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by | Dec 18, 2007 | 24 comments

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  • Rip Hamilton did not practice Monday. He received treatment for several “nagging” ailments. Via The Detroit Free Press
  • High praise for the Celtics from Saunders….Sheed, not so much.

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  • “We don’t measure ourselves,” he said. “We just play. Teams try to measure up to us. That’s why they did all those trades and stuff. We just play. Kudos to them for getting off to a good start, but it ain’t about how you start.”
  • Why the Pistons are better than the Celtics, this coming from Celtics blog Reds Army.
  • Looks like Sheed is not getting the Tech rescinded that he received in Houston. Luckily he’s not getting fined by the league for his comments either.
  • The book on Rasheed Wallace.
  • Want to see what Cheikh Samb looks like on court with the Mad Ants? Here is a Video of Pistons night in Ft. Wayne courtesy of
  • Go Vote for the Pistons in the All Star game.
  • I just wanted to give you a little sneak peak of a new site I am starting for us (Pistons Fans). It’s basically a Photo Gallery for you to be able to post your Pistons fan Pictures. I’m still working things out, but if you would like to post your Pistons related pictures feel free. I have four gallery’s up at this point, home games, road games, random fan pictures and Pistons player run ins. The look of the site will change soon, but the basics will stay the same. So if you happened to have a run in with Sheed and want to put it up we all would love to see it. The site…. Should be fun.


  1. mobius909

    i’m gonna post myself in my R. Wallace jersey at the Chicago game IN Chicago on a chicago bulls website. one of my favorite pistons moments.

  2. rban

    man im so hyped for the game tomorow night, ive been waiting for it since like the first week

  3. Anonymous

    ive been waiting for this game since the schedule came out! After reading the Article on the Celtics blog, I read the comments that Celts fans had made…and they compared players on both sides. They think that they can shut down both billups and rip, and think that Big Baby will have his hands full with Wallace…but he can probably keep him in check. Big Baby?!?! dont they know that Maxiell eats babies!!!

  4. BabyBen

    O.o I new site!? YES! Good job Nat and I hope that you get a boat load of pictures, I’ll try to put my share in there. High five for your (soon to be) success!

  5. ryan banks

    nat, how do you post pics on the pics site you amde?

  6. kc

    I am going to go along with Sheed here — it ain’t how you start! Mr. Wallace, I could not agree more.
    The Celtics have a fantastic record. They have some really great players. They are definitely going to be a challenge. I don’t see that their schedule has been very tough as of yet, nor have they had to go up against too many teams that actually have a shot at the title. There’s no doubt that they will be up there when May rolls around, but it’s a long road to travel to get there. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish my friends.
    Wednesday is going to be good, and interesting to watch. I want the win for the Pistons mostly because I really don’t want to have to listen to (and read about) how the Pistons are old, tired, and have no chance to win it all for the rest of the season. Win or lose on Wednesday, I hope it’s a good game — no excuses for either team. I want a “both teams played hard” for real on this one. I’d love a win, but as long as everybody works hard the whole game, I will be satisfied. Things will likely look a little different when the 2nd season rolls around no matter how this one comes out. It won’t be devastating to me if we don’t win, but I can’t stand to listen to all the bullshit I know I’ll hear if this game goes bad for us. I don’t think it will go bad, but it doesn’t take much for people to trash talk the Pistons, and it does get on my nerves.

  7. Anonymous

    woahhh hold on !!!! is there still gonna be a need4sheed?!?!?

  8. Anonymous

    are you just updating need4sheed? or are you actually going to start a new site?

  9. Anonymous

    anon 1:43 that’s good. Big Baby better watch out, definitely gonna be fun.

    Out of curiosity how do you upload videos from your tv to your computer? Is there something special you gotta use? Because I was planning on watching the game on espn and figured, if you wanted, people could upload footage from that game on the website to keep everyone updated on what the announcers said and stuff. Good and bad

    Anyway go Pistons lets play hard, but also play smart.

  10. Sable

    From what I hear, Samb is out of action for awhile, anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. He got his front teeth knocked out at the roots and may have a fracture in his jaw. While our starters are blessed with great health, our young guys always seem to get injured at tough times as far as their development goes.

  11. Sue

    HI ..merry Xmas all…

    Im scared about this game! eeek.
    If they do not stay close,it will be a never ended Pistons bashing.

    I ordered some stuff from Pistons store and they sent me a free santa hat!
    They treat us fans pretty darn good!

    X fingers on tonights game. I so do not want to watch in on ESPN.
    The last game I watched on espn it was a Pistons bash fest.Grr

    Hey Natalie can you repost the chat room link when you preview the game tonight…
    Thank you..

    A special, very merry christmas to you Natalie!

    If Rip Hamilton Read this site…
    Id like to wish a Merry Christmas to you and all the boys!

  12. perkisabeast

    We will beast you from the start of the game till the end, making sure to polish our nuts on Rasheed’s head.

    Wallace is chump, who can barely jump, and doesn’t have the balls to play inside.

    But the man with huge gums, just might have sumptin’ when he says it ain’t how you start.

    Cause he oughta know. He was there at the show, when the Cavs whupped your asses four games in a row.

    Lebron scored 30 straight and where was your hero? Pointing fingers at his teammates and spreading the hate.

    Hey Sheed a real man would have fouled his ass.

    But tonight you will see what your goofy hero does not, that talk is cheap, but beasting is not.

    We gonna rain it down on you from the rafters and overpower you inside. Tonight is the night when old grudges rise.

