Who Got Served?

by | Jan 7, 2008 | 21 comments

I was hoping for a Pistons win over the Celtics because it would have made this rendition of Sheed’s pre game dance that much better. I had a feeling he was going to come strong with something new considering the game and all, but little did I know he was going to bust out some vintage break dance moves. In fact it sparked a memory for me so I looked up the credits for Breakin 2 Electric Boogaloo and sure enough there he was.

Breakin 2 Electric Boogaloo
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Too bad the Pistons got served, but at least now I know the perfect gift for Sheed, though I am sure he doesn’t need it.

Video Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and myTV20 Detroit


  1. claire

    sheed’s done it again haha. I love his pregame dance.

  2. Anonymous

    sheed should let flip saunders do the dance just one time. that will be great!!

  3. Richie

    Well, we were outplayed, but not out-danced!

  4. Natalie

    Hey Thor: Don’t know what happend to you over there but I’m sorry.

    I forgot to ask you how your Radio Stint went?

    I didn’t get a chance to catch what you said because I was on my way to the game. Thanks for all the support!

  5. Anonymous

    WTF? That’s retarded.

  6. liz

    ^^ your face is retarded.

  7. James

    LOL Nice comeback liz? Why would you go to anon332’s face is retarded if you cant see them? That’s 2nd grade stuff.

  8. jC--23

    OMG Nat I can’t believe you’re familiar with “Breakin'”! I love both movies (1 & 2) and for a while thought I was one of the few people who had seen the two flicks.. I guess I was wrong.. Love the picture! Crackup.. Thanks for uploading the video aswell.. Peace, jC

  9. Anonymous

    lol, I love Sheed. He’s is so funny. I know yall don’t like Flip Murrary, but man that dude looks good in a suite. GOSH!!! WOOOOOO!!! he really does. I want him to stay just so I can see him wear those suites.

  10. Anonymous


    haha ANYWAYSSS

    i looove the way when theyre about to all go to the center of the huddle.. they all give a little sheed dance by slapping their knees haha.. we’re soo unique :]

  11. Anonymous

    ^my bad i forgot to mention that flips just not my type of guyy lol

  12. Anonymous

    lol, he doesn’t have to be your type of guy because he’s not mine either, but I mean he looks kinda cute in that suite. Super Duper was cute as well in his suite. Maybe I went a little overboard, but still he was looking a little hot, lol.

  13. Anonymous

    ummm we all know that chauncey looks the best in a suite…seriously. damn. And rips a close second…a very close second. Detroit’s backcourt is just hot in dress attire.

  14. ayjay009

    wheres Billups, Hamilton, Prince & McDyess???i want them to join too!!lol
    and oh yeah DETROIT PISTONS are still better than CELTICS[period]

    go PISTONS!!!!!

  15. Anonymous

    omg Chauncey is soooo hott!! ahahah. He’s adorable.

    And Rip is Cute =]

  16. ayjay009

    DETROIT PISTONS hate list :

    #1 BOSTON CELTICS [i hate em now]

    #2 CHICAGO BULLS [2-0][DP’s first loss this season]

    #3 CLEVELAND CAVALIERS [i still remember from last season]

    go PISTONSSS!!

  17. Anonymous

    okk let me just point out that it is spelled SUIT..suite is the special room you get at hotels… suit is the one you wear.. ha just thought id say it cause it was kindaa bugging me


    13 days lefttttt!


  18. Dom

    yeah i was at the game that dance was classic i loved it but what i don’t love is how bostons gonna be spoon fed like the whole month of january and feb…http://www.nba.com/celtics/schedule/
    new jersey
    portland-maybe a loss
    new york
    orlando-loss to them once
    and finally dallas

    possibly might loose 2

  19. Anonymous

    hahaha )))cool )))


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