Pistons – Bulls at The Palace

by | Dec 7, 2007 | 29 comments

The Detroit Pistons vs. The Chicago Bull Ticket
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The Pistons are tipping it off at 7:00 PM tonight against the 5-and-11 Bulls. You know Detroit wants to do well against their old friend and no matter what the Bulls record is, they always come to play in Detroit.

It’s being broadcast locally on WDIV Detroit and ESPN for those out of town Pistons fans.

I am off early, so as always I’m leaving it to you in the comments.
The ticket is SWEET isn’t it!


  1. jess

    Here is to another win in the new jerseys. I feel bad for Ben and in some ways miss him but, NO I wouldnt trade JMAX for him. Not anymore. That was a question on pistons.com a couple of days ago.

    Would any of you want to trade JMAX for BIG BEN??

    I didnt think so.

  2. claire

    Maxy is here to to stay.

    13-5 for the Pistons by the time I go home tonight. Nothing can stop the Detroit Juggernauts.

  3. rban11

    pistons are 13-5 already if they win theyll be 14-5

  4. claire

    oh oops so sorry, I feel so embarrassed now. How could I miss that? And I watch the stats almost daily too..shame on me.

    14-5, most definitely by the end of tonight.

  5. Anonymous

    for us pistons fans out of state nationally broadcasted games are a real treat. chances are ill be the only one watching this one at the bar. straight outta bellingham, WA I got a need4sheed!

  6. jC--23

    People when it’s gametime you should head over to the chatroom to discuss the game..

  7. Sammi

    OK lebron out-lamed himself.

    CLEVELAND (AP) – LeBron James didn’t practice Friday and will miss his fifth straight game with a sprained left index finger when the Cavaliers play Saturday night at Charlotte.

    In speaking to reporters for the first time since he sprained the finger at Detroit on Nov. 28, when Nazr Mohammed slapped at the ball as he attempted to shoot, James had a message for the Cavaliers’ opponents.
    “Teams better get their wins now,” he said. “They try to kill us and talk trash about us now … When we get our guys back, it’s going to be a different story.”

    by our guys, does he mean, HIMSELF!? nooo he means larry hughes and donyell and ANDERSON. yeah right. what an ass.

    the rest

  8. Ashley

    I hope our boys don’t let this one go!

  9. CB-1

    I never… EVER want to hear a game commentated by Van Gundy again. He’s awful. I can’t even imagine how terrible it’d be if it were him and Bill Walton together commentating a game. If the technology existed, I would love to be able to have the TV automatically mute Van Gundy out of the program.

  10. claire

    ^^ I was gonna say the same thing. Van Gundy is a joke.

    But yea, it’s okay, Pistons! I still love you to death and still firmly believe that you got more than what it takes to win the championship this year! This loss was a bit hard to swallow but I still love CB, Rip, Tay, Sheed, Dyess, Max, and the rest of them. Heck, even Saunders too. A bit disappointed, but it’s okay, it’s gonna be alright.

    Thats right, I’m being positive and a homer.

  11. Amanda

    If Nocioni got ran over by a car tomorrow, I don’t think I could stop myself from dancing a jig of glee.

  12. Anonymous

    The only team of merit we’ve beaten this season is the Orlando Magic. I think all those victories against mediocre teams might have been fools gold, because we looked pretty bad out there tonight. We need to beat a Boston, or a San Antonio for me to feel like we have a chance at a cup this year.

  13. claire

    Amanda, I was in the chat board, starting a hate fest on Nocioni. You should have been there. I was lobbying Nazr to karate chop Nocioni, actually. And yes, I cannot stand him.

  14. Amanda

    Oh man. I wanted to reach through the TV and choke the bastard to death. I was waiting for ‘Sheed or somebody to foul him HARD. Give that S.O.B. some stitches like he did Ilgauskas. But there wasn’t one damn drop of blood. Not one.

  15. Amanda

    It’s so funny because there are so many people on that team that I hate and it’s not like they’ve beat us in the Playoffs or anything. I mean, they haven’t stopped us from getting a ring but I HATE almost ALL of the Bulls. Watching these games has got be damaging to my health. I don’t stress over much but I bet I have high blood pressure just from watching basketball.

  16. CB1

    hey who took my name? lol j/k

  17. Anonymous

    I FREAKING HATE how we bury ourselve into those first quarter holes. Then we have to surge back and try and win it closely. Why can’t we play more like GS or PHX, build a 30-40 point first quarter..

    Does anyone feel the same way as me??

  18. Tessa

    I’m disappointed with the loss, and god, I hate Nocioni with a firey passion, but did anyone watching the game on ESPN see the little thing about Chauncey being a “soccer dad”? It was cute =]

  19. Steve

    Ugh… I finally have a chance to watch the Pistons after a long, busy week (where I missed all the games) and this is what I get to watch?

