11 Strong

by | Jan 4, 2008 | 23 comments

The Pistons added another game to their current winning streak that now stands at eleven. The Raptors stayed close, but the Pistons locked things down in the fourth quarter making it rough, especially since Toronto’s Bargnani (25 points) took only one shot in the entire fourth and missed. It was a hard fought win for the Pistons who will be playing The Boston Celtics Saturday night at The Palace. Final score 101-85.

Key Points:

  • Detroits’ streak is their longest since winning 11 straight in January 2006.
  • The Pistons had to really play well to win this one. The Raptors turned the ball over just 4 times to the Pistons 7.
  • The Pistons are now 18-2 against Eastern Conference opponents, let’s hope it’s 19 come Saturday night.
  • Rip Hamilton once again led the Pistons in scoring with 22 on 8-for-11 shooting. The hot hot Hamilton is averaging 21.6 points during the streak and has led the Pistons in scoring in the past seven games. He’s hot, he’s taking quality shots and he seems to never miss. Yes SIR!
Rip Hamilton
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  • Senior Member of Team Need4Sheed Steve DiLullo pointed out some Bill Walton Commentary for us.

The Pistons are playing their best bball ever, the veterans have adjusted to reduced minutes.
Pistons have the best bench in eastern conf… props to Stuckey, Jarvis, and Maxey
Dumars best GM in league.
“They’re no longer trying to turn the switch on and off…they’re putting the hammer down”
“The problem with guys like Sheed is when things go bad they blame the coaches.”
“The way the Pistons are playing, The Celtics can only hope that they’re still in it”

  • The Pistons shot 51% from the field and 50% from behind the arc.
  • Rebound was won 47-36.
  • Up Close with Jarvis Hayes.
  • The Pistons bench outscored the Raptors bench 27-5.
  • Carlos Delfino didn’t do anything to show The Pistons he’s been playing better with his new team. Delfino was 0-for-4 with no points and 2 boards in 14 minutes.
  • 10 fast break points for The Pistons, 0 for The Raps.
  • Mr. Stuckey really shined for the National Television audience. Rodney finished with 9 points, 6 assists and 2 takeaways in 18 minutes. Most importantly he played important minutes in the fourth quarter.
Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and FSN Detroit
  • How about Maxiell, who is making himself tough not to notice. I love how Hubie Brown gave him props when he finished that dunk. “Thats a man finishing a point in a mans game.” Maxiell finished with 11 points and 4 boards in 23 minutes.
  • No Blocks for Detroit, but that was probably because Detroit’s defense pushed their bigs out of the paint. Dyess is playing the best D of his career.
  • Double-Double for Tayshaun Prince who had 10 points and 11 boards. Tay had some great finishes, especially his final dunk in the fourth.
  • What a bench.
  • NBA.COM Highlights of the game.
  • Biggest lead for The Pistons was 18.
  • 9-for-21 shooting for Chris Bosh, he still had a double-double with 23 points and 16 boards.
  • Mr. Big Shot has another great night with 18 points, 9 assists and 5 boards. Chauncey is probably the only Pistons lock to make it to the All Star game….So go VOTE!
Chauncey Billups
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  • I don’t see Flip Murray dressing anytime soon, especially the way Afflalo and Stuckey have been playing, though I bet Hunter will put on a uniform for the Celtics game.
  • A tech for Chauncey.
  • The story behind the streak.
  • 5 Pistons in double figures.
  • The lead changed 9 times and the game was tied 3 times.
  • Tons of Pistons fans in Toronto.
  • HUGELY SHEEDTASTIC night for RA. He was on a mission, 20 points, 6 boards and a assist. His 5-7 from downtown was backbreaking for Toronto…especially this dagger late in the fourth, which put him ahead of Isiah Thomas on The Pistons all time 3’s list. Gotta love the wrap it up signal. Just another reason why I love this guy.
Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and FSN Detroit
  • Where Amazing Happens (The Detroit Version)…… From Pistons.com
  • I am betting a lot of you will be at The Palace Saturday night to see The Pistons take on The Celtics. The Pistons are on a 11 game streak and The Celtics are on a 8 game streak. Someone has to lose….. I personally can’t wait!


