Flip Murray on the trading block?

by | Dec 14, 2007 | 27 comments

ESPN’s Chris Sheridan got Flip Murray in the top 10 (#6) among players most likely to be traded. He also tells us that The Pistons are still trying to make a spot for Chris Webber.

“Flip Murray, Pistons
The Denver Nuggets were among a handful of teams taking a hard look at the veteran earlier this season, and Murray helped his stock when he filled in for Chauncey Billups as the starter for two games and totaled 30 points and 18 assists.

Detroit still wants to clear a roster spot to sign Chris Webber, and Murray has more value than the two other players the Pistons are most willing to trade — Ronald Dupree and Nazr Mohammed.”

Not a newsflash that Detroit’s willing to make a deal for Flip and Nazr. Any Piston fan will tell you that. If Detroit can make a deal to unload Narz, Flip, Dupe and get someone decent in return and still be able to sign C-Webb to a roster spot, most of us would be more than happy. Whether that will happen remains to be seen. Now we wait.

If it’s up to me the Pistons could use C-Webb strictly off the bench right now if they are going to bring him back. I don’t think anyone can take minutes away from Maxiell right now the way he’s playing. Sadly bringing C-Webb back will take away the few minutes Amir is getting presently.



  1. Anonymous

    the thig is cwebb better be ready for the bench monutes cause i dont want him taking away from maxiel minutes at all, if anythign max shoudplay more, and i dont want to see hm tkaing any production a way from amir,

    cwebb cant play D!!!!

    but if we use him right as a low post passer and open jump shot taker then he can be used nicely

  2. claire

    You know, I’m not gonna believe this until it happens. Because journalists are always trying to make their opinions sound so legit and “real.” I mean everybody knows that Murray is on the trading block, and I don’t think the Pistons want C Webb back because they’ve been trying to play young players and if C Webb comes back, he’s only taking minutes away from those players. And if you’re gonna take minutes away from them, then might as well give those minutes to the starters right now.

    Plus, is C Webb gonna be happy being on the bench? because he better not disrupt our current starting positions now.

    Lastly, Sheridan is also the guy who reported that Sheed “hates” Saunders and Sheed set him straight for making shit up. So I’m not gonna believe anything Sheridan says.

  3. Natalie

    Yes Claire that was Sheridan, but I think their is some truth to this one.

  4. Anonymous

    C WEBB!!! Come back C WEBB!!!

  5. Anonymous

    I hope to God that they don’t bring back Webber. They are playing well without him and let’s be honest: he was the albatross on the team in the playoffs last year. He came in, made a nice impact on the team when he first signed and then disappeared for the second season. Although if Flip goes away to make room for Stuckey, I won’t complain.

  6. claire

    yea, i’m not saying there’s no truth to the murray trade, just the Cwebb news. I don’t think he’s coming back. I hope he doesnt come back. He better not come back!!

    I just think that the team looks really tired and slow with him in the playoffs. And I’m afraid he might disrupt our current rotation and starting positions, so I dont want him to come back. I’ve seen how we are with him, and how we are without him. And I prefer the latter one much much better.

    but the hawks tonight? anyone excited?

  7. Justin

    Nat what happened to the old comment page? I must admit I liked to old one better. But alas there must be a method to your madness.

    But on the topic of trading Flip Murray away so that we could make room for CWebb….not a bad idea. Cwebb’s lowpost scoring would come in handy. I don’t know if Flip ever has fit in with the Pistons. His playing style seems to be opposite of the team’s MO. But my question would be what would we get in return for Flip? Someone that we would immediately cut?

  8. Natalie

    Claire, yes Atlanta and I’m looking forward to a win tonight.

    No method to the madness, I am actually trying to move the site to a different blogging platform so things are going to change (for the better) very soon, just trying to get the kinks out before I do any damage.

    And we may be able to get someone of substance for Flip if he gets packaged with Nazr.

  9. Matt

    I hate the idea of bringing C-Webb back. Got to let the young guys play (Maxi’s been great and I love watching Amir get a couple minutes here and there).

