What a show, 10 in a Row!

by | Jan 2, 2008 | 30 comments

The Pistons did it up big again, this time the victim was The Washington Bullets. Detroit flew into the Nation’s Capitol on a nine game winning streak and flew out with their streak in double digits. The Wizards kept up with the Pistons in the first quarter, but just as they have been doing, Detroit they kept the pedal to the metal until The Wizards had no room to breathe. Another big win for the Pistons, the final score 106-93.

Key Points:

  • Congrats go out to Richard Hamilton who is now the 10th all time leading scorer in Detroit Pistons history passing Gene Shue, and should become number 9 in a matter of games. Rip led the Pistons with 20 points, 9 assists and 7 boards. The hot, hot Hamilton was dangerously close to a triple double.
Rip Hamilton
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Photo/Getty Images
  • Jarvis Hayes had one of the best come back home games that I have ever witnessed from a Piston. Hayes was knocking down shots with ease enroute to his 12 points in 14 minutes on 4-for-6 shooting. The most impressive part was his three treys that were all dagger like.
  • Maybe a Bullets fan can explain to me why Antawan Jamison and Caron Butler played 43 and 45 minutes respectively, when the game was clearly out of hand early in the fourth?

    We have our answer from Jake the Snake of Bullets Forever. It’s probably for the same reason that Gilbert was playing nearly 40 minutes a game coming off injury (and likely causing his re-injury). Which is to say that I have not the slightest clue why they played that long.

  • Nick Young looks like he will be a nice NBA player, but oh how happy I am that Joe Dumars chose Rodney Stuckey at 15.
  • A fiery Sheed was angry early and wanted to prove a point. That he did with his 16 points, 8 boards , 2 blocks. He like Hayes had 3 timely three pointers.
  • 106-93.
  • Jason Maxiell was a man possessed, he put up rock solid 15 points on 5-for-7 shooting with 7 boards in 25 minutes. This ridiculous jam from The Putback KING is how he finished off the third quarter for the Pistons.

Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and myTV20 Detroit
  • I have never mentioned this before, but I think about it all the time. We all know Rasheed is “old school” and the old fashioned ace bandage he’s had wrapped around his knee for the better part of a month just cements that fact. I mean I know they have new and improved knee braces and sleeves, but Sheed just loves rocking everything classic. He’s pure vintage.
  • The game was tied 18 times with 18 lead changes.
  • The Pistons shot 48.7% from the floor.
  • McDyess and Sheed were both 2 boards short of double-doubles.
  • Seven Pistons in double figures.
  • Andray Blatche flagrant foul on Jarvis: Not cool. He went down so hard I felt it from my living room.
  • Hamilton has led Detroit in scoring each of its past six games.
  • Detroit shot 50% from beyond the arc.
  • NBA.com Highlights of The Game.
  • Amirzing dunk on a fast break from a Stuckey steal, picked up by Brezec to Herrmann then Amir for the jam.
Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and myTV20 Detroit
  • Sheed picked up his sixth tech of the season.
  • Sammy Mejia is tearing up the D League and was named the D League’s player of the week. In three games, Mejia averaged 31.7 points, 7.6 rebounds and 3.1 assists while shooting 57.1 from the field. Glad to see him doing well.
  • The Pistons led by double digits throughout the second half.
  • Saunders was named the Eastern Conference’s coach of the month for December.
  • The Piston went on a 10-0 run that began at the end of the second quarter and topped off with two back to back 3-pointers by Chauncey Billups to start the third. Mr. Big Shot finished with 16 points, 2 assists and a blocked shot. Most importantly he looked like he was having a blast on court.
Chauncey Billups
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Photo/Getty Images
  • The Pistons led by as much as 20.
  • Herrmann is a self proclaimed gangsta.
  • Pistons bench outscored the Wizards bench 33 to 8….. It’s so DEEEEEP, life jackets need to be ready at all times.
  • Lindsey Hunter stayed home for this mini road trip.
  • Friday in Toronto and Saturday at home for The Celtics. Take a look at the January schedule…it’s rough.


