The Pistons are in Houston

by | Dec 12, 2007 | 82 comments

Pistons vs The Rockets
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The Pistons take on The Rockets tonight on National television. Detroit is on a four game road winning streak and are looking to make it five tonight in Houston. The 11-11 Rockets will be without Tracey McGrady, who sprained his right ankle in the second half of a 100-88 loss to Philadelphia on Monday night.

Let’s hope Sheed has had enough rest after is 3 AM excursion to ihop late last night. I know quite a few Pistons fans will be in the house and close to the action, so keep your eyes out for our hardworking Pistons fans.

Tip off is at 8:00 PM on ESPN and locally on FSN Detroit. Seems as though the Forum Chat Room is hopping during games so if you want to head over there at game time and chat, feel free.

I’m leaving it up to you and Pistons red, white and blue.


  1. Anonymous

    Aren’t you the same guy from JustBBalland RealGM forums? Anyways your site sucks and the Pistons suck.

  2. K. Jay R.

    Anonymous is a doosh, the fact that you made a hateful comment on this website as “anonymous” just shows how much of a pussy you are. If the site suck why are visting it and leaving comments, you doosh.

    On a lighter note, Maxiell will dunk on Yao, its a given. Sheed needs to start dominating again, this 7 pts and 8 pts doesnt cut it. Everytime I see them on TV they lose, lets hope for a V tonight, so I have a reason to get DRUNK, haha. DETROIT BASKETBALL!

  3. Kong

    Yeah, anonymous ur a fucker. no one likes you. And the pistons r great, ur just prbly jealouse cuz ur a pathetic “fan” of some shit team like the cavs.

    Anyway, mostly so far so good for the pistons this season. Lets go get that win!

    Go Piston!

  4. Steve

    Anyway as far as the game goes…

    This shooting is painful to watch, as is Flip Murray for the most part… Maxey, however, is eating things as always!

    Lucky one on Yao there!

  5. itshardoutthereforapistonsfaninboston

    yeah, what’s up with the shooting? i love the retro jerseys, though. wish i could afford one πŸ™‚

  6. Steve

    Painful, I tell you!

    What’s up with Tayshaun? He looks a step slow on D and isn’t doing anything on the other end.

    Not that the rest of the team’s doin all that hot either. Well, aside from The Baby Eater.

  7. Steve

    Wally-ton’s ragging on the Pistons…

    “this is what drives me nuts about the detroit pistons – last week they played like the chicago bulls, and this week they play like the houston rockets … the problem is they think they’re going to be fine and aren’t worried about the opposition”

    Stephen A was actually rather upbeat about us tho.

  8. K. Jay R.

    Bill Wlton is a fucking MORON…KILL YOURSELF BILL WALTON. “TJ Ford should retire.” are you serious?

  9. Steve

    I think I just saw more Pistons fans than anyone else in the concourse shot after the half. Represent!

  10. Steve

    I might be talking to myself… but Jesus H Christ… 11-2 run in 2 minutes?!?

    This is [insert word stronger than painful here] to watch!

  11. Natalie

    I’m here Steve I’m just too bummed to comment (and I’m working) We look like S^&*…step it up fellas.

    Steve you might be a jinx on the HD remember the Bulls?

  12. Steve

    S**t you’re right… maybe I should turn this off. :-\

    Rip has 3 bruises on his left thigh and tweaked his back, they just reported… possibly why he’s been off. Except he’s been playing his best ball of the season as of late. Way to give us some logical reporting, ESPN.

  13. Natalie

    Nothing like that on FSN don’t believe ESPN. I think everyone is in the chat room. Put Maxie IN

  14. Natalie

    I even talk in bullet point when I’m commenting….

    What’s up with that.

  15. Anonymous

    Geez, the pistons are looking terrible right now.

  16. Anonymous

    Bill Walton… still an asshole!! And as for the asshole on top of the comments — get some therepy pal! You have no clue wtf you are talkin’ about.

    Other than that unpleasantness… on to some more I guess. The guys are looking a little um… yeah, not good. I missed the game last night because I was sick & had to go to bed early — I am still sick and this is kinda making me sicker so I am thinking about going to bed now. The thing is, I love the Pistons and one of the reasons for that is that you can’t really count them out until it gets right down to the nitty gritty. We ain’t there quite yet and I believe there is still hope for a W. Even if they don’t pull this one out, I love my team and I always will!

