Game two in The Lone Star State: The Pistons vs. The Spurs

by | Jan 10, 2008 | 88 comments

The Pistons vs. The Spurs
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The Pistons need to win this one tonight to avoid a three game skid. Don’t think it’s going to be easy either, The Spurs play their best basketball at home. Though they have won just 5 of their last 10 games, The Champs are healthy and playing excellent basketball.

As for Pistons fans, lets see how the team plays tonight before we start to panic. The lackluster (and that’s putting it mildly) showing last night against The Mavericks along with the loss to The Celtics is enough to set our heads spinning, but it’s just two games people. Remember we were on a 11 game streak and that’s nothing to shake a finger at.

Another thing that will probably work against the Pistons is the fact that this one is being Nationally Televised on TNT. Tip off is a few minutes after 8 and if you need some Blaha, he’s doing the play by play on 1130 AM WDFN. Pistons fans are welcome to head into the Forum Chat Room as well as leaving comments live during the game.

Enjoy something AMIRZING to get you pumped.

Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and myTV20 Detroit

Lets Do This….


  1. Anonymous


  2. augustlady

    Let’s hope our guys actually show up tonight,enough of the histrionics and mental breakdowns!

    Deeetroit Basketballl!

  3. jess

    What an amazing behind the back by RIP and than he makes the shot with a follow up fast break by Tay with an and 1 and a takeaway by CB and a 3 by SHEEED!!!


  4. Amber

    Ahhhh, they’re back to playing like themselves. It feels good.

  5. Natalie

    Now that’s the way to comeback…

  6. jess

    That all happened with in maybe a minute and one after another by the way with no shots by SA and it also followed with a missed shot by SA and a make by DYESS!! everyone was involved! AMAZING!

  7. Natalie

    How about that 30-15 after the 1st, they didn’t look good to start Im defiantly pleased/

  8. mannie32

    woooooooooo 22-2 run to end the first… u can tell, prince is playing with a lot more heart… once he got a few baskets down, he’s been more aggresive, both on the offensive and defensive end… we need tay to play good 2 win ball games

  9. jess

    So am I. I dont wanna gauranSHEED this one too early but than again I kind of do. LOL

  10. Amber

    I’ll guaransheed it, Jess, lol.

  11. jess


  12. Natalie

    That’s the way to stick it in our Faces Tay. Good to see him back.

  13. jess

    Im lovin that Tay is involved real early. He’s doing great right now. 6-for-7 shooting!

  14. mannie32

    btw did u hear all the love from the TNT crew? barkely said pistons vs. spurs in teh finals is 70 to 80% most likely going to happen… kenny the jet went with 80% likely to happen… they preferred pistons’ experience and depth to boston’s team!
    i was really worried they were going to trash detroit after last night’s showing, but suprisingly enough they only had good things to say, i dont think they said one bad thing… also the commentators were saying we have the best starting 5… nice to see we’re getting some love

  15. Amber

    I love Barkley. I also expected them to say negative things based on last night, but surprisingly they didn’t. The most they did was tease Sheed about him not showering after the Boston game. We do have the best starting 5, no doubt. Probably the best bench too. SA’s starting 5 can’t even begin to compare.

  16. mannie32

    id say we do have the best strating 5, but i disagree that san antonio cant even compare… their starting 5 is pretty solid too… and at least on the offensive end, suns have a great starting 5… but in terms of full package, offense and defense? detroit for sure… but san antonio does come close… dont sleep on oberto, id love to have him on our side

  17. jess


  18. Amber

    I agree, Jess. Up 15 once again. I love the consistency.

  19. Natalie

    I am particularly happy for Tayshaun. I can only hope we come out in the second half with the same intensity.

  20. Steve

    I’ve been in class all night – just got home. Team N4S, someone please give me a quick recap of the first half! I know you’ll step up. πŸ™‚

  21. Steve

    P.S. I can see from the box score that Rip’s been on a tear so far, and Tay and Sheed are having great games too.

    It’s fun to see Ginobili at -22, too.

