Pistons try to extend their winning steak in Atlanta

by | Dec 4, 2007 | 39 comments

Pistons vs Hawks
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The Pistons take on the Hawks in Atlanta tonight. If you recall, our boys barely squeaked by the Hawks in the home opener at the Palace in November. Detroit would love to keep the offense flowing and add to their winning streak to start cementing their place atop the central division.

The Pistons have lost the last two games they’ve played at The Phillips Arena. Atlanta, who has won 4 of their last six games, is coming into tonights contest with a 7-and-9 record on the season.

The game tips off at 7 PM and is locally broadcast on myTV20 Detroit. If you can’t watch, you can always listen live or watch the live game stats on NBA.com.

I’m going to miss most of the first half, but hopefully by the time I make it home our boys will be up by 20 (a recent trend). As always, I’m leaving it up to you in the comments and be sure to let me know if I missed anything worth rewinding.

Just a heads up:
If one day I just stop updating the site and you don’t hear from me anymore it’s because I never made it back from driving on the new roundabouts they’ve put up right by my house. It’s madness!


  1. Richie

    What does it take to be #1?!

    Hah- unfortuantely I’ll be listening to this one, since I live in Marquette and don’t get TV20 🙁
    Sorry about those roundabouts, Nat- I hope you survive!

  2. Natalie

    Thanks Richie! Doesn’t Marquette carry any of the games on local TV? Do you at least get to see them when they are on FSN?

  3. claire

    omg, I feel so bad for you when you mention the roundabouts. There’s one roundabout near my school, and it’s supposed the shortest way to go to the local Walmart, mall, etc. But it has been 3 years and I still cannot manage to get through that maze. I feel like I’m gonna die every time I enter it. So as a result, I always take the longer way, but much safer. And I refuse to think that I’m a bad driver.

    But can’t you avoid it, Nat? Take some other route? You know how the Pistons have to preserve their health to play, you gotta do the same thing too! I’m not gonna lie, but I would feel pretty disoriented if Need4Sheed would ever stop updating. I wanna make a MaxPower site for our number 54.

  4. Natalie

    Claire…you feel me. I can avoid them but it would be a huge haste. I understand perfectly how to drive them but most people don’t. I don’t know how they just remove a traffic light and put one of those in without teaching drivers how to navigate them. The elderly look terrified driving on them.

    You should hook Maxi up, he deserves it.

  5. Anonymous

    Natalie- I live in West Bloomfield, and there are round abouts everywhere! It’s really annoying. I would take other roads to get around them, but they are making them at every intersection! Especially the one one Drake and Maple, and maple and Farmington.


  6. mobius909

    eventually you have to turn right sometime. that’s the key. it’s all in the timing

  7. Amanda

    lol Not a lot of complex road stystems in or around Ithaca so I can’t empathize. But I do sympathize with all of you. Be careful, people!

    A lot of people don’t like blow out wins for 1 reason or another but I have to say, I am certainly enjoying the streak the boys are on. I love watching the younger guys get in there and build the lead and watching Flurray score in a hurry. <-- Oh yes...I did. haha

  8. Anonymous

    I love roundabouts. I went to Michigan State and they had them everywhere; definitely made my drive to class faster (translation: I could sleep in longer) because I wasn’t stuck at any lights.

    anyhoo, GO PISTONS!

  9. Justin

    Round-a-bouts are the way of the future. Assimilate or be left behind. I heard somewhere that Michigan is the only state with that “Michigan left hand turn”. So why not add something else to make thing more confusing around here. That round-a-bout on Van Dyke is insane!! If you guys live on that side of town you know what I mean. But like with anything eventually we will get used to them all and wonder what life was like before we had them. Anyone ever driven around Texas at all? They have freeway entrances right of side streets. Now that’s crazy. But imagine how easy it would be to get around after you got used to it.

  10. Anonymous

    C’mon, the Pistons are better than the Magic. Magic have a better record but there’s no way in hell they are better than Detroit. One of the power rankings either Stein’s or Hollinger’s from espn.com, a fan writes for Orlando Magic something like “I’m not scared of Detroit.”

  11. cl

    Of course they’re not scared of Detroit. Shoot, they only got whooped like 9 times, maybe by the 10th time, they’ll be scared. That Orlando fan is a hater right there. I hate it how they always try to compare these up-and-coming teams to Detroit because we’re a powerhouse, but they only do so to talk even more shit about us.

