Bostons ends the Streak

by | Jan 6, 2008 | 46 comments

The Pistons had their chances in the fourth quarter, but couldn’t get it done Saturday night at The Palace against The Celtics. The Celtics extended their winning streak, which started after losing to Detroit at home, to nine games. The Pistons must start a new one of their own. The season series between the two best teams in the East is now even at one, with the last game to be played in Boston on March 5th.

Key Points:

  • Second chance points killed The Pistons.
  • 50-36, I knew it was bad, but I was shocked when I looked at the rebounding totals in the box score. That war was lost badly.
  • The Palace was truly rocking in the first half. I am a bit disappointed with Pistons fans not being louder in the second.
  • The Celtics Bench stood up almost the entire fourth quarter, it clearly meant a lot to them. And if I have to see Paul Pierce POP his jersey one more time I’m going to hurl. WE GET IT PAUL, YOU PLAY FOR BOSTON.
  • “They’re a little more happy than we were when we won our game at their place,” Chauncey Billups said. “It was just a regular game for us with two good teams playing. They were kind of playing like it was the Super Bowl.
  • Like I always say, you miss things when you are at the game, but one thing I didn’t was that Jason Maxiell’s block on Kevin Garnett was clearly good. I love it that Maxie got a tech and Garnett can say or do whatever he wants…He clearly stepped to Jason first after it happened.
  • I love McDyess, but he was a dud last night and Maxiell was HOT. Please tell me why Flip didn’t ride the hot hand. We know the players do it on the floor, why didn’t our coach? It was Jason who sparked the Pistons to a 17-0 run in the first. He finished with 13 points on 5-for-6 shooting, 4 boards, a steal and 2 (I’m counting the Garnett foul block).
Jason Maxiell
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  • Another game where The Pistons let someone like Glen Davis have a career night. I can’t count the number of times that’s happened in the past few seasons. Come on guys, he was getting hot….stop him. Big Baby finished with a career high 20 in 23 minutes.
  • I knew when the refs blew the first call of the game.. I think it was double dribble that wasn’t called on Boston, that it was going to be a long night. This team of stripes blew! Though I would love to say they screwed the Pistons, they were just horrible in general both ways.
  • We could have used some scoring from Prince, who went 3-for-12 and didn’t exactly contain Pierce (19). Tay still had a solid night with 7 points, 6 boards and 7 assists. The alley oop he got down in the first looked impossible.
  • Highlights of the game.
  • When Garnett was in the game, Boston outscored Detroit by 23. When the he was on the bench,the Pistons outscored the Celtics by 16.
  • Yes it was a bad three that Chauncey threw up to try to pull this one out, but you can’t blame the loss on him. Had it went in…we would have been praising him.
  • 38 points in the paint for Boston to 14 for Detroit. Now that’s an ugly stat.
  • “Thanks for coming,” Posey yelled to the fans behind the visitors bench, using his loudest, most sing-songy voice.”Adios! See ya,” Posey said, mocking the Detroit fans by pretending to wipe tears from his eyes. “What’s the score?”And to end it all off, Posey threw in one more insult, intoning the “Deeeee-troit basketball!” rally cry that Palace p.a. announcer John Mason has made his signature. Via ESPN
  • Are you kidding me James….you scored 3 points, go sit next to Brian Scalabrine.
  • Season high 4 blocks for Sheed, but my count is 5 for the Garnett block that was called a foul. Sheed was hot and bothered when the calls weren’t going the Pistons way, but he managed not to get a tech. RA finished with 16 points and 8 boards in 36 minutes not to mention some top notch defense.
Sheed and Garnett
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  • The Pistons biggest lead of the night was 12, while Boston’s was 7. The game was tied 8 times with 6 lead changes.
  • You can attribute The Pistons offensive woes to Boston’s defense.
  • Boston’s bench outscored The Pistons 39-23
  • Paul Pierce walked off the court and announced that Boston is the best team in the league. By numbers…yes, but don’t let that comment kick you in the ass come playoff time, because here in Detroit we will keep you to it.
  • Rasheed was so upset that he left the Palace in his sweats without showering or talking to the media.
  • Heated game..Techs for Doc Rivers, Kendrick Perkins, Chauncey Billups and Jason Maxiell.
  • Free throw misses down the stretch by Billups and Hamilton, just plain weird.
  • From reading everyone’s comments this loss was hard to take. I’m not that upset, it’s the regular season, I worry about the playoffs. Sure I would have loved for our boys to have pulled this one out, but you can’t win them all.
  • Rip led the team again, with 18 points, 8 assists and 4 boards. When his first shot didn’t go down I was a bit worried considering how hot he’s been. He’s sure making his push for the All Star team.
Richard Hamilton
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  • Ugly: McDyess was a -15 for the game on 2-for-6 shooting and five boards. The two quick fouls in the first could have thrown him off his game, he eventually fouled out.
  • Big minutes for the starters.
  • 39.2% shooting for Detroit – 41.9% for the Celtics.
  • 6 Pistons turnovers to Bostons 13.
  • Was this game reminiscent to the Pistons playoff struggles? Michael Rosenberg of the Freep thinks so.
  • I would have like to see a little Lindsey, but he was on the bench in a particularly nice suit. I’m not too upset since Stuckey did a fine job with 6 points, 3 boards and a steal in 12 minutes.
  • Primos Brezec, just call him Greg Louganis, in his 3 minutes on court, he managed to dive into the sideline for ball. Dude is going to really hurt himself.
  • Did I miss anything from the broadcast besides Mr. Blaha getting annoyed with the Referees just like the fans did?
  • Big week for the Pistons, who will take on Dallas on Wednedsay and the Spurs Thursday.


