Back on Track and Sheedtastic

by | Jan 11, 2008 | 37 comments

The Pistons answered the call on the second game of their back to backs in Texas. What started off surprisingly similar to the Dallas game, ended up just fine. The slow start by the Pistons out of the gate quickly turned into a 22 to 2 run by the Pistons to finish the first quarter leading The Spurs 30-15. It got close in the 3rd and tight in the 4th, but the Pistons had control throughout. Final score of this much needed win 90-80.

Key Points:

  • The Pistons shot 63% in the first half, 46.8% for the game.
  • This stat made me happier than I have been in quite a while. Pistons 40 Points in the PAINT!
  • This will surprise many of you… We have all be talking about the non minutes for Amir right? Amir didn’t dress (at least I didn’t see him) in favor of Lindsey Hunter. TNT’s Craig Sager explained that Hunter was activated because Stuckey fell on his broken hand late in the Dallas game, therefore Hunter was dressed for insurance. Brezec and Herrmann dress and no Amir…And why didn’t we hear anything about Stuckey’s hand before this? I smell something fishy. From ELLIOT in the Comments:” About the whole Stuckey situation… Sports radio WDFN 1130 on Tuesday was reporting that Stuckey fell awkwardly on his injured hand in the practice before the Dallas game.” Good to know it was legit, but I am still upset about Amir’s situation.
  • Rebound war won 38-37.
  • Maxiell knocked down 2 quick 10 footers but never scored again. He went 2-for-8 for 4 points and 2 boards and a blocked shot. He looked a little awkward, especially when he missed what looked like what was going to be a monster jam.
  • Heck of a defensive job on Tony Parker who barely got close to the paint and his 12 points were barely noticeable.
  • 11 fast break points to the Spurs 9.
  • When Rasheed can bust a move during a timeout with a couple minutes left in a game against The Spurs….all is right with the world.
Courtesy of The NBA and TNT
  • The Pistons stopped the flop of Ginoboili. If I recall he only tried it once and he didn’t get a call.
  • Sheed did a heck of a job defending Duncan. Rasheed, who always steps up when he goes up against Timmy had the slight edge in this one. Even with Sheed going at him hard, Duncan still put up 24.
  • I didn’t know Ben Wallace still played for the Pistons. Looks like the Associated Press can’t distinguish the Fro from Sheed. Team Need4Sheed member Olay Vongsiprasom sent us a screen shot of the blunder.
  • Lindsey Hunter, who played his first game since (I think was) the first Boston game, sparked the Pistons as soon as he walked on court in the third quarter. Meticulous defense with key baskets was just what the Pistons needed when they came out a bit flat after halftime. Lindsey was 2-for-3 for 7 points, a board and 2 steals in just 6 minutes.
  • SheedTASTIC! The fire was evident, as Ra put up an impressive double-double with 23 points, and 15 boards along with 3 steals and 2 blocked shots. Besides the 36 he put up earlier this year, I can’t remember a better game from SHEED this season!
Rasheed Wallace
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  • Rip’s great behind the back dribble drive for a layup has got to be the highlight of the game. You can catch it here in’s recap of the game. Rip put up 18 points, 3 boards and 3 assists. It was nice to see Rip back playing his style of basketball again. He did a great job without the ball and had Bruce Bowen chasing after him all night.
  • The Basketball Jones is feeling pretty SHEEDTASTIC today, go listen to the Podcast!
  • Afflalo a DNP. Does anyone think Flip caught some heat after the Dallas loss? Or was this simply a must win and he needed to stick with the veterans? That’s the reason why I think Lindsey played last night..not the Stuckey hand issue.
  • The Spurs got within 6 in the fourth quarter.

