Take Five Big Easy Style

by | Dec 5, 2007 | 21 comments

The Pistons made it five in a row Wednesday night in a grind out game against The Hornets. The Pistons looked out of sync to start off the game and dug themselves into a double digit deficit early in the first quarter. It was the bench play that brought them back in the second, led by Jarvis Hays and Jason Maxiell (The Putback King). They sparked the comeback that helped get the Pistons the lead at halftime (44-42). Detroit played more like themselves in the second half and finished the Hornets off with the final score of 91-76.

Key Points:

  • The Pistons couldn’t convert in the first quarter and things didn’t start clicking until the play of Jason and Jarvis shifted the momentum in The Pistons favor.
  • Maxiell, Hayes, Hunter and Mohammed where the only Pistons to make it off the Bench.
  • Detroit shot just 41% on the night, but thanks to the Pistons stellar defense, they held the Hornets to just 34%.
  • You have to give it up to Tyson Chandler who put up an amazing double-double, 22 boards and 17 points. This guy resurrected his career the minute he left the windy city.
  • The Pistons couldn’t buy a board in the first quarter.
  • Great collective defensive job holding the hot Chris Paul to a 4-14 shooting night. He scored just 14 points, six below his average.
  • Four Pistons in double figures.
  • The Pistons were led by Richard Hamilton’s 21 points. Thankfully Rip’s shot was going down precisely when Detroit needed buckets.
  • Maybe Rip should stop wearing his mask….. The opposite does work for some people.
  • Chauncey was clutch at the end of the half hitting a three to tie the game at 40 all with seconds on the clock. Mr Big Shot finished the night with 18 points ( just 4-for-16) while dishing out 7 assists.
Chauncey Billups
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Photo/Getty Images
  • The Pistons shot just 30% in the first quarter, it was almost painful to watch.
  • Tayshaun was just 3-for-10 on the night for 8 points and 9 boards.
  • It was refreshing to watch Detroit grind this one out with poise and determination.
  • Four games in five nights with another on Friday.
  • Lindsey Hunter’s shot didn’t fall, but he sure does pester the offensive flow for opponents.
  • I’m telling you that my nickname for Jason Maxiell is going to stick… The Putback King had two jaw dropping putbacks in the second quarter to mount the Pistons comeback.

Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and FSN
  • Lindsey Hunter WDFN interview on the putting the D back in “The D.”
  • Battle of the boards lost 48-47.
  • The Pistons are sitting 4.5 games atop the Central division.
  • Jarvis Hayes, who really got the Pistons back in the game, was 4-for-8 for 9 points. I love what he brings to this team I just wish he was a bit strong on the defensive end.
  • Detroit – 5 game winning streak – Cleveland 5 game losing streak. LeBron is still sitting out because of his pinky and Varejoke is headed back to the state we hate.
  • Double-double for Sheed – 10 boards and 13 points. Three of them coming from a trey that was a dagger for The Hornets.
Rasheed Wallace
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Photo/Getty Images
  • Lindsey Hunter received a ridiculous tech, even Special K and George were appalled.
  • It seems that new Detroit Tiger Dontrelle Willis has declares himself to be a “Rasheed Groupie”. Props go out to Billfer for sending me the Link to The Audio from the 97.1 The Ticket interview. I am sure DW would really enjoy Need4Sheed. UPDATE: Team N4S member Justin sent us the link to the clip of Dontrelle himself confirming his man crush on Sheed.
  • I had a great time in the Need4Sheed Chat Room during the game and picked up a few bullet points from members of Team Need4Sheed.
  • [Downtown] The bench delivered in the 2nd quarter and The Hornets fast break was lethal in the first half.
  • [PistonProud] The Putback King does it again!
  • [Claire] The Detroit Juggernauts keep rolling like there’s no tomorrow! Hawks, Bucks, Hornets, throw any animal you got at us, and we’re gonna roll them over.
  • NBA.com Highlights.
  • The Pistons outscored the Hornets 28 to 16 in the second quarter for their comeback.
  • Next up is Ben and The 5-and-11 Bulls. Let me just say I’m already excited to head out to The Palace Friday night.


  1. Anonymous

    Sweet Natalie! I am so glad you decided to put up the video of the Putback King & doing what he does best. Those were some screamers alright. I have already watched it like 30 times and it never gets old. I had a good time in the chat room also (even though my computer kept going psycho on me.) The Putback King does it again was mine btw… cool of you to post that!! You are awesome =]

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Friday we redeem ourselves!! Go get those Bulls guys!!

