An Old-Fashioned Memphis Bar-B-Q

by | Dec 22, 2007 | 11 comments

Thanks to Steve DiLullo for taking my place here at N4S while I’m not able. This recap, bullet points and the photos are Steve’s great work from The Pistons win over Memphis.

The Pistons didn’t let any hangover from the Boston game last past halftime. Darko returned to the Palace without much fanfare and Stuckey made his official NBA debut. Afflalo had a statement game and he’s proving to be another wise selection by Joe D. Solid Detroit Defense to go with all of the above, and you’ve got another Pistons blowout and win number 19 on the season. The Pistons are now 19-7 after a 94-67 beat down on Grizzlies.

Rodney Stuckey
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Photo/Getty Images

  • It was Flip’s 800th professional win including his days in the CBA-congrats!
  • Turnovers, unforced turnovers, and more turnovers. That pretty much sums up Memphis’ game last night. We harassed them into 22 total while only giving away the ball 8 times ourselves.
  • Both teams shot poorly in the game, with the Pistons going for 42% and the Grizzlies hitting 34% of their shots. Yet we still won by 27 thanks mostly to solid D and all those turnovers.
  • Tay got off to a great start, 7 points in the first 6 minutes with a sweet alley-oop from Rip. It was great to see him involved from the get-go after being so cold two nights ago in Beantown.
  • Stuckey! Thanks to the monstrous lead, Rodney played his first minutes as a pro just a couple days after getting cleared to practice again. He came in with 6 minutes to go in the fourth to plenty of cheers, grabbed an offensive board and nailed his first 2 points as a pro with a baby hook in the lane. As expected, he looked a bit lost at times but he also had 2 assists including one to Brezec who hit a fade in the post that the crowd was digging.
  • Player of the Game: Afflalo all the way. And I decided this while I was there at the game, before FSN apparently decided the same thing in the post-game show. He was solid and definitely played his best game as a pro. In only 20 minutes, he hit 3-4 shots and 6-7 freebies to go for 12 total along with 5 boards, 2 assists, a steal, and zero turnovers. Clearly the key to much of our defensive success, you could just see his effect on the game when he was on the floor.
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Photo/Getty Images

More Afflalo highlights:

  • Arron came in off the bench in the first and right away he had a nice tip in off Tay’s miss along with his usual solid defense.
  • Numerous drives in traffic to the hoop, with a couple impressive And-1’s. He’s not afraid to drive on anybody. We knew Stuckey was known for this, but it’s certainly a pleasant surprise to see Afflalo do the same.
  • Great defensive play in the fourth that led to a steal and dish to Chauncey for an easy layup
  • Rudy Gay’s definitely for real, 9 solid points in each half to finish with 18 on 7-17 shooting along with some amusement thanks to 2 missed dunks that took serious bounces off the rim.
  • Our offense went stagnant early in the second, let Memphis back into the game and even allowed them to build a slight lead. Pretty much terrible play all around from us in the second and we led at halftime by just four, 42-38.
  • We let Memphis hang around way too long in the game before shutting them down in the second half with a combination of solid defense and better offense on our end. The Grizzlies scored 16 and 13 in the third and fourth, respectively.
  • Darko didn’t do much. As many turnovers (four) as rebounds, with 2 points on 1-4 shooting and three fouls. He was definitely booed (there was some applause, but booing won out by far) every time he touched the ball.
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Photo/Getty Images

  • Stromile Swift’s still in the NBA? He was actually the only Grizzly with a positive +/- in the game, for whatever that’s worth.
  • Jarvis is bothering me. Lots of silly shots that sure looked forced, and he didn’t do anything all that special on defense either. Let’s put it this way – I’m excited to see what Herrmann can do for us right now.
  • By the looks of last night’s performance, Memphis fans would be better suited to cheer the Tigers than the Grizzlies this year.
  • Rebound war won 45-44
  • Great free throw shooting, 80% compared to Memphis’ 65%
  • Amir in early with his first appearance in the second. He played 13 minutes with 5 boards, one block, and a monster jam that was his only points.
Amir Johnson
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Photo/Getty Images

