The Pistons are at The Izod Center

by | Dec 26, 2007 | 15 comments

Detroit’s on a roll and they would love to get a road win tonight against the 12 and 15 Nets. The Pistons are on a five game winning streak, while New Jersey is on a two game streak of their own. Detroit always needs to be at the top of their game when it comes to New Jersey and it looks like The Nets coach Lawrence Frank and Jason Kidd are giving The Pistons the respect they deserve.

“Detroit going into Boston and winning there and then coming back last night and beating Houston. I think when you look at their play-even back to when we played them – they’ve been at a very consistent, high level so we’re going to have to be on top of our game.” Frank

“Them beating the Celtics, I would consider them the best team in the East right now because they’ve been together and they know how to win. They get up for big games and they’re a team that’s very consistent so this will be a big test for us.” Kidd

Tip off is at 7:30 PM and is being locally broadcast on WDIV Detroit. As always, leave ’em in the comments or chat live in the Forum chat room during the game.

I will leave you with a little Christmas hi jinx courtesy of Rick Mahorn, who decorated Rip’s truck for the holidays. Thanks to Fan House and DBB for the find.


  1. Amber

    I can’t wait for the game!
    Kidd’s comment is definitely accurate. His team doesn’t have a chance in hell, but it’s nice to see that he’s giving us the credit that we deserve.

  2. Anonymous

    I can’t watch the game as usual, but I hope the Pistons show up and are ready to play their game. I don’t consider NJ to be a very good team, but they have some great players so you never can underestimate them or any team in this league to be honest. I hope it’s a great game. GO DETROIT!!! Let’s get it. Horrible sound on that video, but lol at him doing that to Rip’s truck. I would love to have one of those.

    Love the site Nat!!!

    Also What do you all think about going with someone maybe 6-7 years older that you? lol, I know this is a weird question to ask but were all Piston family so I just wanted to know what you all though. Oh yeah, he’s a cop and he looks so so good. :-)

  3. Anonymous

    Man shoot!!! I was sitting here thinking about my cop friend and I burned my pizza, lol.

  4. claire

    lol why did Rick Mahorn do that to Rip? It’s kinda mean though, but still hilarious =) I wonder if Rip’s gonna return the favor

    Humor runs in the Pistons family, from the Bad Boys to the Bad Boys II

  5. jessi

    why wouldn’t tay got for the basket instead of passing it out and pass it right into the nets hand. The pistons came out strong making all their shoots until dycess missed his foul shoots then the pistons miss thier next 4 shots letting the nexts stay close. I love when theses team each other because no matter what the nets standing is they come ready to play the pistons.

  6. jC--23

    This is a great game at the moment.. Both teams coming to play.. Pistons had a nice run at the end of the half to get the one point lead…

  7. ED

    Hey, don’t know if anyone has seen it yet, but that clip of maxiell getting the basketballs thrown at him during a pregame interview made number 6 on’s top 10 bloopers of 2007

  8. Anonymous

    So what do you all think about going with somone 6-7 years older than you?

  9. jessi

    nice game everyone played well , had a few to many turn overs but good game. five players in doubles figures and billips with q double double. tay even know he onnly had 6 points played a solid game 6asst, 4 boards. it was good to see stuckley have a good game however I would like to see him pass the ball more, there were a few times when I feel he should have passed but he has jsut played in a few games so i am sure he will get teh feel for the floor soon. Nice dunk by sheed and a rim hang as well… pistons held kid to 0-8 with his only points coming from the line. Another blow out for the pistons, I don;t get board of theses… I really like watching thses two teams play each other because the nets always come ready for the pistons and make them work for the win as they did in the first half of this game. over all good game

    I am watch an interview with rodman biy its been a long time since i have seen an interview with him, they are getting in to everything from his wearing dresses to going to gay night clubs, its a good one.

  10. kc

    Awesome 2nd half. The first half was a little iffy at times. Not sure why they start out hot as a pistol and then go ice cold like that, but it is good to see them fighting their way through it when it happens. 6 in a row… i am happy!! I am pretty confident that it will be 8 in a row by the end of the week when we take 2 from Indiana. Maybe I’m getting too cocky but man, I love this team!!

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  11. Gabe

    I think the pistons are going to have to be content not flying under the radar. 2 seasons ago, they won 67 games, but the starters logged huge minutes and burned themselves out, while the bench was nowhere near as talented as this years team. I think the pistons need to embrace the idea that their an elite team, a concept they seem wary of because it might dampen their “edge”. If this team, as constracted, plays to their max ever game ala San Antonio, they can take it all. What worries me is the lapses in effort and the sort of “we’ll be there when the smoke clears attitudte” this team has so stubbornly displayed. While I admire the tanacity and confidence, I believe this team has what it takes to be “great”, and greatness is something that is developed over the course of the season. I hope they keep playing the way they are…reasonable minuetes for the starters, high energy bench play, execution, and the consistant pursuit of excellence. I’m proud to be a Pistons fan right now!

  12. Anonymous

    Just watched SportsCenter, and one of the guys chose the Pistons to have the best chance of winning the championship this season :) San Antonio was #2, and Boston was #3. Hopefully we can live up to that and win it this season, and from what i see right now we have a great chance. Go Pistons! :)

    Hope you all had a good holiday!

  13. claire

    I am so damn proud of this team! I know I could always count on the Pistons to be solid in the 3rd quarter. Keep up the good work, guys!!


    I was at the game last night in Jersey, sat with Antonio’s family and with P. Brez’s GF then got a chance to hang with Sheed, C-Bill, Rip, and Flip after the game. This was the second time I got to do this. We won by 20 and are playing tough D.


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