Pistons Trade Mohammed To Charlotte

by | Dec 14, 2007 | 51 comments

Just heard from Natalie at the palace for tonight’s game against Atlanta, and she had some news. The Pistons traded Nazr Mohammed to Charlotte for C Primoz Brezec, and F Walter Hermann. Also i was told The Pistons released Ronald Dupree, more to come on that later.

Joe D

Back from the game:
2 words Pistons fans, Cap Space!



  1. jp

    thank god i know we didnt get much but anything is better than NAZR

  2. Anonymous

    I recently just read this trade and I dont really like it at all. I can say that we defineitely get more out of brezec and hermann compared to Nazr but I cant see either one of them playing any minutes, fitting with the chemistry and style of play. I can really a future trade with these 2 players including flip for something good.

  3. Anonymous

    I don’t know; I just hope that we didn’t make this deal simply to make a deal. I agree with the chemistry issue, espicially considering the fact the Nazr and Super Dupe had both spent several years with the team.

    Brezec has put up decent numbers before in his career, back when he was getting quality minutes. I just can’t see what exactly these two guys will bring to the table that Nazr and Dupe didn’t have. However, I don’t know enough of the two guys to judge the deals, so I will, as always, “TRUST IN JOE.”

  4. Amanda

    I’m guessing this isn’t anything concrete. Joe D. must have something up his sleeve.

    …I hope.

  5. jamie

    Yeah, I’m really not sure about this one – they are not “Piston-like” but like we’re all saying… in Joe D we trust.

    time will tell…

  6. Anonymous

    YES freed up 24 million Bye bye nazr

  7. d-reckka

    This is a Possible Future Trade move and Definitely a Financial move. Nothing more People…

    I Liked Nazr as a person and I loved his Professionalism but thats all this is, thats it.

    He will get more time in Charlotte and I Hope He’ll be happy there…

    As Long as the Ref’s let him play and not call a Foul on him every two Seconds. My Lord!!

  8. Nicholas

    yessir, you are correct sir; this is purely a financial move, which gives us more flexibility for future trades, here’s what I want for christmas:

    1. Jermaine O’Neal

    2. Samuel Dalembert

    3. Antawn Jamison

    4. Webber

  9. Anonymous

    great trade by joe d! hermann is a fighter…I’ve seen him play many times with the argentine national team. he fits right in with detroit and he can play the 3 and 4, good shooter…solid defender. brezec is solid too..he has some decent post moves. I love this trade….too bad we lost a good guy like nazr and also dupe.

  10. TDP

    My initial reaction was “Why?!” But I guess it will free up some cap space and maybe it sets up something nice before the trade deadline? Hmm…

  11. Drew

    Hell yes: Sam Dalembert. Anyway’s let’s not mess with the team too much, we’ve got like a top 6 record right now anyways. So let’s not mess with much other than bringing in Stuckey, finding something for Murray, and I say refraining from C-Webb unless somebody goes down. Give Amir more playing time too!

  12. Anonymous

    cap space!…hermanns and brezecs contracts run out in the summer. good trade!

  13. jessi

    I have to say I am not very happy about this, I really like Nazr and think he does a lot for the team he can play against the cavs and do well, but Joe D must have something planned, I have a feeling he is trying to get room for webber to come back. I don;t think that webber is the player for us however he couldn’t do it last year. I will trust Joe. D knows what he is doing so we will have to see. I for one will miss Nazr.

  14. justin

    I guess Detroit feels they need to get a white player, this is a bad trade why release dupree trade flip and keep nazr.

