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by | Jan 5, 2008 | 61 comments

Senior Member of Team Need4Sheed Steve DiLullo did a little live blogging during The Pistons Celtics Game:

This pretty much sums it up… all that Special K had for Kelser’s Keys was: JUST PLAY!

1st Quarter:
– Kendrick Perkins sure is off to a nice start, he’s already got all 6 points for Boston.
– We’re playing all one on one out there and Boston’s got a 7 point lead, 3-10 is the score.
– Dyess with two quick fouls and Maxey comes in with some monster energy.
– Maxey just ate numerous babies on a couple vicious throwdowns!
– We’ve scored 8 straight… don’t look now but we’ve got the lead at 11-10.
– Patented Rip to Tay alley-oop and Boston hasn’t scored in over 5 minutes.
– Make that 12 straight from the Red, Blue, and White tonight!
– Stuckey in for Rip with a couple minutes to go and we’ve put in 14 unanswered.
– Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeed for 3 and the run is 17-0!
– We kicked the defense up like crazy (thanks for the energy Mad Max!) after the first few minutes and Boston couldn’t handle it… that was a 19-2 run to finish the first with a 22-12 lead.

2nd Quarter:
– Afflalo in the game at the first stop in play, along with Dyess returning to the court.
– Eddie House has a strange looking shot.
– Pierce has Rodney on him, he draws the foul on the mismatch and banks it in off the glass. Boston’s brought it closer now, 24-17.
– Maxiell is the reason for the Pistons’ success so far, 12 points on some sweet jumpers to go along with all the baby feasting
– Mr. House is doin alright so far, he’s hit a couple and the lead’s down to 5 at 30-25.
– Maxey just stole a baby from KG but it’s called a foul and they start jawing at each other, he gets T’ed up and KG goes to the line. Crowd’s unhappy, to say the least. KG hits the tech but clanks the other two freebies.
– Gangsta’s in the game quite early.
– KG just picked up foul numero tres (courtesy of El Gangstero) and the fans want him and Doc to get T’ed up for their reactions. Doesn’t happen, of course.
– Boston’s brought it pretty hard this quarter, the lead’s only two at 36-34 with 3 to go.
– Pierce with a three and somehow this game’s tied, 41 all.

– Exactly like we expected from both teams, solid defense and relatively low scoring. We had a serious run to open things up and take charge in the first but Boston slowly chipped away in the second and it’s 43-41 at the half.
– Balanced scoring for the most part, led by The Baby Eater (12 points) who threw it down with reckless abandon while playing seriously solid defense. Sheed’s got 9, Tay has 7, Rip’s got 6 and seems to be forcing shots, Chauncey’s got 5, and Stuckey and Jarvis with 2 each.
– We’re being obliterated on second chance points so far, 16 for the Celts to our measly 4.

3rd Quarter:
– Foul on Rondo somehow transforms into an offensive foul on Sheed? Lucky he didn’t get T’ed up with his reaction.
– Billups says something to David Jones and he does get T’ed up.
– Blaha points out, “All these people didn’t come to see David Jones, Bennie Adams, and Scott Foster.” Couldn’t have said it better myself!
– Don’t piss Sheed off. Long ball right over KG and we’re up by 5, 49-44.
– Officials’ apparent key to the game: Take control of it! The past four or five trips down the floor each way seem to have resulted in a whistle.
– Chauncey’s glaring at the refs at this point and now he draws a foul on Rondo. The Detroit defense is taking control in the 3rd and we’re up six.
– Fourth foul on Ray Allen. Posey comes in for him and promptly hits a three, now Boston’s only down one.
– Boston’s in the midst of a 7-0 run and the score’s now 52-53.
– Rip to B-B-B-Billups from downtown on the break and we’ve got a 5-0 run right back at them, 56-53.
– KG’s been hitting some tough shots this quarter, he’s got 6 so far in the 3rd.
– Doc finally gets his much deserved Tech after Chauncey draws a blocking foul on Perky. Rip hits the tech and CB drains both freebies.
– Dyess finally gets on the score sheet and the crowd’s on their feet as the clock ticks down on the third quarter. Boston doesn’t get anything and we’re up 66-63 after three.

