Do both teams really play hard?

by | Nov 30, 2007 | 56 comments

Remember about a month ago when I was lucky enough to go to the Pistons Crew Party for season ticket holders? If you recall I got a big surprise when I spoke to Nazr Mohammed and Amir Johnson.

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Well I had a plan going in when I took my video camera with me. I was going to try my best to get Sheed to give me a “both teams played hard” on camera. I considered asking him to give me a big grin, a thumbs up and a hearty SHEEDTastic, but I figured I had a better shot getting the BTPH.

Do you think he did or didn’t?
Rasheed Wallace
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Just to give you a little background, Rasheed has always been very pleasant to me, he knows me, knows and even has a few of Need4Sheed T-shirts with his smiling cartoon face on it.

I want to know if you think I was successful, I’m taking votes on this one in the comments.

The video answer to come.

UPDADE: BTPH video will be released on Monday December 3rd at 12:00 pm.


  1. Anonymous

    i say yes he did.

    he may have even added a few of his own “ad-libs”, perhaps a little dance?

    just my .02

  2. Anonymous

    a dance….love it I say he did too, he knows we love him

  3. jGurl

    ^^^^i could soooo see him doing something silly…..but with some D style and all heart!

  4. Junior

    I sm going to say he gave a little laugh after you asked him then did so. If you pulled this one off, what a classic video that would be!!

  5. Matt

    No doubt about it… In fact if he DIDNT do it… I would no longer be such a fan of his…

    All the time and effort you put into this site thats the LEAST he could do in return.

  6. Boyde

    No doubt he did! Just for the simple fact that you went on a mission to do this is classic.

    It’s why I love this site so much. Your original, your a diehard fan like us, you have turned this site into something that every Piston fan can’t get enough of, your funny and you got skillllllz.

    Thanks for all the hardwork Natalie, we really do appreciate it.

  7. jGurl

    CO SIGN THAT ONE!!!!!!!!!! ^^^^

  8. James

    I say he did it…I just hope Lindsay Hunter is in the background and busts out laughing afterwards. I tell ya Lindsay Hunter is one of the happiest guys in the NBA I swear.

  9. claire

    man, I bet you did more than just BTPH, he probably did something super-extra-ultra funny, since he’s Sheed. You should get all starters to give a shoutout to the site. Good job! Post the video soon πŸ™‚

  10. Anonymous

    of course he did.
    if he hadn’t done so, he wouldn’t be sheed πŸ™‚

  11. BabyBen

    I say that you got a BTPH from him, about the big SHEEDtastic grin…I’m kinda on the iffy side, but I think you pulled it off as well! Sheed is a good hearted guy, I believe that he played along since he knows about and has a few shirts… So I say yes to both of them!

  12. Nick A.

    Count that baby and a foul. he did it and perhaps did something more.
    can’t wait to see the video.

  13. Anonymous

    ha ha like that nick a. Count that baby!

    Looks like im with all of you it seems, he had to have done it, why wouldn’t he?

    Great idea nat!

  14. Anonymous

    I think he mumbled it sheepishly…
    he’s got that sheepy look on his face….

  15. jGurl

    i keep checking it out…..

    the suspense is KILLIG ME natalie!!! πŸ™‚

  16. jGurl

    i meant:



  17. Natalie

    You’re are going to have to wait. It’s not going up today, perhaps tomorrow.

    We have to wait and see what everyone else thinks.

    And thanks Boyde and you for the sentiments.

  18. Nick A.

    CMON” Natalie, why do you have to do this to us.
    I, have myself checked the site atleast 50 times in last 3 hrs.

  19. jGurl

    ok……….i can deal… πŸ™‚ hehehe

    i just love his remarks! πŸ™‚

  20. Nick A.

    CMON” Natalie, why do you have to do this to us.
    I, have myself checked the site atleast 50 times in last 3 hrs.

  21. Natalie

    LOL, would love to show you today but honestly no way I can get it up today . Plus won’t it make it that much better when you do see it?

    Who knew this teaser would cause so much grief. πŸ™

  22. jGurl

    HAHAHA…….but its a “GOOD GRIEF”

    its like im a kid again on Christmas!!!!!

  23. Nick A.

    Alright, I guess we will have to wait.
    It, does feel like being kid again on Christmas.