  1. Jonathan C

    Imagine the hype concering the Detroit Boston game if the pistons have an 11 game win streak and boston hasnt lost since they played the pistons.

    Great game by detroit tonight.

  2. Steve

    “Hamilton has led Detroit in scoring each of its past six games.”

    That’s even more impressive considering the sort of blowouts we’ve had and the limited minutes for the starters… Rip’s been the definition of solid lately.

  3. lavinius

    LOL @ Bullets

  4. Anonymous

    It should be shaun, but I bet the highlights are a bit different.

  5. Richie

    + The last play of the 3rd quarter was rediculous
    + The only play that comes close to being as impressive as Maxi’s putback was the last play of the game, which Natalie was amazing enough to proivde video footage of for us. That’s ture zoo crew action right there.
    +Amir dunks in the last second of the game twice in a row now.
    +Is anyone else curious why Rip Hamilton played 38 minutes in a blowout game? He and this team are not concerned with chasing double doubles or tripple doubles, so I’m curious as to what the point was. Afflalo only played 6.5 and Amir only played 2:40, so why was Rip in for so long when we never relinquished a 2 digit lead in the second half?
    +Chauncey was 4/5 for 3 tongiht. That’s 80% for 3!

  6. the fluidics

    great game again. It’s easy on the eye’s watching these blowouts, ut I don’t mind a close fought game either. It’s cool that for the most part we get both. Close at the begining, opening up as play continues. Can’t hardly wait for this weekend, and I’ll be back in 123 on the 15th, looking forward to it, if I can kick this cold!

  7. JakeTheSnake

    Maybe a Bullets fan can explain to me why Antawan Jamison and Caron Butler played 43 and 45 minutes respectively, when the game was clearly out of hand early in the fourth?

    It’s probably for the same reason that Gilbert was playing nearly 40 minutes a game coming off injury (and likely causing his re-injury). Which is to say that I have not the slightest clue why they played that long.

  8. claire

    I was surprised that Rip played such heavy minutes last night too. Maybe he wants to become the 9th leading scorer sooner than later?

    What I like about Rip these days is not his shooting, but his assisting. Not every team has a leading scorer who actually knows how to assist.

    And it’s good to know that the old Pistons and the current Pistons also have a good relationship. Although Sheed giving Mahorn the finger and Rip throwing wrapper in his face aren’t exactly “respecting your elders.” These Pistons have so much fun that it should be illegal.

    On a side note, I was watching the Celtics-Rockets game last night, and I noticed that Garnett was screaming at his jersey and everything else just like Sheed does. But the media considers Garnett to have heart, passionate about the game, a team player, etc. while Sheed (who is all that and some more) is labeled crazy. How the hell is someone who invites his teammates to his home during New Year to keep them out of trouble crazy? If anything, that’s HEART right there!! I have nothing against Garnett, but I just hate how the media is putting him on a pedestal.

    And the January schedule sure looks insane. The NBA definitely gives the Pistons the best “welcome to the new year” present -_-;

    Stay warm, Pistons! And don’t forget to break the Trailblazers winning streak record!

  9. TWR

    Hey everyone…I hit up the game last night here in DC. There were lots of Pistons fans representing here, in fact a loud DEE-TROIT BASKETBALL chant got going in the endzone section in the fourth quarter. Wizard fans were kind of dead, in fact the only way they could be motivated to boo during FTs was by the arena putting up pictures of the Dallas Cowboys when the Pistons were at the line! Lame…
    Even after the game waiting for the subway we got a DEE-TROIT BASKETBALL chant going on the metro platform! Good times and a great win. The atmosphere doesn’t come close to comparing to The Palace…I miss it like hell!