  15. DuhMan10

    Brezac: $2.75mil, contract expires this year
    Herrmann: $1.944mil contract expires this year
    Nazr: $5.632mil this year, $25.032mil over 4 years
    Supa Dupe: $826,046 contract expires this year

    really none of these guys will see valuable minutes (barring injury…knock on wood)

    More numbers: Hunter and Murray’s contracts expire this year and are worth $4.14mil; keeping flip may clear valuable cap space in the summer

    FYI: Hayes’ and Dice are done after this year as well, Dice is my dawg but if he gets that ring he may retire.

    all those expiring contracts add up to about $16.4mil and we would still have maxy, afflalo, stucky, amir and hopefully cheikh backing sheed, rip, chauncey, tay and another big man. for $16.4mil we might be able to snag unrestricted free agent Elton Brand (Jermaine O’Neal and Shawn Marion would also be unrestricted FAs)

  16. Anonymous

    I was hoping they would trade for a banger/shot blocker/rebounder Hermann’s known a little for that, so I’ll wait on him, but do we really need another big man who wants to play like a guard and shoot from outside like Brezec? Why can’t we get a guy who protects the paint and plays in the paint. Assuming Chris Webber is closer to returning. BOOOO.

    Hard to argue this from a financial perspective gives us more flexibility so yeah.

    Although I don’t want to have to look at Hermann all year. He’s uglier than Varejo.

    The only Argentinian belonging on this team is Carlos (or maybe Manu if he was interested) But lets see if Hermann can change my mind about him.

    Gonna miss both Nazr and Super Dupe Good luck guys

  17. jessi

    I don;t want to say anything but looks like tay is getting his shot back, I hope so we do so well when he is on his game.

  18. lovesomeRip

    I’m so happy Nazr is gone,its about time. I hope Joe D is working on something big. I wish Super Dupe luck but can’t stand Nazr.

  19. Team Need4Sheep

    I just talked to Natalie. She told me she doesn’t know much about Brezec or Herman. She said they might be good? She also said we’ll just have to wait and see.

  20. Anonymous

    Walter herrmann is the man!!!!!!!!!!This is awesome!! Read his wikipedia page, He lost his entire family within two years, and hes becoming a great basketball player in their memories. And of course he looks like fabio, but he will be great to cheer on, hes been through so much. also brezec is complete garbage.

  21. the fluidics

    They were being burried by Nazr’s contract. He was a hasty sign to fill Ben’s spot, and they overpaid for him. With the minutes he was playing, and how little he was contributing, this move had to be done, Joe had to get out from under Nazr’s contract. Good move, who cares what Detroit got for him.

  22. dirge

    As people have pointed out, they’re both expiring contracts. I don’t think Brezec’s a wash, though I’m certain they won’t be extending him. He averaged decent numbers when he was a starter in Charlotte. He averaged 13 PPG and 7.4 RPG in 31.6 MPG in ’04, then 12.4 PPG and 5.6 RPG in 27.4 MPG in ’05, but was dropped to miniscule minutes the following year, and this year, as well.

    It might be a health issue. I don’t know. He did shoot above 51% both those seasons, so he’s fairly adept as a scoring center, but he’s not the defensive presence they probably need (or want).

    Herrmann is a 6’9″ guy capable of playing either forward spot, even spot minutes at shooting guard. He’s a solid scorer. He averaged 19.5 MPG last season for Charlotte, shooting nearly 53%, including 46% from beyond the arc. He averaged 9.2 PPG and 2.9 RPG in 19.5 MPG.

    He’s only getting 10.2 MPG this season and his shooting percentage is down, but I suspect that’s because of his inability to develop any consistency.

    He’s stated he doesn’t like the NBA, so I’d be amazed if he’d even be interested in playing after this year. I’m sure they could negotiate a buy out for the remainder of this year, if they needed to make room for Webber.

    Anyway, two expiring contracts beats paying Nazr another $19 million to sit on the bench. He might be a nice guy, but he didn’t work out for the Pistons; he just happened to be their best option after Big Ben left. His five year contract was like dragging an anvil around.

    Oh, and McDyess was extended another two years this past summer if I remember correctly. I don’t know exactly how much he’s owed, but he’ll be with the team through the ’09/10 season. Hunter and Murray both have expiring contracts, though. Sheed has another year on his, and Maxiell is a restricted free agent in the ’09/10 year.