  22. Natalie

    Bad first 5 minutes…22 – 2 run to close the first quarter. Total dominance by the half and Tays BACK!

    All you need to know Steve.

    Sheeds doing a hell of a job too.

  23. mannie32

    – pistons started off slow
    – looked like it could be a repeat of last night
    – tayshaun misses a shot, big surprise
    – rasheed posts up several times, and san antonio has no answer
    – i see billups pulling tayshaun aside and saying something to him
    – prince starts attacking the baskets, no one can stop him… making and one plays
    – all of a sudden, everyone even down to trigger-happy jarvis hayes is electing to attack the basket instead of taking jump shots
    – then to add insult to injury, sheed hits a 3 pointer and tayshaun hits a long jump shot

    – oh and rasheed played great defense on tim duncan… i feel bad for u that u missed the first half

  24. Amber

    The game started out pretty slow. We weren’t doing very well, and I only expected it to get worse. SA had many opportunities to kick our asses, but luckily they suck. Nevertheless, I thought it was going to be a repeat of last night. I think we were down 5 at the most. Then, we started to work together, and all of a sudden we started kicking ass. Amazing plays, great teamwork, and much better offense. We played with energy and motivation. We ended the first quarter leading by 15, and now it’s halftime and our lead is once again 15.

  25. Anonymous

    this team always plays best when there’s a gun to their collective head.

  26. Steve

    Awesomeness… and thank you both for the information – I knew I could count on Team N4S!

    Once again I think I might get sucked into the game instead of doing other things like the reading I need to do.

  27. Amber

    You have to watch, Steve! It’ll be worth it. There are only two quarters left, not too much time.

  28. Steve

    That was a beautiful sequence, right there.

  29. Steve

    Ugh… a couple minutes and I’m already reminded why I absolutely DESPISE the Spurs’ ridiculously nerdy-sounding announcer! Ever since I saw their intros during the Finals in 04 it’s made me crazy every time we play there.

  30. Natalie

    We really need to start taking better shots….

    You said it Steve

  31. JESS


    Im not loving this half SO FAR, but Im not doubting the PISTONS either.

  32. mannie32

    damnit, spurs are playing like themselves again… this could turn into a dog fight… it’s also tempting saunders to play his starting 5 quite a lot in this game

  33. kc

    The first half was good. Don’t anyone be thinking that the Spurs are going to go quietly though. They won’t. Pistons need to keep up the team work and focus. Keep Parker quiet, Duncan in check, and don’t forget about Manu! if they want to stay in control of this game. Keep the pedal to the metal and don’t let up for a minute!!

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  34. Steve


    1st Half, 6-7 FGs
    2nd Half, 1-5 FGs

  35. Steve

    omg Maxey that was pathetic… and then the Spurs dunk… 7 point game… agh!

    At least the announcers are noting Flip’s inability to use his bench.

  36. jess

    A lousy third quarter. They need to step it up a little.

  37. Amber

    We’re just teasing them. πŸ˜‰

  38. Natalie

    He better start using them…C Bill Rip and Sheed all look winded.

    that Tay stat is alarming.

    Lock down in the 4th, Im expecting nothing less.

  39. Natalie

    Is that Lindsey I see?

  40. Steve

    Random note that’s more exciting than the Pistons third quarter… they make some funny looking candy bars in Israel, tho this thing is quite tasty. That is all.

  41. Steve

    Nice to see Mr. Hunter … who didn’t dress?

    I hate to mention this, and it’s clearly a game of a magnitude not anywhere near as close, but this whole second half at least is sort of reminding me of Game 7 in 2005.

    Tay’s now 1-6 in the half.

  42. jess

    Glad to see HUNTER!!!

  43. Amber

    I love Israel. I went there last summer.

  44. Steve

    “All right here come the Spuuuurs!”


    I think not.

    “Deeeeeeeeetroit Basketballlllll!”

    I think yes.

  45. jess

    Maxie’s not having a great night again? Maybe he doesnt favor the Lone Star State?!

  46. Steve


    Definitely a beautiful country… especially along the Mediterranean coast. The Dead Sea was amazing, too.