    Justin, I’m from Texas and I find the freeway entrance here very easy. There’s no roundabouts in Houston (that I know of), so my first experience with a roundabout was my freshmen year at Baylor University in Waco, TX. Not gonna lie, I was kinda scared at first. And still do now lol

  12. James

    What a block by Tayshaun!

  13. Steve


    …and Go Pistons, of course! 😉

  14. jessi

    I know I love how tay really didn’t do much in the 1st quater but comes out in the second and comes a live, love how he is playing some point htis year as well. This is a close game this fare but the pistons are playing good basketball, I hope they keep it up all season. I like how flip is bring nazr in the game early as well I really think that had he went to nazr during the cavs series things would have been a little dif. but well we can;t go back to the past only move forward. WEll I have to get back to the game.

  15. James

    Up by 9 at the half.. I still don’t think that Rip looks like he is in his rhythm yet..

  16. claire

    HOTNESS! Tayshaun Prince is on fire tonight. That’s what I love so much about this team, every single guy here has the potential to step up every game.

  17. James

    Claire did you just see Maxiell gather Rips pass and slam it down? ‘Twas amazing! Rip has been making some nice plays/passes in this game.. Maybe he could take up more of a passing role on this team at the moment until his shots drop in?

  18. claire

    Definitely! That’s what I’m talking about. When Rip’s not making shots, he’s assisting people, so it all evens out as long as the D gets the W.

    James, I didnt see that awesome play that Rip made. As a matter of fact, the last Pistons game I saw was the one against the Lakers. Why? Because I don’t live in Detroit, and can only watch nationally televised game. So I monitor the scoreboard every game. Tay just made a dunk too.

  19. claire

    Kings of the 3rd quarters are in the building! You can tell how excited I am, although I’m only reading things like “R. Hamilton makes an 18 ft jumper in the lane” or “T. Prince dunks the ball,” I’m still pretty pumped about the game.

  20. James

    Yeah it seems to work out just fine!

    Well the play was more about Maxiell than Rip.. Rip’s pass wasn’t the best and Jason sort of re-gathered it and dunked it.. Should be in the highlights..

    That’s same with me as I live in Wellington, New Zealand (ever heard of it? haha). However at the moment I am watching the FSN South (Atlanta) broadcast through NBA League Pass International.

  21. yk

    It seems like Flip (Murry) wants to make a shot every time he has a ball in his hands. He keeps the ball himself too long and he doesn’t seem to want to make plays for everyone else now.

  22. yk

    Did you see the thunder dunk by Jarvis!? Sheed goes crazy!

  23. uyen

    Just got home and saw he score, how did sheed get tech and when?

  24. James

    Yk I see what you’re saying and totally agree..
    Flip really needs to pass the ball more.. Sure he can make some great individual plays but those usually come after some turnovers and/or missed shots..
    Talk about him forcing shots there’s another!

  25. jessi

    I agree flip does need to pass the ball more, I wonder who will sit out when rodney comes back?

    I really think that hayes has been a great add to this team, the one thing that most fans were saying and well also seen during the payoffs is that they need a back up for tay and well we have gotten that with hayes and I am liking what I see.

    I also love it when tay plays well and gets interviewed at the end of the game as he is now.

    Anyway another great game and one when they have a back up, I really like the schedule for dec. If the pistons can play like this for the rest of the season come playoffs our starters should be well rested just want we need.

    and as always great site Nat. hope your ride home wasn’t too bad for you.

  26. claire

    Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present THE DETROIT JUGGERNAUTS! The only thing I can complain about this game is that the bench couldn’t hold a 20+ lead. Oh gosh, I’m getting used to those blow out games now. One more game tomorrow and our Pistons get to go home to roll over the bulls. Let’s add another L to their list, one more can’t hurt them.

  27. jessi

    I agree flip does need to pass the ball more, I wonder who will sit out when rodney comes back?

    I really think that hayes has been a great add to this team, the one thing that most fans were saying and well also seen during the payoffs is that they need a back up for tay and well we have gotten that with hayes and I am liking what I see.

    I also love it when tay plays well and gets interviewed at the end of the game as he is now.

    Anyway another great game and one when they have a back up, I really like the schedule for dec. If the pistons can play like this for the rest of the season come playoffs our starters should be well rested just want we need.

    and as always great site Nat. hope your ride home wasn’t too bad for you.