4th Quarter:
– Perky got a tech called on him to end the third and Rip swishes it to put us up four to start the fourth.
– Stuckey with a huge jumper, right in the thick of a tie game against the best team in the East. He’s not afraid of anything and he also just gave us a two point lead.
– Stuckey again! This time it’s a huge steal leading to a break and foul to send Max to the line where he sinks one of them.
– It’s fun watching Chauncey and Stuckey on the court together.
– Stuckey under the hoop and he blocks out Eddie House, grabs an offensive board, gets fouled, and hits both of them. Rodney’s 13-13 from the line this season, by the way.
– Pierce narrowly avoids an over-and-back violation, then hits a jumper and draws the foul.
– Sheed with a near-block on KG but gets called a foul instead, then runs away from Sir David Jones to avoid saying anything. This crowd’s just raucous with Garnett at the line but he hits both and the Celtics are now up 74-76.
– Foul number five on Ray Allen and Rip fills it up right over House, 76-79.
– Great steal by Pierce and he jams it home, 76-81 now.
– Chauncey and Rip both split the pair at the line on consecutive trips down the floor. That’s certainly a rare occasion.
– Tay backs it down low and kicks to Rip who drains the long ball from the corner and we’re within one, 80-81!
– Tony Allen’s been hurting us some tonight. After a trip to the line he’s got Boston up six with two minutes to go. He must feel bad since he just turned it over, leading to a huge hoop by Rip and it’s now 84-86.
– Man, we CANNOT stop them from getting offensive boards tonight! Celtics have 27 second chance points and we’ve got just 9.
– Chauncey misses yet another one at the line but grabs the board. He jacks a three and air balls it right out of bounds. What’s up with his free throw shooting tonight? And why would he take that shot with so much time left on the clock? Mr. Big Shot has had an interesting night, that’s for sure.
– Glen Davis lays it in with five seconds left and it’s a five point game. Davis has SIXTEEN points in the fourth quarter, who saw that coming?
– 85-92 Final.

– Well that sucked, but 26-8 isn’t exactly bad.


  1. Ahmed

    I hate the Celtics more than i hate Santonio

  2. Anonymous

    Glen Davis is the fat one that they call big baby right? I’m better with faces than names.

  3. Anonymous

    Im going to only remember the 1st quarter where the pretty dunks occurred, and I’m going to completely forget about quarters 2, 3, and 4.

  4. Anonymous

    I love how diff the reactions are for the game. The celtics commentators continuously said taht the refs were calling things in favor of us, and in your summary you point out that a lot of the calls were ridiculous, and in favor of the celtics. I’d have to agree. There were many times I saw the Boston assholes foul us, yet nothing was called.

  5. Nicholas

    I’ve noticed that we tend to allow rookies or second year peeps to have career scoring night against us (see Tyrus Thomas) I wonder why that is?

  6. Anonymous

    nicholas, we are cocky! we dont believe they can affect us. i think we’ve shown how confident we are repeatedly, but thats why such things occur.

    “Well that sucked” Perfectly sums up the game.

  7. Anonymous

    ya…i love the well that sucked line…
    its the first thing that has made me smile since i wanted to destroy the smug look on garnetts face.
    I hate the celtics more than any team in the NBA right now..and its not because of this game. i hate them before this game.
    im from New England so all i hear about is the boston sports dynasty and im sick of it. I cant stand to watch another repeat of Eastern Conference loses and boston is the only thing standing in our way of the finals. If we dont get to the finals because of this team, i seriously kill every bandwagon fan around me. you can tell its NBA season again…i need anger managment :]

  8. Stacey

    OK CHAUNCEY TOTALLY THREW THE GAME. I am not joking. Seriously, he has done it several times in the playoffs, but this one is way more obvious. Am I the only one who thinks this????

    I mean it’s MR. BIG SHOT!
    He doesn’t miss 3/4 free throws with 4 minutes left in the game. And he never AIRBALLS a three-pointer either.

  9. Steve

    Glad I’m able to amuse some of you 🙂

    I think it was a great game aside from the outcome. Playoff atmosphere for sure, the young guys got some burn in critical situations, and honestly if Chauncey hadn’t made the play that nearly every fan seems to think is crazy (and hit his usual FT’s) we just might have had the W.

    And as someone in the comments over at DBB pointed out, “I think Flip kept a few cards up his sleeve. We didn’t go to the zone once in this game.”


  10. Anonymous

    Anon 11:13 “since i wanted to destroy the smug look on garnetts face.” Hahahaha, did you also want to smack Paul everytime he did his little happy reaction when he made a basket towards the end of the game? I certainly did. Hahaha, I love Pistons fans. You all managed to make me laugh and smile after a terrible loss. Thanks for providing perspective. Also, anon 11:13 don’t kill the bandwagon fans, because believe me, they aren’t worth jail time.

