Bucks Beat Down

by | Dec 2, 2007 | 8 comments

The Pistons added another W to their record last night handily beating The Bucks 117-91. It was a balanced attack for Detroit who had five players in double figures putting the game out of reach early in the third quarter when Chauncey Billups scored 10 of his 18 points on the night.

Key Points:

  • Chauncey scored 18 points with 9 assists in 32 minutes but his highlight real was what we really should talk about. He had two fantastic behind the back passes, one to Rip and one to Tay, that had me rewinding my Tivo. A three from downtown that might as well have been shot at half court and a couple a hand changing layup (Jordanesque) that will probably be on his permanent highlight reel.
  • The alway rock solid McDyess only shot the ball three times.
  • The Pistons bench is getting quality minutes.
  • Flip Murray….16 points on 7-for-9 shooting, 2 assists and a steal in just 10 minutes. Now that’s a sub of the night.
  • These three ridiculous blocks (two from Maxiell and on from Dyess) came within a matter of minutes of each other. It used to surprise me how high Maxi got when trying to block a shot, but now I just come to expect it.

  • The Bucks shot 55% from the floor to Detroit’s 51%.
  • Surprisingly Michael Redd took just 6 shots.
  • Rip played with a protective sleeve on his right hyper-extended elbow. He scored 8 points but his defense was a reason why Redd took just 6.
  • Afflalo played 20 minutes and has come to be solid off the bench, especially on the D.
  • Richard Hamilton and Desmond Mason got into a little scuffle underneath the basket. Nothing really come of it. It looked like Mason gave a bit of an elbow shove to Rip why trying to defend him in the paint. Double technicals were handed out.
  • The Pistons might send Samb down to the D league for some playing time.
  • The Pistons shot 88% from the line!
  • Highlights from the game. I can’t get enough of the Maxiell putback.
  • A SHEEDTasic double-double game for Rasheed with 15 points 10 boards (8 of them came in the first quarter) and a blocked shot. If you missed his dunk and subsequent stare down of YI and Bogut…..I feel for you.
Rasheed Wallace
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  • Someone in Milwaukee put a Billups jersey on the Bucks Mascot and passed it around the crowd, it was great. Here is the Video for you.
  • Tons of highlight from Jason Maxiell who was simply great. Maxi scored 13 with 9 boards and 2 block but it was his dunks that had jaws dropping, but don’t they always?
  • Nazr was 3-for-4 from the floor for 6 points and 3 boards in 12 minutes.
  • The Pistons had an easy time of this game because their defense was on from the start.
  • Who designed the Bucks new logo and their uni’s, Mrs. Clause?
  • The Pistons made the Bucks turn the ball over 19 times.
  • Lindsey Hunter made a 4 minutes appearance to shake up the Bucks offense.
  • Tayshaun Prince led the Pistons with 20 points in 25 minutes. I was shocked when I looked at the box score and realized he didn’t have a single rebound.
Tayshaun Prince
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We are doing it again early this evening against the Nets, tip off is at 6 PM at home.


  1. Anonymous

    to much pt for nazr and not enough to amiir!

  2. Anonymous

    *sheedtastic* stupidest lingo ever.

  3. Drew

    They shot 55% but barely reached 90 points? Wow. Yeah, Tay didn’t have a rebound, but I looked at the Memphis box score, and Darko didn’t score in like 34 minutes of play!

  4. claire

    well, even though Rip didnt score like the all-star guard that he is, but his defense makes up for it. As long as the Pistons are doing something to contribute to the team, I’m happy. And I cant get enough of this “fading effect” in the picture, it looks so cool. And may I say that the Bucks have one of the friendliest looking mascot in the NBA, lol its like a stuff animal. I’m suprised it wasnt wearing garlands and christmas lights around it. But its all good, I love christmas. Rip should nurture his elbow some more tonight, because we have a tough schedule a head. Does anyone have the clip of Sheed pushing Rip (i think it was Rip) off the bench?

  5. Anonymous

    Man Tayshaun. Not even one rebound? I know the bigs were on it, but come on not one? Tay doesn’t really want to pass either does he? He gets a couple assists but nothing meaningful and a lot of times it’s when the defense forces him to.

    Did anyone else hear about Rip getting mad that he was taken out in the 2nd, apparantly he wanted to play himself back in a rhythm but it wasn’t working so flip took him out. Obviously he’s fighting for shots cause there’s so many people trying to score now score. That’s the problem with an offensive minded team, everyone is trying to get their’s now. Defense lets the players unite and focus,

    JMax and Dycess’s blocks were way cool.

    Love seeing the unselfishness from Lindsey those passes to Nazr and Jmax were great. I think that’s the reason he’s playing more than the defense, he wants to get others going, whereas Flip is definatley more of a shooting guard. Nothing against Flip I just have a thing for guys that come in and don’t think scoring is the only thing they can bring to the game.

    ‘sheedtastic’ coolest lingo ever.

    Great job with the site.

  6. Anonymous

    hahaaa j max said get that ish outta hereeeeee!

    anon 1:49.. biggest hater ever.. you must be a fan of a team that lost to the pistons :[ im sowwyyy.. get used to it..

  7. Anonymous


  8. jamie

    Did anyone see when Sheed pulled Mo Williams’ shoulder hair?!? sooo hilarious – Natalie you need to find the clip! I think it was in the 3rd quarter…


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