Weird Night in Houston

by | Dec 13, 2007 | 38 comments

On a night when the Pistons shot 27% in the first half and 36% on the night, this one came down to the last shot with 0.08 left on the clock. In a truly weird game that stared out with The Pistons looking like a they had forgotten how to shoot, Detroit regained their composure and came back in the fourth quarter after being down by as much as 14.

Don’t think that the Pistons didn’t have their chances either, coming out of a time out with 11 seconds on the game clock and Detroit down by two with the ball, Rasheed went for the win with a three that missed, Tayshaun grabbed the long board and Chauncey put another three up that didn’t go down. The Final score of this one was 80-77.

Key Points:

  • The Pistons went on a 12-2 run to finish the third quarter to get them right back in the game.
  • A suspect offensive foul called on Sheed early in the second quarter sent a HOT Rasheed to the bench.
  • The boys looked out of sync and tired out of the gate.
  • Many of us are worried that the Throwback jerseys are jinxed. The Pistons are 0-2 when wearing their new treads. Others don’t want the Pistons televised on nationally, they haven’t won a NT game yet this season. GordBrown reminded us in the comments that Detroit beat the Heat in the opening game of the season and won….. It’s got to be the Throwbacks.
  • This is how bad it was….Only 15 assists on the night for the Pistons.
  • Tayhaun had a beautiful dunk over Yao.
  • When I say that Houston couldn’t hit from the line I’m not exaggerating. At one point they almost set an NBA record (1-15 from the line). They finished the game 6-22 from the charity stripe, that’s 23%. Even Ben Wallace can laugh about that.
  • Sheed not only was the player of the game putting up 21 with 8 boards, 2 assists and a blocked shot, he did one heck of a job defending Yao Ming , who was 9-21 on the night.
Rasheed Wallace
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  • “Ticky-tack fouls,” Wallace said. “This man’s (Yao’s) 300 pounds, and they talk about how I bodied him up. I fouled him with the body. What the hell, I’m supposed to let him get to the lane?”
  • I really can’t even count how many times we heard “ball don’t lie”, in fact he was so loud you could probably heard Sheed with your TV off.
  • Maxiell was solid again off the bench and took it to Yao right when he stepped on the floor. Him making a floater over the top of Yao was just beautiful. Maxie finished with 9 points 13 boards in 32 minutes on the floor.
  • Pistons fans in the house as usual.
  • NBA Highlights of the game.
  • UGH, sums this one up (thanks Steve).
  • I don’t know if any of you caught the ESPN pre-game show, but Bill Walton whent to a new level of dumbery (i know it’s not a word, but it’s fitting). When asked about TJ Ford he actually said that the choice needs to be taken out of his hands and someone needs to tell him he should retire.>>>>Thank goodness Stephen A. set him straight, I never thought I would say that Stephen A. was the voice of reason. I told you it was a weird night.
  • The Pistons bench scored 11 points……9 of them were Maxiell’s.
  • McGrady and Yao took 46 shots between them.
  • I’m just so impressed by Maxiell’s go hard every play attitude. He actually can’t fly under the radar anymore, I’m sure opposing teams have their eyes on him now and know they have to be careful when he’s out there. The man is intimidating isn’t he?
Jason Maxiell
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  • Sheed was called for a ridiculous tech (his 3rd of the season) after jawing with his good friend Bonzi Wells after Wells chest bumped him following a layup. “He came up into me,” Wallace said, “and it’s a tech on me. It’s all right. I gotta get that rescinded.” Gotta love Sheed.
  • Scary incident when Dyess went down in the fourth quarter. All I could think of was please don’t let it be a knee. He went to the locker room after he rolled his ankle coming down on Sheed’s foot, Taped it up and came back into the game. Lets hope this doesn’t last and he will be ok.
  • I was so turned off by ESPN (I am a local broadcast kinda gal) I skipped HD to watch our beloved Blaha. If you know me that’s a big deal, I have been known to watch just about anything if it’s broadcast in HD, and I mean anything.
  • Rasheed could be so much more. Thanks to all the members of Team N4S for making sure I don’t miss anything Sheed related, especially Isaac.
  • Worst offensive night of the season for the Pistons.
  • Let me know if I missed any relevant comments made on the ESPN broadcast.
  • I feel for the members of Team Need4Sheed that were in the house. This one was rough to watch with a painful finish.
  • Next up Atlanta at The Palace Friday night.


