The Pistons hit the century mark again, as the dominaton continues.

by | Dec 4, 2007 | 32 comments

The Pistons continued their winning ways in Atlanta Monday evening beating the Hawks handily 106-95. The Pistons shot 65% in the first quarter and continued to move the ball well dishing out 29 assists on the night. The final score may lead you to believe that this one was closer than it was because Atlanta outscored the Pistons bench in the fourth by 15 to close the gap a bit.

Key Points:

  • Seven Pistons in double figures.
  • Light minutes again for the starters who are doing such a great job lately they have been pretty much sitting out entire quarters.
  • Just a question to all….Who’s going to be deactivated when Stuckey is healthy? Something to think about.
  • The Pistons shut down The Hawks leading scorer Joe Johnson. He scored just 5 points, 16 below his average.
  • Defense wins basketball games.
  • Sheed loves when his teammates breakaway for dunks! This was the result of a Jarvis Hayes jam.
Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and myTV20
  • Sheed, who played just 16 minutes, put up 11 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assist, 2 steals and a blocked shot. Oh and a Tech…make that just two on the year.
  • 51% shooting from the floor for The Pistons.
  • It actually sounded like there were more Pistons fans than Hawks fans in the crowd. You would have thought the game was being played in Detroit if you were just listening.
  • Richard Hamilton put up 14 points on 6-for-17 shooting with 7 assists.
  • Double-double for Mr. Big Shot with 10 points and 10 helpers.
  • The Pistons are working the stripe. Last night they were 16-17, that’s a fantastic 94%.
  • Rarrrrrrrrrrr! I’m excited.
  • Sports Center might as well run a Jason Maxiell highlight reel from this past week and forget about their tired plays of the night.
  • Tayshaun Prince led The Pistons with 23 points on 9-for-12 shooting. Great all around night for Tay, who was a +28, with 4 boards, 2 assists and 2 blocked shots.
Tayshaun Prince
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Photo/Getty Images
  • Jason Maxiell demands attention! It’s going to be a tough race for 6th man if Maxiell can keep this up. Jason put up 13, with 9 boards, 2 blocks and was perfect from the stripe. How ya like him now…Bill Walton, who berated him about his free throws shooting the last time Detroit’s game was broadcast on ESPN.
  • The side of Sheed we don’t know.
  • The Pistons outscored the Hawks 30-13 in the third quarter.
  • At one point in the fourth quarter Maxiell threw one down, then a Flip Murray fake then Dunk, followed by a Hayes breakaway jam. I professed out loud “it’s like The Pistons are working in a DUNK Factory tonight.”
  • Rebound war won 39-33.
  • The Pistons do have a Heritage Week 50th Warm up Jacket out….. but I know what the Jerseys look like so I’m waiting to get one at the Palace Friday when the Pistons unveil them against The Bulls!
  • Jarvis Hayes couldn’t miss as he put up a point a minute in his hometown. Seventeen points in 17 minutes on 7-for-11 shooting.
Jarvis Hayes
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Photo/Getty Images


  1. Yessssir!

    Yeah, thanks a lot Natalie, I just bought one of the damn dog jerseys… too cute! Grr. Christmas…

  2. Natalie

    Makes me want a puppy :)

  3. Amanda

    I was so close to buying one of those jerseys for my dog for Halloween ’cause I dressed like Rip and I wanted him to be my Hooper. But, I refrained because he likes to tear the hell out shit so that would be $35 down the drain…

    I think even though Hunter is having an effect on the game when he’s in, he will be the player deactivated when Stuckey returns.

    Does anybody know what ‘Sheed is saying in that clip? I keep watching it play over and over and it kinda makes my chest hurt. lol

    lol That last video is pretty hilarious. I’m assuming he wasn’t really scared and that he was only joking…right? haha

  4. claire

    So this just means that the red jerseys are bad luck. The Pistons wore them in the beginning of the season, and NOTHING seems to be right for our guys. But now that they’re back in blue, things start rolling a lot smoother. I like red and all, but let’s just keep the red jerseys safely in the locker room for now. Home is white, and blue for the road please.

  5. Andrew

    good to see the pistons pwning all.
    great post and great vid cap of sheed making like casper.

  6. Andrew

    oh i forgot…
    bill walton is a moron

  7. Paul Wall

    maxiell with another display of a few amazing dunks and incredible blocks. There needs to be a jmax highlight reel each week! The reason I asked for some clips from last game is im putting together a video mix and have no other way of getting these clips. You should have a jmax highlight reel each week Natalie! :D

  8. Richie

    Does anyone have video of Tayshaun’s two incredible blocks tongight? I didn’t get to see them because it wasn’t broadcast where I live and for some reason they didn’t make the highlight real! :(

  9. Anonymous

    Isn’t Friday’s game against the Bulls the first game they wear the 50th anniversary jerseys? I can’t wait to see them!

    By the way, I don’t like the red jerseys anymore either. I wish they’d stop wearing them. They are definitely bad luck.

  10. Steve

    I think my doggie would pull it off…

  11. downtown

    So Flip Murray is now the FOURTH QUARTER SLAUGHTER eh..

    Actually it’s pretty neat having a closer like that. It was nice when things started getting real sloppy in the 4th, I sort of was expecting Flip was going to step up, and he did. Keep up the good work Flip!

