Pistons – Grizzlies

by | Dec 21, 2007 | 21 comments

The Detroit Pistons vs. Memphis Ticket
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The Pistons, coming off a big win in Boston, would love to extend their winning streak to four tonight against the 8-and-17 Grizzlies. Watch out for Rudy Gay, who has easily been the Grizzlies best player this season. Maybe Darko can put up big numbers this time out at The Palace.

Tipoff is at 8:00 PM and is being broadcast locally on FSN Detroit. Remember it can always be followed online at NBA.com.

Chris Webber
back in the D?


  1. RaSteve

    I just wanted to let you know that all your well wishes to Natalie right now have really been a bright spot in a tough time. Team Need4Sheed is truly a family.

  2. claire

    Hey, according to Detroit Bad Boys, Chris McCosky says that Dumars is not looking to add Webber on the roster.

    Frankly, I’m not sad about Webber not returning.

    Nice ticket, btw 😉 Rip’s on the cover this time. Keep focusing, Pistons! You can win against aliens if you wanted to, let alone grizzlies!!

  3. the fluidics

    I’m taking my nieces to see Santa tonight, so I had to give up my tickets. I’ll still stand and clap at about 7:40 though. I’ll even whistle!

  4. Anonymous

    Natalie, still wishig you well and praying for things to work out well for you & your family.

    About Webber… I don’t know exactly how I feel about his situation. I would totally hate to see him playing for any of the teams mentioned in that article… Heat, L.A., & Celtics. Even though we don’t really NEED him and I can’t see a really good reason to clear a spot for him right now… I am just selfish and don’t want him to play for anyone else. Especially THOSE teams. Webber isn’t a starter anymore, and NO ONE is going to be better coming off the bench than Maxiell right now. I don’t know… I guess it depends on how the Pistons are going to put him to use if he does come back. I am on the fence about him. I like the guy & his game, but we really don’t ‘need’ him and I think I am afraid of him messing up the rotation. I just don’t think adding him to the mix is really going to improve anything.

  5. jessi

    I wish you and your family aheathly and save holiday natalie, I hope everything works out for the best. coming to this site almost daily I feel I know you so when you are having hard times its like we are too here, again I will keep you and your family in my prays.

    on a side note I have a felling that the piston might be up to a trade or something with Cheikh Samb, it would make sence since the pistons are trying to get webber back and need to make a spot for him but I kinda like th ekid and would like to see what hes got, I don;t know if this is going to happen but its strange how they are calling him up from the d league after only two games.

  6. Anonymous

    id say id like to hold onto samb but i think well be going after marion in the offseason..

    the news is reporting webber is going to be back in january.. same story thats linked pretty much but on the local news. yes i know what joe d said..

    i think samb was called up to fill the roster from a 3/1 murray, herrnaman, brezek trade. we dont really need anyone so id imagine those 3 will go for a draft pick. so with samb & webber well have one spot open.. er wait.. stuckey.. was he counted before?

  7. mobius909

    webber = bad idea. here’s why:

    instance one;
    webber starts at center, sheed goes to pf, dyess goes to the bench. max gets less playing time, as well as afflalo, johnson and the rest of em.

    instance two;
    webber comes off the bench and samb gets eliminated, as well as all the aforementioned lack of playing time.

    he’s an 8, 3 and 3 guy… so friggin what. he’s not adding chemistry or confidence, in fact he’s more of a liability than anything because his fat butt prevents productive players from producing more.

    let him go to miami and slow them down in place of mr clean skin zo (all the facials he gets).

    don’t mess with a good thing.

  8. Anonymous

    No Webber PLEASE.
    I have been waiting since 2005 for another ship’.

  9. jessi

    nazr had another great game tonight for the cobcats, 20 points, 14 boards, 2 steals, 4 blocks in 28.45 mintues…last night he had 17 points 8 boards, I will say if he was given the chance to pay he would have done this for detroit, remember he was new to the team then they bring in webber and no more nazr he played some good games for us this year, i know is contract hurt us but I think he was a better player off the bench then webber will be

  10. dominic


  11. mobius909

    nazr is a better starter than bench player.

  12. Ahmed


  13. Robert

    McCosky has pretty much blown out the Webber rumor, thank goodness. I read after the game that Samb has been recalled from the D-league. That would almost make you believe that some combination of Flip (who hasn’t seen the court in what, 3 games now?) Herrmann, and Brezec will be moved for something (draft pick?)

    Good for Nazr, lighting it up in Charlotte. He didn’t really fit in here, but he kept his mouth shut and didn’t rock the boat.

    Afflalo looked awesome tonight, on both ends of the court. If he continues to play this way, imagine the confidence he will build up and how much of an asset that will be come playoff time.

