Bullied in Detroit

by | Dec 8, 2007 | 37 comments

The Pistons saw their five game winning streak come to an end last night after a 98-91 loss to The Chicago Bulls at home. Chauncey Billups and Rip Hamilton combined for 51 points, but besides the two nothing else seemed to be working for Detroit who were out hustled by a Bulls team that have been fair at best.

Key Points:

  • Rebound war lost 51-39. I know they have Ben Wallace, but most of the game Detroit had a bigger lineup on the floor.
  • Sheed started the game hot but cooled off considerably. He finished the game with 18 and 7 boards. Three for seven from 3 point range….I was begging him to play down low all night long but it just didn’t happen.
  • Can someone please tell me why Rip got another Tech?
  • Why didn’t Flip Murray get some minutes, his speed and D could have helped stop Nocioni.
  • Chauncey led the team with 27 points and 7 assists. This was one of those games that Billups needed to step up his game earlier when nobody was hitting.
Chauncey Billups
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  • Seriously, did it have to be Nocioni who lit us up for 22. What was with him pointing to his shoes after he got called for a travel? He looked like an idiot.
  • Ben Wallace decided to hit 8 of his 9 free throws.
  • Amir Johnson might have been able to spark something with his athleticism, he was a DNP
  • The whole Palace crowd was laughing hysterically when Ben missed a dunk.
  • I hate to say it, but right from the start I knew The Pistons didn’t come to play.
  • 42 minutes for Rip, 33 for Billups, 37 for Tay and 40 for Sheed.
  • McDyess, who we can always count on, didn’t have it. He was just 2-10.
  • Note to Jarvis Hayes (0-4): Quit throwing up shots just for the sake of getting them up. You know you can take your time and get set up better, don’t you?
  • Had it not been for Rip’s timely makes, this would probably have been a blowout. Hamilton scored 24 on 9-for-17 shooting.
Richard Hamilton
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  • Where did Tayshaun disappear to the last few games? He only put up 4 last night, but he grabbed 8 boards with 4 assists.
  • I was so excited to pick up my SHEED retro jersey, but unfortunately for me the only players The Palace Locker Room Store had in stock were Tayshaun and Rip.
  • Stuckey’s still not ready to play.
  • 39% shooting just isn’t going to do it.
  • Where did Joakim Noah learn how to dribble? It’s almost comical watching him.
  • At the start of the fourth the Pistons were down just one but it quickly became an 8 point Bulls lead when the Pistons just couldn’t hit their shots.
  • The Bulls Joe Smith who was a number one draft pick in 1995 helped Chicago by grabbing 13 boards.
  • That 1995 NBA draft went like this:
    1. Joe Smith
    2. Antonio McDyess
    3. Jerry Stackhouse
    4. Rasheed Wallace
    5. Kevin Garnett
  • Don’t panic Piston fans, it’s just one game and we are still sitting on top of the Central.
  • I almost didn’t recognize Maxiell who shaved his head and was wearing a headband last night. Maxiell got into early foul trouble so his time was limited on the floor. He scored 6 with 4 boards.
Jason Maxiell's new look
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  • Best part of the game for me: I saw an older woman in her 70’s in the crowd with a Rasheed Wallace jersey on. Big deal right? Well, this was an old Ben Wallace jersey and instead of most people using tape of a permanent marker to put a 6 next to the 3, she went all out and had a large 6 sewn on underneath the 3 like this..
  • 3

    She was holding up a sign that said….No Bull Ben, we love The Pistons! But most importantly she was a nun in her habit. For someone who went to 12 years of Catholic School it was priceless, and she was a huge fan to boot. I would have loved to have gone up to talk to her and snap a picture, but I didn’t get the chance to.

  • Highlights of the game.
  • Did I miss anything pertinent that was said on the ESPN or WDIV broadcasts? Seems like most Pistons fan’s didn’t seem to like what Van Gundy had to say except for his comments about Rasheed. Did ESPN mention the great play of Jason Maxiell?
  • Lets put this one behind us, we simply got outplayed, but it’s only one game. I’m just a bit upset the streak is gone and we lost the first time out in the retro jerseys.
  • Bobcats tomorrow at the Palace.


  1. jkuesta

    last night, van gundy kept making stupid remarks about how the Stones complain to the refs all night long. it made me laugh because i kept yelling back, “duh!…that’a detroit mentality biaatch!” personally, i switched over from ESPN’s coverage and went to channel 4. its always more pleasant to hear Blaha and Special K. do there thing.

    anyhow Natalie, i just wanted to let you know that after these years, i’ve found great enjoyment in visiting need4sheed. it’s actually a great source that i use to find out more info on the boys! please keep up the great work because as it goes, i’m going to have to leave MI and relocate to MN (yes home to Al Jefferson…) and though i’ll be missing out on watching my boys regularly and locally, i’ll be relying upon you for the latest info! keep up the great work girl!