  1. dunkdeez

    I watched the ESPN broadcast, and boy were the on maxiell’s jock. It’s definetely going to help his recognition. It seemed like every time he grabbed a board, dunked, and even missed shots. They still LOVED him. And to me it seemed the piston started going sour from stripe towards the end a little bit.

  2. BabyBen

    Dunkdeez, your not the only one who noticed the weird shooting towards then in when it came to the free throw line.

    Maxiell: I think your right Nat, I don’t know if Max can just be the bench player that surprises every one. I’m sure by now at least 5 teams will put defense on him like he was a starter, Houston made sure of that when they put Yao on him. I was expecting Yao to have a block party with Max but I got to admit, Max adjusted to him and just played around him, not trying to go THROUGH him… Murray on the the other hand…>.>

    ’56: I never was a fan of the jerseys, not blaming it on them, just think that there not all that good. *Shrugs* That’s just my view, I’ll take the lightning bolts our the red alts. like I told everybody else.

    ESPN: I didn’t see it on ESPN, I watched it on My TV 58. (Detroit’s Sister Station in Toledo) I knew it was on ESPN, but I love Blaha and Special K so much, I couldn’t imagine watching something else if they were on the horn.

  3. claire

    I know that this game was ugly and we lost by 3 freaking points and everything, but for some reasons, when I left the Toyota center, I was like “Damn, I LOVE this team”

    Natalie, I was gonna take so many pictures but I didn’t expect my shitty-6-megapixel camera to be so freaking shitty!

    When I saw the Pistons coming out of the gate, it was unreal. I was near some Pistons fans, there were this couple in Pistons jerseys in front of me, and there were these two guys who constantly said “Rip for 3” “sheed for 3” “mr. big shot come on!” behind me. I was screaming so loud that at one point, my dad was like “I think I’m gonna go sit somewhere else because Rockets fans are gonna throw ice at you soon.” And I couldn’t remember how many times my brother and I giggled over the Rockets free throws. I couldn’t help it but screamed “ball don’t lie, Bonzi” (Bonzi Wells, by the way, is now on my shit list)You should have heard how the crowd was chanting “Bonzi Bonzi” after he bumped chest with Sheed. I was like “man, you all know that Sheed could have whooped his midget-ass.”

    The real scare came in when I saw a Pistons on the floor. I thought it was Maxy, so I was like “well, he’s young and strong, he’ll bounce back.” But when I saw it was Dyess, I was like “Oh Hell no!! Yao’s going down!” Oh, the Tay dunk sent the crowd crazy (at least for Pistons fans). I definitely gotta get my Pistons jerseys now. Oh, you’re gonna love this Natalie, some guy with a Sheed jersey was carrying a “Got SHEED?” sign. I loved it.

    Of course the gem of the night was Sheed and Rip’s ritual. I dont know if this one is new or not, but it’s after the “race” b/w Rip and Sheed. Like Rip was facing one side, and Sheed was facing the other side, then all of a sudden, they started punching in the air senselessly. It was like Rip’s sparing routine in the tunnel, but this time it’s outside, in the air, WITH SHEED!! Do they do that at the palace? And can you get a clip of that? And the circle dance was priceless as well. These guys sure know how to put a smile on their fans’ faces.

    Well, as much fun as I had last night, I think I’ve finally decided to stop watching the Pistons on TV and live altogether, because every time I watch them on TV, they lose. And the first time I get to watch them live, Dyess almost got checked out (Dyess, for God’s sake). I’ve come to accept that I bring bad luck to the team, so from now on, I’ll continue to religiously monitor the yahoo scoreboard.

    In conclusion, it was a bad game with a tough finish, but hey it happens. The most important thing of all is that Dyess is okay. We’re in this thing for the long run, fellas! Unlike the Rockets who faithfully exit the playoffs at the 1st round every year, we go much deeper! *giggles at Bonzi Wells’ free throws* lol he makes Ben Wallace looks good in front of the line now.

  4. Natalie

    Just a few things.
    Yes Rip does the little punching thing to every one on the team before each game usually when they are still in the tunnel. I will try to get some video.

    The Sheed/Rip race to the line, another tradition. GO to the Video page of the site an watch the superstitions video.