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  17. Steve

    I still think we’re gonna pull it out… not like Houston’s playing spectacular basketball either.

    Nice commenting, Nat. πŸ™‚


  18. Natalie

    Tayshaun over Yao ………Love it

  19. Steve


    …and Ball Don’t Lie!

    …and Maxey’s back – Baby Eatin’ Time!

  20. Natalie

    I’m so glad I am listening to George…But I did hear him say TJ Ford should retire.

    I cant stand him

  21. Steve

    We got ourselves a ballgame.

  22. Anonymous

    Shit I didn’t even know the game was on FSN… I was watcing on ESPN and as soon as I changed the channel BAM!! Piston run. Not feeling so sick now lol!!

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  23. Steve

    All I want for Christmas is FSN HD down here in Ohio… too bad there’s no way to get regional FSNs with cable as far as I know.

    Thank god for 1-11 from the line!

    Here comes Mr. Big Shot.

  24. Natalie


  25. Anonymous

    Think my fever just broke! God I love this team!!!!

  26. Natalie


  27. Anonymous

    Now I have chills but it isn’t from being sick — my boys are kickin’ it up a notch and I think I can feel a WIN coming on goosebumps all over the place!

  28. Anonymous

    Aw crap Flip Murray again… if we can survive his minutes we are going to get this one. Shit! I know there are those of you who like him, but I tell you right now he pisses me off. Already he is up to his same ol’ bullshit. UGH!!

  29. Steve

    Sheeeeeed… Deeeeetroit Basketbaaaaall!

    22-6 run … booyah!

  30. Natalie


  31. Steve

    Sheed πŸ™

    F’ing BS tech.

  32. Natalie

    Sheed and Bonzi they were just kickin it last night…. what’s the deal?

  33. Anonymous

    what happen im not able to watch the game

  34. Steve

    One must have stolen the syrup from the other.

  35. Anonymous

    Oh Rasheed!! THAT BALL DON’T LIE!! LMFAO!! I love Sheed!

  36. Steve

    Anon – nothing happened really is the point… Bonzi went hard at Sheed and they jawed at each other a bit, that’s all that really happened

    These FTs are sheer hilarity… Houston’s 2-16 from the line… THEY HIT ONE!!!!

  37. Steve

    Make that 3-18.

  38. Anonymous

    I want sheed’s new shoes! When are they going to be in stores?

  39. Anonymous

    Franchise is covering his face everytime they try to shoot the FTs and the fans sitting near him are just shaking their heads at him…..LOL

    Looks like they finally woke up after half time, and that was one “BALL DON”T LIE” heard around the world.

  40. jessi

    wow this game is being called close, I missed most of this game and all I see is a foul being called… the lst few times does the floor wach end a foul is called…it has been good for th pistons sinc the rockets can’t make a shot. I love how steve frances can’t even watch… kinda funny… what was up with the sheed bonzi call?

    I love that my cable compnay in my area finally got NBA league pass you can only get it with two companies in canada and I think only in Ontario as well couldn’t get it in edmonton which sucked

  41. Natalie

    I’m just happy we stepped up. An annon… DOn’t know if the new Sheed’s are going to be released to the public yet.

  42. Steve

    Not good, not good…

  43. Natalie

    Ohhhhhhhhh NO not Dyess, I hope it’s not a knee.

  44. jessi

    no please don’t say dycess is hurt no we need him he is playing so well…

    on a side note why should T.J. retire he is a great player and just because there is a chance he coould get hurt again doesn’t mean he has to give up a sport he loves… no one likes Bil W so he should retire, I do not liek him at all…

  45. Steve

    Ok phwew… Dyess walked off the court… doesn’t look so bad now, but OUCH for landing on an ankle like that.

    Step it up Maxey!

  46. Steve


  47. Anonymous

    why did shhed just make a stupid foul? dyess back on the bench that is a good thing

  48. Steve


  49. Natalie

    Sheed 4 Three

  50. Anonymous


  51. Natalie

    WOW, I can’t believe it’s a 2 point game.