  12. claire

    So another game tonight, erm…and we’re gonna blow the lights out in New Orleans. And isn’t Chris Paul friends with Rip or something? Just wondering

  13. mobius909

    Do me a favor and never mention Bill Walton’s name on this site again. He’s the most inconsistant sports commentator around. Next week he’ll be all on Max’s jock. Heck, sometimes his opinion changes throughout a game… pathetic. Not to mention he’s one of the biggest detroit haters around. I hate bill walton.

  14. Natalie

    Yes the 50th I believe will unveiled on Friday I’m planning on getting one then. It’s time to rep Dyess!

    I was never a fan of the Red (it’s my bad luck color).

    Mobius…would rather eat glass then ever have anything to do with Mr. Walton.

    Paul…I’m doing my best on the Jmax reel, just really busy.

    Flip Murray is making the best out of his demotion of sorts. I still think he needs to chill with the selfishness a bit.

  15. Anonymous

    How do you know what the new jerseys look like?
    I’ve been dying to see them since, like, August! Can you show us a picture?
    J-MAX for All-Star!

  16. Anonymous

    I love the dog shirt. I recently bought a t-shirt for my dog. It says “Rasheed is my other man” Its not a dog shirt, but she loves it, and wears it every time we watch the games. I wear my Rasheed shirt too, so we are a team.

  17. Anonymous

    Good to see the fellas playing well with the bench contributing… can’t wait until Stuckey gets back.

    BTW, I will be purchasing a Dontrelle Willis jersey when they come out…. Yeah Sir

    Rashid S. Umar

  18. Anonymous

    along with the new jerseys i would love the pistons to pull a suprise and bring out stuckey without any notice….

  19. Natalie

    I don’t have a picture of the Jerseys but someone in “The Know” tipped me off to what they looked like before this season started.

    I can’t spoil the surprise…you will defiantly like them, they’re Classic.

  20. Anonymous

    are they going to have them for sale at the game or will it be too soon you think? im out there trying to get a maxiell or hayes to add to the collection

  21. Anonymous

    Overall this game was cool.

    The JMax dunks were vicious and the Tay’s blocks were a nice surprise (haven’t seen a lot of blocks as I would like, but nontheless awesomeness) But nothing compares to that one Dyess block in the 3rd or forth DENIED!

    Unfortunately I think Flip Murray has given up on the Pistons, he’s strictly being about his shot, he’s not even trying to hide the fact that he doesn’t care who else scores, how are guys like Amir gonna improve if Flip keeps hogging the ball, he’s probably upset about Lindsey moving up. And Saunders isn’t great with these situations. Remember Nazr being mad cause no one even told him he was losing his spot until like 30 minutes before the game? Weak. But love Lindsey and the mentality he’s bringing to the game it’s rubbing off on others.

    I’m still gonna reserve judgment on this team until I see them beat a quality team (someone who can actually get to the ECF or Finals) when that team is healthy. THe Pistons have lost to every team that play defense this season. we still need to step our game up a lot more to a championship level, player wise and coaching wise.

    BTW liked that article on Sheed

  22. Anonymous

    hey nataile thanks for the update on the tigers i had no idea until i read it on this site!

  23. Natalie

    I’m hoping the Jerseys will be available on Friday… I will let you know and even post a picture of the one I buy. It would be dumb not to have the ready by then.

    As for the Tigers…. I’m Giddy with anticipation!

  24. Dunk Deez

    Is there any where I can Find a picture of the 50th aniversary uni’s???

  25. LP

    The game wasnt broadcast on ESPN
    was it? I know they showed it on ESPN 2 for like 2 min. on NBA Coast to Coast

  26. Lindsay

    hey natalie, did you happen to be listening to 97.1 at around 3:00? they were interviewing Dontrelle Willis & he said him & Miguel Cabrera are huge Pistons fan. then dontrelle’s agent said dontrelle is a rasheed wallace groupie but he won’t admit it. haha, i thought that was awesome :p

  27. Anonymous

    Flip Murray did NOT step up… check the boxscore if you think he did.
    12 minutes
    3-9 field goal
    0-3 from downtown
    1 board
    2 assists (not bad I guess)
    3 fouls
    1 turnover (not bad I guess)
    Looks to me like he took 12 shots in 12 minutes and only hit 3 of them. That’s not stepping up in my opinion. Hate to dis any Piston but he needs to get a clue and stop being so selfish! I loved everyone else’s play. The 5 blocks my Amir were pretty sweet — be nice if he got a chance to score more, but he definitely contributed. All in all a good W!!


  28. Anonymous

    Every one on this site needs to back off Flip Murray. It makes me sick because everyone on this site are sheeps in the fact that when someone says something everyone follows. Flip is a good reserve that is underpaid and the pistons are lucky to have him. He is the one person that everyone points to when he has a bad game.

  29. Anonymous

    ^^your opinion!! not everyone else’s. it’s not just one bad game… he’s almost always selfish and it does hurt the team when he doesn’t hit his shots. i don’t like him as a player and i wouldn’t miss him a bit if he left — that’s MY opinion, and i am no sheep! 12 shots, 12 minutes, and only 3 makes is not good.

  30. Natalie

    Yeah Paul I know what the jerseys are already, I didn’t want to spill the beans… I made a promise :) I didn’t realize that the Pistons released that information. I cant wait until Friday.

    Lindsey, I missed that thanks for the tip, we are going to have to keep our eyes out for DW at the Pistons games.

  31. annser

    hi natalie. im a pistons fan from california. people get on my case about being from the bay area and NOT being a warriors fan. but finally, im not alone! dontrelle willis (now playing for the tigers)is from oakland, california and is a huge pistons fan! specifically, a sheed fan! i think its on today’s freep.


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