  10. Anonymous

    Bullets??? If it was i’m sure the score would be more dramatic

  11. Anonymous

    Gotta love Sheed’s reaction to Maxiell’s putback…love the passion

  12. Anonymous

    hahaha thats hilarious anon 11:13 about the dallas cowboys thing

    and alsooo WOW that dunk by amir.. not just him but everyone involved in that play was jsut so quick and energetic.. ir eally havent seen the pistons play with soo much energy in such a long time its soooo goood to see !!!!

    haha and i love the relationship of the newschool with the oldschool pistons !!.. that just shows the detroit pistons are generation and generations of great players with great personalities and if they were mixed together on a team theyd STILL have great chemistry! haha

    ANYwaysss vote for piston all stars !! 17 days lefttt


  13. claire

    well, I found an article that’s pretty interesting. I find it funny actually. Apparently, Mitchell, the coach of the Raptors (Pistons’ opponents tomorrow) gives his players the green light to attack below the belt. That’s right, not to attack above the rim, but to attack below the belt.

    Don’t get me wrong, I understand and sometimes encourage physical/dirty plays, but it’s no fun if you’re on the receiving end. So just be careful out there, Pistons. Wear extra shorts or something lol …


  14. jess

    TWR… lmao that had to be hallarious

  15. jess

    I was just on pistons.com and they have a video on the 200 consecutive games sellouts.



    Im sure you will especially enjoy it Nat.

  16. Pradamaster

    To piggyback on Jake, it probably has something to do with the fact that we have only 10 healthy players.

    Either that or because we had gone four days between games.

  17. Anonymous

    i love the article from the DBB website.
    llloovveeee it.

  18. Ash

    Can’t wait to go to the Palace for the game against the Celtics! It’s going to be a great game and I hope we’re extra loud that night.

  19. JP

    Let’s get another W on Friday, Detroit!!


  20. Amanda

    This may be old news to a lot of you guys, but I was just over at Pistons.com reading the Mailbag and I noticed a couple questions concerned Ben Wallace down in Chicago and the rumors that apparently started sometime last month about Paxson wanting to get rid of him already.

    Does that make anybody else here sick? He left Detroit, where he was loved and adored by all the fans and where he played all the meaningful minutes and helped the team as much as the next starter to having a career-worst season in which he’s been injured and playing for a team that doesn’t seem to appreciate all the little things he does.

    Of course, what makes me more sick is that someone who wrote one of the questions suggested trading McDyess, Flurray, and a draft pick for Ben. Yuck…

  21. Anonymous

    West virginia has fans too

  22. Richie

    I can’t beleive that lebasketbawl would right such trash. Is there a problem with a blog celebrating 10 wins in a row by it’s favorite team?! I’d like an explaination please. Oh, ummm did the trailblazers 13 game winstreak include any games against the Celtics? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

  23. Anonymous

    anonymous 8:05!!

    who are you?! haha im from west virginia too!! and if youre a fan pleasee let me know because im one of the only piston fans at my school..its pretty much what im known for haha

  24. TDP

    Rescind that tech, Stern! That’s some bullsh*t…

  25. TDP

    Does Blatche get fined for that foul? I hope so, then he can find out that flagrant fouls, like p*ssy, doesn’t come free…


  26. Anonymous


    i found this website and figured i would share…
    i have no idea where all this came from, but it reminds me of those crazy Chuck Norris jokes that people made up. I guess these are similar in that they show how much of a beast max really is.


  27. Anonymous

    yo guys ive got an autographed 2004 championship pistons hat, like the oens they got when they won, signed by larry brown,

    just wanted to know what u guys though of it and shit

    lets get 11 in a row tomorow night and then try to makre it 12 on bostons ass

  28. pistonsgrl22

    I was just on pistons.com and they have a video on the 200 consecutive games sellouts.



    Im sure you will especially enjoy it Nat.

    hey jess can u get the link to that please

    i went on there but couldnt find the video


  29. jess


    If you go on pistons.com its the last slide on the slide show. If you read it, towards the middle it says “click here” and its a pop-up video so there is no link.

    I hope that helps.


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