  11. Anonymous

    i dont mind that we lost.
    im just pissed that boston has another W

  12. Anonymous

    I knew the game was over when Chauncey missed his first free throw.

  13. Steve

    Agreed about being more annoyed that Boston’s got another win.

    29-3, that’s just ridiculous.

  14. Anonymous

    Boston isn’t shit. The only way they’ll win the championship is if we have more refs gambling, trying to make some money. Theyre pathetic and they bore me. A few of them really get on my nerves though which made me sad we lost.

  15. Anonymous

    Boston isnt even that good. If you look at it, they win games, but to all scrubby teams. This game meant the world to Boston… Detroit, not so much. But with that said, Detroit has a BAD habit of doing that. I think we should have came a made a statement to them saying, YOU CANT BEAT US… The refs were bad, but you have to play through it and our boys didnt. I dont understand why they go to the 1v1 game …. Whenever we dont pass the ball, we lose. I know Rip is bigger than Eddie HOuse, but you know what? Keeep that what you are good at, running off screens. Also, give sheed some touches in the post… 0 points in the paint in the 2nd half shows that we tried to force feed the mismatches. Lets just hope this game will have all the stupid Bandwagoners like Bill Walton off the Pistons D***. U know, the next time we hear him he gonna say the Celtics are now the best team in the East. I still feel we need 1 more trade to get this team back to a championship team. Can someone tell me why McDyess only shoots well against scrubby teams?

    AKA- #1 Dyess fan..

  16. Anonymous

    29-3 meh, I would rather have all of the Pistons than a wonderful record. Even if our team began to suck (yeah right) it wouldn’t make a difference. I love Maxy, Hayes, Rip, Chaunc, I’ll just save myself some time and say all of them.

  17. Anonymous

    stacey, geez calm down. I know Chauncey didn’t play well in the last minutes, but I don’t think he would EVER throw a game. You can’t expect him to be perfect all the time, he made a mistake, let it go.

  18. Anonymous

    In relation to Stacey’s comment—come on, most likely he was TIRED. That tends to happen after playing the night before and then playing LONG minutes the next night. (He played 40.) I’d be airballing baskets if I were tired, too!

  19. Stacey

    ^ i might be a little more upset to the fact that we lost, but i mean does he ever miss free throws?
    3/4 missed at CRUCIAL times.

    And an airball? At least have it hit the rim.

    My cousins and I were watching this and some of them were upstairs and some of them were down, and we all thought the same thing; something has to be up with chauncey.

    && for the past 2 straight playoffs, he has not played great at all.

    I don’t understand. If there is another explanation that can convince me otherwise, let me know =/

  20. O-TownGeneral

    Stacey, I hear ya. I hate to say throw but he has wanted to be the hero and choked several times, mostly playoffs, letting losers aka white chocolate school him and then last years playoffs. But this is the regular season and I am willing to wait till the playoffs. He’s got the money now and I feel confident that come playoff time we will be the ones with the BELTS!!!!

  21. Stacey

    ^^yea, I want to know why he chokes soooo often at the end of games.

    Yes, he is known as Mr. Big Shot, but he doesn’t really play like his old self anymore!

    I hope he feels bad about this game, and no matter what, MONEY DOESN’T MATTER!

  22. Anonymous

    Stacey, I understand. It is very rare for Chauncey to do poorly. I couldn’t believe he missed TWO free throws in a row. When’s the last time that happened? The Celtics commentators were laughing and one of them accused the other of being a witch or something like that, insinuating he cursed the Pistons. Well, that’s reasonable enough, lol. I wouldn’t expect anything else from the Celtics. No, really though, exhaustion could be a perfectly good reason. In the last two playoffs, he was probably tired. It’s a long season. He isn’t 25 anymore. He’s a terrific player, and better yet, he keeps us together as a TEAM. That role, the captain, is what matters most and makes the difference. We can’t blame so much on Chauncey. NUMEROUS players tonight had terrible offense. Simply because we lost, Chauncey doesn’t deserve to get bashed. He made many smart plays and decisions, and maybe only a couple bad ones, if that. I don’t remember what exactly happened during the 3. Wasn’t the dude right in his face? I mean maybe he got fouled and the refs didn’t call anything. I was closing my eyes most of the time because I couldn’t take it! Regardless, give him the credit he deserves. He’s an amazing ball player, and I’m certain he does his best.

