Someone’s Streak Must End: Pistons – Celtics

by | Jan 5, 2008 | 65 comments

The Detroit Pistons vs The Boston Celtics
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Both teams want this one badly don’t believe for one minute they don’t. Expect a battle from both teams with a playoff like atmosphere. Detroit goes into the game with a 11 game streak and Boston is on a 8 game winning streak of their own. In fact the last time Boston lost was to Detroit in their own building. The Celtics want revenge and The Pistons want to show that they are the better team. Both teams will play hard!

My Good friends Bennie and Jeff have moved to a new show called Game Day Live with Bennie and Jeff on Saturdays at News Radio WOOD 1300 AM in Grand Rapids. They are going to have George Blaha on to get his perspective on Pistons-Celtics match up and then yours truly will be on the show to get my take on The Showdown in Motown. You can head over there and listen to the show Live from 5:00-6:30 PM before the game.

If you want to talk Pistons with Bennie and Jeff on air, give them a call and you might be LIVE on the Radio to talk about the big game. The toll free number is 1-866-290-2899.

Tip off is at 7:30 PM and will be locally broadcast on myTV20 Detroit, and on the radio at 1130 AM WDFN The Fan, which also streams the feed live over the computer. Remember the Forum Chat Room is always packed with Pistons fans at game time.

I am expecting big things from The Pistons and ALL Pistons fans at The Palace. This should get you pumped up if you aren’t already.

I’m off to The Palace so I’m leaving it up to you. Here’s to Piston red, white and blue.


  1. Anonymous

    Its a lock, I’m wearing my lucky socks. Go Pistons

  2. Brad Bice

    Haha, “Someone’s STEAK Must End”

    That’s a great headline.

  3. Anonymous

    Hey Nat,

    I was just on Bennie & Jeff, just after u got off they took my call! I saw it on Needfo and jus ran with it! U keep doin the damn thang! And keep doin it Big.


    THOR aka Wage!

  4. Anonymous

    Let’s go boys & show em who the true Beast’s of the East are!!


  5. Shanna

    I have one comment. WHY IS THIS GAME NOT ON NATIONAL TV?! Out of state-ers are unlucky. Listening to it on the feeds is nothing compared to on tv
    It’s not even on NBATV.
    I thought this was suppose to be the #3 big game since the shock-clock generation started?

  6. jess

    BALL DONT FUCKIN LIE!! KG missed em’ both after the Jason Maxiell tech!!

  7. the fluidics

    Man, I wan’t to know what max said. He is fired up tonight!

  8. cleveland sucks

    KG is a punk… everyone says how nice he is… last year he throws a ball at dice, and now he can’t handle his shot being blocked… cleanly! Twice! They should give the pistons 2 assists on both ray allen threes.

  9. Anonymous

    ok this is getting wayo utof hand, piston getting called for everything even fouls that should be on boston, as well why would billups get a tech when he is the captin and he isallowed to talked to the refs….

    well sheeds fired up and i like it…

  10. jess


    “Let me tell you something. All these people didnt come out here to see (and then he said all the refs names’)” AFTER CB TECH.


  11. Anonymous

    this is starting to get way out of hand, tayshaun what is up he can not seem to score, he is a good player and started this game out well but he has been needed he can’t hit even the open shots… this game is not going to behanded to the pistons they need to step it up which we all know they can

  12. uyen

    What is the score now? pls I can’t watch.

  13. Anonymous

    god dammit flip just pulled maxi with 4:00 to go and he was kicking ass. WHAT IS HE THINKING?!

  14. blahahaha

    DON’T LOOK NOW! love blaha

  15. jess

    uyen its..

    BOS: 86
    DET: 84

    1:25 left in the game

    Boston called a full time out

  16. uyen


  17. Anonymous

    I can’t watch this game. I’m dying over here. I’m going to need nerve pills from being a Pistons fan. The Celtics announcers are now on my shit list, including the entire team. I hate the Celtics. Such bitches, especially Kevin.

  18. Anonymous

    This game’s over….we’re fucked. 🙁

  19. jess

    BOS: 90
    DET: 85


  20. Anonymous

    ok this game just sucked, there is no reason why the pistons lost this game, this was lost in the second too many mistakes adn down the strech what was that shot by chauncey come on use the clock… well this is a good game can’t ask for anythign sles and I am sorry but tayhshaun needs to start hitting his shot

  21. jess

    BOS: 92
    DET: 85


  22. Anonymous

    I can’t stand watching the Celtics. Paul Pierce is such a gay bitch, and Kevin Garnett is a prick. I am not looking forward to playing these dumbasses in the playoffs.

  23. O-TownGeneral

    I love big shot but i am tired of his wanna be heroics in crunch time. Enough already just win the game!

