking up 3’s Detroit.. Brezec made a 3 point play before so he is capable of some low-post moves..

    I don’t think we’ll be seeing Amir at all 🙁 Unless we could somehow put the game completely out of reach with 2mins left or something..

  21. jC--23

    Great defense Detroit! Forcing them to a shot clock violation..

    Lots of pistons fans in the house..

  22. Steve

    Jarvis shooting 1-8… ouch!

    (along with Dyess’ 1-7 and Maxey’s 1-4)

  23. jC--23

    Yeah Steve the 2nd half has been real ugly to watch.. But IMO Charlotte deserves this game.. They want it so much more than Detroit.. We’re not hustling nearly as much as the bobcats..

    I say stop jacking the 3’s and go to Sheed down low!

  24. jC--23

    Games like these are great tests for Detroit to see if we can keep keep up with a high-energy team like this in close game situations..

    Come on boys let’s take this one out!
    BILLUPS!! He’s ‘Mr Big Shot’for a reason..

  25. jC--23

    Eeek! Charlotte will get the last shot.. I’m so nervous haha..

  26. jC--23

    OMG!! Sheed made a stop.. So clutch.. We have a shot with .9 left..

  27. jC--23

    Oh.. Bad luck on that Rip.. sometimes they fall, sometimes they don’t.. We’re goin to OT

  28. jessi

    ot rip had an open shot but it was a catch and shoot… the bobcats get a lot of credit no matter what the out come… hope dyess and sheed can play with out getting a foul…

  29. yk

    I thought that was an offensive foul by G Wallace.

  30. yk

    Stop shooting jump shot, guys!!!

    Especially Rip.

  31. jessi

    stop shooting the three

  32. yk

    Finally Rip made it!

  33. jC--23

    Yeh stop shooting 3’s take it down low and you may even draw a foul.. But I must say what offensive rebounding! First 2 ones by Maxiell (or Max-al as the Charlotte commentators call him) and then one by Tay!

  34. yk

    Whew! Thanks Tay for the big stop!

  35. yk

    We won! We won!!!

  36. yk

    Jarvis… you really needs to work on your shooting. We can’t afford you to miss 7 shots for 8 every night.

  37. jessi

    my hats off the Nazr and teh bobcats, they played well and could have won this game… I see good things happening for the bobcats if they keep playing the way they have.

    wow is all I can say, thank goodness for the bobcats having a foul to give or there would have been .9 left on the clock and enough time to send this to another ot…

  38. jC--23

    I must say we’re really lucky to come out with the W.. The bobcats were obviously very upset with the offensive interference call at the end and rightfully so.. Charlotte in my eyes derserved this game more than us in terms of effort.. Great game by them..

    What a game!

  39. Anonymous

    i was watching the charlotte broadcast and they saud that we got away with a lucky win.

  40. jC--23

    ^^ We did ^^

  41. Anonymous

    sure charlotte worked hard but that doesnt mean that it was a lucky win and that offensive interference call was very questionable it depends on the angle.

  42. jessi

    i second that we did, bobcats should have had this one

  43. jC--23

    ^^ Yeah it was a questionable call that’s why they were calling it unlucky..

    ANYWAY a win’s a win and we’ll take it..
    People the Wizards just took out Boston!! So good to see..

  44. Anonymous

    ^^LOL^^NO WAY^^LOL^^

  45. Anonymous

    i was talkin to jessi when i said that

  46. Anonymous

    sorry guys there is just not usually luck in the NBA im not just sayin this 4 the pistons either.

  47. Richie

    Wow, Jason Richardson (who went to my highschool in Saginaw) sure is doing big things for the Bobcats! They’re going to replace the heat in the East!

  48. Anonymous

    richie r u a pistons fan or a fan of whatever team J Rich is on

  49. Steve

    So I didn’t watch the game cause I’ve been absorbed in football all afternoon and evening… glad we snuck out of Charlotte with a win tho! It’s definitely odd to see Rip go 2-9 from behind the arc… why was he jacking so many long balls?

    Even if we played like ass tonight, at least we didn’t lose, right?

    (cough, Boston, cough)

  50. jessi

    talking to me about what that I feel that the bobcats should of won this is one and it was luck for the pistons? if that call would have went the other way we would have lost this one or could have…

    on a side note side the bobcats took one from boston other teams are going to start seeing them as any old team and not fear them anymore, same thing happened to detroit two seasons back…

  51. Justin

    I was this close to absolutely losing it. I thought for sure that the Pistons were going to revert back to the Pistons of old when they would play down to their competition. Well they almost did. First of all how did Rip miss that WIDE open shot at the end of the 4th? Secondly it was good to see the gangsta out there against his old team. I like how this guy hustles down the floor. Well just hustle period. But all in all a good win tonight.

  52. the fluidics

    This was an ugly win, but a win.
    Come the end of the season, the W column doesn’t care how you got it.

  53. Anonymous

    I swear my heart was beating soooo hard during the whole fourth quarter!!!!

  54. Anonymous

    The Bobcat’s coach is talking about making a formal complaint, like Miami did, and asking to replay the end of the game.

  55. Anonymous


    Vincent was convinced the ball was short of the rim and not in the cylinder above the basket. He indicated the Bobcats planned to complain to the league and even suggested the unlikely scenario of replaying the end of the game, after the NBA’s decision to replay the last minute of Miami’s loss to Atlanta because of a scorekeeping error.

    “I’m sure we’re going to contact the league,” Vincent said. “We’d like to do what Miami did and play the last minute over again, also. I believe it would be justified.”

  56. Anonymous

    i’m geting upset about flip not trusting the bench more…eseciially Amir. CAn someone tell me a way i can get in contact with the pistons to complain. I’m just scared of going down the same road as the last 2 years

    LET’S GO PISTONS AND LET’S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2007-2008 IT’S OUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    ALL BOUT DETROIT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Anonymous

    are you kidding, replay a minute, I now there are some questionable calls but if you are going to replay the last minute because of that then what about all the other games that come down to the last few where there could be a few fouls and the refers let them go… yes it a weird called but unles you set up the same play and see how it would have ended I don’t see playing a minute to change anything. Lok at the game between the sprus and I think dallas during the playoffs last seonds of the game duncan went for a basket was cleary fouled no call however tim missed the shot had he got to take the foul shots the spurs would have won but instead dallas won and took the series, I now these are two different calls but now that the league has started this you are going to have more teams wanting it to happen now that is just too much,


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