  23. Anonymous

    otown, when is the last time he yelled in the huddle “GIVE ME THE BALL, GIVE ME THE BALL!!!” I don’t think it’s about him trying to be heroic. He rarely takes shots, and refrains from passing the ball. He is far from a ball hog. He was doing what he felt was in the best interest of the team, I’m sure.

  24. Stacey

    ^ He was definetely being heavly guarded. And the worst part was that he was directing his teamates for a play (well it seemed like it) when suddenly, he shot an awful 3-point shot that was an airball.

    Chauncey is my favorite player, but honestly it’s obvious when you miss 2 IN A ROW! plus another one, and an airball all in 4 minutes. It just doesn’t seem right.

  25. Anonymous

    people are focusing too much on this one bad game for billups…ummm hello where would we be without him? we certainly would not have won that first boston game. While we were on our winning streak nobody had doubts…now people are saying they doubt Chauncey in the finals for him wanting to be a hero? thats messed up.

  26. Anonymous

    I agree anon 11:58, people are quick to provide doubt. Maybe a lot of us are edgy after such a loss. In my mind though, we’re still the best team, and our players are the best that we could possibly have.

  27. Anonymous

    Stacey, how much time was left when he did that? Perhaps he was thinking ahead, hoping that incase he missed, there would be enough time for another try. That would be the responsible thing to do. I mean perhaps he isn’t so cocky after all, and he wasn’t certain he could make it with those dudes in his face.

  28. jessi

    ok I was at this game and it was a good one, ya we lost but i think we played hard. there were just things off, tay not hitting, dyess off, chauncey not making two foul shots and then an air ball, some funny fouls example the one where first called on bostons then rip gets the call, I just don’t think this one was in the cards for the pistons they were coming off an 11 game winning streak and ya we all wanted it to be 12 i’m sure teh pistons wanted it more than we all did but lets remember a couple of seasons ago when we were winning games and our bench was never played what happened, our starters were to tired to play and our bench was no good. well this year we are going to come in to the playoffs with aleast second and a much better bench then we have had since we won it back in 2004 and to me that is better than a win tonight. We can’t win against boston all season because if we do then come the conf. finals we will go in with the wrong mind sent, at least now we can go in ready to play this team unlike the cavs last yr were the pistons went in thinking they could blow pasted them.

    anyway this was a good game there were some major things that happened that could have changed the out come but I for one loved being at the palace for this game no matter what the out some was.

    ONE MORE POINT HOW DARE ANYONE EVEN THINK THAT CHAUNCEY WOULD THROW A GAME, REMEMBER THE PLAYERS ARE ONLY HUMANS AND CAN’T BE PREFECT EVERYTIME, IF WE WON EVERY GAME THEN NO ONE WOULD WATCH OR GO TO GAMES. stacey you try going out there and playing a big game like the one tonight, i am sure chauncey is just as upset as all of us are abou the out come.

  29. Nicky

    ^^Ughhh your so lucky you got to go to the game!!!!!!

    anyway, i dont no it was kinda weird that chauncey missed 3 free throws and missed the 3

    something MUST be upp.


  30. O-TownGeneral

    I don’t worry about this game it’s the regular season folks. No worries. I feel big shot is the best point guard in the league. I just think we all know him as mr. big shot and over the last couple of playoffs he has failed. Two years ago in the east finals he could have scored at will against white chocolate and yet he didn’t. I know he is a team player, the best in the league, but win baby win and if that means scoring 30-40 against losers like white chocolate and cleveland then so be it. Tonights game is regular season so who really cares. Like I said when it’s all sais and done we will be the one’s with the BELTS!!!! Play the Zoo crew and Flip needs to figure out some plays coming out of timeout and we win it’s that simple!!!!

  31. Anonymous

    Nicky, what’s up, like Jessi said, is that Chauncey is HUMAN. I wouldn’t consider his night to be bad, by any means.

  32. Anonymous

    o-town, I’d rather have a player that involves the entire team, and only scores 20, than a ball hog that scores 40.

  33. O-TownGeneral

    Anonymous, Please two years ago against Miami, we could have, should have drilled those guys they were old and wk. big shot could have torched white chocolate every play and i mean every play. He could have broken Wilt’s 100pt game and we would have another BELT!!!! If you have something to say post your name loser. big shot is king and needs to play that way in playoffs. I could care less about regular season especially pre all star break. We all know we have the best starting 5. Playoffs will be here soon. BELTS TO ALL Thanks to Mr. D and Joe D

  34. Anonymous

    Wow, that’s a bit harsh don’t you think? Loser? Not quite. Chauncey is known for including the team, and that is how we as a team, win. If you want him to be a ball hog and only play for himself, perhaps you should become a fan of the Lakers. You’d get plenty of it there.

