Early game with The Warriors

by | Dec 15, 2007 | 31 comments

The Detroit Pistons vs. The Golden State Warriors Ticket
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The Pistons take on the Warriors for an early 12:30 PM game at the Palace of Auburn Hills. We have to hope that Saturday’s day of rest after their hectic schedule will help the Pistons against the run and gun Warriors. I know the Warriors and their fans are looking to take this one, especially after Detroit come from behind win against them earlier this season.

The game is being broadcast locally on FSN Detroit and if you missed it, here is the commercial that FSN is running to promote games. I love it.

I’m leaving it up to you and Piston red, white and blue.


  1. Richie

    Hopefully the ‘Stones will:
    +Play #10 over #6
    +Bring the ball up the court carefully, rather than get sucked into GS’s game.
    +Give Amir some minutes, especially if they do need to run.
    +Keep themselves out of the hole they dug last time!

  2. mobius909

    one word… MAX.

    I’m not lie, i’ve become a GSW fan over the last two seasons. They are alive, they are fun to watch, they literally are warriors. I still hope we stomp them though.

  3. Anonymous

    Probably not a great game for Hermann and Brezec to be introduced to the pistons offense, or defense. Or maybe this is the perfect game, we’ll see

    I hope we hear “Blondie who you covering” and things of that sort

    I’m anxious for this to get started glad I don’t have to wait the entire day tomorrow to watch

  4. Julius

    I have to give a thumbs down on this commercial. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rip, Billups and Prince, but I also LOVE LOVE LOVE ‘Sheed and Dyess. I also love max, Hayes has grown on me, more minutes for amir, Afflalo has grown on me and when hunter retires I’ll notice. Though I’m glad he’ll be working with the franchise. I guess my point is I love all of them.

  5. jgirl

    well, i HAD tickets to todays game….but with the snow storm, and coming in from toledo….its just not gonna happen!!!!

    DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. jp

    haha that could be taken as you being a fairweather fan.. i’m leaving right now to make the game a foot of snow or not

  7. Anonymous

    ahh!! Chauncey was at t mobile yesterdayy and he is SO hotttt wow i will treasure that picture forever 🙂

  8. Anonymous

    ^^^ hey can u put some pics on here, lol…….but i love this commercial i saw it a few days ago and i loved it…yeah i wish sheed , dyess, and maxy were in it , but hey u still can c them in the back round,lol

  9. jessi

    I too have tickets to this game but coming from Petrolia, Ont, Canada well its not going to happen my car is covered half way up in snow and the storm is not over yet. The last time I tried to go to a pistons game in an ice storm I got in to a car accident over in the US. one one was hurt and it was a one car accident but after that I decided not to attempt to go when the weather is really bad watching it at come is not the same but I will live with it… I will be at the one next on sunday however can’t wait.

  10. Anonymous

    I was also supossed to go to the game, but there is a foot of snow on my driveway, and the roads are terrible. Wow, the game might be delayed. I wonder if the pistons had a hard time getting to the game 🙂

  11. Anonymous

    I think the commercial is pretty awesome!!

    We need DEFENSE today more than ever & REBOUND the ball guys, you know GS like to shoot. GO GET ‘EM!!

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  12. TDP

    What do you guys think of the nickname “Spellcheck” for Arron Afflalo?

  13. jessi

    I wish I were at this game oh I hate winter and snow… the pistons look so good today and it looks like tay has his game back… that block was a clean one as wll I loved how someone was yelling you to too small to see that…they can’t miss… I might be buy my throwback next sunday… heres to playing the second half the same way

  14. jessi

    the commercial was just on TV I have to say that it is kinda of fitting because being at the palace is like being at a concert with how the palaces gets so load and on their feet…

  15. Anonymous

    everybody vote for the pistons today

    allstar game is sooner thanyou think

    and we need to let the west know who runs the east ;]

  16. jessi

    loved the play sheed to tay love those plays… tay has 20 points this game is going so well I wish I was at this game oh I hate the snow…