  24. fireflip

    ok they need to get rid of flip saunders right now. we’ll never win another championship with him as the coach. i read in the paper the other day that he was saying how we aren’t as good because of injuries. first of all coaches aren’t supposed to make excuses like that. everybody has injuries. the good teams overcome them not make excuses. but that’s not the part that really pissed me off. he went on to say that when someone gets injured then someone has to take on their role but then it takes away from what the back up brings. he made the example saying that when mcdyess was out and maxiel was starting that maxiel had to try to make up for the scoring that mcdyess usually brings. but he said that maxiel’s role was energy and that when he’s trying to score it takes away from his role. WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN?!?!?!?!? what you can’t have energy while scoring? how the fuck is your role energy? shouldn’t everyone have energy whether scoring playing defense or whatever? i’m telling you it fuckin pissed me off. i mean how can your role just be energy? i understand some players bring more energy than others but you still have to turn that energy into something productive. i mean what can maxiel just stand in a corner doing jumping jacks saying hey guys i got the energy? what the fuck. shit like that makes me think he’s not letting maxiel live up to his potential. but another thing i noticed watching the jazz game is that the players just don’t hustle anymore. i mean they pick their spots but watch rip hamilton specifically. they’re all guilty of it but rip was the one i noticed the most. he’d only hustle when the ball was going to come to him. otherwise he was just kinda loafing. i think this run is over. even if we got a new coach now people get set in their ways as they get older and i don’t see things changing with the older group of players. not with them being the core of the team. i hope i’m wrong but we both know i’m not.

  25. Cara

    Ahhhh, Natalie, this is great. This is tricky one..I think Sheed probably did give you his BTPH OR he’s like, naw, and gave you something just as priceless. He better not of gotton all shy on you..hahah..Can’t wait to see the video. You’re living the dream, I tell ya!

  26. Nick A.

    hey Fireflip” I, beg to differ on your stand with Flip. I, think he has done a good job so far.
    I, also undersatnd his logic of changing the way he uses his players, wether they start or come off the bench. Cheerup man. I, have to tell you what Chauncey tells umpteen times.” We, will be alright”.
    Lets, keep the faith. Our, bench looks a lot better than last few years.

  27. Anonymous


  28. jGurl

    nick a. i do agree. and SOMETIMES our bench looks and plays better than, dare i say, our starters do! is flip my favorite? no. but i do think he has come out coaching better this year than last. i don’t think our problems all fall on flip. you can’t make a great player…play bad and you can’t make a bad player…play great…its a team effort.

    side note, personally i think billups playing this summer has helped him out TREMENDOUSLY! πŸ™‚

  29. Anonymous

    ahhhh i cannot wait!!!!!

  30. jess

    I think he gave you both. ITS SHEED! Im sure he did… with a little Xtra!


  31. Nick A.

    I, totally agree with you Jgurl.I, think we have the perfect ingredients. Just a little luck and Pistons trademark blue collar attitude, we should be fine.

  32. Kala

    I think Sheed definitely did. Considering all the crazy dances he does before the game,giving you his famous quote is nothing.

  33. BigDiehl

    Of course he did.

    I want to thank you too Natalie. I’ve been following this site since college. I’ve now been relocated to South Florida for almost 2 years and it’s one of the first things I pull up when I get to work in the morning. Thank you for keeping me close to my Favorite team while being so far away!

  34. sammi

    yeah of course he did,
    you wouldnt make a big deal about it if he didnt, right?


  35. Amanda

    Okay I went through all 30 something posts and everybody seems to think ‘Sheed did it. Just for shits and giggles, I’m going to say he didn’t.

    And to FireFlip:

    We’re 9-5 right now. I’m no expert, but I wouldn’t say that’s panic-worthy. Please don’t jump ship yet. ‘Cause if you do, there is no guarantee that we’ll drop a life boat to save your ass. lol

  36. adriano

    i’m guessin he did the BTPH AND the SHEEDtastic grin/thumbs up

    can’t wait for the vid…

  37. Anonymous

    i think he did….it’s sheed…he’s the man!

    Is there gonna be a December Calendar? (cuz they are sweet!!!)

  38. Anonymous

    I think he did b/c Sheed is the best!

    BTW…I need a December Schedule Wallpaper!!

