Part 2 The Answer: Do both teams really play hard?

by | Dec 3, 2007 | 43 comments

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Did Rasheed give me a Both Teams Play Hard?


  1. claire

    I was expecting more than that, i’m kinda slightly disappointed. But its still great nonetheless, I was just expecting the usual Sheed-funny.

  2. Anonymous

    yea i agree with claire

  3. Stephen

    I’ll take it but I really though he would do it. Nice try though Nat.

  4. row

    he didn’t.. oh well there are other funny stuff sheed spoke out to us so it’s okay.. kinda disappointed though..

    and u got to love the pistons throwing balls at maxiell.. lol

  5. BabyBen

    I agree with Claire. I had a feeling he was going to give a hey to but I DID think that the BTPH was pushing it…*shrugs* thought he was going to say it… Oh well! ^,^ Nice try Nat.

  6. Nathan

    Yeah I agree with all of you… His relply wasn’t even as genuine as Nazr’s and DEFINITELY not as warm as Amir’s. Oh Well Great try Nat

    ~Nathan in DC

  7. Steve

    Somewhat disappointed he didn’t have more to say but hey it’s Sheed in person at least!

  8. DaisyD

    OK- a little sheedology for y’all:
    I know that looking back Rasheed answering every postgame interview question with “It was a great game. Both teams played hard” is pretty hilarious, but at the time I think Rasheed was amazingly frustrated with a playoff loss and also knee deep in an antagonistic relationship with the media. As a Blazers/Rasheed fan, it wasn’t funny at the time. I’m guessing it’s probably a moment Rasheed doesn’t want to re-live.
    Anyway, Natalie, I love your site and I love the Pistons fans for embracing Rasheed, HOWEVER, as someone with a website and (sometimes a camera), you are kinda part of the media (albeit the indie media), and Rasheed is historically apprehensive about dealings with the media (hence why many of his charity efforts have gone undocumented). IF you saw how they crucified him in Portland (for many of the same high-jinxs he is beloved in Detroit for–i.e. throwing things at people, smokin’ a little herb, speaking his mind, etc.) you would understand.
    Anyway, don’t take it personally. Love your site. Go Pistons!

  9. Natalie

    Daisy, I totally understand what your saying. I know what they did to him in Portland and that’s why I try to highlight all the wonderful things he’s done. I’m on his side 100%, that said I just thought I would try to get him to give a little shout and put the whole thing behind him.

    Going in, I thought I had about a 5% chance he would do it. The response I got….SHEEDtastic nonetheless.

  10. nba

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  11. Anonymous

    what did he mumble….? After giving the peace sign..

  12. Anonymous

    he mumbled “you know it”

  13. Anonymous

    Just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to LINDSEY HUNTER! I know some are not happy he’s still here, but I am. He deserves some love too…

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  14. Junior

    That was pretty weak on Sheeds part…but I have been to those Pistons crew partys and he had headphones on and made eye contact with no one. So in a way I am not suprised..

    On the other hand…Nat came up with something good, he should have appreciated that, and had more fun with it.

    As a player, if you make those autograph signings miserable for yourself…thats exactly what they are going to be. If you can laugh at those things that Nat did, and have fun with the fans, then maybe they wouldn’t be so dreadful.

    However I am not in his shoes and don’t have to sit there for 3 plus hours having fans gawk at me. I am not mad at him.

    I like the effort Natalie..all in all I know you was trying to do it for us.

  15. jess

    I also thought he would’ve done more. Than again, Sheed is unpredictable. Still…


  16. Andrew

    All i gotta say is i love that sheed is here. I’m so glad that he plays for our team and i wouldn’t have it any other way. i mean, who else is going to yell stuff like “ball don’t lie” during free throws. And you gotta respect the fact that he isn’t afraid to take it to whomever he is matching up against on any given night. he’s frealess, feckless, and so skilled. that guy is pure basketball gold.

  17. jGurl

    i thought he might have played a little more with it….but you still gotta love him

    i still think its incredible and awesome that you get to do this!!! very cool. and really, he didn’t have to say or do anything, right?

    perhaps when he becomes a little more acclimated with the site, he will feel more apt to joke and play…that day will come, hang in there Natalie!!!

    and again, THANK YOU for ALL your hard work on this great site!!!!

  18. Anonymous

    yea i was expecting more haha but its all gooood !!!! we still have a ZILLIONNN other videos on this site we can and have laughed at ! i guess sheed doesnt like to be told to do somthing funny like a puppet, he likes to do it when hes good and ready and no ones expecting it .. which is what we love about him anywaysss !!

    ..and i wouldnt have it any other way :]


  19. Anonymous

    Gee Natalie…what a great payoff!

    Just playin’ with ya, but you built up a bit of suspense with this vid, only for it to be a bit meh.

    Don’t worry, you still rule πŸ˜‰

  20. Natalie

    I honestly didn’t mean to build it up at all, I just wanted to see if you guys actually thought he would do it.


    More to come…..;)

  21. Justin

    I agree with everyone else. It was kind of disappointing. Not on your part. But I expected a little more from him. And I agree with everything you said junior. It would suck to sit there for 3 hours signing autographs and making the occasional small talk. But Sheed you got to know who you are talking to. Natalie is probably your biggest fan. She made a website dedicated to you. With a heavy emphasis on the Pistons as well.

    You gave it the ol’ college try. So thanks Nat for the effort. πŸ™‚

  22. Natalie

    Thanks everyone and Junior is right Justin, it’s probably not fun to sit there for hours. You should have seen the line just to wait for him.

    It’s all good, I did give it the college try and you know what…I’ll do it again.