  52. Steve

    My neighbors must hate me right now… good lord I just yelled loudly!

    Sheed + Rip = Deeeetroit Basketballl!

  53. jessi

    great shot sheed and dycess back and now rip a three, never give up on our biys…

  54. Anonymous

    We got this one… I can feel it. Glad I didn’t go to bed!!

  55. Anonymous


  56. Steve

    Lucky break… gotta capitalize!

    Send this to OT … or a 3 to win would be nice!

  57. Natalie

    I can barley watch 11 seconds left down by 2.

  58. Anonymous

    This is one weird game

  59. Anonymous

    Dude… didn’t you just say stop shooting 3’s? lol I’ll settle for OT. Or a Mr Bigshot gmae winner.
    Thank God Dyess is ok!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Steve


  61. Steve

    I’m feeling shades of Rip in Boston last year…

  62. jessi

    s**t two missed threes, I can’t beleive that… wow this was a great game and we have the ball lets get this one to ot

  63. Steve


    ^ Nat, I think that can be the bullet points for this game. Uggggggly!

  64. Anonymous


  65. Natalie

    Gotta give it to the boys…. defiantly a weird game. Glad to see Dyess back on the floor.

  66. Anonymous

    NO FOUL??!!!

  67. Natalie

    No doubt Steve. It’s going in.

  68. jessi

    wow even with a lose this was a good game which we could have taken it but wow what a game…

  69. Steve

    I think I am banned from watching us on National TV / HD until further notice. Seeing as how we’re 0-fer in said games this season when I watch. Sorry all!

  70. Natalie

    Steve let’s just blame it on National TV like Anon about said.

  71. Steve

    Fair enough. Next up on national is Boston next week, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to not tune in to that one!

  72. jessi

    I think that the pistons need to stop wearing the new jerseys, they are 0-2 in them. the are not lucky the reds one were last yr but these ones are nice but have to go.. joking but I do hope they win a game in them cause if they lose the next one then I will not be joking, I think I will even hold off from buying one until they win a gmae in them… I almost picked one up when I was at sundays game but decided to wait until this sunday now I will wait until they get a win…

  73. Natalie

    Jessi…. I said that when we lost to them the first time, sad because I really like the trowbacks.

  74. jessi

    I know natalie I really like them as well and I had one in my hand sunday but got a sweater instead, I will most likely get one at some point but not right now, just too unlucky..

  75. Infinity

    Guys, Mr. Big shot is not living up to his name this year. He’s a good player under pressure and when it’s a close game, but when the game is actually on the line, he always misses..

  76. Shanna

    Steve, if it’s your fault.. It’s mine too. Every single game I’ve watched, we’ve lost too.
    When I leave the TV to go take a shower, change the channel, etc. we always seem to start playing better and scoring better. =\

  77. Steve

    We’re just like the Cooler.

    (Great movie, btw)

  78. jess

    Im almost officially convinced the “retro’s” are not so good-luck. I really hope I’m wrong because if they lose in them again, I will _________!!!!!!????

    I DONT KNOW!! I’ll just be pissed and not want to see them anymore πŸ™

    to me.. this was a statement game for the jersey’s.

  79. Amanda

    That game was crazy. Houston couldn’t buy a freakin’ free throw and Detroit only had 9 TOs and we sill lost. Not cool. Not cool at all.

    It seems almost unfair that men Yao’s size are allowed to play. I mean, all they have to do is just reach over their defender and toss the ball in the basket. It’s kinda cheap.

    I loved Saunders comment about how the best thing Detroit did tonight was defend the free throw line. lol True that.

  80. Michelle

    I believe one of the announcers mentioned that Max is a free agent after this season. Is this true? For some reason I thought he was signed through another season.

  81. K. Jay R.

    Chauncey, Rip, Sheed, Tayshaun all have rings….you mean to tell that thay cant beat tray and yao…(at least) 4 guys cant beat 2, step your game up detroit and get it handled and give me another Ring, Sheed needs one for each hand

  82. K. Jay R.

    should i say it….PISTONS NEED C-WEBB, get rid of Dupree, isk how it works but make it work Dumars, we need another scoring threat!!!!!!!!!!!!


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