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  • “We’re a veteran ballclub, and that’s the one good thing about this league. We had the game (Wednesday against Dallas) where we got blown out. To be able to come back tonight and try to erase it, that’s a good thing.” “I knew how (the officials) were going to do us,” Wallace said. “Any time we’re going against one of the darlings, I know how they’re going to try to treat us. Period.” Via The Detroit Free Press
  • Four Pistons in double figures and everyone who played was in the + column but Maxiell who was -5 for the night.
  • 3-for-11 from long range (27%).
  • Plenty of kudos from the TNT crew. Sir Charles in particular said Sheed could be one of the best ever if he always had his head on straight. A 7 footer that plays the post and can consistently knock down threes, something the NBA has never seen and Charles believes Sheed is the closest thing to that.
  • “When Sheed is locked in and focused like that, he is, without a doubt, our No. 1 option. He does something out there that nobody can do.” Via ESPN
  • He’s BACK! Tayshaun Prince played like we know he can. He silenced the masses with his play, I’m just hoping it continues. Tay put up 17 points on 8-for-16 shooting with 3 boards and 2 assists. He was 6-for-7 in the first half, it was beautiful. Steve had something to say about Tayhaun’s return. “I still think it’s notable he went 2-9 in the 2nd half .. tho 50% obviously ain’t bad”
Tayshaun Prince
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  • Chauncey, just 11 points on 3-for-10 shooting but a couple of clutch baskets in the third really helped. Mostly it was Chauncey’s play against Parker that truly took him out of his game, Billups had him working hard on both ends of the floor.
  • Defense wins Championships.
  • Heavy minutes for the starters.
  • Stuckey, zeros across the board in six minutes.
  • Great game, good to see the Pistons playing Detroit Basketball again and to top it off we got a Sheed Dunk to finish the game.
Courtesy of The NBA and TNT
  • On to Charlotte for a Saturday game and New York on Sunday.


  1. Anonymous

    1st comment!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Okay so I wanted to do that so I would have 1st comment, anywho that was a great game. I think Flip kept the Vets in and put in Lindsey because our guys really needed to win this game. The guys played really well and I’m glad they could contain “Tony Longoria” all night. He snuck into the paint a few time towards the end of the game, but that’s it. I’m glad he was chasing Billups all night and not the other way around. LOL, the commentators were even saying how Tony was tired from guarding Billups. This was a special game, and hopefully it will send us on another winning streak. GO DETROIT!!! the Texas 2 step is over. We went 1-1 but it’s okay. 🙂

  3. claire

    well, for once, I’m not complaining about the starters’ minutes. I mean when we’re up against San Antonio, all hands must be on board. I wouldn’t blame Flip for keeping them there because honestly, Popovich is such an evil genius.

    Good to see that the Prince is back. TNT brought back “the block” during the game when Tay was running behind one of the Spurs who was going to the basket. And Reggie Miller was like “why you gotta do this to me? Why?” to the guys in the studio.

    Sheed was sparkling like a diamond under the sun. I’m surprised you didn’t give him the lava ball, Natalie.

    Rip’s move with the ball behind his back better make it to the Top 10 plays. TNT replayed it like 10 times.

  4. Blaine

    I will NEVER understand the point of making a comment that says 1st Comment and nothing else, especially when you post anonymously.

    Anyway Great Game, a joy to watch and Im glad we had Tay back. I was sick of hearing about the ridiculous trade scenarios… Most Fans are Over the top with that sort of stuff.

    I agree something is fishy with the whole Amir thing.

  5. Natalie

    Claire, he had a good night but he wasn’t really on FIRE…. I thought about the Lava ball. If he plays like that on Saturday it’s a lock.

  6. Kyle

    the starters minutes were fine, and using hunter in the second half was brilliant and probably locked up the game for us.

    what i do find sad is that i think we can say goodbye to amir for another season.

  7. Anonymous

    About the whole Stuckey situation… Sports radio WDFN 1130 on Tuesday was reporting that Stuckey fell awkwardly on his injured hand in the practice before the Dallas game. I don’t think it’s too fishy, I just think that Craig Sager misspoke.

    Sorry to all the Amir lovers out there but I really don’t think he’s too much of a loss. I’d much rather see Brezec out there or someone that doesn’t look like a lost puppy every time Chauncey calls a play.


  8. claire

    Don’t be too down about the Amir situation, you guys. I mean the past few games have been really tough, and those were finals-caliber teams, so I think Flip just wanted more assurance by playing the starters, that’s all.

    With the exception of Stuckey, only veterans played last night (Maxiell’s a mini-vet). Plus, if Joe Dumars says we’re gonna see more of Amir, then we will see more of Amir.

    Within this month, I’d definitely start worrying if we continue to get blow-out games and Amir doesn’t play.