  35. Anonymous

    O-town, and you’re telling me to post my name..haha, what about yours sweetie? O-town, is that your first name, with General being your last? Really, eh? What I say gets posted regardless. And that is, I respect Chauncey for how he plays, and his game is just right. You’d probably prefer Flip Murray though, huh? Also, is it really fair to blame one player for losing an entire game? As a Detroit fan you should at least know that we play as a team. Like tonight, we didn’t lose from one person, we lost from numerous people playing terrible offense.

  36. uyen

    off subject, during the first quarter when maxy blocked KG’s ball i thought it was a clean block. Am i wrong?

  37. jessi

    your not the only one uyen, it was the same when sheed had his block and a foul was called that is what I mean about the calls tonight

  38. O-TownGeneral

    wow i wonder if you are reading my post, i love big shot, i also love mismatch’s. that’s all. no ball hog, no lakers, just mismatch. he is the best point guard in the league and in the playoffs, NOT regular season he needs to make them guard him. nothing more nothing less. MISMATCH!!!! and my name is heath in orlando, God bless the Pistons and all 22,076 of our closest fans.

  39. Anonymous

    No, I am reading them. You are saying that he should have taken the game into his own hands, and been the “star” basically and “score at his will”. For as long as I’ve been a fan, that is certainly not how we win. Remember 03-04 season? We won as a team. Effort from everyone. The playoffs with Miami was rough, I was very upset. I don’t like to think it was all because of Chauncey that we lost though. Perhaps he made some mistakes, okay, we all do. Regardless, the Pistons are still amazing and I think that we have plenty of potential to do very well this season.

  40. uyen

    i wonder why flip put dyess on davis?

  41. uyen

    From Yahoo sports-
    “They’re a little more happy than we were when we won our game at their place,” Chauncey Billups said. “It was just a regular game for us with two good teams playing. They were kind of playing like it was the Super Bowl.

    “There was probably a little more at stake for them and their psyche than it was for us.”

    Pierce wasn’t apologizing.

    “This was a huge win because we won on the road in a playoff atmosphere against a team that had won 11 straight,” he said.

  42. O-TownGeneral

    oh we are going to better than well we are gonna have the BELT i promise you that. Zoo crew!

  43. Anonymous

    I can’t wait, o-town! The zoo crew is the best. Describes them perfectly, too.

    uyen, great article. “They were kind of playing like it was the super bowl.” How funny and true – they were. We have two huge games coming up, Dallas and San Antonio. I’m sure those games will be pretty exciting as well, especially SA.

  44. Anonymous

    Why did flip do a lot of things… Maxi was having a great game, yet he kept playign Dyess. I know Dyess is a starter, but he was having an off night. Put Maxi on Davis… game woulda beeen different.

  45. O-TownGeneral

    It’s season play I hope he is just tinkering. It’s not like Doc is that great of a coach.

  46. uyen

    From ESPN
    “Adios! See ya,” Posey said, mocking the Detroit fans by pretending to wipe tears from his eyes. “What’s the score?”

    That shows what kind of class Boston players have.

    And to end it all off, Posey threw in one more insult, intoning the “Deeeee-troit basketball!” rally cry that Palace p.a. announcer John Mason has made his signature.
    Billups did a little mocking of his own afterward in the Pistons’ locker room, opining that the Celtics had celebrated like they had won the Super Bowl. There had been no such shenanigans from the Pistons three weeks ago in Boston when they knocked off the Celtics in the first “measuring stick” game of the season between these teams, and it’ll be a surprise if the Pistons do not use Saturday night’s celebration as motivation when the teams meet for the third and final time of the regular season, March 5 in Boston.

  47. Anonymous

    uyen….wh….at? Oh……man. That’s really sad. I’m glad our Pistons are classy and sophisticated. Even as fans we don’t do such shit. Sure, we may threaten to harm the other team, but we don’t act like bitches. That’s really pathetic. Karma is a bitch though. Can’t wait to see how their team truly ends up. I’ve noticed several times, when a person’s ego gets too big, something happens to eventually crush it.

  48. uyen

    Paul Pierce walked off the court Saturday proclaiming that his Boston Celtics were the best team in the league.