    Sounds like you had a blast, it’s great that you got to finally see our boys in person. Don’t you dare stop watching them, it’s not you we are blaming Nationally televised games.

    No pictures at all?

    Knowing you… your father was right, he probably was afraid for his children’s lives. You can be brutal, that’s just the Detroit in you.

  5. gordbrown

    Actually, wasn’t the Miami game on ESPN. That was definitely a win!

  6. claire

    Hey Natalie, I forgot to ask something. You know the song that they play in the Pistons intro, not the final countdown or the “dramatic music,” the one with some electric guitar or something in the beginning (i’m tone-deaf by the way and I amazingly suck at music)? What is the name of that? And the damn rockets played it last night! Right after their intro!! I was like “Copy cats! Copy cats! You got Mike Jones and Chamillionaire from Houston, play something from them!”

  7. Anonymous

    Bill Walton said that Jason Maxiell is a free agent at the end of the season and that “he’s gonna be a rich man!” Um Bill…. Maxey has two years left on his current deal with a player option on the final year.

    Rashid S. Umar


    Hubie Brown did seem to fall in love with Max over the course of the game. Apparently he likes Flip Murray now, too. Ever since “did he use a trampoline?” came out of his mouth.

    By the way, I don’t know if any one caught the Pistons-Bulls game a couple nights ago, but the ESPN announcing was even worse than it was last night…check out my Jeff Van Gundy rant…


    By the way…
    Claire, are you thinking of Thunder Struck by AC/DC?

  10. Boyde

    Hey pistonpost dude, just checked out your site an i am sure you put a ton of hard work into it, but we don’t need a Need4sheed copycat, my god be original man.

    Bullet point recaps (Natalie started that) and come on a holiday banner with the hat and all. Not cool dude, you might has well have called it need4pistons. Then to come here and try to send us your way…classless in my opinion. Thanks but no thanks.

  11. lyndakay

    Most frustrating thing in the world is the way we do NOT get the offensive rebounds.

  12. Fan in St. Louis

    Man, do I miss Larry Brown coming out of time-outs! I about fell off my couch laughing when Hubie said that Flip was one of the best in the league at plays out of time-outs. Are you kidding me?! They hardly ever score on these Flip plays. Tonight: Rip and Chauncey bump into each other and McD takes the shot?! Larry Brown’s plays were nearly automatic.

    Also, I agree about the throwback jerseys. Burn them. Somehow they’ve offended the basketball gods.

  13. Anonymous

    Hey Boyde at least he knows how to make a website and knows something about basketball unlike your self who is probley a 10 year old kid playing video games in your basement with no friends. Way to show no class yourself and be a total ass hole.

  14. claire

    The song at the beginning of this video is what I’m referring too. Anyone know the name?

    And I agree with you all: BURN THE THROWBACKS!!! along with the red jerseys!!! Wear the white jerseys at home and the blue way on the road ONLY!

    And note to Murray: please pass the ball!

  15. Ashley

    Just saw the best Rasheed/Rip thing ever on Sportscenter! It was a video of them walking into the arena when they first arrived and Rasheed had on his usual oversized headphones. Well, all of a sudden he starts free-styling to the camera and Rip is behind him waving his hands around, almost mocking him in a sense. It was so funny.

  16. Natalie

    Ashley… was it a commercial? That sounds funny.

  17. Natalie

    Claire that’s a Kid Rock song Bawitdaba. Well I think that’s what its called but it’s defiantly Kid Rock.

  18. claire

    Natalie, can you post that video up? The one that Ashley mentioned? Man, I love how I keep asking you to post video as if you have them all at your fingertips. well, you probably do :). Please tell me you do. So thanks again, for all your searching and hard work. And while you’re at it, could you please post the Rip/Sheed punching extravaganza that I mentioned earlier? And no, I’m not greedy and demanding at all. Btw, I’m now watching SportsCenter in vain hope that they’ll show that clip of Sheed and Rip again.

    My personal to-do list for this Christmas break is to create a Jason Maxiell’s shrine! Thats right, an online shrine!

  19. Boyde

    Hey Anon (pistonpost) No I’m not 10 and by the remarks you made in the comments you are the one who sounds like a child. Who sounds childish the person who pointed out that your website is a carbon copy of this one with no originality or the person who doesn’t simply points out the ovbious with no name calling.

