Pistons are Pure Gold against The Warriors

by | Dec 16, 2007 | 30 comments

Near Blizzard conditions didn’t stop The Pistons from putting a good old fashioned beat down on The Warriors. The game started even but by the end of the first quarter you could tell the Pistons had control. A 23-3 run by Detroit to make it 58-35 at halftime pretty much put the game away. Tayshaun Prince led the Pistons with 23 points on 8-14 shooting. The final score was 109-87.

Key Points:

  • The Pistons played their game not the Warriors. Detroit went inside all game and took advantage of Golden State’s small lineup.
  • Sheed was called for his fifth tech in the third quarter and he said something like this…..What did I say? What did I say? What did I say? Then as he walking towards the bench getting ready to sit down he said…..That’s OK, that’s OK, I’m going to e-mail Ronnie Nunn about it. I was laughing so hard I almost couldn’t stop. I think the people around me thought I was nuts. It’s good to see that Sheed is being proactive about his techs.
  • This game was simply fun to watch, it was great seeing the young guys get some time and do well with it. This is one of those games that I’m going to watch again. Probably today since the Pistons don’t play again until Wednesday when they go to Boston.
  • Herrmann didn’t dress for the game, but it didn’t stop him from joining in on the Pistons ritual circle dance. He even did the whole knee slapping thing at the end of it. Good to see the new guys trying to fit in.
  • Tayshaun was on the money all day, he almost couldn’t miss. Twenty three points in 29 minutes with a couple of highlight dunks is fine by me.
Tayshaun Prince
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Photo/Getty Images
  • Speaking of people being on the money, Antonio McDyess put up a double-double early in the game. Dyess finished with 14 points on 7-for-9 shooting with 11 boards in just 25 minutes.
  • Rebound war won 47 to 32.
  • Arron Afflalo made the best of his minutes with 11 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists and a steal. I say it all the time but he’s really surprised me.
  • Stuckey will be evaluated again by the doctors this Thursday. My guess is we wont see him until some time after the new year.
  • Brezec wanted out of Charlotte.
  • Career night for Jason Maxiell who had 6 blocked shots on the night. And he wasn’t just swatting shots, he was throwing down monster jams. Maxie finished with 11 points, four rebounds an assist and 6 blocks. Oh, and a hilarious missed jam that stayed in the air so long it almost disappeared. Four Warriors – One Baby Eater – They can’t stop him, they can only watch in awe.
Jason Maxiell
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Photo/Getty Images
  • Detroit shot 50% from the floor and they held the Warriors to 27% from behind the arc.
  • I have to say that Santa better be good to me this year because I saw a ton of things at The Palace locker room store that I wanted. I do however want to share this great deal I got on Pistons (adidas) kicks. These were just $29 and I couldn’t resist getting them in black too because they were just $18. Two pairs of Pistons shoes for under $50 dollars with free shipping…I just couldn’t help myself.
  • Barron Davis looked angry the whole game. Must have been because the Pistons SHUT him down. He scored just 2 points.
  • I was a little surprised that the few Pistons fans that were able to weather the storm didn’t forget to boo Stephen Jackson every time touched the ball.
  • Boston sees Detroit as their biggest competition (Boston.com). Thanks go out to Team Need4Sheed member DaisyD for the link.
  • Richard Hamilton had 13 points with 6 assists and 2 steals. He’s certainly playing much better without the basketball lately, which is always nice to see. His buzzer beating shot to close the half was a joy to watch.
  • Ba Ba Billups really put it to Baron Davis with his defense and his offense. Mr. Big Shot finished with 19 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists.
Chauncey Billups
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Photo/Getty Images
  • “All we’ve been hearing is about his great hops, and then he doesn’t take the dunk,” Billups said. “We’ve still got no evidence that he can dunk. When I was a rookie, I would have dunked that ball, but I’m old now.” Chauncey on Afflalo.
  • Brezec who got some late game minutes had a surprising no look pass to Hayes (correct me if I’m wrong) for a bucket.
  • The throwbacks are no longer a jinx.
  • Want to know what Warrior’s fans have to say about the game? Head over to Golden State of Mind.
  • No Flip Murray.
  • Amir…..well he was just AMIRZING. His 14 minutes on the floor were just packed with highlights. He had 6 points on 3-4 shooting with 7 boards, 3 blocked shots and a putback dunk that sent the crowd into a frenzy.
  • You asked for it….You got it. A Need4Sheed highlight reel complete with Amir dunks, Maxiell blocks and Maxie’s missed dunk that sent the whole bench in hysterics. Enjoy!
Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and FSN Detroit


  1. the fluidics

    The game was a blast for sure, and I made sure to let Jackson know he was a bum at every chance I got, lol.

  2. BabyBen

    I missed it, I had to shovel the snow we got hit with! >< But I see your highlight reel Nat. and I love it, so many dunks!

