Close Call in Charlotte

by | Jan 12, 2008 | 32 comments

The Pistons started off their Saturday night on fire and having an easy way with the shorthanded Bobcats. Detroit ended the first quarter with a 31-17 lead that soon got chipped away. Charlotte, who dressed only eight players for the game, with no point guard in sight took advantage of Detroit’s poor shooting and grabbed the lead late in the fourth quarter, only to let Chauncey Billups knock down a critical three to send the game into overtime. Back and fourth it went in overtime, and a questionable call of offensive interference helped the Pistons squeak away with the win in North Carolina.

Final OT Score 103-100.

Key Points:

  • “Vincent was convinced the ball was short of the rim and not in the cylinder above the basket. He indicated the Bobcats planned to complain to the league and even suggested the unlikely scenario of replaying the end of the game, after the NBA’s decision to replay the last minute of Miami’s loss to Atlanta because of a scorekeeping error.
    “I’m sure we’re going to contact the league,” Vincent said. “We’d like to do what Miami did and play the last minute over again, also. I believe it would be justified.” Via
  • The Pistons shot just 38.8% from the floor on the night. You wouldn’t have known it was going to go that way if you watched the first quarter. The rest of the game….not so easy to watch for Pistons fans.
  • If this wasn’t a block party on both ends I don’t know what was. The Pistons had 7 blocks on the night and the Bobcats finished with 10.
  • Detroit was 95% from the line (20-21). The Bobcats went to the line 11 more times than the Pistons and were just 65% from the stripe.
  • Broadway Billups didn’t like a call against Antonio McDyess, who eventually fouled out, and was called for a tech.
  • Yuck… 30 points in the paint for Detroit and 64 for the Bobcats.
  • Flip had a field day with lineup changes all night. Everyone played but……Amir. (You knew that was coming right)
  • Tayshaun started the game on FIRE. It’s nice to see Tay have two great games back to back. He finished with 22 on 10-for-17 shooting and 2 for 4 from downtown. He was 3 boards shy of a double double and added a steal and 2 blocked shots. He also went down hard from a elbow from Gerald Wallace on a layup. Though it looked like he might have even broke his nose, he returned shortly to finish the game.
Tayshaun Prince
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  • Narz had a great game against his old team. He smacked Detroit with a double-double off the bench with 19 points and 15 boards and he didn’t need overtime to do it. He also blocked 3 shots, it just goes to show you that there is always a place to shine for someone who works hard and has skill. Good for Narz, he didn’t fit in Detroit at all, but he’s a great fit in Charlotte.
  • 5 Bobcats in double figures, 4 for the Pistons.
  • Rebound war won 48-45.
  • 1-for-7 shooting for McDyess and 1-for-8 on the night for Jarvis, ewwww. Five of the shots Jarvis missed were from behind the arc.
  • Speaking of three pointers, the Pistons were jacking up way too many, 29 (a season high) on the night is ridiculous. And they were doing it, and missing, at crucial times in the game. Detroit shot just 24% from deep for the night.
  • At this point I just feel bad for Flip Murray.
  • Have you noticed that Jason Maxiell is commanding double teams?
  • Mr. Big Shot led the team with 27 points on 10-for-17 shooting, with 7 assists, 4 boards, 3 steals and a blocked shot. This 3 pointer tied the game and sent it into OT.
Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and WDIV Detroit
  • The Pistons had a chance to win it at the end of regulation on a Rip Hamilton jumper, but it hit the front of the rim and sent the game into OT. It was however a Rip Hamilton jumper that put the game away in overtime, after a missed Rasheed three and a Tayshaun board that he kicked out to an open Hamilton.
  • The Pistons led by as much as 14 early and The Bobcats biggest lead was 5.
  • NBA.COM Highlights of The Game.
  • Maxiell finished with 6 points on 1-4 shooting with 7 boards, one assist and 3 blocked shots.
  • Rasheed was in foul trouble, which hindered his production in the fourth as well as in OT. Sheed finished with 10 points, 6 boards, 4 steals and 2 blocked shots, one of which saved the game for The Pistons. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it was a big time play. He’s really bringing the D.
  • Richard Hamilton had 26 points but it took him 26 shots to do it. He added 7 assists, 8 boards and 2 steals. Had it not been for Rip’s timely make the Pistons may have not even made it to OT.
Rip Hamilton
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  • “We were up … and thought we were going to coast through the rest of the game, It was tough,” said Hamilton. “It was a dogfight. They kept playing hard and made it a tough game for us.” Via MLive
  • Primoz Brezec…Biggest cheerleader ever, he’s up off the bench for every big point. And for some small ones for that matter. He had 3 points against his former team on a and 1 play.
  • Stuckey: 0-for-4 shooting in 12 minutes with one assist.
  • “It’s been cool,” Mohammed said. “I got in here, got the opportunity to play a little bit. Found out what to do, and when to do it, as far as things like that. It’s an adjustment. You know, as smooth as adjustments can be. I did a lot of working out in the last year, trying to get in shape. I love those guys (Pistons) over there. I don’t think I ever experienced another team where one through 15, you like every guy on the team. That’s just unusual, that’s unheard of in this league. I wish them well. I hope they have an opportunity to win the championship. In my mind, I always think it will come down to them and San Antonio.” Via The Detroit News.
  • I understand the offensive interference call could have went either way but the same goes for the foul call at the end of the game that didn’t get called when Chauncey drove the lane. It’s a referee’s judgment call not a official scorers error like in the Miami game. Can of worms….
  • Hard week, OT game and a back to back with a Sunday game in New York. Thanks NBA scheduling person.


