Just another Maxiell Throw Down

by | Dec 27, 2007 | 17 comments

Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and WDIV Detroit


  1. Steve

    Mmmmm babies… I think that was his Christmas present to himself.

    Thanks for the clip, Nat!

  2. ayjay009

    Ho Ho Ho to you!!
    the MAXchine..
    nice clip!

  3. Anonymous

    why isn’t flip murray getting any minutes? i think he’s going to be traded soon

  4. Anonymous

    absolutely BEAUTIFULLLLLLL

    is it just me?? or are the guys on fire lately???

    i like ittt :]

    PS – vote for your pistons allstars TODAY! only 23 days left!

  5. Anonymous

    ^^where the pistons stand as of now in the allstar voting

    however, they only chose the top 3 or something!!

    so come on people vote.. at this rate there will be ZERO pistons in the allstars.. and we cant let that happen cause they deserve it this year!

  6. Yessssir!

    Maxiell angry.

  7. kc

    From the looks of things the only Pistons that even have a shot at the allstar game right now are Chauncey, Sheed, and MAYBE Tayshaun. This might piss some people off, but I am not all that concerned about the guys making the team. I DO vote for all of our starters daily, so don’t get me wrong here. The thing is, even if none of them make it, we as Piston fans, know that we have multiple allstars on our roster, and I think that is really what counts. I suppose it is an honor to be voted onto the team by the fans, but my opinion of the allstar game is that it’s more or less about show-boating, and not really that much about real basketball. I love all of the guys and think they do deserve to be on the team, but I also think that if they can get a little mid-season rest and some time to relax, it wouldn’t be a bad thing. I probably won’t even watch the allstar game if there are no Pistons on the team. I guess I am just saying that in my heart & mind they are allstars no matter what. Rest assured that I will continue to vote for our starting 5 (+ Maxiell for the write in) every day until the voting is over… I am a good fan and want to support the team like that. I just wanted to say that it wouldn’t be devastating if they don’t get there. Sorry if that makes anyone mad. It’s just my opinion… I am not trying to get under anyone’s skin or cause a lot of nastiness.

    Natalie, do you wear a Pistons jersey (or some type of Pistons apparel) to the games you go to? If so, how do you decide which one to wear? I am curious because I have tickets to an upcoming game and I am having a hell of a time trying to decide. I have a lot to choose from. That’s not a complaint btw… I will never have enough. I even have pajamas – which I will not be wearing to the game. That’s the one item I have been able to rule out so far, even though they are cute as hell. Oh, I forgot to mention that this will be my first trip to the Palace for a Pistons game and I am dying of excitement, so that might explain why I am asking for wardrobe advice… and why I can’t seem to stop typing lol.

    sheesh!! Sorry ’bout that. ;]

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  8. vayama

    “why isn’t flip murray getting any minutes? i think he’s going to be traded soon”

    “is it just me?? or are the guys on fire lately???”

    These two comments go together like peanut butter and jelly.

  9. Natalie

    vayama: hilarious

    kc: I always wear something Pistons related when I am going to the game. If for some reason I can’t wear a jersey or shirt ect.. I at least have my lucky Pistons band on. As for the clothing, I usually pick something random unless I feel the need to represent something special and then I go with it until we lose when I’m wearing it. Haven’t worn my Sheed Blue Jersey since the day we lost to Cle in game 5 last year.

    Right now I have been sporting my Blaha Shirt with my Pistons warm up and Adidas Kicks…It’s been my outfit for a while.

  10. Richie

    A. Amen, vayama!
    B. KC is absolutely right about the all star game, which is why frankly, the only one I’m concerned about getting there is Tay. He seriously deserves to have the title of all-star attached to his name. Frankly I hate the all-star game itself. There’s no defence, few fundamentals, and the players don’t usually take it seriously anymore. However, it is still an honor that Tayshaun deserves, and we should get credit where credit is due.

  11. Richie

    PS, keep wearing that outfit, Nat- it’s working!

  12. downtown

    The All-Star game is a marketing pissing contest, but here in Detroit I think we’re more concerned about team basketball and winning championships.

    But having said that, Tay absolutely deserves an all-star tag just to complete the resume.

  13. claire

    I’m voting for our starter, but someone needs to remind Flip Saunders and all his little coaching buddies to vote for the Pistons starters too! Because at this rate, we need the coaches to vote our starters for the bench.

    Good luck tonight, Pistons!!

  14. Tessa

    “At this rate we will have ZERO pistons in the all stars!”

    actually, the fans voting only choose the starters, so even if no pistons start, there is a good chance that they will be chosen as reserves.

  15. Anonymous

    ^^ohhh thats right! i forgot about that

  16. Richie

    Ummm, yes, I’ll have the baby on bed of lettuce please. Oh, and does that come with soup?


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