Happy Holidays!

by | Dec 24, 2007 | 20 comments

Here you have it again, a Pistons rendition of Jingle Bells. Featuring Will Blalock, Jason Maxiell, Amir Johnson and the oh so jolly Rasheed Wallace. Now I happen to be partial to the Remix, but that’s just me. When they originally played this during a time out at the Palace, the whole place erupted, including the entire Pistons bench (video).
[flashvideo file=https://need4sheed.com/videos/flash_video/jingle_bells.flv /]


  1. uyen

    Happy Holidays Natalie and Detroit Pistons fans.

  2. Steve

    Glad to have you back… thanks for the holiday cheer!

  3. davi alexander

    Times to times, we come to realize who are our friends and people who are connected someways to our lives. People doubt of our families, and we defend them, people criticize someones blog and we defende them. That´s how I feel about pistons and need4sheed, members of a great family. Hope everyone get a sheedtastic christmas and next year, I´m moving to U.S.A, I´m waiting 26 years to go to a pistons game, hope I realize that wish with so many good people around. Merry Christmas everyone from the need4sheed family.

  4. Anonymous

    So dear Sheed and rookies didn’t make Christmas song or something special this year?

  5. Anonymous

    Happy Holidays to Natalie and to all the Pistons faithful out there!

  6. jessi

    I just wamted to stop by and say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Nat and all the pistons fans who come to this site.

    Alos on a side note I just read that Scott Skiles has just been relieved as the bills head coach, now I am not a fan of his at all but that just sucks to find out you are out of a job on christmas eve. I know his team is not doing so well right now but have a heart and wait until after christmas even boxing day would have been better.

  7. Anonymous

    Merry Christmas everyone (not X-Mas) Jesus is the reason for the season and there is no Christmas without him. I love Need4Sheed.com good job Nat!!! keep it up. I know your busy, but are you going to revamp the site for 2008 that would be really cool.

  8. Natalie

    A SHEEDtastic Holiday to everyone.

    And no big revamp coming in 08, just minor tweaks…

    I was hoping we would get a new Christmas carol this year but no luck. This one is a classic for years to come.

    Best everyone !

  9. jess


  10. dirge

    Happy Holidays, Natalie, Steve, and all the readers at Need4Sheed!


  11. Anonymous

    i actually dont know what to think about the whole firing of scott skiles. I think its pretty dumb to blame their bad season on him, however, he scares me. Therefore, everytime we play the bulls from now on…i wont have to comment on how much he looks like lord voldemort anymore.

  12. Anonymous

    skiles is a great coach, this was a prime example of, we cant fire the players, so lets fire the coach

  13. kong

    I love that

    happy holidays

  14. Anonymous

    happy holidays

    so ben wallace is trying to start a rumor that the roberts are going to trage tmac to the bulls for him, he has it on his my space page… I can’t see that happening since t mac can score and ben can’t, the rokets already have a pretty good big.. what does everyone thing about this rumur that ben himself is starting?

  15. Anonymous

    Merry Christmas everyone (not X-Mas) Jesus is the reason for the season and there is no Christmas without him. I love Need4Sheed.com good job Nat!!! keep it up. I know your busy, but are you going to revamp the site for 2008 that would be really cool.

    Totally agree with you.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

  16. MizCutiePi

    Merry X-Mas Everyone. And dont forget to go and vote for the Need4Sheed Blog! We’re way behind

  17. Anonymous

    its CHRISTmas for gods sakes. Even if your not religious…CHRISTMAS! seriously. x-mas is a hugeee pet peeve of mine. its so dumb to say.

  18. Anonymous

    Merry Christmas, Hanukah, Rashashana, or Kwanza, etc. Sorry not gonna say x-mas. Even though I’m not religious or anything I’m not about to help along the Futurama version of Christmas (you know killer robot santa, and palm trees instead of pine. No thank you)

    I saw the Scott Skiles thing, that is booty that they treated him that way, it was as much the players as it was him, even though this is good for the
    Pistons (theoretically speaking) I can’t believe they did that to the man who helped them out of mediocracy. And I agree with Jessi if you are gonna fire him, at least wait til after the holidays. Anyway happy holidays talk to you guys after the game tomorrow.

  19. Ks631

    in toronto on the score this was #1 on the dirty dozen cowntdown!!


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