  28. Justin

    Nice game tonight. I loved all the highlights. I finally got my account all straightened out with the forums, so I was able to go into the Need4Sheed chat room and talk to fellow N4S readers while watching the game. If you guys haven’t registered for the forums yet, I suggest it. It was cool talking about everything as it happened. Plus we were in there when we heard about the trade that the Tigers pulled off. They better be in contention for the next few years, or this trade is going to back fire. But I am PUMPED about it. 2 all star caliber players. NIIIICE!! And the Pistons beat the Hawks down. Nice night to be a fan in the D.

  29. TDP

    I was lucky enough to catch this one on the Hawks’ broadcast on FSN South on DirecTV. I liked how Flip kept the bench in there throughout the 4th, but I wish he’d put Amir in there just a little sooner. I love watching Amir and Maxie out there at the same time. I love the fact that ‘Sheed only logged 16 minutes, too. Keeping ’em all fresh for the Hornets!

  30. James

    Yeah to be honest I still enjoyed the Hawks’ Broadcast (although Detroit’s coverage is still better!).. They gave Maxiell nothing but love and even mentioned him pre game..

    Justin I think I’m going to have to sign up for the forums!

  31. Steve

    Gotta love the Hayes pickup.

    Detroit, officially home of the best GMs of 3 of the 4 major leagues. Let’s say the 4th is the yin to their yang.

  32. Anonymous

    ^^ nah, I’d say they have the 4th GM so the other cities won’t feel so bad.

  33. Anonymous

    I don’t think they ever said what the tech on Sheed was for… kinda pissed me off… I didn’t see him do anything and no one said anything about it.

    The reason we couldn’t hold onto the 20+ lead was because Flip Murray thought he had to throw it up almost every time he touched it. I really don’t like it when he plays like that (which is most of the time) because if he doesn’t get lucky, he hurts the team with his selfishness. It doesn’t seem to me like the other guys even like to play with him because he is so selfish the others don’t really get a chance to score even if they’re open. Looks like they stop trying as hard to get open because they know he won’t pass the ball anyway. Maybe that’s what he wants so he has an excuse to be a ball hog. I guess it would be different if he hit more but still… that’s not how the Pistons roll — come on Flip, get a clue!!

    Other than that… great game again. Bummer Dyess kind of cooled off after he hit his first few shots. He was getting a lot of touches right off the bat and knocking down everything. Love that guy!! Here’s to an instant replay tomorrow night! (minus the Flip Murray antics of course.)

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  34. Junior

    I won the 2nd pair of Hannah MOntana tix. Don’t ask me how. If anyone would like to purchase them email me @ rjrfantasygod@yahoo.com

    it is tomorrow night @ 7pm.

    I can’t believe I won them!!!

  35. Amanda

    I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Rip for the majority of the game. He missed a few point-blank layups reminiscent of his less-than-stellar performances earlier this season. But, he did make up for it with his passing and his defense on Joe Johnson. That dude made like 1 or 2 shots the whole night…and that was EARLY in the game.

    McDyess’ shot wasn’t as on as it has been either. I had gotten so used to automatically adding 2 points to Detroit’s score whenever he got the ball that when he missed and missed again, I was taken aback.

    Yet, despite 2 starters not having super great offensive games, the Pistons still get a double digit win. Ahh, life as a Pistons fan…

    Bet the Cavs fans are wishing they were us (as if they ever aren’t). I see Cleveland lost yet again. What is that? 3 or 4 in a row without LeBron? heehee…

    Oh, and I also see that Varejao ended up signing with the Cavs. That makes me even more excited for the next time we play them!

  36. jessi

    I had a feeling that the cavs would give varejao what he wanted due to how they are playng this year, I think James had something to do with it cause he was pissed that he had no help. I for one an not happy about it cause I hate the way he plays and now he will be back doing what he did last year but you can’t blame him for hhis play since even the refs let him play that way.

  37. claire

    I thought the Bobcats signed an offer sheet with Varejao and they’re gonna see if Cleveland is going to match it. I bet Bron’s just sitting out to pressure the front office to bring Varejao back. Super annoying. But watever, like Amanda said, life as a pistons fan, you better be used to getting annoyed.

    About Rip, I do feel bad for him. I hope he’s not feeling too down for missing shots because he’s making up for points by assisting and defending, and his teammates can back him up in scoring. It’s all a team effort. Plus, pistons.com mentioned Rip’s performance in the Blue Collar section.

  38. Anonymous

    They said that Cleveland hadn’t matched the Bobcats offer yet, so they might not, but I bet they will because that’s what the “king” wants them to do.


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