    One thing, from listening to the post-game interview, Stuckey does NOT lack confidence. Can’t wait to see some more of that attitude on the court.

  14. Jeff

    Natalie, don’t know you that well but I love the site and I am on it like three times daily just waiting for updates! Hope everything turns out alright for you and your family, I will say a prayer tonight.

    As for Webber I agree with most and say no way. There is really not point to it and honestly we don’t need anything right now more like something for the future or next year like Marion or a draft pick which is good enough for me, our guys aren’t getting any younger and we need to rack up some ‘ships quick!

    Love Afflalo’s play tonight he looks way better out there then Flip will be ten fold.
    And as for Stuckey very impressive to get right in there follow up a tough miss with a bucket! Great to see him on the floor and can’t wait until he gets some real practice and some real game time in!


  15. Craig

    I could be wrong, but I thought that Samb left the NBDL because he knocked out a couple of teeth and possibly hurt his jaw. I think the pistons just figured that if he wasn’t going to be playing in the NBDL then he may as well be with the big team.

  16. mannie32

    With our win tonight, we are now ahead of SA by half a game. We’ve got the second best record in the NBA. Better yet, the two best reconds in the NBA are in the East, which I’m very glad to see. After all the jokes that have been made out of the East, it’s nice to see we’re playing so well AND we have some competition. I’m also happy to see that the Spurs have the best record in the West.

    If things continue this way, should be one hell of a playoffs this year. We could face Orlando in the second round, Bostons in the conference finals, and then San Antonio in the finals. Oh how sweet that would be, especially if we beat SA.

  17. jC--23

    First thing I thought when I saw the score was WOW only 67 points for Memphis! We must have been beastly on D.. am I right?
    Great to see Stuckey get some minutes but not too many because of his hand..

    Also, I’m really pleased for Nazr that he’s doing well in his new starting role at Charlotte.. The trade was really a win-win for both teams IMO as they get a new solid starter and we get rid of his large contract and get two expendable players.. I can see another deal coming and possibly in a 3 player package involving Murray, Brezec and Hermann..

  18. mannie32

    yea im happy for nazr, im still worried for us in the playoffs if we hit a team with a rebounding edge over us, cuz he could have really helped us… we need a backup with his heaight and rebounding-skill… but maybe we’ll find someone else

    im happy for him tho, cuz would be selfish to want to have him come off the bench for spot minutes, especially when many ppl from detroit didnt like him… now he’s in charlotte showing ppl just what he can do, so it’s great

  19. alexander

    Natalie: best wishes for you. Merry Christmas & happy holidays, and everything will be alright with your family.

    What a score… 94-67. b/c memphis is one of those high scoring, “we dont play defense” kind of teams like GS. that just shows that we are an awesome defensive team to limit the high scoring grizz to 67. Its Rasheed who is the core of our D, just watch him on the defensive end for a while and youll notice the way he plays. Intimadating, blocking shots, pickpocketing, getting solid position, and rebounding, he does everything. He is such a smart player, thats what makes this man so good, even though his statline doesnt show it always.

    Wallace must be defensive player of the year, as long as d. stern can keep his head out of Camby & that other wallace’s head long enough to cast his vote.

  20. Richie

    Okay, people- I just checked out some stats from this season and I have to bring attention to some data that supports my #10 vs. #6 theory, though I’m not sure how that will be affected now that #3 is back in the picture.

    In the Pistons 7 losses this Lindsey Hunter only played in two of them. One was the most recent bulls game in which Flip Murray DNP and Lindsey played 11:54 committing 0 turnovers. The other was against the Lakers, a game in which Lindsey only played 6:57 behind Flip’s 41:03. During that contest Lindsey committed 3 turnovers, and Flip commited 4. In both of their defences however, there was no Chauncey or Antonio in that game.

    The results remain that in the other 5 Piston loses this season, Lindsey did not play, and in his place was Flip Murray who commited the followinf TO’s against the following opponents:
    2 vs the Rockets in 11:26
    3 vs. the Bulls (the 1st time) in 10:32
    3 vs. the Trailblazers in 15:22
    0 vs. the Kings in 18:12. That seems like a pretty productive job, but in his 18 minutes he also only had 2 dimes and 4 points.
    1 vs the Jazz in 14:31, though he shot 0-7 from the field.

    Ouch. Those numbers hurt, and we cannot deny the productivity of Lindsey this year in his short time. With Stucky able to get back on the floor now as well, I don’t see why Flip Murray hasn’t been traded away to make room for the much more productive Webber yet; hopefully we’ll get rid of him and at lest one of the former Bobcats at the same time.

  21. Anonymous

    I hope everything will be ok, Natalie.


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