    However, in desperate games when nothing seems to be right (ex: the mavs game) I think Flip should put Amir in just to see what he can do in games like that. I think it’ll be a good test to see how Amir handles the pressure and what he can do to help the team.

  9. ric

    whatever reason or saying you may have, think of this first….A WIN IS A WIN! period. the pistons needed this one and this is why they stick to our vets. this is a good sign, meaning that if we really decide to rely on the vets, is that they could still perform, all starters did really well, including mcdyes, not on the stat sheet but putting the pressure on timmy. charles barkley’s comment about sheed’s skills is plain simple and that pistons coaching staff should keep in mind. the only players i think who can stop sheeds post play are shaq and yao, the rest, watch out. it was a good decision to put rip on parker, we need someone quick to guard him. in regards to stuck, a night off wouldn’t hurt, regardless, about amir, who knows, like i said, this is a win, and im sure we’ll know more later. hunter once again put up a good show in a very short period of time….we should always have him activated for any elite teams games.

  10. Eric

    This season for Amir is going to be like last season was for Maxiell. I think Amir’s got great potential but he’s very raw and he still has A LOT to learn and refine. He’s a high-school recruit remember.

    As for Afflalo, I (of course) think he deserves to play 10 minutes every game. But again, he’s a rook and he’s going to sit some nights.

    Great game!

  11. Billy Billups


  12. Bubbles

    i think there is definitely a “need4sheed”… how come he cant do that everynight – and be just like Sir Charles said?!

    Tay – if your out there, WELCOME BACK!! it was great to see you last night!!!

  13. Anonymous

    who cares about amir! as long as we win Fxck it..hes only 20 he would still be in college. i still think we should trade him, gayshaun and flip in a package deal for the matrix anyways, but good win..Charles Barkley said if sheed wants to be he can be the best player in the league but sheed chooses not to be..i wish he would..

  14. el patron himself, Raul A. Mora

    Good morning. First, a this is a quality win, beating the defending champs always is because you know Timmy, Tony Longoria and El Floppo Manu always bring their A-game against the ‘Stons. I was also glad that I didn’t have to watch the most disgusting look in all of sports: Cheap Shot Rob on the court… all the better.

    Now, about the use of the bench, the bench as Flip will use it has a particular function: Keep the starters fresh enough throughout the season so that they can stand the bigger games when the playoffs start. Don’t be surprised if the bench gets a lot more minutes in the games against the Charlotte BOBCATS and the New Yawn Knicks.

    One last thing I noticed… have you noticed that Brzec and “Fabio” Hermann are both sporting the red headbands? Does anybody know if they wore headbands in their previous team?

  15. Natalie

    el patron himself, Raul A. Mora

    Herrmann was sporting a headband in Charlotte but I think it might be new for Brezec.

    And yes….Quality win

  16. Anonymous

    Why does it matter if someone decidees to say 1st comment or not? Others do it, it’s all in fun. Anyways, great game last night. I laughed so hard watching Sheed dance. I love him. Did anyone read the article on where they were talking about how they waited to hear a loud roar from the Pistons lockeroom after they won over SA, but it never happened. I love our guys, and I’m glad they didn’t give those reporters more to talk about because they probably would have spinned it out of control. GO DETROIT!!! it was funny when they asked Chauncey would Tony Parker have been the MVP of the finals last year if it were Detroit vs. SA in the finals and Chauncey said “Nope” why? “because you have to win in order to be the MVP” lol, that is so funny. I hope we get to the Finals this year. I know everyone is rooting for Boston, and Boston think they are the best, but you can’t get out of the East before going through Detroit, and I know our guys are going to have something to say about that.

    Also to that person that said why post 1st comment and you don’t have a username, that was kinda rude. Does is really matter? I tried to register for this site, but something happened in the process. I have to many email accounts already so as long as Nat lets people post on here as anonymous then I will continue to do so. It was just all out of fun.