  3. Amber

    Lol, “Amirzing”. Nice. I loved the game. It was very impressive!

  4. Anonymous

    I read the article about Brezec & Herrmann wanting out of Charlotte, but it seems that their main complaint was not getting any minutes. Soooo… who says they will get more minutes here? Neither of them are going to get a starting spot, and in my opinion, Amir should be next off the bench after Maxiell. I guess when you’re looking at going against Shaqzilla, Yao Ming, & maybe Dwight Howard… maybe. To be fair, I haven’t really seen what they have to offer, so I guess I shouldn’t be so quick to say they should be staying on the bench, but I want Amir to get his — I have been waiting for that all season, and watching him play against GS, it looks like he is going to work for those minutes. He looked damn good — lots of hustle and he was more aggressive. I am not going to “dog” the newbies but I am rooting Amir to get more time first. I just don’t think Detroit is the place for any other player to want to come if they are looking for more minutes — we’re already deep. I honestly think JoeD has some kind of plan up his sleeve and these guys won’t be around long, but that’s just my opinion.

    I got one hell of a grin out of Maxiell missing that dunk when I was watching the game… still funny watching the video on N4S though. Sheed’s reactions to what goes on on the court sometimes cracks me up. I bet The Putback King will be hearing about this one for a while. LOL!

    Well, here’s to a win in Boston on Wednesday!! I know we can beat these guys if everybody shows up and does what they do. I love the Pistons win or lose, but it sure would be nice to slience the doubters and the haters a little with a W in Beantown. I think it’s going to be a great game either way You know the Stones alway bring their A-game against good teams, and being on the road seems to inspire them as well so… let’s go get ’em guys!

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  5. PistonProud

    Loved the GS game. Couldn’t find much of anything to coomplain about. Amir looked really good — loved the hustle. I just wish that Brezec would have taken a shot. Hope he is better in the post than what he showed in his limited time out there. I don’t think he or Herrmann are going to get the minutes they are looking for in Detroit either, and am thinking Dumars has a plan also.

    Great win against the Warriors! Glad to see they aren’t going to be a problem for us this season like they were last season. Now for the Celtics… definitely a beatable team and I don’t think we should let Cleveland outdo us, so I say we kick their asses all over the garden on Wednesday.

    Dyess = THE MAN!

  6. Dominic

    Natalie I think that quote of CHauncey Billups is him talking about Aaron Afflalo not maxiell because he says “When I was a rookie” so it sounds like he’s talking about Afflalo

  7. Dominic

    And one more thing, are you going to put Brezec’s and Herrmann’s face on the side? Those will be interesting looking cartoons 🙂

  8. claire

    well, N4S highlight definitely beats the crap out of nba.com’s highlight. I mean the quality here is amazing.

    This sounds like a good game, too bad I didnt get to watch it. I think it’s pretty historic that Rip has more assists than Chauncey in this game. Way to go, Rip!

  9. claire

    I forgot to ask, why did they throw towels at him? Do towels mean anything? Or is it because towels were the only throwable thing they had?

  10. Natalie

    Your absolutely right Dominic thanks for catching it.

  11. Anonymous

    EVERYONE! Go vote over @ nba.com for Chauncey, Rip, Tay, Sheed & Dyess for the 2008 All-Star Game! They need our votes, and deserve them too!

  12. Sheed36

    omg nate im so mad lol, i had tickets to the game about 3 row up from the hardwood but i missed the game because of the darn snow. the conditions were just too bad and my car isnt exactly a snow type car. well there’s always the next game lol. it was a fun game though even on TV

  13. Anonymous


    Do you know–what are the chances that Sheed gets the Houston tech waived? Is it a good of a chance as say…winning the lottery?


  14. claire

    I promise from now on, I will read all the links before posting because I see I got like 5 posts in one morning already.

    But I just visited Golden State of Mind and man, they sure hold a grudge against Pistons fans (some Pistons fans) for being in the brawl against the Pacers back in the days.

    I give them props for being fair about the game and recognize the talents in our team (but then who could deny the talent we have), but calling us barbarians is just simply ignorant and uncalled for.

    And for the last time, it’s NATALIE, not NATE! Nate is a boy’s name, and Natalie is a woman!!!

  15. World of Isaac

    The missed dunk was hilarious….

    On a side note, what a terrible effort by the Warriors. I know they were coming off an emotional win on Friday but that was ridiculous.

    Absolutely no effort from guys like Baron Davis

  16. mobius909

    holy moly… did you guys see the nba power rankings posted today???


    detroit has the 4th best defense, but what is most surprising from their numbers is WE HAVE THE BEST OFFENSE IN THE LEAGUE. er… what?
    i was under the impression that we were struggling on the shooting front. obviously we’re locking teams down, but dang!