  23. Dominic

    I heard on sports radio 11.30 that Rasheed is in 3rd in the centers position for all stars in the East. Behind Dwight Howard and get this, Shaquille O’ Neal WOW!!! that is complete bull Shaq is garbage in this league now he’s just a fancy name now

    Wubayoo O Wubayoo

  24. jess

    r u serious i did not think it was gonna be soooo sooon.

  25. mobius909

    i’ve doubted joe’s moves in the past and somehow he made a believer out of me. whoda thought chauncey would be who he turned out to be… rip who he turned out to be… SHEED… undrafted ben wallace… darko… well, that is one… haha.

    Joe’s got plans, all we can do is sit back and watch (him trade these dudes for a first round draft pick he’s currently eyeying. just please don’t draft darko over melo or wade, ever again, ok joe?)

  26. Anonymous

    Hey… The reason for this trade was to make cap space to sign a big free agent next summer. Plain and Simple… Jermaine O’Neal is likely to Opt out, and is best friends with Sheed….. Why wouldnt he come to Detroit if the price is right? haha. Anyway, It also may be that we use these 2 players, and Murray to get a trade. Included with the fact that I think we all want C-Webb back… Love the Trade Joe D!!


    AKA- #1Dyess Fan

  27. Anonymous

    i agree purely a move to get us in a financially viabable position to get a good free agent signing, this years free agents are gonna be good, thing is what position do u reckn we need a new face?? and also, do we need a offensive weapon or a defensive presence in the block??

  28. jessi

    everyone puts joe down for the darko draft but everyone please remember why he did it, it was because he liked tayshaun and if he had of taken melo or wade tay would not have had a spot on the team and would not have had the block or help the pistons to the win so just remember that even know the move did not turn out to be a good pick for us it did bring a lot of good things. (tay on the team and rodney S who could turn out to be a long term help) when we had the first round pick the piston really didn’t need much at the time. oh ya sheed may never have be picked up and the pistons may never have won the ship. I just wanted to bring that up to everyone. As well I don’t think melo or wade would be right for th pistons.

  29. the fluidics

    I would be royally pissed if Detroit picked up Jermaine O’Neal or any othe pacers brawlers. That is a line that I just don’t want to see crossed.

  30. Anonymous

    hey Natalie i’m hearing rumors about detroit sending flip,brezac and herrmann to the nuggets for j.R. smith what what do you have to say about that???

  31. ampersand

    I wouldn’t trade a bag of chips for jr smith. totally not a piston guy at all. he’s a cancer. the bulls dropped him like a hot potato to the nuggets…they had him for what, ten days?

  32. johnnyb

    the original plan in the summer of ’06 was to re-sign ben ,and use our mid-level exception to attempt to sign bonzi wells. now – obviously ben left, and we had to use the mid-level money for a starting center, which turned out to be nazr . now , bonzi wanted more money than that …. but with sacramento being on the decline, and only offering their own mid-level exception …and no other team offering anything more …houston ended up signing him for peanuts .who’s to say he wouldn’t have wanted to come to detroit if we still had out mid level offer ??? then he could have pancakes with ‘sheed ANYTIME HE WANTED. but seriously – his deal is up this summer, and i think his skill set is one-of-a-kind .he’s having a good year in houston… maybe dumars will make a pitch at him with this extra money . think about a bench of bonzi, max, amir, stuckey,afflalo ,possibly jarvis hayes and cheick samb . i like it .

  33. Big Roose

    Everyone is crazy to read into all the stats of these guys coming in. They probably won’t even be back next year, and probably won’t draw many minutes this year. This move does give us much cap relief, but the most important issue is getting Amir more minutes. His development is a priority and Nazr blocked that.

  34. Anonymous

    these guys can play, if willjust make our bench deeper, primmo is a great pick and pop shooter, theyll be solid for the reast of the seaons, i dnot see them being here next year

  35. Justin

    That was some crazy stuff. I heard about this trade when I was walking into hoops and heard Mike Stone on the air talking about it. Wow. I have to say I am surprised that they got someone to take Nazr’s contract from us. I don’t know too much about the guys they got in return but, I suppose they had to release super dupe to be able to pull of this trade. And to the other justin please don’t start with the race card thing. I am sure that has nothing to do with it.

