Game one of a Pistons – Pacers Back to Back

by | Dec 28, 2007 | 40 comments

The Detroit Pistons vs. Pacers
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The Pistons will take on the Pacers tonight in the first game of a Detroit-Indiana back to back. The Pistons have won 13 of 15 to take a 6 1/2-game lead in the Central over second place Indiana, who have a 15-14 record coming into tonights game.

Its not quite the same old Indiana rivalry, in fact I used to loath the Pacers. Them coming into town is just the same to me as having a team like the Bucks come into the Palace. In fact the Pistons have gotten the best of The Pacers the past couple of seasons, this is what usually happens when Detroit is up against Indiana.

Tip off is at 8:00 PM and is being locally broadcast on WDIV Detroit (don’t be alarmed if you don’t see Mr. Blaha). You can always listen live on WDFN 1130 AM and you know the Need4Sheed Forum Chat Room is usually packed with Pistons fans during the game.

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  1. Richie

    First comment- Yeeeaaah!
    I’m kind of sad about Mr. Blaha not being there, but I think I’ll get through this game if I bite the bullet and think happy thoughts.

  2. Anonymous

    I love everything Pistons, with the exception of Blaha, his catch phrases are cliche and annoying. Then again every other time the game is on ESPN or TNT, I can’t stand those announcers as well.

  3. Anonymous

    And he looks like Tweety Bird in person!

  4. claire

    I like how Rip didn’t even look at the camera’s direction when he was being interviewed.

    Go blow ’em out tonight, Pistons!

  5. Anonymous

    I’d really like to see Tay explode for some offense. 20+ would be nice.

    I doubt Webber will get another double-doublt like in the video…

    Back to Back, home and home. Sort of a little mini-series. Like a little practice playoffs. It’ll be interesting to see how each team adjusts from game to game.

  6. Amanda

    I love home and home games cuz it seems like the players get a little edgy with each other. Pistons-Pacers games just haven’t been the same since Artest and Jackson left Indy so a mini-series should at least help add a little bit of fire to the contest. Though, in theory, tomorrow night will probably be more heated.


  7. the FLUidics

    Man, I’m sick as a dog and had to give up my tickets for tonight.
    Good luck guys, and avenge me!!!

  8. jessi

    I feel for you the fluidics, my dada had my car in toronto and got suck there so I had to give my tickets to a friend however what sucks the most is that he ended up making it home in time so I could have made it to the game in time. just when I thought I’d be able to go to more games this year after coming back to ontario from edmonton it seems I have only gotten to go to 3 games this far and I am not very happy about it.

  9. Steve

    So far Jarvis is on a good roll tonight… finally!

    Stucky’s most impressive as well – 3 swipes already.

  10. Steve

    Wow I think we’re changing our “come out in the 3rd” strategy to delivering an ass-whooping in the 2nd. We’re 10-13 from the floor this quarter and have a 22 point lead halfway thru at 49-27… niiiice.

  11. jessi

    jarvis can shot the ball well, I wish he did this everynight. If this game keeps going like this I see another blow out give our starters the rest going into tomorrow nights game. The pistons are on their shot again tonight, I think this team is just perfect right now. There was a little adjustment at the begining of the season but that seems to have worked it self out

  12. jessi

    hayes is on fire,l nice drive by aaron, I really like that kid

  13. Steve

    I absolutely LOVE watching Afflalo drive the lane!

    Jarvis is still lightin it up 5-5 and 3-3 from long ball land for 13 and a +19.

    58-34 with 2 to go in the 2nd, booyah!

  14. Steve

    That was funny… Brezec went diving after the ball and the entire Pistons bench moved to both sides to get the heck out of the way.

    Would be a nice vid if you can get it on here, Nat.

  15. jessi

    gotten love brezec, he goes for every ball even if it means running right into the pistons bench, I still can’t stop laughing. The players see that he wasn’t stopping and got righ tout of his way.

  16. Steve

    He hasn’t had much time with us, but I like him. Definitely always is out there giving full effort and cheering on the guys when he’s on the pine.

    Nice wide open jumper by Dyess right before the buzzer… 54% shooting and a 23 point lead at the half.

  17. jessi

    I like the way this game is going we might just get to see Hermann tonight since he is in uniform tonight

  18. Steve

    It’s only fitting. We’ve all been griping about Jarvis’ shooting woes and hoping for Herrmann… and tonight Jarvis is our leading scorer at the half. Oh irony how I hate you sometimes.

    Nonetheless, here’s to hoping for Fabio!

  19. Steve

    Tinsley with an injured thigh… out for the second half.

  20. Steve

    Wow Chauncey that was just ridiculous… running leaner with the shot clock about to run out.