    Paul Pierce is full of shit. He can say whatever the fuck he wants but what does Boston have to show for it? Nothing.They are on cloud nine b/c they have KG and Ray but Paul Pierce is nothing with those other two. When was the last time Boston won anything with his ass. They meshed right now b/c it is still a novelty for Boston and Paul Pierce to have a marquee player on their team.

  49. Anonymous

    Lol, I like how they’re measuring their success by one game. “OMG WE BEAT THE PISTONS, WE ARE OFFICIALLY THE BEST!!!!!” Yeah, shit happens. Measure your accomplishments during the playoffs.

  50. Richie

    I know that he has been defended already, but I want to say that anyone who ever question’s Chauncey’s play as if there was a chance he was “throwing a game” does not deserve t wear red white an blue.
    We are spoiled because Chauncey usually does magnificently from the stripe and we’re used to seein ghim make big shots. He missed some free throws and a 3 at the end of this game- SO WHAT?! So we have to drag him into thr ground as if he threw the game and bring up the playoffs from 2 years ago, blaming it souly on our priceless PG? You have to be joking.
    All of us fans, particularly Stacey, need to realize this: When Chauncey pulls up for a 3-pointer, make or break kind of shot at the end of the game like he did tonight, he’s displaying a willingness to accept all of the team’s pressure on himself. He’s willing to take the hardest shot of a game. He could have made one of his teammates do it and let them deal with the pressure, but he took it upon himself. He wasn’t being a ballhog and he wasn’t throwing the game. He was trying to do what we’ve seen him do so many times before, and just because he missed that shot doesn’t mean that the longterm fallure of the last two seasons should fall squarely on his shoulders.
    It’s along season, Pistons fans, and we’re honored to have Mr. Big Shot at the help throughout. Don’t forget where you are in the season, and don’t forget who leads this team.

  51. uyen

    When Chauncey was interviewed after the game on 12/19/07, he was very classy about this respond to the W unlike Boston. It really bothers me how Paul Pierce can say Boston is the best team in the league.

  52. Anonymous

    uyen, let them think what they want to. Many teams tell themselves they are the best to make themselves feel better. In reality, though, Detroit is obviously the best. I’m not phased. They are all having their little ego moments, I’m assuming for the first time in their lives, and I’m sure it won’t last for long. We’ve already made it clear that a 1 man team cannot do well (Cavaliers), but a 3 men team? Naw, not likely to do well either. Luckily, Detroit has a TEAM, therefore we have a much better chance of winning. I am going to assume that the reason we don’t get hyped up is because we’ve been in all these situations before, winning especially, and it isn’t new to us. We know how to take care of everything. It’s all new to Boston, and their ignorance is shining through. Let them keep running their mouths. By the end of the season they’ll be exhausted.

  53. uyen

    anon 2:43am- Thanks.

  54. Anonymous

    Boston Celtics = New England Patriots

    In this case, to create the look of a “fairy tale” story for their Big 3, the refs cheat and get away with it, New England cheats and only the coach gets fined and they lose their draft pick.

  55. Glendi

    Take for example other sports. There are times when players don’t play well… and I think Chauncey had that problem. Think, he was the main reason we won the match @ Boston. Having him like that made us loss.

    Boston is not a bad team, they play good but they will never be able to match with Detroit’s experience and also we’re tied with games.

    Detroit and Boston are the best teams at the moment. o.o Will the East win at All-Star this time?

  56. Anonymous

    AND I CALL IT WAR!!!!! well yeah the Pistons lost, but hey keep this in mind great teams lose. We are human and i can take this lost (as long as it’s not another one against the bulls,lol). After the game i told myself that i would go to any Pistons websites til the game after the Mavericks (well our next win). But my brother was in the living room, highly emotional because the playoffs in the NFL we on, and he told me to keep believing because every good team losses games and they will lose some tough ones (hey what can i saw he believed in the COlts last year and looked what happened). So he kind of changed my mind and i accepted the fact that the Pistons will lose some games (i don’t know it was because we have been on a long streak, and i haven’t suffered a lose in a while).