  17. Ree

    hey Nat
    good game as always by the boys!
    i was wondering if u got those shoes on amazons or at the lockerroom??
    they make some good gifts. lol

  18. Natalie

    Mobius… our Offense has really stepped it up the past 10 games. I would say we have been looking good with the exeption of the Houston game.

    Ree…. I got them from Amazon in fact they were $60.00 from Adidas.com. I just ordered 4 more pairs for my nephews.

  19. Anonymous

    Brezec really seems happy to be here, I thought he tried to get a little fancy with the passes and made some poor decisions, but good ones too. It was refreshing to have a guy come in and not think he has to put up a lot of shots to be effective, rather tried to get everyone else involved. Need to see more from him to make up my mind on him. It was cool how they tried to check out his low post passing skills. Hermann in the huddle was funny, he didn’t know what was going on. I do want to see him play.

    Maxy and Amir were great

    Like that Golden State site. I think we should call techs “Rasheeds” too, or maybe just “sheeds” funny. Nunn hopefully will recind that tech and the one in houston, and a couple more from earier in the season

    Nice Dyess

    Fun to watch. Boston’s up next no one better get hurt the next couple days from pistons or celtics

  20. the fluidics

    It’s funny that they were complaining about our piped in noise, when just last week the guy from Cali who was at the Bulls game here said just the opposite.
    And dissing Detroit culture is just ignorant. Detroit gave the world Motown. Detroit is nationally known for it’s architecture. Detroit is the home of Techno music, and those things that EVERYBODY in the world drives around on the roads. Sure, we may sometimes feel inferior to towns like New York and L.A., but never to Oakland.

  21. Natalie

    I alway find it funny that most other teams fans love to Diss the city of Detroit rather than it’s team. I am going to have to agree with you fluidics.

    I also tend to think that Pistons fan (at least the ones on this website) are very respectful towards the opposition….. well unless its CLEVELAND.

  22. Richie


    “Hopefully the ‘Stones will:
    +Play #10 over #6
    +Bring the ball up the court carefully, rather than get sucked into GS’s game.
    +Give Amir some minutes, especially if they do need to run.
    +Keep themselves out of the hole they dug last time!”

  23. darksideryda

    Hey Nat….I was wondering if there was a blog that puts up the Detroit games that arent nationally televised. I would love to see one of the games(I have seen all the national games lately, all losses..lol)
    Thanks for the shoe links..getting some late christmas gifts(oh..and a couple pairs for me too!!!!)

  24. darksideryda

    and by the way…GO DETROIT…BEAT BOSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My birthday is the 19th…so that would be a nice birthday present.

  25. claire

    I’m ready for the next “24 seconds with..” installment.

  26. Anonymous

    i guess its not the throwback jerseys then huh ??

  27. Natalie

    Hey Nat….I was wondering if there was a blog that puts up the Detroit games that aren’t nationally televised.

    Your not going to find anything like…that’s actually illegal. Your best bet, if you can afford it is to invest in league NBA League Pass.

  28. mcwalter44

    Wow… The Fluidics…. Wow…

    First you state:
    “As for the brawl, that was one classless fan, making a stupid mistake. Artest gave a classic example of “when keeping it real goes wrong” and the rest of the Palace fans were simply coming to the defense of a fellow fan being beaten on by a professional athlete.”

    This seems to justify fans attacking a player who comes in the crowd. Maybe it not, maybe I’m just reading that statement wrong, but that how I interpret it.

    Then you state:
    “You can keep slamming Detroit fans, but how would it have played out if it had happened in Oakland? Keep in mind, I have seen Raiders games.”

    This seems to say that we shouldn’t slam Detroit fans because you’ve seen Raider games, which indicates that you believe we are as classless as the Detroit fans.

    However, need you forget that Oakland already has had a violent attack from opposing players when Frank Francisco threw a folding bullpen chair into stands hitting a young woman in the face. And just like Detroit that happened because the crowd was getting on Doug Brocail and he and rest of the Bullpen approached the crowd, so in effect you could say like Detroit the fans started it. Crowd definitely gathered from the fans side, but at no time did the fans grab or attack any of the Texas Rangers nor did any fans run one the field (like the fans in Detroit did running on the court).

    So to insinuate that because you have “seen Raider games” that you know we’d act the same way, when the evidence I just cited proves otherwise shows how shallow your argument really is.

    As far as my comment on the PA system and music I may be wrong since I haven’t been to Auburn Hills yet. It’s just what I’ve notice from watch games on NBA TV, ESPN, etc. Thanks for the posts on http://www.goldenstateofmind.com, I just think you’re logic is flawed.

  29. the fluidics

    I’m sorry, I didn’t call thousands of fans Barbarians. That was all you. Thanks for the convesation though. It’s always enlightening to catch the point of view fromout of towners.

  30. Amanda

    What about the PA and the music at the Palace, mcwalter44?


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