  1. Anonymous

    bla bla bla the celtics are babies. the refs stinked. they think to high of themselves and its going 2 bite them in the butts come playoff time.

  2. Anonymous

    It’s clear that the league wanted boston to win this game. Can you tell me why three veteran officials weren’t assigned to this game? The game was too big for the three that attempted to hold control of this one! As for Paul Pierce, you better thank Ray Allen for bringing KG, cause refused a trade to boston until Ray was shipped there! He didn’t want to play with you and a bunch of D-League players! See you in March!

  3. Anonymous

    Did the league also make us have horrible offense? Come on guys, we can take the blame for not doing very well. No need to blame others. It was a bad game, we could have done better but we didn’t. I know the refs werent the greatest, some calls I questioned…but that is to be expected. Sheed said awhile back we try to get a 10 point lead in the 3rd quarter because you never know what the refs calls will be like. But we had opportunities to win and we did not. Still not impressed by Boston. By the playoffs time it wont matter with Boston. Theyre young, get overexcited very easily, and all of this has already gone to their heads……which in return will also bite them in the asses.

  4. johnnyb

    hey everybody – let me tell you this . i watched the game with two boston fans . until about two months ago, these cats didn’t know what a basketball looked like . top it off – i live on the east coast , and had to listen to tommy heinson commentate . he talked about McDyess like he was 63 years old . he dissed ‘Sheed all night . he talked about Glen Davis like he was bill russell . hahaha, can you tell i need to vent ? but natalie’s right – we’re tied up now, one game a piece . we need to get some earlier offense , something going to the basket . too many quick , long jumpers . i fully expect tay to have a better game next time , so i’m not worried about him . but damn, the rebounding was bad . we did get out-worked . that’s where the game was won . i look at it like this : these games between us and boston were won one half at a time by both teams. if we adjust to that pick and roll they were running with pirce and davis, hit the glass harder , and make the extra pass like we were in the first half , we can win the next game in boston, and beatthem in the playoffs .