  24. uyen

    There were so many bullshit calls in favor of Boston.

  25. ashley1

    ^ agreed.

  26. glen davis is cross-eyed

    They needed a hugh 4th quarter from that fat ass shaq looking glen davis. I doubt THAT will ever happen again. Dice was the wrong person to defend him… he kept leaving him in the paint… should have kept maxi in there. Also, was there a rule in this game against calling a foul on boston in the paint. paul pierce is the most overrated superstar in this league and eddie house is a ghetto ass bitch

  27. Anonymous

    friggen a.
    apparently after chauncey made that play at the end, the pistons started fighting and bitching at eachother…at least thats what the commentators were saying.
    i fucking hate the celtics…everything about them. i hate garnetts ego, i hate that big baby needs to lose 50lbs, i hate peirce’s face and i hate their uniforms…they look like leprachauns…i just hate everything about their team.
    I hate that prince is shooting bricks, i hate that we were up by 12 and just lost by 7. i hate that billups just wasted all the time, i hate that our streak is over…i hate life right now.

  28. Kevin Garnett is uneducated

    This game meant more to Boston than to us. Did you see the Boston bench standing the entire 4th quarter, while ours was sitting? Who cares??? The “Big 3” will be worn down by playoff time, playing 38 minutes a game.

    I have no respect for any team with Brian Scalabrine and the freakshow Scott Pollard

  29. Anonymous

    otowngeneral, he wasnt trying to be “heroic” he WAS trying to win the game!

  30. Anonymous

    i noticed that the whole boston bench was standing. All the ones who hadnt even taken off their warm up shirts all night because they didnt get off the bench. I bet they were some proud of the game they didnt even set foot in. good game, boys.

  31. AHMED

    FUCK!!!!! I swear, i almost called 911 after that game. I was so mad the cb shot the airball. I hate Kevin Gaynett. After he was blocked cleanly bu max, he kept saying, not today. And Ray Allen is a totall bitch. HE just kept shoving. I hate that dumbass 600 pounds semo wreslter on the lepercon team. I want to kill my self and the Celtics for Ending our streak.

  32. Anonymous

    2 problems, first flip should have kept jason in the game and second WHAT was chauncey thinking…not mr big shot anymore!

  33. Pierce's Mom Does Crack with LeBron's

    Come on… it takes Big Cross-Eyed Baby, missed free throws, and bone-head plays for us to barely lose the game. It’s only one game. Let them gain a little confidence… if anything… it’ll push the pistons to play better.

  34. Anonymous

    I WANTED 12 WINS IN A ROW DAMMIT. i never knew i could hate a team more than san antonio. probably its becase we havent played them yet, but i hate the celtics even more than them now. theyre probably just about tied with the cavaliers

  35. Fuck THE CHIWAWA 3


  36. Anonymous

    ahmed, dont kill yourself. just the celtics. well u can harm them, but not kill.

  37. uyen

    We didn’t have a good game period. No need to spend our time talking shit about their players. We KNOW we are the better team just not TODAY. Our 3’s can match their 3’s
    and their bench is not worth shit. At the rate they are playing they will run out of steam come playoff time. What I do know is that I will take Detroit over Boston anytime in a 7 game.

  38. Anonymous

    of course their tied with the cavaliers…garnett is almost as bad as lebron.
    when the C’s called a timeout late in the 4th, he was repeatedly telling his teammates to give him the ball. Hes full of himself.

  39. Anonymous

    garnett and lebron do remind me of each other.

  40. The Princess Club

    Is it time to inaugurate Garnett into the Princess Club with LeBron and Wade?

  41. Anonymous

    uyen, yeah you are right. thanks for being sensible. i need to learn to do that. unfortunately i still have quite a bit of a temper, and the celtics really piss me off. the whole team..just trash…they disgust me

  42. Hannah

    We sound like a bunch of whiny Cavalier fans! Don’t blame Chauncey’s air ball 3, don’t blame Tayshaun for having an off shooting night, don’t blame anyone! The Celtics outplayed us, and it’s fine, because at the end of the season, our starters are going to be rested and ready to play a 7 game series. The Celtics are going to be tired from chasing a 70-win season, and that’s good for us! It’s ONE game during the regular season. I always loved being a Pistons fan because we are never disrespectful to our players and always are thankful to them for what they do. Grow up you fellow Pistons fans, I’m disappointed.


  43. Anonymous

    The princess club—def for Lebron and Garnett. I don’t know about Wade, he isn’t that much of a bitch. Who else can we put in there? I can definitely see Duncan in there.