    I was at the game tonight. And this was the first game that I have been to in some time. I’ve got to say I wasn’t really paying attention to the score during the first quarter. I was more paying attention to the game then to the scoreboard. I look up near the end of the first quarter and they are so far ahead. It’s cool that they put the trade up on the board at the start of the game.

    It was a decent game. I just wish that the Pistons didn’t let Atlanta back into the game in 3rd quarter. I can’t believe that Sheed got that tech either. But what distressed me the most was the halftime show. There are no words to describe it. Ummm….yeah.

  36. Anonymous

    I for one am sorry to see Nazr go, he was a good guy, decent backup and total team player. Charlotte got a good deal out of this, Sean May has never been healthy since he entered the league and he has had surgery every year since he’s been here, he’s done.

    I don’t understand why everyone is so keen on getting Webber back, the man is old and he’s proven he can’t help the Pistons get past the Cavs. Jermaine O’Neal is damaged goods.

  37. jessi

    Nazr played solid for the pistons, even sheed said last before teh cav series started that nazr would get some playing time because of how well he played during the season against the cavs but flip never went to hm instead he used webber and well that turned out to be no good. I guess joe D is thinking about boston and the cap room. I for one think the reason why some fans do not like nazr is becuase he came into replace ben and well he couldn;t because he is not the same player as been. rememeber ben was an underside center so be played a diferent game. I know I have said this before but if flip had of played nazr last playoff when we played the cavs I relly beleive that the out come would have been dfferent. Well anyway I will miss Nazr and he will always be one of my fav players.

  38. Anonymous

    your insane if you think nazr owuld be the difference in that series, lebron would have been dunking all of that statue, im glad hes gone and no i dont dilike him because he replaced him, i hated him cause he doesnt fit in at all hes to slow and his game is just no respected,

  39. FABIO

    Holy Crap!


    I love him!!

    Primoz is not that bad either. He’ll get a chance here at center.. He can score a little bit.

    I love the trade from a Financial standpoint and from a players standpoint.. I hope we resign Fabio. He’s a beast.

  40. Anonymous

    Going back to drafting darko. I don’t think everybody understands that there were a lot of teams that wanted him very early in the draft because of all the potential he had. But obviously he didn’t develop into what we thought he would. The person I would have rather goten from that draft would have been Chris Bosch. That guy would have been a good piston. Can’t dwell on the past though. At least we got stuckey from darko’s trade. I like the nazr trade and I don’t think either of the two we got in return will play much or be around after this season. Joe probably already had his eye on somebody else anyway.

  41. Rage

    Herrmann is a great player. I hope he gets some minutes to proof how good he is. I’m pretty sure he will surprise quiet a few Pistons fans.

    I have never been a big fan of Nazr, but somehow I’ll miss him. Didn’t complain, was always prepared…true pro.

  42. Robert

    I really agree with everyone who says the trade is about cap space for the future and nothing more. For a big man, $6 mil a year isnt THAT bad, but not if he’s just going to come off the bench for 6-10 minutes a game.

    That being said, I will always have respect for Nazr because after everything that happened, going from starter to end of the bench, we never heard much about him complaining, at least not in the media. So, I give him props for that. Thanks Nazr, and I hope things work out better in Charlotte!

    As far as Webber.. leave him where he’s at. He couldn’t take us to the next level last year, so who’s to say he’ll be able to do it now. I agree with what Natalie had said, about him stealing minutes from Maxiell and even possibly Amir (who is still kind of buried right now.)

    Jermaine O’Neal? No thanks. He’s a guy who has a LOT of mileage on him for being relatively young, and I think his best days are behind him. He’s beat up, and if he wants much more than Nazr was getting, I’ll pass.