    Good luck fella you need it, what’s next

    Boyde, a Need4sheed reader going on 2 years.

  20. Casual Observer

    Just to clarify the posts here:
    After Yao dunked on Sheed and Dyess, the two players collided and Dyess twisted his ankle on Sheed’s foot.
    I would also posit that part of Sheed’s positive impact for the Pistons is his ability to take on the alpha personality on court. I think Bonzi recognizes this and he did just enough (without getting ejected) to establish his own form of aggressive alpha leadership with the post-foul chest bump. Basically tit for tat.
    This should make for an interesting rematch come late Dec.

  21. AhEdOfMyTiMe

    AS much as people don’t want the Pistons nationally televised because of that record, sorry, but I need it.

    I’m stuck in this hell hole city in Arizona and this is the ONLY way I can watch the ‘Stons.

    They did win the first national TV game against Miami, so they haven’t lost ALL of them.


  22. Natalie

    Claire I will do my best with the videos not to worry.

    As for the other comments no need for insults people, we are all basically just Pistons fans aren’t we.

  23. Anonymous

    It was not! It was part of Sportscenter’s Top 10 Plays of last night. It should be repeated later, I hope.

  24. Ashley

    And that was my comment up there! I forgot to put my name in. Oops!

  25. Anonymous

    yeah it was one of the top ten plays on sportscenter last night. Rasheed was freestyling and rip was doing the Yayo dance with his hand. VERY VERY funny. I wish somebody could find that video!!

  26. mobius909

    this is partially turning into Need 4 Max 🙂

    I too loved Tay’s Jam over Yao.

    U know how much I can’t stand Mr. Long Teeth, but Stephen A’s looks toward him are priceless… he glares at him like it’s the dumbest thing he ever heard. That is the only reason Bill Walton TV appearance was watchable. Someone needs to get him a spit guard.

  27. mobius909

    i will say this, bill walton said one thing that made sense (dare i say it…). He said at the end of this season, Max will be a very rich man (as he should be). He’s the hardest working man in Detroit right now.

  28. claire

    wow, tbone. Good find! Man, Sheed’s so big, he covered Rip the entire time lol. It looks like Rip was being the backup dancer crew for Sheed haha.

  29. OnlyPistonFanInWV

    i have never laughed so hard while watchin a basketball game, out of the 16 freethrows the rockets missed after every single miss you could hear sheed screamin ‘BALL DONT LIE’ hahahaha gotta love sheed

  30. onlypistonfaninwv

    ‘I Remember being in Berkley, watching the beard not connecting on my face, I could smell colors! I could feel sounds! I have never had a greater experience in my life Natalie! I remember playing in 1977 trying to figure out where I was, looking around, enjoying the life i was living, but it was unbe-LIEVE-able’
    -Bill Walton-

  31. jess

    Nat, have you seen the Pistons commercial with Rip, Tay, and CB for FSN? Its a nice commercial.

  32. Anonymous

    It seemed to me like the bench could have played a little more in this one. How come we hardly ever see Amir or Nazr? The whole team just kind of looked out of sync for some reason. Stephen A. might be anoying most of the time, but he does usually give the pistons props for how they play the game. It’s nice to actually have somebody pick the pistons to win games on national tv. Unfortunately they seem to be having a hard time winning games on national tv this year.

  33. K. Jay R.

    Im sure you figured it out natalie, but in case you didnt….Flip Murray missed 4 free throws, we lost by 3, do the math. Someone please tell Flip to play like he deserves to be in a Piston uniform.

  34. Anonymous

    Okay, I’ve watched this game twice now, and I noticed something the second time through. Either the game ball was slightly over-inflated, or the rims were too tight in Houston. All but two made field goals from more than 5 feet out were nothing but net. Anything that hit the rim was bouncing way off. Watch every single Rockets’ free throw. Watch the FG% for the Pistons. Something wasn’t right, on both sides.

  35. Anonymous

    who ever is K.jay.r that argument makes no sense whats so ever and it proves that everyone has it out for flip murray and everyone who does doesnt know basketball. And to add your arugment jason maxiell was 3-6 from the free throw line if maxiell could make his free throws they would have tied so to single out one player is stupid.

  36. Anonymous

    Is it just me or what, why do the pistons always lose when they play on ESPN; Lakers, Bulls, Rockets, and plenty of others last year.


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