  1. Ashley

    Great game tonight! I was really looking forward to going to the game tomorrow night, but as I was looking to get my tickets ready for the game I found that they were missing and turned my house upside down for 2 hours trying to find them. I had no luck and am convinced that my father threw away the FedEx envelope that they were in.

    If anyone has 2 tickets that they need to get off their hands (I know this is doubtful), please let me know! I’m seriously torn up about this because I don’t get to go to many Pistons home games since I live in Chicago. My e-mail is detroitpistonsbasketball@gmail.com. Either way I’ll be watching the game!

    Keep this winning streak alive!

  2. Natalie

    Ashley…Try Stubhub or Ticketmaster for that matter before the game starts tomorrow. I am sure you can get something. Also I have had luck with a couple of the sites on my left column getting inexpensive seats late (though I doubt they will be cheap for tomorrows game).

    Hope something works out.

  3. ashley

    I originally got my tickets from StubHub, which sucks or else I would just reprint out the tickets! I’ll give a few more sites a try before I give up completely because I was so looking forward to attending tomorrow’s game.

    Either way I’ll be at the Bulls/Pistons game on the 19th, so I hope tomorrow is a good game for those who attend!

  4. Frank D

    What a great game, surprised that it didn’t end tighter though. Love the Wrap it up from Sheed, that one is a keeper.

    I must say I love the HOT ball in Rips hand, your creativity and originality is one of the reasons we all love need4sheed.

    Big game tomorrow!

  5. Anonymous

    I loved the Wrap it up from Sheed. That was so funny. Did anyone hear where he was yelling that the Raptors aren’t going to get away with stuff in the 4th quarter? MAN!!! that was too funny. Wrap it up, let’s get out of here.

    Hey Nat!!! That should be the quote for whenever we win a game by a margin 10 or more. “Wrap it up, let’s get out of here.” LOL, SHeed is so funny.

    Can’t wait for the game tomorrow, I’m super excited. I hope we win.

  6. Stacey

    I just love how Bill Walton has a different opinion every hour. One day all he does is diss on the Pistons, and another, he is raving on them (like tonight.) I swear, this man is bipolar, along with a lot of other things….

    Anyway, the game shouldn’t of been that close. I hope we are re-energized for tomorrows game. I’m overly excited!!

    ps- I’m LOVING the pistons version of “when Amazing Happens”. It’s much better than the other ones.

    GO PISTONS<3 always and forever :]

  7. Steve

    ^ Agreed about the Pistons version of “Where Amazing Happens” … that’s good stuff!

    What else can you say? The bench was HUGE tonight, we seized control down the stretch, and look poised and ready for tomorrow’s huge game.

    Interesting notes on the bench play – thanks to ESPN during the game…

    2004-2005 … 20.1 ppg
    2005-2006 … 22.6 ppg
    2006-2007 … 25.4 ppg
    2007-2008 … 28.5 ppg

  8. Anonymous

    haha yea im offically a detroit loser.. i shed a tear during the where amazing happens video

    did anyone else???

  9. Cali Alio

    Natalie….just a side note on the side banner…

    Does NAZR STILLLL read the site?! = ) jw.

    Keep doin’ watcha doin’! I love this site which I visit being the giant MI transplant I am in Cali…


  10. mannie32

    GREAT game… i was there with my billups jersey, i got a couple bad stares, but for the most part it was all fun, i was with my buddies who are raps fans so we were having fun dogging each other all game… was more competitive of a game than i thought it would be

    stuckey and maxiell really impressed, and boy does sheed get the opposing team’s crowd riled up, it was fun 2 see, everyone wanted him T’d up lol

    they mentioned it was the first espn game for the raps in FOUR years lol, so u know they were disappointed that they lost

  11. ayjay009

    good game tonight!
    gotta love em pistons!
    11 wins whoooooooooo!
    lets make it a 12 against BOSTON CELTICS!!!

    go pistonnnnnnnnnnns!