  21. jessi

    yes that is what we have been asking for, they even talked about how hayes said the detroit fans will see he can score and well he is showing us tonight,

  22. the fluidics

    These games are getting brutal! They build these massive leads and the bench plays the second half, like, every game now. I love it by the way.

  23. Steve

    We’re seeing EXACTLY what we hoped for this season… lots of bench play and solid, solid, solid wins.

    Rip and Tay are goin off right now… beautiful team play.

  24. jessi

    yes this is what we wnat to get our bench getting playing time so when playoffs come around they can be used as well our starters will get rest and won’t be tired as they were last year and we all know a big part of last year was the starters just were to tired.

  25. Steve


  26. jessi

    yeah we get to see hermann

  27. Steve

    Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice one Fabio!!!

  28. the fluidics

    what a way to start your piston career!

  29. jessi

    noce drive by hermann, I kinda hope that we keep the two new guys but I know it won’t happen unless we can do a one man trade for flip for a draft pick

  30. Steve

    Call me crazy but there’s not a reason in the world to tinker with this team any more right now. Of course Joe D could do something spectacular and I’d probably be thrilled, but we’re doin just fine with this cast right now. Our 11th guy off the bench started for Charlotte this year!

  31. jessi

    sucks that the pacers scored over 90 but which stucks more is that the score is getting close, I have no doubt in my mind that we will come out with the win but it sucks to see a lead get close. I am however happy that our starters are getting rest.

  32. Steve

    Yeah we need to hold leads… but when you figure 3 of the 5 on the floor right now have essentially not been with us more than a couple weeks (since Stuckey couldn’t play/practice) it’s not all bad. Not that I’m trying to make any excuses – we need to step it up right now.

  33. jessi

    I hear you steve, at forst I was a little upset with stuckeys play but then I remember that he hasn’t played much and this is his time to get his mistakes out of the way where other rookies got to do that at the beginning of the season…

    I like seeing brezec out there but he needs to control thoses arms of his lol

  34. Steve

    Ugh still I don’t care how little anyone’s played… I absolutely hate seeing a lead evaporate down the stetch. If we were up by 22 then I want to win by 22!

  35. jessi

    good win, got a little crazy in the forth quater but its always good to see the bench get to play the last quater of the game, I love how all the players are getting playing time this year it helps build the confidence of the players who are lost in the bench. this year they are not getting to play “garbage time” they are getting to play good minute for the most part

  36. Steve

    Very much true… good game even if it got a little carried away at the end. Games like this are going to pay major dividends come playoff time.

  37. Steve

    Stucky was Mr. 3 all around tonight… wearing #3 and collecting 3 boards, 3 assists, 3 steals, 3 turnovers, and 3 trips to the line where he hit every one (6 freebies on 3 shooting fouls)

  38. Richie

    Hah, that’s a fantasitc 3-oriented observation there, Steve.
    This game was fantastic, but I wouldn’t get too concerned about the lead slipping towards the very end. In addition to the fact that the bottom of the bench was playing at that point, Diener also came in off the bottom of the pacers bench and dropped 4/5 from the floor, including 3/4 from behind the long line. He scored as many 3’s in the last 6:52 as the rest of his teamates combined for in the whole game. If the pacers don’t get the hot hand until their on their 12th man off the bench, I’m okay with that! I love the attitude that the former bobcats are showing, and Herrmann’s basket was pretty freaking sweet, but I also don’t expect us to keep them arround, at least not both of them. I still think we’ll be packaging them with Flip Murray, trading them for one decent person, then reactivate Samb and maybe Majia. How about Amir getting a block within his first few seconds and 9 boards in his first 8 minutes?!

  39. Anonymous

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I am getting a little sick of Amir not getting many minutes. I really don’t have many complaints about the team right now, but that is a biggie for me. I kind of hate to see “the new guy” (Brezec) getting more minutes than Amir right now. I know Amir is not really that much of a scoring threat (unless he’s inside) but his defense is amazing… we put up with that shit from Big Ben, so why can’t we put up with it from Amir… plus, I am pretty sure he can probably make a damn free throw… right? I don’t know… I am just saying, I was really hoping to see more Amir this season, and was lead to believe that I would. I want to see the kid blossom as a Piston and not get frustrated because he’s not getting enough minutes. I think he’s got talent, and will be something big, but that isn’t going to happen if he doesn’t get to play. It’s just my opinion that he isn’t getting enough minutes… disagree if you must, but it is still my opinion… and my only complaint about the Pistons right now because they are playing wonderful basketball and I firmly believe that they will go all the way this year!!

  40. Anonymous

    Rip’s stat looks super good in this game. Keep it up!


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