  1. Steve

    That whole Miami/Atlanta thing is interesting enough on its own… I didn’t see our game but from what I’ve heard it doesn’t sound like anything all that wacky happened, but then again who knows.

    Either way, a W’s a W. Not that the seeming lack of bench minutes doesn’t bother me or anything.

  2. Anonymous

    hey natalie is there any way you can find a way and a reason y amir isn’t playing?? I emailed Stoney and wojo because they usually have flip on the radio to tlk to him. So i emailed them about them asking flip about this big problem that is going on with the Pistons and also the benches minutes. I really didn’t like the minutes from the starters i don’t know why the minutes ares suddenly going dramatically high. WE were doing sooo well managing time earlier in the year ….WHAT HAPPENED????

    LET’S GO PISTONS AND LET’S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2007-2008 IT’S OUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    ALL BOUT DETROIT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Steve

    For me the only thing that still seems logical is what Nat mentioned the other day… we’re either showcasing Brezec and Herrmann for OUR purposes, to figure out what they can bring, or for OTHERS’ purposes… and we all know what that leads to. Trade deadline is just over a month away so it’s probably time to gear up if Joe really has something up his sleeve.

    Of course, if it is something related to how hard he’s working in practice that’s always possible but who knows.

  4. Richie

    Heavy minutes for the starters, sure, but it is a W, and this bobcat team is becoming serious after aquiring J-Rich and Nazr. It’s good to put bury them one more in the loss column before they got any crazy ideas of going .500 on us!

    The starter minutes have increased so much recently because the scedule is very tough right now and we haven’t killed these last few teams by the 3rd quarter like we had been in December. It’s alright- things will shape up soon!

  5. Ripcity

    What was Hamilton doing? Did anyone else see all of those treys he kept chucking. If you don’t get it the first 3 times you proabably wont get it the next time. I have to say, that seemed odd. Still, he did give us our clutch basket. Dice fouls too much and can’t play the defense we need. I say start Max instead. GO PISTONS!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous


  7. paulyd0021

    I’m really starting to get sick of Amir not playing. What gives? I’m sure he can’t be that much worse than mcdysse or maxielle. Give the man a shot, you just signed him to a big contract, and you play Primo instead, who you’ll be getting rid of at the end of the year probably. Develope Amir now! He’s just as important as Stuckey. McDysse and Sheed arent going to be around forever you know. If flip doesnt make it to the finals, it’ll be because he doesnt rotate his players well. He’ll stop using the bench when it comes to big games and crunch time. Same old story.

  8. jC--23

    Nat, when I read that Sam Vincent might be lodging a complaint I thought it was ridiculous.. I totally agree that the Miami complaint is about a scorers error (not relating to referees) whereas this is for a questionable call..