  39. Anonymous

    yesssirr i do! sheed wouldnt let a fan down.. if he didnt give you both teams played hard then i already know he gave you something just as good or even better

    i mean come on haha we all know how sheed gets around cameras.. just watch any interview hes been on.. even if it wasnt his interview, he always somehow steals the show haha

    what can i say? the guys a natural in the spotlight :]

  40. lyndakay

    I say yep.

  41. Anonymous

    Yeah he did it…..i would expect nothing less than that from sheed! In that picture he looks like the guy on the corner that you try to avoid. lol

    Not very nice nat, making us wait.

  42. Anonymous

    Must you keep us in suspense…


  43. Joseph

    Im guessing that he didn’t do it.

  44. yk

    I would say he didn’t do BTPH but did something else for us!

  45. Amanda

    What do you know, LeBron actually sat out the Toronto game. And, not surprisingly, Cleveland lost. And the Raptors didn’t even have Bosh. It’s sad really…

    …but mostly it’s funny!

  46. Dominic

    Well I think if it was any other random fan he wouldn’t have done it I’m sure he gets requests all the time but he knows that just about every pistons fan with Internet reads this site and he wouldn’t want that many people against him. He Did it!!!

  47. Anonymous

    LeBitch sat out the Toronto game because someone told Mike Brown he was abusing his all-star minutes-wise and it was beneficial for him to sit. It wasn’t because of the “finger injury”. I read that on I think. He said he didn’t play because he couldn’t — he just needs a little rest. Don’t forget that the Cavs have to play Boston again soon (Sunday I think) so you do the math. Kind of a no-brainer there. Apparently cleveland doesn’t think these games early in the season are important. These are the games that will come back and bite you in the ass come May, but it’s their funeral, so whatever.

    And I think Sheed did it btw =]

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  48. Anonymous

    I meant he didn’t NOT play because he couldn’t. Why the hell the damn coach needs to be told he is over-playing his players is beyond me but anyway…. and Boston will find themselves in the same predicament this season sooner or later also so more power to those of the weak bench!!

  49. sheedfan

    I say NO…

    not b/c he’s mean or anything

    But I think sheed likes to be spontaneous – not prompted…so if he is asked to do something like a gimmick he wont

    But I bet he did something else for the camer and did not dissappoint!

    (lol, too many psyc classes)

  50. rip

    Im guessing that he didn’t do it.

  51. Bri

    I really think he would do it. However, the only reason I believe he did not do it is because YOU HAVEN’T PUT IT UP ALREADY!!!!

    I mean c’mon. We NEED to see this video already. πŸ™‚

    I really hope he did say it and add in something else. That would top the cake off. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for a GREAT site. Everyone LOVES!!! it.


  52. Justin

    Natalie. Why must you tease us so bad? I have been wanting to see this video since the first time you mentioned it. I am a HUGE fan of this site and a big fan of Sheed. So I am voting that he would have done just about anything for you and this site. Well not anything but you get my point. I think he is a fun-loving guy. So I don’t see him getting angry or anything like that. You might even have gotten him to do the SHEEDtastic thing. I wouldn’t doubt it. But something tells me there is a lot more to this story then simply a video and the time it takes to post it. Maybe I am reading a little too much into it. Maybe Sheed is going to be a special correspondent for Need4sheed and you are just waiting to make the annoucement. Who knows? But I am looking forward to this video.

    Happy Holidays guys and gals. Hope you guys got your christmas shopping done already. It’s a mad house out there. I saw a older lady get hip checked into a end cap at a store today. Why you ask? Because she was standing in the way and wouldn’t move. So I had to do what I had to do. Just kidding. it wasn’t me it was some psychotic person in front of me.

  53. Anonymous

    Natalie, look at what you have started!

    of course Sheed said it!!

  54. Natalie

    Justin: Need4Sheed special correspondent would be awesome, I didn’t get him to agree to that but maybe I’m going to try!

    I am enjoying everyones answers tremendously, I’m posting the video on Monday at 12 PM.

    I’m horrible aren’t I? Santa is going to give me coal this Christmas, I just know it.

  55. jGurl

    girl, what are you trying to do to us!?! hahaha…..such suspense!

    coal? yes. lots and lots of coal

    can’t wait for monday!

  56. Anonymous

    Yea he did it! He appears to be smiling and having a great time, with Rasheed you probably got BTPH and a whole lot more! Can’t wait to see the video, it’s got to be Funny!!!!!


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