  12. Rizzle

    Sheed = MONSTER. I dont mind them losing to Boston if they play a great game. If they play like shit and beat themselves I have a problem. Boston is a good team right now. They do, however, have every reason to beat the shit outta Dallas and Suck Antonio on Wed/Thurs. Big week for Detroit, lets show everyone why we are who we are. DEEEEEEE-TROIT BASKETBALL.

  13. claire

    Natalie, I have a question, is the lava ball the upgraded version of the glowy, orange ball? Like when a player plays exceptionally well, you give him the honor of holding the lava ball?

    And this is kinda funny, during one of Stuckey’s drive, I got so excited and I was jumping up and down, then I landed on my foot in a very awkward position. Now I have to go to the doctor to get my foot taken care of. Sigh, getting injured while watching a Pistons game on TV…Oh, the things I’d do for my Pistons.

    And the loser tonight will be the Celtics. No doubt! Lava balls for all Pistons starters in the next recap!!

  14. perkisabeast

    Well then,

    We hope your ready to get Beasted on. Crushing you will be so fun.

    The Crack Staff @ Perkisabeast.com

  15. Anonymous

    Stuckey has a really ugly hair cut. I think he should change it, but don’t go bald like Mad Max. Anywho, it was a great okay. I’m glad they won again. I hope this continues, but if we lose to Boston it better be simply because they outplayed us and we didn’t put up a half effort. Let’s get it Detroit!!!


  16. Julius

    I’m surprised this wasn’t mentioned but one of the keys to the raptor game listed was “Need for sheed”

  17. Anonymous

    i agree with you rizzle, i don’t mind the Pistons losing against the Celtics but the Pistons have 2 at least give an effort. What i really want 2 c is our bench playing most of the game. i don’t want 2 c rip playing 35+ minutes i want 2 c our starters playing in the high 20’s low 30’s. And i need 2 c Amir, i don’t want 2 c this kid sitting on the bench getting DNP’s. I would wanthi2 develop with the rest of our bench.

    the thing i’m worried about this streak is that, is our game going 2 continually be this consistent.I’m just excited about this game though.

    Hey Natalie can u give us a reason y Amir isn’t playing, because i really want c him play and he is soo talented.

    LET’S GO PISTONS AND LET’S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2007-2008 IT’S OUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALL BOUT DETROIT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Natalie

    I believe Amir isn’t playing rignt now because everyone else is playing so much better…we are playing well right now, as much as I want to see Amir play I just wouldn’t mess with things just to get him minutes.

    I highly doubt Nazr still reads Need4Sheed but the video is cool nonetheless.

    Claire: The new Lava ball is not an upgrade, Rip has been playing so well I decided he needed something special and that’s what came out of it. You literally have to be on fire to warrant the Lava ball so who know who will get it next.

  19. Dominic

    Hey Claire…

    The NBA…Where getting injured while watching a huge play from your favorite team happens

  20. Natalie

    Dominic thanks for reminding me about Claire’s injury.

    Claire: Hope you feel better, let us know what happens and I am sorry I historically laughed when reading that you hurt it watching the Pistons game. PRICELESS

  21. Anonymous

    ^^hahah. That’s something that I would do…

    Natalie, this site is awesome. Thank you so much for taking your time and working hard for it. On behalf of everyone who views this site, thank you!


  22. mollymolls

    natalie thank you SO much for posting the pistons version of the where amazing happens commercial.!!

    I saw it a few weeks ago on FSN and have been checking this site and youtube everyday to try to find it so thank you SO SO much!!!

  23. Natalie

    Molly, no problem it was actually on Pistons.com yesterday.


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