  9. Anonymous

    Another questionable call was the block that was called on Dyess for his sixth foul that completely could have been called a charge, as well as the contact that didn’t get called right before that when Rasheed went up for a dunk . If those calls go our way we have a six point lead and the ball in OT. Come on, Sam Vincent!

  10. vivee

    If the bobcats protest with the league it will be honored because the heat/hawks situation was an error of the timekeeping….this play was a judgement call.

    I think that brezec/herman/murray will be packaged for another big before the trade deadline.

    Go Pistons!!!!!!

  11. vivee

    I meant the protest will NOT be honored. Sorry

  12. Anonymous

    I am wondering why Nazr couldn’t play like he did when he was on the Pistons?!?!

  13. Anonymous

    from yahoo sports

    Said an unidentified Pistons player to the Detroit News’ Chris McCosky: “They should call Tracy (McGrady), “Half man, half a season.”
    cause of his injuries

    Who’s the first guy to pop into your head that said that?

  14. jessi

    “I am wondering why Nazr couldn’t play like he did when he was on the Pistons?!?!”

    the reason is simple he wasn’t given the minutes or the plays to play that way for us… everyone for gets taht before webber came tot he team he was putting up good number and out there getting boards… the problem with nazr
    was that he came in to replace ben and he is more of an offencive player then defencive. I still think that Nazr did good things when he was able to get minutes but I am very happy that he is doing so well with the bobcats…

  15. Anonymous

    is anybody else concerned at the fact that the boston three hardly play over 30 min a game…and yet they still have that record. Our starters have been playing a lot of minutes lately…and i dont want a repeat of last year.

  16. Anonymous

    ^^^They are actually playing a lot of minutes this season, more than our starters have. And they have lost 2/3 games!

  17. gMac

    Remeber we used dog about how pistons can’t score over some stracth of the game under Larry Brown. I don’t think Flip is doing any better (or anything at all). But that’s besides the point. Flip can not make the neccessary adjustment defensively in the game. We were getting killed by the bobcats in the 4 th quarter on many of the same plays. And must he have the starting five in the end all the time? Dyce fouled out was a better deal for us, coz JMax was more effective on the offensive glass and quicker in help defense. Makes you wonder about that Celtics game we lost in the 4th. I don’t like playing zone, but we didn’t even try much lately.
    Of course Flip is so stupid, all he says after the game goes like this, “well, we had some open looks, missed some shots. I’ll have to look at some tapes to tell you more…” Larry brown or any good coatchs can tell you every single bad plays right after the game. In fact all the good coachs would correct them during the game. How many times have you seen Popvich take the guy out because he make a mistake? (even if it’s Parker).

  18. johnnyb

    this quote from flip saunders about rip and his threes had me crackin’ up – almost everyone i talk to dislikes flip, but i think he’s a top 5 coach .

    “I thought he was at the state fair or something trying to win a stuffed animal,” Saunders said.

    still – rip knocked down the game winner .

  19. gMac

    What’s so good about Amir Johnson? He’s not NBA ready at all!!! Look at all the other 2nd year/ rookies playing out there. Aldridge, rudy gay… Don’t just buy into the hype, Joe D thinks he’ll be good, he ain’t close to that at all. Affalo is more ready to play then Stukey and Amir, because he doesn’t make mistakes on the court. This is the NBA… Go back and watch Amir’s D-league and presason highlights if you must.
    Having said all that. I think we probably are trying to trade him with flip murray, for a big player.

  20. gMac

    Top 5 Coach?!! You gotta be kidding me. Look at his playoff record!!! When you play a team 7 games in a roll, you need to make adjustments during and after the game. Taht’s where the good coach shines. Regular season is pointless. (for us piston fans at least).