  44. the fluidics

    Lets keep it in perspective, this was a regular season game. The Pistons played well, for the most part. We were saying that as long as the Pistons played well…

  45. Anonymous

    Hannah, that is one hell of an insult. We aren’t whining, we are bitching. We deserve to, the Celtics are rather annoying.

  46. Anonymous

    It’s hard to believe that the Pistons played well, because when the pistons play well no one can stop them. maybe my expectations are too high, but what can you expect, it is the pistons after all.

  47. Ahmed

    Yeah Uyen, your right. Even though I AM SO FUCKIN MAD, we have to put this loss behind us. I am to say this. GARNETT, ALLEN, AND PEIRCE AND ALL THOSE OTHER BITHCES SHOULD GO FUCK THEIR SELVES!

  48. uyen

    Pistons fans: Remember this they may have ended our streak and we lost but we fucking handed them their first loss at home which took them off their high horses.

  49. Tessa

    wow some people are really overreacting. Yeah, Chauncey made a bad play, yeah I hate the Celtics as much as anyone, but it was just one game. It meant way more to them then it did to us, and I still feel that we can beat them in a seven game series. Don’t freak out yet.

  50. Hannah

    All I’m saying is that we need to stop pointing fingers at our players and realize that it is a regular season game. I think the Celtics are annoying too, but I don’t think we should be pointing fingers at our players.

  51. Anonymous

    Someone, please photoshop a pic with lebron, kevin, paul, and duncan all wearing crowns and smiling in their cheesy ass ways. that would at least make me smile after tonights sad sad ending.

  52. Ahmed

    breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out. We have to put this behind us pistons fans.

  53. Anonymous

    tessa, it is a factor of the broadcasters being complete assholes, not being able to stand the celtics, and me (maybe along with other ppl) being sore losers. i would never be upset at the pistons for losing one game, because i have complete faith in them. however, i cannot stand the celtics and everything related to them. im just dreading the articles that will be posted at, along with everyone else talking shit. i prefer to be the one talking shit.

  54. O-TownGeneral

    Regular season means nothing, remember 2 years ago?

  55. Tessa

    10:52, I feel the exact same way, I’m talking about the person who said they were going to kill themself because the streak ended. Honestly I don’t care about winning streaks as long as we win the ship.

  56. Anonymous

    otown, very good point. we know better than anyone that the reg season doesnt mean shit. it simply hurts my ego that the celtics were able to beat us, because i cannot stand kevin and paul.

  57. Anonymous

    tessa, hes just upset like the rest of us. hes already calmed down though. i dont think he was being serious, but we all wanted our boys to win this game, and the loss was disappointing and shocking, especially after a 12 point lead.

  58. uyen

    I know everyone has different outlets to vent about your frustration. My theory is: 1)I don’t talk shit about other teams or players b/c I am a detroit pistons fan. 2)Talking shit about them for me indicate we are jealous of who they have on their team and what they stand for.3)They are so insignificant it is not worth my engery or time.

  59. Anonymous

    i also don’t care about winning streaks. i felt more pressure to win while watching games in order to keep the streak because of all of our wins! so not good. i didn’t like it. now it’s a bit more relaxed, and we can go and play sa and dallas, some of the people we’ll be facing later on. esp sa, because we’ll most likely play them in the finals.

  60. Tessa

    11:01 I know he’s upset, we all are, but that was overreacting. I realize he probably wasn’t serious, but still.

  61. Anonymous

    uyen, jealous of what??? there is no way i could ever be jealous of ANOTHER team. i know truly, detroit is the best. there is nothing to be jealous of. its based on frustration, for why i vent, because i know we could have won this game, and it would have been nice to win a game against such a pitiful team.

  62. O-TownGeneral

    We all know we will be holding BELTS when its all done. Play the Zoo crew and Flip figure out some plays out of time-out and we are changing our address!!!! THANK YOU Mr. D

  63. uyen

    anon 11:05- I said for me, about talking shit about other teams or players means we are jealous. It wasn’t to implied yours and anyone’s opinion just mine.

  64. uyen

    From ESPN
    “Adios! See ya,” Posey said, mocking the Detroit fans by pretending to wipe tears from his eyes. “What’s the score?”

    That shows what kind of class Boston players have.

    And to end it all off, Posey threw in one more insult, intoning the “Deeeee-troit basketball!” rally cry that Palace p.a. announcer John Mason has made his signature.
    Billups did a little mocking of his own afterward in the Pistons’ locker room, opining that the Celtics had celebrated like they had won the Super Bowl. There had been no such shenanigans from the Pistons three weeks ago in Boston when they knocked off the Celtics in the first “measuring stick” game of the season between these teams, and it’ll be a surprise if the Pistons do not use Saturday night’s celebration as motivation when the teams meet for the third and final time of the regular season, March 5 in Boston.


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