  17. mannie32

    hey natalie… do u thinkl u’d be able to get the video of hermann “palming” the ball with his index finger and thumb… they showed it on espn during the mavs game… it was crazy impressive, i was hoping someone would upload it but i still can’t find it on youtube

    anywho, as i was going back to the office after lunch, people walking by must have thought i was crazy… i randomly cracked a smile because in my head i was thinking about that 22-2 run… that really impressed me, more than just the win… just to see the pistons being able to play lock down defense like that, especially against the spurs… that’s huge, spurs dont normally get frustrated, they’re a patience team on offense, but u could really tell they were getting confused, frustrated, and hesistant at the end of that first quarter, they didnt know what to do on offense, they were lost

  18. Anonymous

    I have a feeling we are going to trade Murray, Prezec, and Amir Johnson for somebody BIG. Big, I’m saying a big man.

    Is there any other explanation?!?!

  19. mannie32

    look… im a huge fan of amir… but look at maxiell, he didnt go from not playing at all to being a big part of the rotation overnight… and same thing goes for amir, he’s not just going to get playing time like that… pistons are playing great, and amir brings a lot of the same things to the table that maxi does but he doesnt have as much experience as maxiell… as a result, he’s not getting minutes… but if he’s patient like maxiell was he’ll get his place in the rotation… if not this year, then next year

    i really dunno how i’d feel about a trade that involves amir… not sure i’d like it, unless we got someone in return who brings A LOT to the table and also can contribute in the future (i.e. has to be a young guy)

  20. Anonymous

    sheeds dunk was beautifullll

    simply the cherry on top of the sundae

  21. Anonymous


  22. Anonymous

    9 more days to vote!!

    if youre a piston fan and you havent already voted for your all stars then GET TO ITT !!! limited time !!!

  23. Anonymous

    Natalie I just wanted to say the recaps have gotten great with all the pictures and highlights. keep it up

  24. Anonymous

    Maybe this has been brought up already, but in case it hasn’t, FSN is airing an “In My Own Words” with Rip Sunday night at 10 (right after the Knicks game) hosted by John Keating. I can’t wait– I’ve been waiting for them to do a show on Rip for forever!

  25. Anonymous


  26. ayjay009

    the cheerleader of the team = BREZEC.i love it when he cheers for his TEAM especially for 3 point shots.he stands up and shout THREEEEEE!!!!love the new players!

    go PISTONS!!!!

  27. claire

    I also mentioned that In My Own Words show with Rip in one of the earlier posts. You guys are so lucky that it’s unfair.

    Hey Natalie, is there any way you could post it up? It will be greatly appreciated by me and other out-of-staters 🙂

    If you can’t, then can you post like a recap or something?

  28. Richie

    +Why do people post in all capital letters?

    + Here’s the thing with Amir not playing. It’s not a matter of him not being given a bunch of minutes all of the sudden, but what does the kid have to do do earn playing time?
    -5 blocks in 8 minutes, and he’s a DNP for the next 3 games.
    -8 rebounds in 9 minutes and he’s a DNP for the 3 games after that.

    How is productivity like that NOT worthy of some clock?

    +I don’t mind the big starter minutes for a big game like this one either- though not playing the Bech with a 12 point lead and 2 minutes on the clock seems a bit silly to me.

  29. Natalie

    Thanks for all the kind words, I am really happy that Pistons fans enjoy stoppling by for all the goodness.

    I especially cherish the Family we have built here.

    As for the Rip Special…come on guys, it’s already set to record.


  30. Anonymous

    george blaha was NBA.COM broadcaster of the week… not a suprise

  31. Anonymous

    Hey NATALIE did you hear about the Chris Webber story? He is accused of attacking another man. I just thought that you would post something like that about a most likely Piston.

  32. Anonymous

    ^^^ what?!?!?! Where did you hear that from?!?!

  33. Anonymous

    I just searched out the story and the only one that turned up was of Glen Rice beating another man.

    Maybe that’s the story you’re thinking of.


  34. johnnyb

    yet ANOTHER reason to love ‘sheed – check out the last bit from

    “Maybe they kept their glee at low decibels. But as the media trickled into the locker room, the only sounds to be heard were the voices of Richard Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince dissecting a particular play they remembered and Wallace belting an R&B song at what could charitably be described as off-key.”

    god bless rasheed wallace .

  35. Anonymous

    It’s the regular season, Pistons fans…you don’t win championships in January, and the Spurs know this.

  36. Anonymous

    So what they lost because of that?

    Mybe the pistons had brain pressure in the previous two games because of this very fact??

    What ever happened to just playing the game for the fun of it?

  37. Anonymous



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