The Pistons are in Memphis

by | Dec 11, 2007 | 21 comments

Pistons vs Grizzlies
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Tonight Detroit is takes on the 6-and-14 Grizzlies, who are currently on a four game losing streak. Look for the Pistons run up the numbers, for the simple fact that Memphis boasts the second worst defense in the league. Pistons fans get a chance to see old friend Darko Milicic, who is finally a starter, and is averaging 7 points, 6 rebounds and 2 blocked shots per game.

For a detailed game preview Memphis style, head on over to 3 Shades of Blue (who were nice enough to ask me my thoughts on tonight’s game). You have to check out their extensive match ups, however I must disagree that Mike Miller has an edge over Tayshaun and Pau has the advantage over Sheed. That’s realistic isn’t it? If you look at their lineup the Pistons hold the edge at every position. Sure our starters don’t average big numbers, the reason……they don’t have to.

Maxiell may get the start tonight, A Sherrod says Rasheed wasn’t at the shoot around this morning because he was feeling ill. Saunders said if he does play it, he will likely come off the bench.

Tip off is at 8:00 PM and is being broadcast locally on FSN Detroit. Remember you can head over to The Forum and go into the chat room to discuss the game live with other Pistons fans.

I’m leaving it to you, here’s to the red, white and blue.

Just a note: The Jarvis Shopping video is up at but most of all the today’s front splash page gets me pumped.


  1. claire

    yea, I got The Final Countdown on my ipod!! But I think the lyrics are kinda whack, but good tunes though.

    Pistons’s to-do list:

    1. Crush the Grizzlies
    2. Starters get rest
    3. Sheed feels good again
    4. Destroy the Rockets on wednesday!!!!!

  2. Natalie

    Claire…we need Pictures tomorrow. For something new I’m starting. It’s still in Beta but I know you will appreciate it.

  3. claire

    My first thought after I bought the tickets were: “shoot, i’m gonna take so many pictures and send them to Natalie whether she likes it or not!”

    I’m so excited that I can’t even concentrate on studying for my stupid final tomorrow. So I guess this is how Dontrelle Willis feels when he was going to the Pistons game.

    Damn good feeling!


  4. Dominic

    I didnt post this but i figured Id spread the word:

    A few days ago I posted that you can vote twice a day in the all-star ballot thing if you vote both on IE and Firefox. Well, now I found out you can even vote 3 times a day. Just copy and paste the “All-Star Balloting Widget” code on Myspace, Facebook or on your personal site.

    The more votes, the better.

  5. johnnyb

    the video of hayes shopping was pretty neat . outside of the rookies , mcdyess falls victim top the most pranks out of anyone in the locker room , from what i understand . things are going a lot better for him than britney these days , i would say .

  6. Ashley

    I thought this was really cool! I ordered a new Pistons shirt from the Palace Locker Room online because I live in Chicago and as a free gift they sent me a Pistons santa hat! I’m not going to lie, I was really excited.

  7. Infinity

    Does anyone know how many techs Rip has?..I have four in my profile, but it said he has five in a game recap i read.

  8. claire

    i think Rip has 5 techs. I have no problems with techs as long as they’re not over the allowed limit.

    Looks like Sheed’s not playing tonight. Oh no! Does that mean he’s not gonna play tomorrow???? NOOOOOO!!!!! *nervous breakdown*

    At least he only has the flu, not injury. Man, I bet he got the flu from Rip. Go, PISTONS <3

  9. jess




  10. Anonymous

    OK… they just said Hayes will be back tonight!! another YAYYYY!

  11. Anonymous

    LOL, that shopping trip thing is a blast. Dyess really likes Britney Spears’ music or is that all for fun….

    Get better Sheed.

  12. Anonymous

    does anyone know a good place to get suite tickets for a game?

  13. Anonymous

    why did sheed get a tech

  14. TDP


  15. TDP

    These refs are calling this game way too tight.

  16. jess

    when and how did it get so close? did i miss something?

  17. claire

    Jess, you probably missed the part where the Pistons decided to take a time out in the middle of the court.

    But hey, a win is a win! Gosh, I hope they win tomorrow again! pray for the pistons, people! and vote them for allstars too!

  18. jess

    I agree. A win is a win and I’ll take it in anyway, but I thought this was gonna be a blowout!

  19. jessi

    this was a great game tonight happy they got the win even know it got a little close but the pistons had this one and were not going to give it away thats what I love about this team they make us sit on our seats but they hang on. we can’t have ever game be a 20 point win….

    on a side note my prays go out to T.J. Ford tonight, he took a hard hit from alt’s rookie al horford. if anyone knows anything about ford they will know he was out the last part of his first season with a spinal cord injury and the entire season recovering from neck surgery and how after having a game high seasib high 26 points he takes a hard foul in the head by Al and when he was falling his head bounced off the floor and he was not able to move. I think ford is a good player adnI follow his career I love the pistons but there are other players I like adn ford is one of them so please tonight keep in your prays and prey for a return to the NBA he is PG that the NBA would miss and has a young career in this league

  20. claire

    My prayers go to Ford. I sometimes (actually all the times) hope that the opponents get injuries, but I’d never wish a serious or a career-ending injury on anyone. I’m all for the ankle sprains and the “finger” sprains and what not, but never anything that requires the ER room.


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