  21. Anonymous

    Well I like Amir as well and I do agree that he is not getting any minutes, but I also don’t think he’s ready much. Everytime he gets out there he starts fouling. Our bench won’t be any good come playoff time if they only get to play in garbage minutes. Afflalo should be getting more or just as many minutes as Stuckey because Afflalo is more proven in my opinion. This guy is great, and I hate seeing him sitting on the bench while Stuckey play’s with his hurt hand, and poor offense. McDyess is playing horribly.That usually happens in the first half of the season. He should be wanting to elevate his game. He wants the ring more than anyone on the team, he should be leading us he should be playing with more heart and pride. Nazr looks like a beast every since he went to Charlotte. I am so sad that he could do that while he was here. We would have had something special. It should be an easy win in New York today, but hopefully they don’t fool around with these Knicks. Let’s just get in and get out. Oh yeah, Flip Murrary still looks good in a suite. Yesterday he had on a blazer, and jeans and WOOOO!!! okay maybe I’m going overboard, but he still looked nice. I’m sad he’s not playing. He isn’t all that, but at least whenever he got into the game he at least drove the lane. I thought that was what Joe D brought him in for. Makes me wonder.

    Hey Nat why did Joe D bring Murrary here again?

    ~Piston fan down south~

  22. jamie

    My biggest concern about this game is as simple as this: Charlotte scored 64 points in the paint.

    not acceptable.

  23. mannie32

    thanks natalie for uploading the vid of hermann palming the ball with his index finger and thumb!

  24. Natalie

    I think we need a whole Topic dedicated to Amir….

    We all have our questions and concerns so I think a dedicated post will help us all keep them together.

    While I agree he’s probably not ready, but how will he ever be if he’s not getting any time?

    Flip Murray was the best option at the time we signed him, he’s on the way out..

  25. PhDribble

    Natalie, I can’t get enough of your Sheed bullets. It’s a daily treat.

    Couple of really key ones from today:

    1) Maxiell’s commanding the double-team. Certainly caught my eye in the last week. [I think it started with the Boston loss.] Beating/passing out of the double-team is definitely the next stage of Max’s development (and one he’s clearly not figured out yet.) But, he’s surpassed threshhold after threshhold so far, it may take a year or two for him to figure it out.

    2) More troubling for the Pistons is Sheed’s recent trouble with double-teams. I can’t remember a time when he seemed to struggle so much with the double. I haven’t been able to determine yet whether it’s because Sheed’s holding onto the ball too long, or his floormates aren’t cutting to the basket when the double comes. Maybe a blip, but something to watch.

    3) Brezec has officially surpassed the Maddog as “Best 12th Man in the Lig.” Recognize.

  26. Natalie

    I hear you PHDribble…Maddog that some big shoes to fill but I think you may be right.

    As for the Sheed DT… I am going to have to pay attention to that. I say we all keep our eyes on it.

  27. Anonymous


  28. Anonymous

    You guys are too hard on flip hes a good coach even though him and sheed have butted heads in the past i think theyve learned to get along our playoff losses were not all his fault and i like that maxi comes off the bench

    go pistons!!

  29. PhDribble

    12thMOY Key: Maddog is playing for the Timbies.

    My buddy’s a ‘Sota boy (and doesn’t have the Lig Pass,) so he’s dropped by quite a few times to watch their games. As someone who has watched more Minnie games than the Constitution’s 8th Ammendment should allow, I can tell you that ‘Sota boxscores don’t do them justice. They’re trrble.

    Just like the MVP, you can’t be the 12thMOY on the worst team in basketball!

  30. gMac

    @anonymous post 6:21 PM, January 13, 2008.

    You have to consider the minutes he played are not neccessary against the better lineup. He didn’t play that many minutes where the game mattered. Just like Stuckey, Amir is more hype then real deal AT Least for now. You can’t ignore the fact there are many rookies and 2nd year players better than them NOW. I just can’t stand people talk like he’s Maxiell or Tay in their early years. He’s not that good just yet! He won’t get decent minutes because he miss defensive asignments, and fault people too often. You can’t just magnify the garbage minutes he got and assume those stats are going to scale up! I might sound like a downer, but seriously, look at LaMarcus Alridge from Portland. Do you realy think Amir is that good? Look at JMax’s minutes in his second year! Heck, Rasheed had to spend his early years on the bench.
    Of all the young players, Amir is the least ready one. The rookies have gone through college already. That’s just a reflection of that.
    A true star will work he’s way up regardless. (ever seen the Arenas addidas ad?) We never paid Amir that much money and expect him to play decent minutes and contribute NOW to begin with.

  31. World of Isaac

    I cant believe Sam Vincent said that….I watched the replay and Okafor’s hand almost touches the rim for god sakes…

    a lot of whining…they must get it from Jordan


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