  5. Anonymous

    without 2 vets we still only lose by 6 wait till playoffs when the whole team is playing

  6. Anonymous


    do you happen to have a video of max’s tech? I had to work and didnt get to watch that part of the game. And id love another reason to dislike garnett right now

  7. claire

    The Celtics’ main guys didn’t play much in the beginning of the game due to foul trouble, so they were more rested than the Pistons’ starters in the 4th quarter (tired legs gotta affect the game, right?).

    With this loss, I hope the Pistons either feel like “shit, we could’ve won this one again if we did this and that” or “to hell with those green aliens!! they’re gonna have to step over my dead body next time if they wanna win!!”

    Btw, Chauncey’s quite the comedian. His “Super Bowl” comment cracked me up but big props to the Pistons for not celebrating like they saved the Earth from invading Martians after they won a couple weeks ago. How mature and classy! Of course the same thing can’t be said about a certain “number 1” team.

    And Paul Pierce, where do I begin?? He’s such a talented individual and a savior to basketball fans around the universe *giggles*. Without him, basketball is not the same anymore because obviously, Rip and Sheed aren’t gonna start popping jerseys for you. But seriously, Paul Pierce should shut the hell up so people won’t find out that he’s stupid. And reality check, Pierce, you ain’t shit without KG and Ray Allen! How many games did you win with the Celtics last year, when KG and Ray Allen were not there??? yea, that’s what I thought. Go sit down.

    And James Posey? Who the hell is James Posey again? Oh that guy who rides on KG’s coattail. Well, there you go, Pistons fans. Boston’s finest class act.

  8. Steve

    Don’t think you missed anything else from the broadcast, Nat.

    Anything that piqued my interest got captured in the live blog as best as I could.

  9. uyen

    Paul Pierce and James Posey show what kind of class Boston players are. After we won Toronto, Rodney Stuckey who is a rookie was asked about their 11th win by Fox news- his respond was “we take one game at a time”. How well this kid can articulate himself and not let things go to his head. Paul Pierce and Boston hasn’t done shit since they drafted his ass so Mr. Pierce for the record until you and your Boston Celtics have accomplish something worth mentioning I suggest you keep your mouth shut. One final note Mr. Pierce, KG came to Boston and became the franchise player. What does that say about you? Nothing b/c you did nothing for Boston when you were there and it took two new players to make your team good at best.

  10. Haley

    I think the Pistons is the better team between Boston. Everybody knows that when the Pistons are on their game we can beat the Celtics. I give credit to the Celtics ( except for Posey for mocking our fans and our great John Mason )for beating a great team. “It was just a regular game for us with two good teams playing. They were kind of playing like it was the Super Bowl.” In my opinion I think Chauncey was exactly right. I just hope the Pistons play like it was the Super Bowl in the play offs becuase I know we can beat the Celtics!

  11. claire

    I forgot to add something, I’ve been reading that Boston still has room to grow while Detroit is already peaked so we can’t improve anymore. I also heard the commentators saying the same thing last night (they were not Blaha and company). They were saying how the Celtics haven’t been together for a long time, so they still need time to bond or some crap like that. A piece of advise, “team chemistry” has Detroit Pistons written all over it. We’ve accomplished that long ago. Well, for their information, the Pistons got 2 rookies and an emerging all-star that is Jason Maxiell (yea, the guy that clean-blocked your god, KG, but the refs gave him a foul because they didn’t wanna make the Celtic god angry). So we can still grow, suckers!

    I can’t express how proud I am of this team. They’re damn good and they’re not stupid, whereas the Celtics are damn good but a bit on the stupid side, thanks to Pierce and Posey. Posey’s act made me think that he was in a school’s playground, bullying people. But you know what kids do to bullies who act like Posey? They throw sand in his face! I would pay to see Sheed throw basketballs at Posey “by accident.” Kinda like a little message: “hey, quit day-dreaming, son! We got a game to play!” But then again, Posey was on the bench most of the time.