  47. mannie32

    im convinced ive brought good luck to prince and the pistons this game… im watching the game in my newly purchased prince jersey AND pistons shorts i ordered from!! wooo

    i love the way the pistons have responded thus far to the spurs little run

  48. Amber

    I loved the Dead Sea! I had so much fun there. I also liked riding camels. πŸ™‚

  49. Chuck

    I’m assuming Amir. He’s the only one I haven’t seen yet…

  50. Natalie

    Your probably right Chuck, that is truly upsetting.

  51. jess


  52. mannie32

    hunter never disappoints

  53. Steve

    Dyess couldn’t throw a beach ball in the ocean lately.

  54. Natalie

    Stuckey fell on the hand? I don’t buy it.

  55. jess


    Nat, did I miss something?

  56. Steve

    Tay Update…

    1st Half … 6-7 shooting
    2nd Half … 1-8 shooting

  57. jess

    Tay Update…

    1st Half … 6-7 shooting
    2nd Half … 2-8 shooting

  58. Steve

    2-9 πŸ™‚

  59. jess

    oops i knew that lol

  60. Steve

    Every time I see Ginobili it makes me think of Ocean’s 11/12/13. Might as well call him Manu Benedict.

  61. jess

    Sheed seems pretty HAPPY, dancing after that timeout! A HAPPY SHEED MAKES A HAPPY ME!!

  62. Steve

    Nice dunkness from Sheed.

  63. jess


  64. Amber

    We woonnnnn. πŸ™‚

  65. el patron himself, Raul A. Mora

    And the ‘Stons get one W in the bag ladies and gents! It was a good hustle by the team. Too bad McDiggity fouled out. But it was good to see the Prince get some groove back, and ‘Sheed was pretty consistent. I loved his dunk at the end of the game, with authority, some rage even.

    I know I said it’d have been healthy to lose 3 in a row… I take that back, I guess two in a row would suffice for the ‘Stons to get back in rhythm.

    One thing I liked was how Chauncey didn’t let Tony Longoria pick up momentum. That was good. Hunter going bananas all over Manu made in MaNO this game.

    GO PISTONS… Let’s now take Chris Paul to school on the next game against Charlotte!!!!!!

  66. mannie32

    wooooo… great game
    critics might say we played the starters too many minutes… but u know what? i stroooongly disagree… we’ve played the bench all season, including last night when we even busted out hermann in the second quarter… after losing 2 straight games, i think saunders did the right thing and allowed our starters to prove to themselves that they can still win games if they really want to… this is a game he handed over to the starters and said, take ur revenge… i think he did the right thing. so long as these minutes dont become a habit, i dont mind if it happens once in a while… our starters deserved it

  67. Natalie

    Love the Sheed Dance…

    What you missed was Craig S explaining the reason they activated Hunter because Stuckey fell on the hand in the Dallas game.

    They why did he play at all?

    Big win, I feel better now!

    You know whats coming…

    A SHEEDTASTIC Recap in the AM

  68. jess

    Tony Longoria!?!?


  69. jess

    In the DALLAS game?? Im confused. Why did he play in the first half??

  70. Tessa

    great game =]

    but wtf is up with amir not dressing? i’m glad to see lindsey, but amir?? seriously?? kinda puts a damper on the game for me…

  71. Anonymous


    can ANYone answer me that???


    still good game.. just wish i saw more of afflalo and johnson!

  72. Anonymous

    Chris Paul doesn’t play for Charlotte, lol.

  73. mannie32

    haha he plays for the hornets tho, which used to be in charlotte… i guess he was close enough? lol

  74. Anonymous

    LOL, you know what I forgot the Hornets used to play in Charlotte but it’s cool though. Just some humor between piston fam. πŸ™‚

  75. mannie32

    lol im sure they’ll change this, but has screwed up bad on the game summary:

    “SAN ANTONIO (AP) — Ben Wallace had 23 points and 15 rebounds and the Detroit Pistons bounced back from a loss the previous night to beat the San Antonio Spurs 90-80 on Thursday. “

  76. el patron himself, Raul A. Mora

    You’re all right…

    MY BAD!!!!!