    But yeah i just want to say that us fans in Detroit and around the world need 2 keep our heads up because Detroit is a great team and we believe that this team will win the ship this year. SA losses heart breakers i’m sure and they are still great.
    To the Garnett fouls, i can understand, because that man is a tall and when u try 2 block his shot you could touch his head which results to a foul. But now i’m starting to dislike KG a bit, because this is the second year in the row in which he almost had a fight with a Piston.
    The refs were calling a pretty good game til the 3rd and 4th quarter. I thought they were calling some bogus fouls, but i didn’t watch the last five minutes of the 4th because i was soo emotional and stuff.
    All i have to say to Posey’s chants is that ….”um didn’t u play 4 the heat last season”…noo offense, but i thought that was really disrespectful and not cool at all. And y would he o that and the series is tied 1-1.
    Um the Pistons are still great i still believe that the Pistons would beat Boston in a 7 game series. But don’t forget we still got plenty Detroit basketball to play and cheer for. 8 losses, not bad, i know we are going 2 lose some more soo lets except the fact that this team is good and we will have those emotional roller coasters.

    OH YEAH!! to point out the thing i didn’t like about the Pistons play is that y didn’t Flip try putting in amir?? he is a good rebounder and he could have helped us out. THis kid needs 2 PLAY!!oh yeah can’t wait til we fall under the radar again!!!!! DEEEEE-TROIT BASKETBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LET’S GO PISTONS AND LET’S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2007-2008 IT’S OUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALL BOUT DETROIT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Gabriel

    I’ll tell you what, several things are leaving a bad taste in my mouth…and here it goes.

    -The pistons are going to have to muster much more then they showed last night to beat boston in the playoffs. Tay was listless. Sheed had the quietest 16 point 4 block night in the history of the NBA. He’s our only chance at an inside presence and he didn’t go down there once. Sure Boston plays great interior D, but flip has got to find a way to get some inside play. The entire teams offense started higher out on the floor then it usually does, and took longer to set up…and I mean on every possetion. D allowed B to dictate the style of play….the pace for the entire game! Tayshaun got bitched by pierce, who got wherever he wanted to go out on the floor ala lebron last year and he did NOTHING on offense…little dinky floaters. Man up Tay! Rasheed was dissapointing. He had that obstinant look in his eye the whole night, like a little child. He didn’t assert himself once in the second half, on the boards, in the paint, in the emotional fabric of the game. Rip was rip, albiet at a lower level. Dyess looked like a deer in headlights. His shot was flat all night, and he either played to agressivly on D, or he got tunnel vision on his man. The help D for the pistons was either weak or far to strong. If 4 guys come over to stop pierce, no sh–t somebody’s going to be open under the basket. Billups was weak. He didn’t have a good floor game, he missed key free throws, he got T’d up at the exact wrong time, and he looked shaky with the ball. However, to accuse him of throwing the game is ludicrous. The bench was pedestrian the little they did play. Only maxi lived up to his standard, and stuckey, while unable to run the offense, at least was able to hit open J’s and play full court D. Jarvis tried but missed important momentum shots. Primo’s a freak show out there…but at least he played with passion. Flip did nothing. They had timeouts galore and didn’t use them. How about changing up the D. The idea that not employing a zone is somehow keeping a trick up his sleave is a joke. Switch up the D! As for the Celts, I hate them. I had the same feelings of rage and dissapointment as during the last 4 games of the Cavs series…sickening. I want them to lose more then anything. James Posey is a piggybacking jackass who can only hit wide open 3’s off collapsing D. His own d is good, but he’s a dirty player and classless guy. Big Baby can go
    f-ck himself. Sheed needs to man up against him for the love of god. Doc is a bitchy coach who needs to get T’d up more. Pierce is the biggest problem we have, he has Tay’s game in his hip pocket. KG is KG…sheed needs to neutrilize his emotion with some of his own, which he failed miserably to do last night. The Celtics announcers are the worst. I wonder if they went into the C’s locker room after the game to blow the team. They are hacks. Now last but not least, I hope Boston doesn’t start getting preferential treatment from the league because of the “feel good” nature of their meteoric rise. Having them in the finals would mean great ratings for the league, and unlike Lebron and the cavs, they actually stand a chance at winning. It’s on the Pistons…it’s only one game, but it looked like a regression to me. Each player has to come strong and with emotion, thats the only way we’ll win. Thanks for letting me vent. Have a great day. Go Pistons!

  58. Gabriel

    Oh…one more thing…get a rebound for christs sake. The pistons get a couple more rebounds at key junctures and we win the game. I think flip is a great assistant coach, but a mediocre head coach. He can be like Tex winter…a great offensive mind with a great system, but as far as being able to motivate men in the heat off battle, I have my doubts. As badly as they played, the game was theirs for the taking. We got them next time.

  59. Anonymous

    “Thanks for coming,” Posey yelled to the fans behind the visitors bench, using his loudest, most sing-songy voice.