  3. rep

    I gotta say, Dontrelle’s agent sold that to me. I was disappointed that it was his agent and not Willis himself confirming that he was a Sheed groupie but his agent sold it huh?? lol I’m glad tho. Plus, lucky Willis he went to the Warriors game and Rasheed put on a performance in that fourth Q. I wonder if they talked…

    Thanks for the link Natalie.

  4. Anonymous

    Is there any video of the Hunter tech? I missed that one.

    Saw the tech on NO after AMD hit the spinning layup, though… that was good stuff.

  5. Steve

    I think Maxey’s eating more than babies these days… great stuff.

  6. CB1

    hah yea

  7. Sue

    YES! Rip broke the 20pt mark.

    As for him not wearing the mask.
    If it makes him feel safe on the floor, I hope he keeps it on.
    We all know he has enough distractions right now( baby, shooting slump). Id rather have a masked man vrs a gun shy unmasked man.
    Maybe he should keep the arm thingy too ..lol…

    YOU GO RIP! It’s nice to see your on your way back.

    It sure makes watching Pistons basketball much more fun for me when he has game on.

    Slow in the start leads to a strong Rip in the end? I hope so.

    Go gettem Rip!

    Does anyone know how sheed got that spot on his head?

  8. Julius

    That Tech was RIDICULOUS. If the reason behind the techs was to make players not act out then they just teched someone for doing exactly what the league tells them they should. He accepted his foul, he wasn’t arguing he was smiling and clapping. Sure it could be taken as sarcastic in the same way saying thankyou when someone does a favor for you could be. Nat, if you can in any way please keep us updated if they decide to fight that tech.

  9. Justin

    I am normally a DFN man but for some reason I was listening to that OTHER sports station and I heard Dontrell on the mid-day show. It seems like his agent was on THAT show earlier giving the same lines. Saying that Dontell had a man-crush on Sheed. So they asked Dontrell if in fact that was true. And sure enough. Here’s the link.


    I know this isn’t a Tigers website but I was pumped up when I heard about that trade. It’s great to be a fan in Detroit.

    I should have been in the chat room last night. But I did watch the game on FSN. All I can say is Maxiell is amazing. TPK for 6th man of the year. That clip that you have of his put-backs is niiice. I sat there and watched that for 2 minutes. It’s like he wants to kill the ball by throwing it through the basket. And I just hope some unfortunate player doesn’t wander underneath the basket as he is doing his trademark dunk. That dude may have a basketball permanently logged in his body.

    Rip does need to do something different. Mix it up a bit. Maybe he can be like Caron Butler. Or more like Caron Butler used to be until they took his 2 liter of Mountain Dew away from him. If you don’t know the story it is pretty funny. I guess he used to make his wife go to 7-eleven before all his games while he was still at Conneticut and buy a 2-liter of Mountain Dew for him. He said he drinks 1 liter before the game and then at halftime he finishes it off. And he was talking about the sugar high he gets from it and the crash he receives from it also. And he has done that ever since…well…up until recently when they took it away from him. If you listened to Jim Rome yesterday you probably heard the whole story.

  10. Natalie

    Thanks Justin, I just added the update to the post….

    and Julius, we have to make sure to keep up on the Lindsey Tech. Total BS!

  11. Amanda

    Does anybody else find it incredibly crazy how fast time flew between the last time we played the Bulls and now? A whole month! I remember looking forward to this game the second the final buzzer sounded in that loss last month. Wow. Anyway…

    I was reading an article at Freep.com that talks about how coaches are going to be required to wear a microphone during nationally televised games and cameras are going to be inserted in the locker rooms. What the shit? Is it just me or does this sound like a bad idea?

    Maybe this is just another one of Stern’s attempts to prohibit teams like Detroit and San Antonio from reaching the Finals and boost ratings. By recording teams’ strategies/plays, Stern can then give this information to teams he wants to see in the Finals, helping them compete with the elite and assure them a spot on center stage in June.

    No, I’m not paranoid. I just have a big imagination and too much time on my hands.


  12. Justin

    Hey Amanda when I first read what you wrote about them putting a mike on the coaches and cameras in the locker room I thought it was a good thing. Especially for teams like Detroit and San Antonio. For people on the outside to see how loose and how fun it is in the Piston’s locker room would be a good thing. For fans I mean. If I were an opponent and saw them goofing around before a game I would think that they were not taking the game that seriously. I’ve always thought that getting to know the players on a personal level increases a fans love for the team. It makes them feel more apart of the team.