    It’s NEW ORLEANS, what the hell was I thinking? Freudian Slip right there – After all, there used to be such a thing as the Charlotte Hornets…

    I guess I’m missing the days when we used to duke it out with Muggsy Bogues LOL!!!!!!

    Thanks to the annonimous and mannie32 for noticing the blunder and jess, I’m glad you liked the TONY LONGORIA remark :o)…

    Smile ‘Stones fans… we’re out of the funk!!!!!!

  77. Anonymous

    lol, Freudian Slip I used to say that whenever I made a mistake. It’s kind of a geeky joke, but my mom got a good laugh out of it. Anywho, good game guys. I don’t care if our starters played a lot of minutes. They needed to play more minutes after that Dallas game. I β™₯β™₯ Lindsey Hunter!!! I’m gonna miss it when he leaves for good. He need to teach Stuckey all his best moves before he retires. Oh yeah, I want to see more Afflalo. πŸ™‚

  78. Gabe

    Careing about a team is an emotional roller coaster. I was dispondant after the Mavs game. I cursed the players,and was convinced that a major regression was taking place both on the court and in the locker room. One game later and all seems right. I was beggining to have my doubt about sheed and chauncy, my 2 favorite players. It looked like they lost their wheels, like they couldn’t hit that extra gear any more. I apologize for my hasty judgement. Tayshuan played great, sheed was a monster, chauncy was in complete control, and rip was rip. What a relief

  79. Gabe

    And as imprtant as anything Lindsey was a game changer. He always comes to play, and I admire and respect him. His D stopped the spurs run. Who knows what might have been otherwise.

  80. the fluidics

    that was a well played game, and a lot easier to watch than last nights train wreck.

  81. Anonymous

    steve – Amir was deactivated in favor of Hunter. Flip chose Brezec/Herrmann over him. I understand Herrmann, but Brezec? Please. The kid won’t play this year. Flip’s treating him like crap.

    Nat – That follow-up dunk by Amir was funny. Brezec jumped with him, couldn’t jump fast enough nor high enough to even bother the kid. His head only came up to Amir’s shoulders.

    Great game from Sheed, 23 and 15 tonight.

  82. Richie

    I can’t believe the first comment on this post. I’m really sick of reading ludicris trade suggestions in all Caps.
    +Disturbing lull in mid-game
    +Good start and great finsih
    +Heavy minutes for the starters of both teams- they both knew this would be a big game.
    +Lack of bench use upset me a lot (Only 7 players who played 7 minutes or more)
    +Lindsey was the man in his 6:53- 2 steals, a huge 3, a fast break layup, drew a charge on vaught and a jumpball of a Ginobli deflection. 2-2 from the line. That’a boy, Lindsey!

  83. coinboy

    At last a win! I never lost confidence with this team, cause i think losing is part of the game and you can’t win it all although we all badly want them to win the championship. I was quite annoyed with all the trade suggestions from the previous posts, oh come on we already have a good team we just need to have faith with them. And damn those sports writers/pundits whatsoever they just changes their opinion as often as Pamela Anderson changes her partner. For sure at the end of the day when the Pistons win the ‘ship they will be praising them like they’ve rooting for them from since the beginning. Cheers everyone!

  84. g

    Living in Texas, that was the first time I’ve ever seen the Pistons win a game live! Man that was sweet. The only down points were the two badly missed dunks by Max!

    I guess Amir didn’t expect to drop out of the 12 and so didn’t pack his suit, because I didn’t see him on the sideline. Putting in Hunter was a good decision, but it’s weird that the two new guys both got to dress in lieu of Amir.

  85. Anonymous

    Did anyone else hear at halftime them talking about how Rasheed Wallace has the potential and skill to be one of the best players to play in the NBA (not really a suprise if your a sheed fan). I swear they had everything good to say about the Pistons last night.

  86. Natalie

    Muggsy Bogues…

    A Blast from the past EL… and just so you know I am always getting confused by the Charlotte move..

    Amen…. Fluidics


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