  12. Anonymous

    I wish that we won this game.
    Our 1st quarter was great…I hope the whole team watches the film to see what they did to go on a 17-0 run.

    It would of been nice to win this one, but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

    I am a little worried, though about the post-season. I hope more than anything that we beat this team.

    I think the Pistons are regreting not winning last season. If the Celtics weren’t in the East, I GARUNSHEED that the Pistons would for sure be in the Finals.


  13. Natalie

    Maxie’s clean block is now linked in the Post.

    Thanks again Steve.

    Uyen: I feel you…

    Hey Claire, how’s the injury?

  14. Anonymous

    I miss Lindsey and Arron Afflalo

    Rodney STuckey, Jarvis Hayes and Primoz Brezec should never be on the floor at the same time. Horrible defense.

    How many games has Chauncey threw up a bad 3 in the 4th that cost us big. (No I wouldn’t have praised him had it gone it, would have called it dumb either way)

  15. Anonymous

    WOWWW if thats seriously the way the celtics are going to handle a win over the pistons.. then im proud of our last victory against them AND our loss last night!

    they could not be more immature .. ESPECIALLY posey! thats just a disgrace to their team! the pistons did nooo such thing when we won against them !

    obviously their loss against us a couple of games back REALLY effected them and has been bothering them.. i really think theyve had it on their minds since every announcer of games has been talking about detroit is the best team in the east right now.. butttt whateverrrr we were obviously a big threat to them ANDDD the better team game-wise and sportsmanship-wise so its alll goooood!

    i know we can beat them.. and we will

    ps.. vote for PISTON ALL STARSSS !

    14 days left!


  16. Anonymous

    im not gonna let this game phase me ..especially with the way they acted afterwards!! i meann.. happy much????

    but then again, i guess i would be too.. i mean they just beat the best team in the east haha

    when we beat them we acted like they were just another team.. we didnt pop our jerseys and shout at the crowd haha i meann how desperate can you get??? when you start shouting at fans.. you just look dumb! theres no doubt in my mind now that we are the better team.. i used to think they were on our level because of the 3 guys they had..but when they act like that.. they’re LOW in my book..

  17. Anonymous

    Have a feeling Joe D is gonna trade for a better big man, no way we can win a championship without a big post presence other than Dyess Sheed and Maxiell.


    I get Tayshaun needs touches but I’m tired of him just standing around when no one specifically tells him he needs to score, he totally eliminates himself from getting points.


    I loved seeing how hard Antonio McDyess took this game, (camera showed him throwing something down at the end) As much as I love Dyess he needs to be more than a pick and pop shooter (I know there’s no more Denver Dyess but still I want more from my favorite player, and I know he does a lot)

    Even better was hearing about how hard Rasheed was taking the loss, I’m sad their sad, but I like seeing some passion from him.

    Sheed needs to stop shooting safe turnaround jumpers and get in the paint.

    If Flip Saunders doesn’t start practicing defense more with his team I’m gonna get really annoyed.

  18. Anonymous

    This is reminiscent of our playoff struggles, from Big Baby, to being outhustled, heck even to our making the excuse it’s not them, it’s us. I’m kinda over that excuse.

    I’m STILL not sold on our bench, other than Maxiell and Lindsey (Afflalo a little bit.) We already have a lot of offensive weapons, how about getting some D from our bench, 2nd quarter was when we really lost this game, when the bench was out there, getting beat like they stole something and allowed Boston’s bench to get them back in the game. Jarvis (shooter- nothing else) Stuckey (shooter and passer- nothing else. Primoz (enthusiasm maybe more I don’t know) Amir (doesn’t get minutes to get in any kind of rhythm)etc Need more defense from our bigs and help on d as well from the guards AND ESPECIALLY TAYSHAUN WHO IS SO FREAKIN SOFT.