  13. Amanda

    ^ I can understand that. Who wouldn’t want to learn more about our players?

    But in that article Saunders said he didn’t like the idea for a couple of reasons. He said during halftime, the players and him strategize. He questions how the league will be able to edit information like that and “verbal outbursts” during timeouts.

    “We talked about it as coaches, and if you don’t monitor it, it could be a really embarrassing situation.”

    “I’ve always said, don’t take away the purity of the game. There’s a purity to our game. Let the game be the game. The game on the floor is what it’s all about.”

    It’s just kind of strange to me. And it’s interesting to wonder what the true intentions of the league are. Hmm…food for thought, I guess.

  14. Natalie

    I was going to do a little post on it and honestly I can understand both points but I have to agree (can’t believe I’m say that) with Flip Saunders…

    They should be able to play the game without worrying about the microphones or the correct thing to say.

    It might just take the emotion out of the game.

    Good thing: I can bet their will be some Sheedtasic footage courtesy of Mr. Wallace.

  15. Justin

    Don’t get me wrong I agree with you also Amanda. I really don’t know why I felt the need to share the other side. Devil’s advocate I assume. I don’t think there’s conspiracy against the Pistons. But I do think David Stern is turning into a mad scientist. Trying to fix something that isn’t really broken. Like the ball last year and with this thing this year. As far as I am concerned the game of NBA basketball is just fine. With a few exceptions. Namely the flopping artists. And we all know who they are. I don’t care what anyone says that is not something to praise someone about. That’s about who can be the best actor. And it seems like everyone is handing the Celtics the title. We here in Detroit know how long a NBA season is. The big 3 in Boston are bound to wear down. They might be able to squeeze a few extra games out of them just because they are pumped up to be playing together but in the long run they have to depend on more than just them. And that bench is not very deep. I do think that they are going to do well. I just don’t think they will be able to go all the way.

  16. Anonymous

    I think it’s an awful idea. Do they really HAVE to wear it?? The coaches don’t have to do anything like that. But if their forcing them to do that, then theres a probelm with that.

  17. Richie

    I’d just like two bring up two things at this point.
    A. I have been preeching for a Lindsey > Flip Murray movement for over a year now. FINALLY Flip does it, and the pistons Bench sparts the comeback and hold it! 3 assists, 4 points, impressive Defence (how about his trap D with Sheed when they forced the offensive foul out of Chris Paul in the corner?) in under 13 minutes. Oh, and here’s the big difference between Lindsey and Flip- ZERO TURNOVERS! Probably has something to do with the zero mad dashes through the lane throwing the ball at the first sliver of orange that comes into view.

    Secondly- I want to know what happened to all of you people who wouldn’t stop bringing up stupid trade suggestions about getting rid of Tayshaun, or Rasheed, or Rip etc.?! Everyone’s happy now because their on a 5 game winning streak, but if people start talking about bogus trades again the next time the lose a game (God forbid they be human!) I want you to think about how well this team performs more often than not with the core that they have (and some certain bench players who we all know have been huge).

    I’m also here to put an official stop to all of this abuse Rip has been taking. Even having the “off season” that he is, Rip is still only .1 behind Kobe in APG despite having the ball in has hands FAR less than Kobe. He’s also just .023 lower than Kobe in FG % (.035 above him in 3pt %). So with Rip shooting about at well as Kobe and passing mote effectively than Kobe, despite his “slump” why are we still giving him such a hard time. Who would you rather have at shooting gaurd?!

  18. Richie

    * Okay, so that was 3 things- sorry, but all of the ill-founded Rip critisism was beggining to get to me!

  19. gMac

    Anybody else get the sense that Sheed was personally trying to make about point about moving the ball. Passing up multiple open jumpers he normally takes.
    Don’t know what happened to us last year during the ECF. It’s the same type of pick and roll offense by the Cavs that killed us.

  20. Anonymous

    Pistons.com has an article on the throwback jerseys the boys will be wearing tomorrow and pictures too. I can’t wait to see Chauncey in his! There really cool. Also, they are making some with Joe and Isiah.

  21. jacqueline

    this was a fun game to watch, the guys are so exciting so far, everybody is doing what they are suppossed to be doing! I’m loving it! Jason Maxiell is doing so good, I almost jump through the TV everytime he put a shot back, it’s so fun to watch!!! You know I always love whateve Chauncey brings to the floor, he’s my boo-boo and I love him and the Pistons are rocking the house!!!!!!


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