Rasheed Freestlye

by | Dec 13, 2007 | 16 comments

Thanks goes out to Need4Sheed reader Tbone for the quick find before I could get it up!


  1. CB1

    hes so good he dont even need to be playin basketball to be in the top 10 hahaha

  2. claire

    I like Rip’s sweater, it looks nice on him. But I think he should have gone with a darker color, he seems too tough of a guy to wear baby blue.

  3. Sean W.

    From Gilbert Arena’s blog…

    On Deng turning down 12 million earlier in the season.

    “I love the way Luol plays, but right now if you’re not better than Tayshaun and Carmelo and the best threes out there, if you aren’t valuable to your team like that … I mean he’s valuable to the Bulls, but not in the ways that those guys are. So, $12,000,000 is what you got.”

    Tayshaun gets serious props!

  4. Drew

    How do we kno Rasheed just wasn’t singing what was coming out of his headphones?

  5. Anonymous

    Agreed. I don’t think it was freestyled at all, I think the ESPN dunce just doesn’t know what that means.

  6. BabyBen

    It’s funny as all hell. Rip A.K.A Diddy, Unuh-uh! Unuh-uh! Bad Boy Baby! XD XD XD

  7. mannie32

    haha that wasnt a freestyle, that was a nas verse, my fave rapper btw… that’s the second time i heard sheed quote my man Nas… last season reporters quoted him as saying “Afraid not of none of you cowards but of my own power” from Nas’ latest album

  8. claire

    they should release an album together. And make music video too. But they should make it a funny album, making fun of other players and stuff.

  9. Drew

    Awww, you beat me towards the source of Sheed’s rap!

  10. Dominic

    Yea i would recognize that verse anywhere good taste by sheed

  11. Anonymous

    Makes sense that Sheed would like Nas so much when his partner-in-crime, CWEBB, has worked with Nas twice on “Blunt Ashes” and “Remember the Times.”

  12. Anonymous

    the first set of all star votes are out! and its not looking that good.


    of course lebron, garnett, and kobe are getting the most votes. They show the top ten or so voted players for each category of each conference and rip, chauncey, tayshaun, and sheed all made good numbers in their categorys but dyess hasnt even made the list. We need more votes! they have gaurds like gilbert arenas, vince carter, and ray allen with more votes than chauncey and wayyy more than rip. We’re really going to have to pull a lot of votes this year, because of the big rise in interest in boston. KEEP VOTING

  13. Anonymous

    the best part of the video is rip in the background.

  14. claire

    Now, how the hell does Yi Jianlian get to be on this list when he’s just a rookie and his team is not doing awesome or whatever.

    Alright people, it’s time to go all out for this voting thing. We all know Dyess can eat Yi in the battle of forwards any day of the week. SO LET’S VOTE!!!!

    Remember: the goal of team Need4sheed this year is to send all 5 starters to New Orleans!

  15. Rip's Mask

    Yep Sheed’s always been a big Nas fan. I remember when he got E-40 all upset back in 96.
    He was on Rap City and Joe Clair asked him if he listened to E-40 and he was like “Nah Im from the East Coast I listen to Wu-Tang and Nas” lol. E-40 even made a diss song to sheed regarding that. lol true story


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