    Wonder how many excuses we’re going to hear til Wednesday? Let’s see

  19. Anonymous

    I know we are all sad that they are lost…but they are tiied at one apiiece now…and the piistons wiill go to boston and beat there and then come playoff tiime boston wiill be cryiing and feeliing stuppiid when the piistons beat them…oh and the celtiics have no class whatsoever…james posey who do you thiink you are…3 poiints, ur nobody…ur just on that team because miiamii couldnt stand you and i dont know how anyone would want you on theiir team….i know i wouldnt….anyway nataliie is riight we wiill know who the reall wiinner is come playoff tiime and beliieve me its the piistons….we cant let anyone tell us boston is the better team or they wiill wiin in the fiinals….when playoff tiime comes we wiill be the ones that were riight…all detroiit baby…and paul piierce always poppiing hiis jersey wow hes so get some class before we play you agaiin…we dont wanna play sore losers…Its DETROIIT BASKETBALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!

  20. Anonymous


  21. Andrew

    i was thinking that myself. mcdyess was struggling, esp cuz he didn’t get to play that much. i think that saunders should have definitely put maxiell in for diggity. i was really worried looking at the celtics play yesterday. once they get a half decent coach, they’ll really be good. Of course, that could be offset by saunders learning how to manage a game and make on the fly changes (like carlisle and brown used to do). nonetheless, i’m not that worried. if two possessions went differently, we would have won it and posey would have not opened his big fat mouth. anyways,
    like always pro job on the recap.

  22. Anonymous

    posey ur a nobody, a loser who sucks at basketball
    go home no1 likes u
    i would be suprised if anybody on earth has ur jeresey- actually they prbly dont even make posey jerseys cuz U SUCK
    And paul pierce can suck my cock, hes not a great player. great players are ones like lebron james who lead thier sucky teams to great things not 1 of the legues wworst records
    they play a pussy schedule
    fuck the damn celtics

  23. mobius909

    blaming the refs is a bit weak… we had three starters go ice cold, end of story.

    nat, you missed mahorn talk about LA’s “booty shorts”… that’s about it.

  24. Anonymous

    When was the last time Tayshaun made a jumpshot? Seriously, I’m not joking

  25. Natalie

    Mobius909: You can’t just say “Booty Shorts” and not elaborate.

  26. Anonymous

    Posey is pond scum,who cares what he thinks?

    Would of been nice to get the win,but can’t let it get to them,be ready for this tough back- to- back out west!

  27. augustlady

    Here’s hoping the guys don’t let this get to them,need to regroup for wednesday.Big back to back coming up!

    Go stones!

  28. Anonymous

    I liked how the refs (for the most part) let the teams play, and they were playing physical

  29. Anonymous

    I’m worried that during the playoffs, there’s going to be another player who completely beats us (like big baby or BOOBIE)

    I wish we could of won this game, but I am happy we beat them in Boston because we did not let them get that best home record thing


  30. Anonymous

    I will be getting tickets to the boston-detroit game in march and i cant wait! This will be my first NBA game ever and i have third row seats. I hope there will be lots more pistons fans going…hopefully there are more pistons fans in New England other than me. Although right now, everybody and their dog is a celtics fan in New England. I didnt see any last year though…weird, huh?

  31. Anonymous

    McDyess loser baaaaack C-Webb pleazzzzzze

  32. Anonymous

    Boston Sucks Jason Maxiell da MAN!!!

  33. Anonymous

    the funny thing is…i believe Detroit is going 2 go all the way, because we learned not to disrespect teams. And since Boston is good i think we are going 2 bring our A+ game during the playoffs. Best thing about this loss….i think we are going 2 fly under te radar again, no one in the media is going 2 be talking about us (i c this as a good thing) and we would be playing Detroit basketball again.

    I don’t know about u but does Stuckey sound like a 5-year veteran player?? I like how this kid carries himself and this is like his 8th game. I really like this kid, even though he did make rookie mistakes he made the shots that mattered and made some good plays. I LOVE THIS TEAM!!!!!!