  23. Amanda

    On the one hand Rasheed didn’t play along, but on the other hand…I was right! lol Anyway, he’s ‘Sheed. What you gonna do?

    A little friendly FYI to Daisyd:

    ‘Sheed “smokin’ a little herb” is definitely NOT a reason I love him. Def-def-definitely not.

    I didn’t have access to the Internet for like a whole day (gasp!) so I didn’t get the chance to comment on the last thread. I would just like to say thank you Natalie for posting that video of the boys throwing balls at Maxiell. Made my night!

  24. Anonymous

    haha im a huge pistons fan, and i love that sheed smokes the herb, i blow kush everyday, it just adds to his personality so much,

    sheed id love to smoke a j with you if you ever read this lol!!!!

  25. Anonymous

    I have watched it a few times and can’t make out what he says. Whatever it is, I expected a little more. I can buy the signing for three hours thing has to be tough though.

    Amir – if you read this, slap Sheed up side the head for us and tell him to pay Nat some more respect next time πŸ™‚

    We still love the guy though.

  26. Anonymous

    Oh well wish sheed would of had some fun,but anyways we love him just the same.

    If I could I’d give him a big hug!

    Let him know he’s great and I appreciate all he’s done for our team and our town.

    This is augustslady sending out my best to aspecial soul by the name of Rasheed.

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone,GOD BLESS you Nat your great!

  27. Anonymous

    annon. 7:25
    – I hope by kush you mean pot and not mean one of your friends named kush.

  28. Anonymous

    This is fine, at least he gave you an “Alright” and Peace Sign.

    Sheed likes it “Spontaneous”, he ain’t no phoney, and I thought he looked kind of “sheepish”.

  29. Anonymous

    anon 8:54…

  30. Ronnie

    Ronnie- c’mon Natalie. You should know thats how Sheed is. I’ve met him plenty of times and he always acts like that around public. He’s energetic on the court not always in the public.

  31. Anonymous

    Hey Natalie – sorry about the “meh” comment. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings or anything, I was just razzing you a bit. I love, I visit everyday.

  32. Anonymous


    i loooooooooooove the december/holidays layoutt soo muchhh !!! i came to the site and saw snowflakes at first and i was like aww damn i typed in the wrong address.. then sheeds face popped up! i loooove it great job! especially the flashing lights!

  33. Anonymous

    by kush i mean marijuana, the sweetest shit in the world, sheed loves it, and so should ya’ll peace,

    pistons 07/08 champs

  34. Natalie

    It’s all good Im not offended by the comment, I am actually happy with what Sheed did for me. If he would have done it I guess he wouldnt be SHeed and that’s why we all love him.

    As for the Holiday layout, I’m glad you enjoy it. I am just trying to spread good wishes everyone….. Happy Holidays!

  35. Anonymous

    Seriously though, if I wasn’t married I would ask Natalie.

    The love of my favorite team, a good sense of humor and creativity to boot..I’m in love!

    Just don’t tell my wife.

    Great work Natalie!

  36. claire

    whoa…snowflakes! I just realized there’s snowflake here after reading the comment above. lol it shows how focus I am when I come here, I go straight to the comments lol. But nicely done! I love it.

    So I’m still waiting for another installment of 24 sec with…They have something similar to it for the Automotion as well.

  37. Justin

    You know I was reading anon. @ 11:18 pm’s comment and something came to mind. I really don’t know too much more about you other than you love the Pistons and Sheed. Have you ever written a “about me” blog? Honestly you are not required to, nor am I requesting that you do but it would cool to know a little bit about you other than basketball. Or maybe it’s like the actress thing. The actresses are always hotter if they aren’t with anyone and they are “available”. So maybe I don’t want to know if you are a free woman or not. πŸ˜›

    I bet at least once a week you get some weirdo that hits on you. And now you have 2 here tonight. So that fills your quota for 2 weeks. Okay I am going to stop writing now. I am digging a hole for myself.

  38. Boyde

    I’m with you Justin, I would love to know a little bit about Nat other than the basketball stuff. Like he said no pressure it sure would be nice just to know a few things.

    I have to admit the last few times i have been to a pistons game I thought maybe I would run into you Nat, and I swear it’s not in a stalker kind of way.

    I have been reading the site since almost it’s inception and I do remember a few of the personal things you have shared and one being the love of one of my favorite shows It’s always sunny in Philadelphia’s. When I found that out I knew we had to meet one day.

    I say we make Natalie make an appearance somewhere so we can all hang out. Instead of Team Need4sheed we can be the need4sheed army.

    Im starting to sound creepy…we just love the site nat now that’s 3 tonight.

  39. Natalie

    Trust me guys I’m really not that interesting, but maybe I will do a little about me thing.

    Do people really even care?

  40. Anonymous

    Good job with sheed, nat. Sheed is too spontaenous and probably a shy too. He is not scripted like shaq. Thanks Nat.

  41. Justin

    Nat you’re a rockstar. Of course we want to know about you. If anyone cared I would tell them about myself. But noone cares. I am just a commenter. You are the main attraction…lol. You are the turkey to my green bean casserole

  42. Natalie

    Your nuts Justin, I would hardly say I am the main attraction but I do love the Turkey/GB Casserole comment.

    I will work up some kind of insight into my crazy mind for all to enjoy and mock.

    I am expecting everyone who can turn out To BLOGFEST this year do so, DBB and N4S are working with the Pistons to try to do something special for everyone.

  43. Anonymous

    nataliee yu may not mean something to the world… but you mean something to us pistons/ need4sheed fans :]

    you do tooo much for us not to care .. wed be bored and deprived of piston ish without you ha

    so bring on some nat facts


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