    I also think that Flip has already regressed from the beginning of the season. When he got a couple spot starts he actually looked like a decent pg/sg, playing within the scope of the team. But now that he’s coming off the bench fulltime, he seems to have fallen back to his previous mentality of firing up as many shots as he possibly can in what few minutes he gets.

    In summary: Dump flip (maybe for a pick, just clear up the space for Aaron and Rodney), play the young guys, and stay away from Webber.

  10. foheng

    You can send both flips packing as far as I’m concerned. Murray is a ball hog and saunders is an IDIOT!!! PLAY AMIR JOHNSON!!!! Play him at the 3 spot. Play him at the 4 spot. Hell even play him at the 5 sometimes. JUST PLAY HIM PLEASE!!!
    I am sick of saunders and his “coaching” and game management. PLAY AMIR JOHNSON!!!!!
    Sheridan can kiss my @#$%%

  11. haley

    I think that getting Chris Webber would’y help I mean he cant play defense as well as Jason and even McDyess. I think the pistons should trade flip murray and nazr for a better player who is decent at everything. Does anybody really think that Flip Murray is a must need person on our team?

  12. Ryan

    Nat, dont you kind of think the pistons ar eplaying nazr and flip these little bits just to show them off, i mena it spretty obvious were really tryign to trade them before the deadline to pick up another piece, and for cwebb i say we sign someone like ruben patterson i know you all hate him but last seaons he wa splaying great and he seems to have matured abit hed be a nice peice to the puzzle, along wit stuckey back,

    p.s once Nazr is gone i really think ami will start getitng like 15 minutes a game

  13. Natalie

    Ryan, I was thinking that we were showcasing them but I think it’s Nazr that teams might need more of a look at. At this point any GM in the league knows what Flip Murray brings.

    To answer a part of Haleys question, I think the Pistons are better without Flip especially if they are going to give time to Stuckey when he returns. And Arron Afflalo has been quite nice.

    As for Saunders… Don’t get me started (though he has not bothered me much as he has the past 2 seasons.)

  14. Anonymous

    You asked for it so here it is… I would be thrilled to see Flip Murray go away. I am actually starting to like Nazr, but if we have to send both to get rid of Flip, then so be it. Not sure what we will get for him/them, but my opinion is this: our bench is deep already and we don’t need Flip, so whatever we get, it really doesn’t seem like it could make things worse. It would be awesome if we end up getting someone who fits in better, but even if we don’t, I will be happy to say adios to Murray!!

    I really don’t have a strong opinion on C-Webb coming back or not coming back. I liked what he brought last regular season. He seems to fit in with the rest of the team. The only thing I am against (as far as Webber is concerned) is him getting Amir’s minutes or messing with Maxiell’s minutes (that can’t happen!) so if that is the plan then I say NO! Webber is a bigger scoring threat than Amir because he (Amir) is a bit timid on offense right now, but the other aspects of Amir’s game are more impressive to me than Webber’s. Webber did disappear in the playoffs last season, and that is when we needed everyone to step up — of course he wasn’t the only one who didn’t rise to the challenge, but we all saw what happened there. (Don’t want to talk about that ever again.) So that’s about it… bye-bye Flip!!

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  15. d-reckka

    Look people their going to trade Flip if they can…why because he’s on the last year of his contract and their not going to sign him that’s #1(GET SOMETHING FOR HIM) Only reason he’s not gone stuckey’s hurt(maybe). I wish he could stay but…

    #2 If they can trade Nazr they will. Why, because Amir will get his Min, and they can sign C-Webb.

    I like Nazr alot but he’s a foul machine on the floor, their a limited range of people he can guard. I don’t know why the Ref’s don’t Respect his Game it’s Sad but they don’t.

    They respect C-Webbs Game, and C-Webb will not take alot of Min away from Amir. C-Webbs a Mentor (I think he can be a good one)these days, and with spot duty he can be effective, and he’s alot cheaper than Nazr.. That’s the Biz People…

    Sheridan sucks, he’s just stating the obvious, and possible trades to interested teams nothing new hear…

  16. Matt

    Yeah, I think you all are forgetting the professional that NAZR has been, not to mention the fact that he has helped tremendously in his limited roll this season. And with Stuckey taking a LOT longer to get back then the initial OPTIMISTIC outlook I see no reason to package Flip Murray either. I think we stay the way we are, and when Stuckey comes back give him flips min’s. That way we still have a veteran option besides lindsay hunter if C-bills, Rip or Stuckey go down again.