    “Adios! See ya,” Posey said, mocking the Detroit fans by pretending to wipe tears from his eyes. “What’s the score?”

    And to end it all off, Posey threw in one more insult, intoning the “Deeeee-troit basketball!” rally cry that Palace p.a. announcer John Mason has made his signature.

    James Posey sure does have a lot to say, & I didn’t see him do ANYTHING in last night’s game but sit on the bench for almost all of the game. Someone needs to be taken back to 5th grade & grow up.

    Love the comment by Chauncey saying that the Celtics were celebrating like they won the Super Bowl! haha. & Anyone that is questioning Chauncey right now, just stop. It’s a regular season game, not the playoffs. He’s not going to make EVERY single basket. Cavs fans never question LeBron’s play when he chokes. Why would you guys question Chauncey’s play? Over ONE game. Chauncey’s the best, hands down.

  60. Anonymous

    i wasn’t all that mad about that lost…but as i read Posey’s comments just messed everything up. What kind of class does he have to be saying that. We beat u guys in Boston and we didn’t say a d*mn thing to the crowd. I thought that was disrespectful and he needs 2 get owned on the court. I have a real dislike for Boston now and they are getting up to Cleveland.
    First i was happy for that team and them to be winning those games, but now i have a real dislike for them now (except Ray Allen he didn’t say anything and i think he is the only one i like on that team). I use to like paul but now he is getting on my nerves. I use to really really like KG, but now he seems 2 have an attitude and he has that look that makes me not like him. And i was very very very upset @ the refs when they didn’t call that T on Doc…..i thought that was one of the bias moments this whole season….SHEED GET’S T’D UP FOR SAYING “THAT WAS A BAD CALL REF”. THe refs blew most of the game. At first i thought they were doing pretty well letting both teams be physical, but when that game became tight it was just terrible. I love FLip Saunders to death, but i really am mad at him 4 not putting in amir. HOW ARE WE SUPPOSE 2 DEVELOP THIS KID IF HE ISN’T PLAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMIR GAME IS AROUND THE FREAKIN RIM AND HE COULD HAVE REBOUNDED FOR us and we WOuLD HAVE WON THE FREAKIN GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m sry but i’m just sooo mad at Posey right now, i use to like him because he went 2 a school where i wanted 2 go (Xavier) but now he just messed up my day.
    Of course there is more basketball to play, but this loss is going 2 stay in my head 4 quite a while. DO i think the Pistons can beat the Celtics in a 7-game series…HECK YES!!! Do i think the Pistons are going to the finals….definitely!! but we need 2 stay focus ad concentrate what really matters and that’s getting back to the finals. I like how sheed showed emotion for that game and how much he wanted 2 win, so i’m not mad at him when he left early. Am i mad @ Chauncey…no, because all players go through their moments ad Chauncey s human, ya know. Am i mad @ Rip…no, he still scored soo no. Am i mad @ Max…HECK NO, I”M PROUD OF HIM 4 STEPPING UP TO KG. AM i mad @ FLip. YES! FOR NOT CHANGING THE DEFENSE AROUND AND PLAY WHAT WE ALWAYS PLAYED, AND NOT PUTTING IN AMIR!! if i could be mad at the team for one thing it would be rebounding. They killed us and it wasn’t cool at all. I’m happy we have 3 days off because we need to tighten up a bit, and i beleive we can beat Dallas and i can’t wait 4 the San Antonio game, YIPEEE (possible finals match up)but i’m cooling down more because i beleive this team is the best regardless what someone else says. I want us to fly under the radar and get ignored by the media because that’s when i think we are @ best. I beleive in you Flip to make changes and try 2 play Amir too, Love this Team to death and if i were a fan to any other team i couldn’t c myself this emotional. This whole fan base is filled with emotional fans who care about this game and this team soo much and I LOVE IT!!!! ZOO CREW IS THE BEST 2nd unit Crew in tha NBA…BELIEVE IT!!! And when the playoffs come around, boy we are going 2 be smoking and on fire and that’s a guransheed ,because our goal is to win that Ship and drive down Woodward 2 celebrate that ship with these fans. I represent the Red, White, and Blue all day everyday.

    A Rasheed Wallace Jersey – $29
    Snacks for a Pistons game-$20

    Being a Pistons fan- priceless, u’s best’s believe’s

    LET’S GO PISTONS AND LET’S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2007-2008 IT’S OUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALL BOUT DETROIT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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