    I will say that Van Gundy made some great comments imho – about Sheed’s greatness, Nocioni’s ridiculous flopping, and some other stuff I can’t remember right now.

  20. Anonymous

    I can’t believe the pistons let the bulls do it again and by even a bigger margin.

    I really don’t believe this team can contend,watch them lose to charlotte now.

  21. claire

    wow, after one loss, the Pistons are neither contender nor a good team now. WOW. Every time the Pistons lose, all hell breaks loose and the Pistons suddenly find themselves at the center of all negativity in the world. I know it sucks to lose a playoffs team like the Bulls, but does winning/losing in December decide how well you will be in May? Sure it’d help if we dont lose to strong teams, but hey it happens every now and then. What other playoffs teams have the Pistons played so far this season? They only played the Heat, the Bulls, the Magic, and the Cavs (in the east, at least). And if I remember correctly, only the Bulls win for now. FOR NOW. And yes, point out the fact that the Cavs didnt have Lebron, the Heat didn’t have Wade, Shaq’s too old, and maybe Dwight Howard just had a bad night? People make excuses for those teams, but when the Pistons lose, do they say “oh, Chauncey wasn’t there” or “Rip’s having a bad night.” NO. Nobody feels sorry for us when we lose, they expect us to play as well as ever even if our players are injured, absent, etc.

    Damn, every time the Pistons win, people nitpick every single thing as if they want to discredit the Pistons. And every time, they lose, people brand them with labels like “washed up,” “too old,” “not hungry anymore,” etc.

    It’s too early to abandon ship, but if you must, please feel free to jump off the ship right now. Because fans are supposed to back up their players, and love them winning or losing. As if the Pistons dont get enough hate from the rest of the world already. If you can’t handle losing, then pick another team! Go for Boston since the whole world is rooting for them, go join them. And I hope you find what you’re looking for there.

    I know I’m ranting, but I’m sick of every time we lose, people demand stupid trades, and make ridiculous predictions. I feel like these “fans” are disrespecting the Pistons and other fans who truly appreciate this team. Though I understand that it’s hard to accept defeat and you may be angry and what not, but kicking your own team after they lose is uncalled for.

  22. K. Jay R.

    Why do the bulls show up when they play Detroit yet they “are having so many troubles”, and “hinrich is in a slump” and all this BULLshit? I dont understand it. The Pistons are losing to teams they are supposed to win killing. I mean c’mon, PORTLAND? are you serious? The bulls arent worth a shit and Detroit needs to start playing like the Bad Boys, like they did when they won the championship. They should be going out there and laying everyone on the floor, and at least attemtping to block everything, and fighting for every posession. They need to send a message to the ENTIRE NBA that says “The Bad Boys are back!” Fuck losing to the bulls. Become a playoff contender this year, and then start talking, until then, Chicago is garbage (especially PANOACHioni and Noah, cut your fucking hair)

  23. Tessa

    Claire, I agree 100%. We ARE going to lose sometimes, but we are still at the top of the central division, its not the end of the world. Have some faith people!

  24. Anonymous

    The reason fans are concerned is that those other wins didn’t mean nothing, we won’t be competing for the cup against them, but Chicago could give us problems.

    This was a playoff type game and AGAIN the Pistons lose their composure in the 4th quarter, they can’t blame complacency or waiting for the playoffs, for this loss and they seem to always lose against the teams that they are ACTUALLY going to play deep in the playoffs

    No one’s jumping ship but we can still recognize the teams shortcomings and still cheer for the team

  25. Anonymous

    The spurs will repeat, they are the pistons only better.

    Team players, great coach and tons of moxie. I think the stones are a very talented team,but lack the heart of a true champion.

    Boston will prevail in the east,mybe orlando has an outside chance.

    Cleveland and chicago pretty good teams as well.

    Hope miami has a hernia and does’nt even make the playoffs!

  26. Anonymous

    REBOUNDS… need I say more? Come on…………… at least try……. 2nd chance points are killing us. God, I hate the Bulls!

  27. Steve

    Lack of boards and 35% shooting will kill you every night – we’ve gotta step it up!

  28. Anonymous

    I’m not too worried about the loss or the fact that Chicago beat them. Their record has kept them up there, where they’ll still be in it at the end – i don’t think that will change. They just came off a nice win streak, so I expected a loss soon. It’s actually to Detroit’s advantage at the end to NOT be on top. They play much better when they have something to prove.

  29. Anonymous

    According to the standings, they are still top of the division, 3rd best in the east and 5th best overall all – not too worried about them being a contender right now.


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