    As far as C-Webb goes you can forget it. I think the whole team got older with him around. Probably smoking too much spanish cheeba.

  17. Kyle

    C-Webb playing anything more than 10mpg on this team would be a disaster. We’ve finally started to play well because we’re constantly moving, something C-Webb can’t do. We’re getting lots of possessions because our bigs are doing a decent job rebounding, something C-Webb can’t do. We’re doing a great job on defense, something C-Webb can’t do.

    We need a backup point guard. Flip Murray ain’t it and we can’t expect Stuckey to become playoff worthy in the little time he’s gonna have before the playoffs start. That, to me, is far more important than wether or not to bring in another big. We’ve got lots of good bigs now, to waste money and minutes on a ONE trick pony would only hurt us.

  18. Roscoe

    Sheridan’s got the story right, but a huge lack of attention to detail. As soon as Rod Stuckey is fully healthy and gets into the rotation, Flip is as good as gone. But figure this…it probably wont be until mid January and up to the trade deadline that this happens. in that case, we could be a third team in a blockbuster trade to help make salaries match (nazr’s owed $25mil over the next 4 years) in which Flip would be included…in which we would receive a quality big – I dont see Cwebb ever wearing Pistons blue again. as for Super Dupe, he ain’t going no where.

  19. jess

    Yea, Im not really feelin the layout of this commenting page either (and i hate to say anything negative about this site). I can get used to a change though.

    I will be more than happy to say BYE BYE BYE to Murray and I dont mind welcoming back CWEBB either!

  20. mobius909

    i’m not feelin bringing back c-webb. maybe a 3rd bench spot so he can get a trophy, but i’d rather see flip use samb on the bench behind nazr (or even before nazr) than have dupe on the bench. i don’t think they’ll ever play him. unless he’s there for moral support, i say dump dupe. i never really liked flip and nazr has come up a little shy of expectation. trade the three of them and push amir, stuck-o-matic and afflalo during the season so they can get comfy. give them play time BEFORE the playoffs, that’s BEFORE if you didn’t catch it.

    i’d even start them on occasion so they can get a feel for each part of the game as the vet 5 give them lessons. is coaching really that hard?

  21. Troy

    C-Webb is a great guy but he SLOWS US DOWN. Great passer, great teammate, just not the piece that this current roster needs. Anyway, forget C-Webb, WE JUST TRADED NAZR!!! We traded Nazr to the Bobcats for PRIMOZ BREZEC and WALTER HERRMANN and waived Dupe to make room. Detroitpistons.com says that they add outside shooting but I don’t really know. I don’t know anything about these guys except I was making fun of Herrmann’s hair the other night. Interesting but I’m not sure if it’s exciting. I was starting to really like the look of our second string. Anyway, let me know what you all think. Aloha.

  22. ryan banks

    i just heard on tv that the psitons traded Nazr and got Primo Brezec and walkter herman! i like that deal!!!

    were going to be so deep!!!

  23. Anonymous

    chris sheridan doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about… how does this guy have a job??

  24. Anonymous

    i Think Dumars Brought in Brezec and Hermann to Trade Them for Someone with Murray, Get a Nice Trade 3 for 1, Anyway Murrays not a Real Loss, He Hasnt Made an Impact Since He Been in Detroit

  25. Anonymous

    Pistons won’t trade Flip until they know what Stuckey has to offer.

  26. Rico

    C-Webb is the man and Detroit loves him, but Amir Johnson is an amazing talent ready to explode in Detroit. He is so much more athletic and versatile, teams will have trouble once he is in the mix full time. A junior KG. The next generation of Pistons ( Stuckey, Johnson, Maxiel ) There will be a trade in Febuary, say goodbye to they old.


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