  17. jessi

    wow sheed another tech, that 5 he was doing so well and now in the last few games he has gotten one. the new guys seem to be happy on the bench when ever they show Brezec (I think that is the one) he has a smile on his face… they probably are happy to be on a winning team…

    I think I am the only one on here

  18. Anonymous

    man they gotta give amir some more minutes now i mean come on

  19. jessi

    “We’re so glad, happy, excited,” said Brezec, a 7-foot-1 Slovenian with a soft outside shooting stroke before Sunday’s game with Golden State. “Hopefully, we’re not going to be here just one year. We want to be here for a long period of time. We both talked and we want to retire as Pistons because they have such a great team here.”

    this is kinda sad but nice to read… its great taht they want to be pistons and stay here but its sad cause they might get that wish… I will say that Brezec played alright today…

    good win for the pistons against a team they have had some troble with in the past. what is up with these blow out games? I love them

  20. Eric

    How sweet it is. There’s really nothing to say since this was a smattering but I just want to point out Afflalo’s game. 11-4-2. +21 when he was on the floor. That’s what I’m talking about! Great win.

  21. Anonymous

    next up…the celtics this wednesday!
    lets hope the boys can keep these blowout games going.

  22. Anonymous

    this was definitely one of my favorite games to watch, & everyone did great. i was glad to see that amir & arron got some minutes in, & did a great job. brezec had some nice passes also, wish he could’ve taken a shot though. i’m pumped for wednesday’s game @ boston, time to show who rules the east !!!!!

  23. CB1

    Dang what happened to Davis? 2 points??? haha

  24. Anonymous

    cant ait to see the power rankings tomorow!

  25. Anonymous

    That was a wonderful game. I thought Amir looked really really good today. He looked like he actually wanted to score some points… not timid at all this time around and that is good to see. The blocks were awesome! He definitely made the most of his minutes.

    Afflalo had a great game too, I really like him a lot.

    Wish the new guy would have taken a shot (should have had a couple free throws at the end I thought) but it’s good to see he doesn’t seem like he’s at all selfish and seems to have some passing skills. We’ll see…

    Now it’s on to Boston!! Maybe we can hand them their first loss on their home floor… no reason we can’t… our starters are awesome and our bench is deep AND awesome so there’s no reason we can’t put them in their place. Hell if the Cavs can beat them, I say anyone can =]

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  26. Anonymous

    Wow! That GS blogger sure does hate Piston fans — pissed me off a little bit, but at least he/she/it gave some props to Need4Sheed so I guess maybe that makes up for it a little bit. Love how they cry about the scheduling. Like it’s easy for any team to have to adjust to the time differences right? Anyway…

    Sheedtastic win today!

  27. Steve

    Sucks I had to spend 4 1/2 hours driving back to Ohio this afternoon (I chose life so I left early, which means I had to miss the game… it also means I learned that Indiana needs to learn to actually get out a plow truck when it snows) but looks like another great win.

    Gotta love Maxey’s 6 blocks (Ben’s been fully replaced, imho) and Afflalo’s consistent solid play!

  28. Anonymous

    The period did provide one highlight: Maxiell’s missed dunk that bounced 20 feet straight up into the air. Rookie Arron Afflalo, who had passed up his own shot to feed Maxiell on the break, was greeted by a rain of towels by his laughing teammates during an ensuing timeout. Could Nate post this highlight please! I love Afflalo so much. He is great!

  29. Anonymous

    ^^^^ Dude it’s Natalie not Nate.

  30. pmvp

    Hey Natalie, can you put up a clip of Maxiell’s missed dunk? I missed the game because I had to work today. It sounded pretty cool lol. Thanks.

  31. the fluidics

    The palace was great today.
    Sure, there were a lot of empty seats, but the fans that did make the trip had a blast, and mason kept giving us props for making the trip. I got to yell at jackson, alot, so it was good times.


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