  2. Amanda

    In the losing effort, all I can say is thank God for Rip and Chauncey. You’re right, Natalie, without them the game would have ended much, much worse.

    I’m not even the slightest bit concerned with whether or not the Pistons are still contenders but a loss to the Bulls is the hardest loss to endure. I didn’t care much after we went 2-3 on the West Coast trip. Being 0-2 verse Chicago is sickening though.

    Where the hell was the defense on Nocioni?

    Oh, and thank you for commenting on Noah’s dribbling skills, Natalie. I almost forgot about that. He definitely provided some comic relief.

    P.S. Rip’s tech came after he pushed Hinrich down in an attempt to get free when Hinrich was grabbing him. In my opinion, the physical play shouldn’t have ended there. Nocioni should have been taken out. And when I say “out” I mean out of the game, back to the locker room for 10 stitches and some pain reliever.

  3. Anonymous

    Why does it seem like the bulls are always up to playing the pistons, but not the other way around? It sure seems like the bulls have our number in the regular season the last couple of years. Oh well, it’s one game.

  4. Gabriel

    The pistons looked horrible yesterday. I don’t understand the mentality of trying to be one dimensional on offense, feeding rip in the post. I don’t care how well rip shot, if we’ve learned on thing about the pistons it’s that they don’t, won’t, and can’t win without ball movement and shareing the load. The last game in CHI town, sheed got 36, but the offense stagnated, and the same happened last night. Whats more, the D was weak. Its as if they had never played the bulls before and didn’t understand how to guard a pick and roll. For me, if Heinrich and Nocioni beat us shooting J’s, fine, but allowing the ball to penetrate the gut of D into the paint over and over is maddening. Oh well, its only 1 game. And I agree with Van Gundy, the pistons do bitch far too often, but the refs last night were horrible. It was as if they took it upon themselves to protect the nice little bulls from the big bad pistons. Ticky tacks called on the pistons were not called the other way.

  5. Dominic

    was watching ESPN and BIll Walton and Stephen A. Smith were arguing about who is the best in the East. Of course Bill Walton picked the Celtics but Stephen A. ,whom i have always liked, picked the Detroit Pistons. Great pick Smith!! Of course Walton thought this was rediculous and said that even the Magic were a better team

  6. Anonymous

    I am really laughing at you detwat fans. The whole pissons team does is bi^tch and complain all game along. Its the truth, and if u ask any non biased nba fan he/she will say the same thing.

    Pisstons were playing aggressive defense holding, grabbing, getting away with fouls justlike the old days, but they still got their buts kicked by a younger Bulls team.

  7. johnnyb

    other than van gundy commenting about all the complaining the pistons do, he was very complimentary of the team . he praised the bench play, specifically maxiell . at halftime, walton and steven a. smith were bashing the bulls pretty bad . don’t write chicago off – i still expect them to be a four or five seed . having said that – i HATE to lose to chicago . we have two more chances this season . we’ll have stuckey then , possibly amir will have made some progress . i hate to say it, but chicago going small hurt us , and i agree – amir and murray are great to use to counter that . oh well. we should get the win sunday against charlotte .

  8. Anonymous

    It was funny when Van Gundy was talking about the fact that Chauncey’s daughter had a soccer game today at 7am. He was like “what time is the pregame meal 4 30am. LOL

  9. Anonymous


  10. Richie

    I thought the officiating was consistantly excessive going both ways. The first half seemed like a free throw contest on both ends. I stand by the arguement that there was no need for flip- Some amir would have been nice though. How does he get 5 blocks in 5 minutes in one game, then no play at all in the two games after that?
    I also think it’s bogus the gave Ben credit for 8 straight free throws after a silly lane violation gave him a chance to reshoot the one he missed!

    I too would have liked to see a more balanced attack, but heck- that’s what regular season games are there for.

  11. cb1-2

    Van Gundy: “All they do is complain! Everytime! I’ve never seen them just get a foul and admit to it!”

    I mean, he would say that after it was obvious that Nocioni flopped when defending Maxiell in the post and got the call from the refs. Who wouldn’t complain to the ref after that? I just think ESPN can find much better people to commentate an NBA game than former Coach Van Gundy… which is the only reason he even has this job with ESPN.. just because he was a former coach and they figure he can give some great insight about the game.