    We gonna do this for Larry, who took so many cheap shots, from punk asses like Lambeer, Rodman, and Mahorn.

    We gonna do this like Parish when he knocked that goofy bastard out.

    So talk all you want you stupid ass Sheed because tonight we gonna smoke you like some dirty ass mexican weed.

    With much hate,


  13. Sable

    Do Garnett, Pierce, and Allen have any championship rings? Have either of them gotten to the finals? I’d love to see how many playoffs wins they have compared to Rasheed. You talk about our playoff lost in the ECF last year, but all your boys were out long before that.

  14. claire

    Dear perkisabeast,

    Why didn’t you come in here and spread the hate last year when we played against your then-sorry-ass Celtics? Were you so dumbfounded by Rip’s buzzer-beater that it took you like a year to summon the courage to come in here and hate?

    On a second thought, I think you didn’t come here last year because you were too busy thinking up a rhyme. Thank you for putting all your time and thoughts into the Pistons. But FYI, it doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t got a ring, you bandwagoner.

    But all that jealousy and stupidity aside, merry Xmas, Natalie and Pistons fans! Btw, what’s up with Rodney Stuckey? When is he coming back??

  15. claire

    Oh I forgot to say something else, I agree with sable 100%! Yea, we got cheated out in the playoffs, but hey guess what, at least we were in the playoffs for the past few years, LOSER!! We can’t say the same thing about the mighty Celtics. Of course you didn’t get your ass kicked in the playoffs because your ass never had the chance to leave boston!

  16. perkisabeast

    I almost felt bad reading these mean spirited comments and then I remembered that you all live in Michigan.

    But seriously, How many titles you guys got anyway? Oh yeah, 13 less than we do. Do you really want to argue history with a Celtics fan?

    Kids, we’ve been winning titles long before Rasheed Wallace was choking in the playoffs or GM was firing all your parents.

  17. Sable

    My comments are hardly mean spirited, unless of course they make you feel bad because they are true. You, on the other hand, come to a Pistons blog to start trouble. Yeah, that’s very kind hearted. I never said you guys don’t have a franchise with a successful past, but if you want to take shots at Rasheed, I’m going to make you look stupid. And by the way, I live in LA and my parents never had anything to do with the auto industry except to buy GM cars, which have always served us well. I’ve lived all across the US and aside for LA, Detroit was my favorite place to live. So go back to nursing your championships of Celtics past because until you guys win another championship, you’ve got no leg to stand on here.

  18. Anonymous

    What I don’t like about this game is that for all their talk about offensive efficiency and stuff, the Pistons have not beaten a good team this year that

    1) plays good d
    2) Hustles
    3) or both

    And to be honest, these pistons suck in the forth quarter, they don’t keep their composure against good teams, they can’t handle the pressure like they used to.

    I know it’s the reg season but we still haven’t won against any good teams (good, this season and teams like orlando are just on a fluke like last year)

    chicago – twice
    lakers hustled and won
    Utah -better execution and hustle
    Houston presence inside

    I think Boston is going to show the unselfishness that the Pistons used to display in years past, out guys are either playing selfish or playing bored.

    Good luck pistons, try to win and try not to play the way that makes fans say “it was ugly, but at least we got the win”

    I’m excited about two great teams playing

    Hope you and your family are alright Natalie. Take care

  19. Anonymous

    ^^^ love your comment. Okay mr. perkinbeast or whatever. I got mad respect for the Celtics because of their history and they have a good trio. The thing that makes me wonder is y are u now saying this…….where u u this time last year? how about tha year before that? huh….u remind me of cavs fans, they always come on here saying stuff because there team is winning and stuff. And second u don’t know crap about sheed, i don’t know him personally but i know 4 a fact that whatever ur reading in tha media about him…u know what do this….take away all the techs u hear and the confrontations with the refs…what do u have left….a guy who has heart, very unselfish (but can dominate a game), loves giving back 2 tha community, and is freakin hilarious..WE HAVE A DARN WEBSITE AFTER HIM….that’s shows Detroit love right there. I know i’m fifteen ,and of course from, live, and represent the D, but i don’t know that much history on the Celtics. I know 4 fact that they won like 13 championships, but 4 someone like u 2 come on here and start talking disrespectful things about a guy because of his past is just ignorant. Just because the Celtics are playing great, doesn’t mean u can come on a website and talk trash about a team that has been sooo successful for soo long. I’m not trying to brag but u just have 2 think before u come and message these poems or whatever u want 2 say. If we lose this game i’m fine with it because we got about 60 more to play… tlk however or whenever u want but it’s not going 2 effect me and my opinion about Sheed and this team, because Sheed is a way different and better person since him came to Detroit, yeah he might get some techs here and there, but this man loves the game and puts his heart out there, and us as Pistons fans respect that. There’s a paragraph 4 u 2 reflect, this paragraph has more meaning then your poem

    LET’S GO PISTONS AND LET’S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2007-2008 IT’S OUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALL BOUT DETROIT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Anonymous

    ummm that was a gay little poem.
    was that supposed to rhyme.?
    who has that much time on their hands?

  21. Anonymous

    WOOT!!!! Chauncey!!!

    That was a great game!!!!

  22. perkisabeast

    A diss is a part of America’s cultural fabric. It is as patriotic as a letter to the editor, or a Sunday sermon and we won’t let you for one single moment question our patriotism like that, not with ours soldiers, our sons and daughters dying over in Iraq & Afghanistan for our God Blessed Freedom!!!

    The Crack Staff @


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