10 Straight would be Great

by | Jan 2, 2008 | 11 comments

The Pistons vs. The Wizards
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Detroit will go for their 10 straight win tonight against the 15-14 Wizards in Washington. Don’t look for an easy one tonight, the Wizards have been playing great basketball of late and will be using this game against the Pistons to see just what kind of team they are.

Look for Jarvis Hayes, in his first game back in Washington, to try to prove something against the Wizards after they decided not match Detroit’s offer and resign him this year.

Tip off is at 7:00 PM and is being locally broadcast on myTV20 Detroit and on the Radio at WDFN AM 1130, where you can also stream it live. Remember you can always chat live during the game with other Pistons fans in the Need4Sheed.com Forum Chat Room, which seems to be a big hit.

As always I’m leaving it up to you, so here’s to letting the NBA Fans who are voting in Gilbert Arenas into the all star game though he can’t play and has only put on a uniform 5 times this season that our Guards are for real…. NOW GO VOTE for Chauncey and Rip!


  1. Amber

    I’m excited about this game! I’m voting for the Pistons right now. I always vote for Maxiell as well, as a “write in player”.

  2. Steve

    Go Rip… #10 all time now!

  3. Anonymous

    yea i was wondering whether everyone was voting for jmax or dice.. that way i could vote with the crowd so we’d have a better chance of getting one of them in.. theyre both deserving in my opinion.. but nonetheless!! JUST VOTE !!!!

    PLEASE get our pistons in ..it makes me sooo mad about the whole arenas situation.. THE GUY CANT EVEN PLAY.. HE HASNT EVEN BEEN PLAYING .. how do people know hes still got the skills?!

    they donttt!!
    theyre just going by the fameee when they NEED to go by the GAMEEE !!


  4. Amber

    Anon, you can vote for the entire starting 5, and then Maxiell as a write in player. The other write in players include Afflalo and some of the other bench, but I think Max is probably the most deserving of the position currently.

  5. Steve

    Protect your babies! I think Maxiell just killed every one in Washington!

  6. Steve

    Amir sighting with 3 to go in the game.

  7. Anonymous

    u see that flagrant n make that 10 win go detroit were the best

  8. Lindsay

    Amir’s dunk toward the end of the game was NICE. I love when he’s in the game.

    And how about Maxiell’s buzzer beater dunk? Unbelievable.

    Jarvis worried me when he took that hit & landed on the ground. Thank goodness he was alright.

    I’d like to see our streak be at 11by the time we play Boston on Saturday, and extend to 12 right after. ;)

  9. Richie

    I don’t understand why anyone would vote for a player that:

    A. Hasn’t played more than 5 games all season
    B. Can’t play in the allstar game anyway

    Seriously, if any of my favorite pistons were in the same situation, there’s no way I’d vote for them and steal votes from deserving players. It ticked me off when they did it with Yao last year, just like they are for agent zero this year. And why is Shaq #2 for the center spot right now?! He’s playing the worst he has his whole career!

  10. Amanda

    lol I love our boys and everything but let’s be real guys. There is no way Rip or Chauncey are going to be voted into the starting lineup. Everybody knows the All-Star voting is a popularity contest and although the Pistons are very popular, I think the vast majority of their fans reside in Michigan and not elsewhere; ergo, it’s basically 1 state against…the rest of the world!

    ‘Sides, the two of them stated last year that it was very gratifying to them that the coaches put them on the roster. And with the team playing as well as it is, I’m sure the boys will get the honor they deserve.

    Now I’m not saying don’t vote or anything like that, I’m just saying let’s keep our eyes and minds on the more important things like continuing this amazing streak, beating down the Celtics at the Palace, and oh yeah, raising that hunk of gold-painted metal this June!


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