  12. Anonymous

    Are you guys sure it was Van Gundy? I thought the announcers were Mike Breen and Jon Barry? I dont think they were complianing about the Pistons complaining about the calls but they were saying NBA Players in general complain about every call.. (and they do have a point)… They were making fun of Nocioni when he fouled somebody, complained, and then they showed the replay and were laughing at his B**** ass…. aNYWAY, Pistons plain and simple lose to the bulls because all they do is force feed the mismatch and go to 1v1 basketball… Its almost sickning…. WHen they try and post rip on kirk … it never works, yet they STILL go to it… It bothers me. Seems like when we play the Bulls we dont move the ball and thats when everyone gets off their game. Anyway, Bill Walton maybe have said somee of those things, but he ALSO said, out of Detroit, Boston, and Orlando, that the Pistons have the Best Starting 5 in the Eastern Confrence..


    AKA- NickDyess #1 Dyess Fan
    (where was my boy tonight? in awe of ben wallace?)

  13. Anonymous

    the pistons need some low post scoring we can always rely on our outside shooting to get it down then we would become the bulls. Sheed can dominate when he wants to but the problem is that he sometimes floats around that 3 point arc. Max is a great player nice energy just now a force down low. Dyess again great but just a jump shooter, Amir not enough muscle still too raw and not aggressive enough. Nazr slow no moves down low can’t really do anything besides rebound.

  14. Anonymous

    meant can’t not can on the first line sorry

  15. JakeTheSnake

    Note to Jarvis Hayes (0-4): Quit throwing up shots just for the sake of getting them up. You know you can take your time and get set up better, don’t you?

    Now you know why Washington made no attempts whatsoever to re-sign him. Although I’ll be the first to admit that Jarvis has played a lot better this season.

  16. Richie

    I wanted to add that, yeah- the commentators were talking about how often Detroit complains about foul calls, but let’s face the facts- they do. Detroit complains a LOT and I don’t like it any more than opposing teams fans do. I think it makes the team look worse than it is.
    That having been said, EVERY team in the NBA complains about fouls. Most of them complain about them the whole game, so it’s really not fair to just say it’s Detroit.

  17. Anonymous

    Bad one to lose ๐Ÿ™

    Btw, does anyone have J. Hayes bro’s picture ?

  18. Michelle

    I agree that we complain a lot. But so does every other team. No one believes they fouled someone. And if the shooter missed a shot, it’s because he were fouled.

    The players just need to rise above and fight through the missed calls or bad calls. If they are good, they will win regardless of bad calls.

    I did not enjoy ESPN commentary. Not many positive aspects of the Pistons were mentioned.

  19. Natalie

    Thanks to everybody for letting me know about the things I missed from the broadcast.

    From the couple of times I have had the chance to listen to Van Gundy call a game I wasn’t impressed to put it nicely. If the way he does a broadcast has anything to do with how he coached, that’s probably the reason he’s out of a job right now.

    As for the Pistons complaining, I think they have gotten a bit better this year and I quite honestly think in the past they have gotten out of hand. Yes they get bad call but it’s not going to help your case bitching about it. And yes Richie all teams complain … I don’t know why they have to keep bringing it up during broadcasts.

    I am happy they said something about Nocioni’s flopping…..Is that what how they teach you to play in Europe? Think about it Top flopper’s off the top of my head….


    If you think of more list them.

  20. Anonymous

    Anon 12:49, just because you have one does’nt mean you have to be one!

  21. claire

    I’m still gonna be positive because it’s not over until it’s over. However, the fact that the whole Pistons team (except for maybe 1/2 of Rip and 1/2 of Chauncey) raises some questions for me. I just don’t understand how the whole team can be so cold in one night. I hope they have good reasons for that.

    Whenever the Pistons lose, they look like they’re out of focus, and they’re not paying attention. So I think as long as they can keep the focus, they’ll be able to handle anything. Maybe someone should prescribe ADD medicine for them lol.

    I get the feelings that Rip hates the Bulls just as much as we do. Because he always seems to get techs, plays more physical, fouls, etc. when we play the Bulls. I don’t mind a tech here and there, just make sure it’s worth it, Rip! Like get a tech for kicking Nocioni in the face or something. I mean it doesn’t have to be Nocioni, it can be Hinrich, Gordon, Skiles, or any combination. And yea, call me a bad sport, but I’d like the see the Pistons, esp. Rip and Sheed, physically abuse these Bulls. Like bitch-slap them every time they go to the paint so they’ll think twice next time.