    LET’S GO PISTONS AND LET’S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2007-2008 IT’S OUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALL BOUT DETROIT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Richie

    Alright, I feel that it’s time we all just stopped and took a breath. For the last 11 games we were on cloud nine, and had little to nothing negative to say about our team. They lose this game by 7 points (really it was 5 points but we fouled at the very end to get the ball back for 2 seconds and they made their free throws) and now we’re in panic and dismay.
    We fans of this site, after that one loss are suddenly:
    +Accusing Chauncey of throwing the game (I almot fell out of my chair when I read that)
    +Saying our team doesn’t have any post presence
    +Badmouthing our bench
    +Chastizing Tayshaun because he had one bad defense game (though he was still pretty productive- 7 pts, 6 rb, 7 ast)
    +Saying that Sheed posting up and taking turn around jumpers is a BAD thing (?!?!?! SINCE WHEN?)
    +Accusing Chauncey of frequently taking bad clutch shots

    Look people, it’s just one game. If this whole game went the same way, except chauncey hit that 3 at the end and we made a few more free throws and ended up with the win we’d still be on cloud nine. Instead we’re letting this loss throw us into dismay. The players can handle it, I think we should take some pressure off of them and show that we can handle it too.

    For the Reccord
    +Tayshaun had a flying block at the end of December, I’m not sure who it was on, but it was well after the block on Nate Robinson.
    +Tayshaun’s half hook has been a consistant shot for him for a while not- in fact he hit one against the Celtics (I’m not sure who asked when he last hit a jumper or why)
    +Chauncey Billups = Mr. Big Shot. Why? Because he’s not afraid to take big shots in clutch. Does he make them everytime? No. Has he made A LOT of them? Yes. Is he willing to accept the responsibility that comes with those shots? YES.

    I could go on, but my basic point is that we need to do our jobs as fans and support our players, not belittle them over a single loss. There are TWO Eastern teams that beat the Pistons so far- TWO. I don’t think all this panic is anywhere near justifiable.

  35. Tessa

    richie, I agree 100%. No one was saying anything bad when we were winning, now one loss (to the team with the best record in the league, who we already beat once this season on their home floor) and people are criticising everything they do. There were some bad choices made, but that doesn’t mean its time turn on our players (i still don’t understand the thing about chauncey throwing the game). We’ll see boston at least once more this season, maybe an entire series, and I really feel like we can beat them 4 out of 7 games.

  36. Tom

    I think that Maxi Block was definitely clean as well, but he did mouth something at Garnett after. That is why he got up in his face. I was glad to see him doing it though. Sometimes you have to tell those who think they are the shit that you have there number. I like to think that the comment at him was down the lines of “don’t bring that weak shit in here.” Go MAX!!!!

  37. Anonymous

    I really hate to say it, but refs really do try to decide games. They made sure to keep Boston in it. Im not just talking about our games though. Its other teams as well. When there is “super stars” and certain ratings, they do their “job.” Im not sure if any of you have heard of the ‘Vegas Bets’ but those are huge and NBA refs know all about them.

    And if anyone wants to bring up the 11 game win streak and how we got that far, its because most of them were won before the forth quarter sometimes before halftime and the refs couldnt really change things at that point and not too many of those games we played with the BIG “super stars” anyway (Im not saying they werent competitive teams though). But they definitley kept Boston in this one.

  38. jess

    Anon 10:59

    I agree with that. Everyone knows that refs can change a game in any which way they wanted to if the wanted to and if there was enough time.

  39. Anonymous

    I hate to be a hater at this point, but we as Piston fans try to blame a lot of other people for why we dont win… “Refs do this, refs do that…” But what we tend to forget is the play of our guys. Yes, we have had to go through a lot of superstars… Miami’s Shaq and D-Wade, Clevelands LeBron, and now Bostons Big 3… When it comes down to it, YES Refs werent the best… That doesnt stop San Antonio from winning… Seems to me the Pistons have just crumbled in the Playoffs. I love the Pistons, i truly do… But, sometimes we need to take a step back and say “both teams played hard.”