  • Another off night on offense for Sheed with just 7 on 3-9 shooting , but his defense was clutch throughout the game. He finished with 6 boards, 3 steals, and 2 great blocks.
  • Second game in a row Chauncey drew a foul on a long ball and hit all three at the line.
  • Tay and Rip kept us going in the first half
  • Chauncey abused Lowry a couple times with some nice work in the post. Mr. Big Shot didn’t need to make too many big shots in this one and had an off-night (2-10 FGs) aside from his usual job at the line, where he hit 10 of 11. He finished with 14 points, 7 assists, a steal, and zero turnovers.
  • Maxiell ate a few babies with a thunder dunk in the third. He was in foul trouble all night, with 3 really quick ones in the first half that helped limit him to only 13 minutes in which he grabbed only 2 boards and blocked one shot.
  • Tay with ice in his knee at the end of the game. Is everything alright?
  • Samb recalled from NBDL, but not expected to play
  • Nazr scored 20 with 14 boards for the Bobcats, good for him!
  • video highlights of the game and Box Score
  • Blaha and Special K trump ESPN
  • More proof of just how big Wednesday night’s Pistons-Celtics game was: Ratings for the TV20 telecast with George Blaha and Greg Kelser were tremendous. Despite being simulcast on ESPN, where it drew a 5.2 rating, the game drew a 5.3 rating on TV20, good for No. 3 for the night among all viewers for prime-time programming. It was No. 1 in prime time among adults ages 18-49 and adults ages 18-34. It was No. 1 for the entire day against all programming among males ages 25-54 and 18-34 and also for all adults ages 18-49. One ratings point is equal to 19,250 households watching the program.
  • One point shy of a free 6″ sub from Subway for all the fans at the game. I’m sure the Pistons send their apologies.


  1. Anonymous

    half the players on the team get there knees iced. I play ball myself and we have ice put on us to keep us from being sore after working out and then playin 48 minutes of ball. I’m sure tay’s fine.

  2. Amanda

    Yeah, I think icing his knees is pretty much routine. No worries.

    I’m getting sick of Hayes as well. That guy was supposed to come in and give the team an instant scorer off the bench but so far I haven’t seen much actual making of baskets. I wince everytime he touches the ball ’cause for some reason he feels he has to shoot it when he gets it. Bring in Herrmann!

    Afflalo was great. I think that definitely had to have a little to do with the fact that Stuckey was going to see some game time. Aaron played like he had something to prove and he did a good job of proving it.

  3. Amanda

    P.S. What’s up with the Pistons recalling Cheik Samb if he’s not going to get any PT? I read that he broke his teeth in a game but I also read that Saunders wants “Samb around the team for the holidays.” (Detroit Free Press) Why?

  4. Anonymous

    I think someone should mention the effort of Brezec. I was impressed with his diving around as much as anything else,

  5. Tessa

    Amanda, I think they brought up Samb because he’s not going to be able to play for awhile, so he might as well be up here with the Pistons instead of with the Mad Ants. That’s my guess, anyway.

  6. Anonymous

    is webber coming back?

  7. dominic

    Lol at Affalo’s face on that Amir Dunk picture he looks like he’s never seen anything like it before.
    and i agree while I was happy at Jarvis’s performance earlier in the year I am dissapointed at his forced shots limited passing and limited Defense and in other words the complete opposite of Detroit Basketball get it together jarvis or Joe D won’t be sorry of that expiring contract of yours

  8. das491

    Rudy Gay should take a lesson out of JMAX’s dunking playbook

  9. Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure I saw Arron Afflalo at the Michigan vs UCLA game yesterday.

  10. claire

    alright Pistons fans who are going to the game tonight, please give the Rockets my love. That means you should boo them, intimidate them, chant “SHEED”, etc. The Toyota center was VERY loud when they hosted the Pistons, so we should return the favor by showing them how much we support our players!

  11. Anonymous

    I am going with a sign that SHEEDTASTIC!


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