  22. Anonymous

    its all gooood! at the end of the day we’re still detroit and we know what we can do and that we ARE the better team

    its actually pretty embarassing for the bulls .. everyone can see now they only show up to play detroit.. it kinda makes them look like they only play when theyre up against a REAL CHALLENGE hahaaaa so in a way we should be kind of honored

  23. Anonymous

    oh and to that bullshit fan at 12:49.. what are you doing???

    your team is 6-11.. come back when the bigger number is on the left side of the dash.. THEN we can talk

  24. Anonymous

    haha ok this is my LASt comment..i promise

    buttt i just wnted to say natalie i like the addition of the date on the comments!! its more organized

    this site just gets better and better..haha it makes other nba team fans wanna be a PiSTON FANNN :]

  25. Julius

    It’s easy to play a deep bench in a game you’re winning before the fourth even starts, but much harder to do in a close game. I agree with whomever feels we should fo seen flip murray and Amir on the court. Whatever we were trying all game wasn’t working. But the bulls did play well, their record might be awful, but that night they looked like a really solid team.

  26. BabyBen

    I think the Maxiell hair cut and headband scared me… I was so confused for a moment… my words… “Is that Max?!” O.o “EWW! It is~!” >.> “I don’t like it…” (end quote)

  27. Richie

    I am also not a big fan of Max’s new look. I did I double take when I first saw him ut there. I only saw the seccond digit of his Jersey for like 30 seconds and for a moment I thought they’d broken out C-Webb on the Bulls. Much to my Cha-grin it was just the brama bull sporting a new look.

  28. claire

    hey guys, let’s support maxy this time. If he wants to sport a new hair style, then let’s just tell him it looks good so it’ll boost his confidence or whatever. We <3 you, Maxy. But I do agree that he looks way better with hair on.

    Who knows, he probably lost a bet to Sheed and Sheed made him shave it or something ๐Ÿ™‚

    And is it just me or the headbands that Rip and Maxy have are also questionable. I’m all for the Pistons logos and everything, but in the middle of the headband? on the player’s forehead? It makes Rip look kinda robotic, because he already has a mask on. So in conclusion, the Pistons didn’t look too fashionable last night.

  29. Anonymous

    Just so you know Van Gundy said something like “I like John Mason, I just can’t stand all those copycats who try to copy mason”

    Cleveland anyone?

    I’ll see if I can find the exact quote but way to go Van Gundy

  30. mannie32

    huh??? so confused, i watched the ESPN game, van gundy had a LOT of good things to say about both teams, including the Pistons… I’m curious to hear what he said that rubbed ppl the wrong way?

  31. Anonymous

    the hardest part of this game wasnt watching the pistons lose. It was watching Nocioni and his arrogant ass play for most the game. I dont enjoy watching players with bad hair play. they should have a limit on how long players hair can be. his was just all in his face and sweaty. NOT what i want to see.

  32. Boyde

    Consensus…..F%&* Nocioni

  33. Anonymous

    J.Max needs to grow his hair back… I already can’t keep Jarvis & Chauncey straight. Another bald head just adds to my confusion. Maybe when Santa brings me my new giant screen HD tv for Christmas I’ll be able to keep them all straight. I heart Santa!!

    Don’t go too crazy about the loss to Chicago. I hate to lose to those assholes too (more than any other team except maybe Cleveland) but we know we can’t win them all. We will take them out come playoff time (if they are even around then) so buck up fellow fans!! Try to put it behind you and think positive.

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  34. Steve

    “Just so you know Van Gundy said something like “I like John Mason, I just can’t stand all those copycats who try to copy mason””

    ^^ Yes, that’s one of the things I couldn’t remember! Van Gundy went on for a solid 30 seconds about Mason being kick ass and bitching about how other teams have tried to copy his style and how it pisses him off. I loved it!

  35. Justin

    Well I for one, like the do that J. Max is sporting.

    And it’s great to have those intellectual’s from the windbag city visiting our site again. Clearly this was a 12 year old who has a mistaken belief that they are funny. And by commenting back on that person I am only adding fuel to the fire. Don’t get caught up in the flamebaiting guys. And if that person decides to grace us with their presence again I can only hope they come back with more than “our teams good, your teams bad” commentary.

    I suspect that the same pre-pubescent also is responsible for the comments at 2:09. Trying to further bait people into a argument.

  36. Justin

    Of course I was talking about the anonymous comments. Not yours Richie. I know you are a true Piston fan. Which brings me to this. I know by viewing the comments I will always see the same names most of the time. And that’s cool. It’s nice to know that I am not alone in my love for the Pistons and this site in particular.

    Detroit Bad Boys isn’t too bad either. ๐Ÿ˜›

  37. Anonymous

    He said something like “mason should get a copyright on his lines”


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