    AKA- #1 Dyess Fan

  40. BIG Poppa RYE


  41. Anonymous

    Most boston fans are in there own lil worlds anyways. many didn’t know what a basketball was until they heard they got someone named “the big ticket” and decided to jump on the wagon and buy a ticket! Detroit WILL overcome this and learn from it as they always do. by the time play-offs come they will find a stategy to shut down all celtics, including “big baby fat”! EAST FINALS YO

  42. Detroit 2 hot 2 handle

    I watched the game on the internet, stayed up until 5.30 am. I went over to P2P. All this for saying that I watched the game with the Boston play by play announcers. They really pissed me off. They cry for every little non-call. I hate that.

    Well after the loss, I went to bed and couldn’t sleep until like 6.30. I was so mad, I wanted to go outside and play basketball.

  43. James

    Honestly, the most frustrating thing for me about this loss was that I had to watch it on the Boston Celtics local feed. WHAT THE HELL IS NBA LEAGUE PASS DOING! I really wish they would stick to some kind of guideline for using feeds.

    At the beginning of the season, it was 99% of the time the home team’s local network feed.

    But this is the 5th pistons home game that I’ve watched on league pass that had the away teams local feed.

    If you think this game was frustrating to watch, just try watching it while listening to two crappy broadcasters with thick crappy boston accents talking about how solid of a job the refs were doing and how obvious some of the “fouls” were on Detroit.

    Blaha and Kelser may be homers, but at least they aren’t completely irrational.

  44. Anonymous

    I feel yall, I had to watch it while listening to Boston commentators. It was so horrible. They accused the Pistons of hacking the Celtics. They were mad because more foul calls were called on Boston, but then they said that Boston had shot more free throws. OOOOOOO!!! It was so horrible listening to those guys. They were saying that Detroit has been together for so long and that they had reached their peak and that Boston can only get better. They talk like Pierce, Allen, and Garnett are 22 years old. Those guys are just as old as the guys on the Piston roster. I’m tired of the Boston talk. Half of those fans cared nothing about that team until KG came with Ray Allen.

    I have mad respect for all three players especially KG, but Pierce needs to shut up. Before KG came he barely seemed to play for Boston at all. Wasn’t it just lst year when they were on a 17 game losing streak. Now Pierce is acting like he’s some kind of savior to that team. To me it seems as if they care more about KG than they do Pierce. SHOOT!!! without KG and Allen Boston is nothing because Pierce was clearly not getting it done by himself. Now everyone wants to be a Boston fan and those Boston fans that had been curled up since Larry Bird left come creeping out of. I’m tired of it. LET’S GO DETROIT!!! Don’t let Boston stand in our way of getting to the Finals this year. I’ve had enough of the half stepping. It’s time to take it all home. Do it for McDiggity!!!


  45. Anonymous

    This blog tends to be drinking the Maxiell Cool-Aide… but this is getting a bit out of control.

    Jason Maxiell: 29 minutes 1 blk, 4 rebounds.

    Where’s the defense!? We need boards from Maxiell when he’s out there.


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  • Chauncey Billups
  • Rodney Stuckey
  • Brandon Knight
  • Tayshaun Prince
  • Richard Hamilton
  • Jason Maxiell
  • Tracy McGrady
  • Will Bynum
  • Austin Daye
  • Chris Wilcox
  • Dajuan Summers
  • Peyton Siva
  • Kim English
  • Terrico White
  • Josh Harrellson
  • Charlie Villanueva
  • Vernon Macklin
  • Viacheslav Kravtsov
  • Ben Gordon
  • Ben Wallace
  • Isiah Thomas
  • Maurice Cheeks
  • Lawrence Frank
  • John Kuester
  • Chuck Daly
  • Bill Laimbeer
  • Joe Dumars