    I know Dupree is a fan favorite around here, but I never saw anything out of the guy. Couple of nice dunks here and there, but that was it. His “D” was a little overrated, and he had no offensive game outside of said dunks.

    All that being said, I think Hermann and Brzezic could help if they played, but don’t take prospective minutes away from Amir or Maxiell unless you think the new guys have ANY kind of future with the team.

    PS. Love the site, Natalie!

  43. maniie32

    i agree with jessi, ive said it time and time again… one of the biggest reasons we lost last year against cleveland was their huge rebounding advantage… had we actually USED nazr in that series, we could have gotten a few more offensive rebounds go our way… and in that series every rebound mattered considering all the games (except game 6) were decided by a few points

  44. arcee24136_piston4lyf

    i think this trade was for the cap space..look for joe to trade another guy..probably flip with the two white guys for a solid guy..F/C..or a solid veteran guy that they could use for the playoffs..and i dont mean webber ok..cause he’s useless now..i don’t know who’s joe d’s trading for..but i bet it will be great..but it will be great if they will let amir play more and get another veteran to back the sheed up at the C..can’t wait for stuckey’s regular seaso debut!!!!

  45. Jay Rizzle

    glad we lost dupree, but Nazr….lets get C-WEBB

  46. Anonymous

    this trade has no negatives, its olid for clearing cap space, and we got a 7 footer who can shoot and a hustle machine, both will play bits and peices im sure, but thats it, they probably wil be shiped off in a deal at some point

  47. Anonymous

    I dont understand why people are hating on Jermaine Oneal… I understand you have some negative thoughts of the Palace brawl but other than that, he is exactly what the pistons need. Yeah, he has been tainted by some injuries, but Pistons have Arnie!!(Look at McDyess)… Jermaine is an Inside Post guy who can score off the block, he is a great rebounder(something that the pistons need) and a great Shot blocker(another thing the Pistons could use)… I just feel that a Tay Sheed Oneal front line would be the best in Piston History and 1 of the best frontlines ever… Im just saying…

  48. Anonymous

    uhm i feel really stupid but like what really did happen to webber??

  49. gee gee

    I really liked nazr he was a good dude, I hope he makes the best of his time in a bobcats uniform but you know I am going to still be rooting for my bad boys all day long!! let’s go detroi!!
    and if it is true, welcome back c webb!!

    Detroit Pistons 2008 champs!!

    The Pistons are looking extremely good this year, thanks to the back up when can rest our guys and also get in some good minutes for the bench. Now I know that people were saying that if Webb comes back amir and/or maxxi will lose some minutes….let’s just cross our fingers on this one. Maxx is a monster on the court and to take that away from him would be devastating. and amir is also on his way to the top.
    I think due to Webb’s postion, which I think is his knees if I’m not mistaken, give maxxi/amir the majority of the minutes and use webb for the duration.
    I also hope this won’t take away from McDyess being a starter. I know the two want it so bad, but for Dyess, this could be a stepping stone. He played so hard last year from off the bench, and now he has a leadership role which will add to his determination, that he already exudes. I think he needs this role, he has potential and he is showing a good display of it.

    ….My ranting has made me forget the real reason that I was writing, but the statement above is good enough if I remember the purpose I will come back and type it…sorry…I am zoning out!! Watching tv and typing at the same time will do that to you.

  50. dave

    Brilliant move by Joe D to find a team willing to take on Nazr’s horrible contract. I don’t know how he suckered them into it. This is a great move financially. Big We lost two guys who didn’t play, we’re gaining two players who won’t play, and we’re saving about 18 million going into next season. Great set-up move to go after Jermaine O’Neal or hopefully Shaun Marion.
    However, I do hope they can find some minutes and at least give these two a shot. Especially Walter. I think he has real potential. check out this youtube video of him: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saYVKxLsJes&feature=related
    He plays a little bit like Doctor J. And the guy is a career 44% shooter from 3 point range. He might be the player we thought we were getting in the Darko draft.

    Or maybe he’ll play 3 minutes a game and be somewhere else next year ..


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